Chapter 661 – A Battle Between Geniuses


Right when everyone thought that Chen Xi was about to be killed, an enormous bang resounded out from within the enormous hand, and it shook the heavens and the earth, caused a rain of light to spray out explosively, and the surrounding space to boil. Moreover, the enormous hand started trembling violently.

However, everyone noticed that Chen Xi’s expression within the world of flames in the palm was composed while his bloody sword struck out like waves as it slashed towards the surroundings. Sword strike after sword strike, surging without end, and it was actually on the verge of slashing apart the world of flames.

“Ignorant fool! Ignite the world and smelt it into a furnace!” Yan Shisan wasn’t panicked in the slightest as he shouted out loudly, and the world of flames within his palm instantly underwent a tremendous change. Scorching flames surged and actually converged into a furnace within his palm, and it caused the glow of flames to shook into the sky as it started to refine Chen Xi.

The expressions of everyone revealed shock because that furnace was obviously a terrifying magic treasure. Now, it was actually fused with Yan Shisan’s Dao Art, causing its might to rise explosively by a great deal!

Such ability had simply attained the level of utilizing it based on one’s own will and without any rules. It was capable of transforming anything into a Dao Art, and it was horrifying.

The sky trembled as space was burned by the high temperature to the point of warping. A bronze furnace that was inscribed with the pattern of stars, moon, sun, plants, insects, fish, and the act of the ancestors offering sacrifices to the gods appeared. It was mysterious and heavy, and the glow of flames shot out violently within it as it refined Chen Xi.

“Open!” An explosive shout that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out as everyone heard a rumbling clang that was deafening. The entire furnace started shaking violently before being unable to withstand this force in the end, and it was blasted flying with a bang. Surging lava gushed out from the mouth of the furnace and poured all over the ground, and it incinerated large and horrifying holes on the ground.

“You do have slight ability.” Yan Shisan waved his hand and kept the furnace away.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s imposing aura was like a dragon as he stood upright with the bloody sword in his hand, and his clothes fluttered with the wind. Merely based on his outward appearance, he’d actually not suffered any injury within the world of flames earlier.

Everyone exclaimed with admiration. This fellow Chen Xi really is a freak, and he can’t be judged based on logic. If it was any other person, that person would have probably been completely annihilated and refined by Yan Shisan a long time ago.

Meanwhile, Chen Xi had already taken the initiative to launch an attack. His face was calm and expressionless, and his entire body was coiled with numerous dazzling and resplendent divine rings formed from Grand Dao profundities.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He moved with the Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation, causing killing intent to shoot out violently while the Yin and Yang in the surroundings were thrown into chaos. Moreover, the five elements were sliced apart while boundless and pure killing intent transformed into seemingly material sharp blades that swept out as if they intended to mince apart the entire world.

This phenomenon was extremely shocking. Every single footstep of his sounded like a god striking a war drum or like a myriad of Fiendgods charging out from hell, and killing intent penetrated through the sky and threw the surroundings into chaos.

A flaming glow shot out as Yan Shisan’s eyes opened and closed, and his hands fluttered about as he drew down the lightning in the nine heavens to transform into numerous dazzling and sharp flaming bolts of lightning that slashed down.

“Firestar Divine Lightning!” An exclaim of shock sounded out from nearby as someone had recognized that it was Firestar Divine Lightning, and it was something that only someone of extraordinary natural talent and possessed the Firestar Body was capable of controlling. This lightning contained Fire Insight, yet carried the murderous intent of lightning, and it was ferocious and overbearing. It was the most raging and violent lightning, and its might was extraordinarily great.


The flames and lightning rumbled as they resisted the Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation and erupted with a blazing rain of light that caused the heavens and the earth to shake, the mountains to tremble, and even the rivers extremely far away were suffused with a chaotic aura.

Yan Shisan’s hands fluttered about repeatedly as he drew numerous bolts of Firestar Divine Lightning once again, and they gushed down like a storm and struck right towards Chen Xi.

“Huff!” Chen Xi shouted lightly as his figure flashed, and he swung the bloody sword through the sky, causing a wave of rumbling and enormous bangs to be heard. In the sky, a myriad of bright silver lightning actually descended as well, and they were thick like the arm of an infant and seemed like the milky way in the nine heavens was pouring down as they covered the heavens and the earth.

Most astonishing of it all was that every single bolt of silver-colored lightning actually condensed into numerous silver lotuses. The glow of lightning surged within the petals while arcs of lightning flickered, and it emitted an exceedingly horrifying aura.

“That’s the Sacred Yin Lotus Lightning technique!” Many people were shocked.

This was a renowned peak-grade Dao Art of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and it possessed an extraordinarily great might. During the Primordial times, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect has a saint that was skilled in the Dao of Lightning, and he’d relied on this Dao Art to annihilate countless formidable existences and shock the three dimensions. It was precisely because of this that he’d created a great reputation for himself, and it caused everyone in the world to know how terrifying this Dao Art was.

But everyone knew clearly that this peak-grade Dao Art that shocked the Primordial Era had been lost in the annals of time, and they never imagined that Chen Xi would have actually cultivated it successfully!

“Where did this fellow, Chen Xi, come from? Why have I never heard that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect had such a figure?” The people in the distance spoke in light voices, and they were fairly shocked.

“If this kid doesn’t die today, then he’ll surely shock the world and shake the entire Dark Reverie!” Everyone exclaimed with admiration. Before this, he’d fought the crowd of geniuses by himself, and he dyed the clear sky red while sweeping through all obstacles. Now, he’d matched Yan Shisan equally with shocking Dao Arts that shook everyone present. How could such a figure be ordinary?

Flaming lightning raged as silvery lightning transformed into lotuses, and they collided with each other as if a calamity had descended. It caused the entire world to be enveloped within surging lightning, and it was sufficient to cause every being in the world to be astounded and horrified.

“Very good! Only a battle like this is interesting!” Yan Shisan didn’t become infuriated but started laughing instead when he saw that he was unable to do anything against Chen Xi, and his battle intent blazed like flames as his gaze emanated bolts of lightning while he locked onto the distant Chen Xi.

Suddenly, a crack appeared in the space between his brows and revealed a silver eye, and it shot out numerous silver beams of light that were like strands of fine and hazy silver threads. These threads were soft like mist, smooth like a stream of water, and dreamlike.

“Star River Silvereyes!”

“My god! This is another Innate Dao Art! It’s the ultimate technique of the Desolate Spirit Clan!”

“Firestar Body, Star River Silvereyes… This Yan Shisan actually possesses two types of innate talents, and he’s practically capable of comparing to an inborn saint!”

Everyone was shocked as they’d recognized the origins of those silver colored eyes, and the numerous silver beams of light that were shot out from within his eyes had a fantastic name — Starsoul Streaks.

It seemed to be gentle and mysterious, yet it was the most horrifying beam of light in the hearts of everyone in the world. So long as one was affected by it, then no matter how high one’s cultivation was or how formidable one’s magic treasures were, the person would only be like a mosquito that was captured in a spider’s web and would have their flesh, bones, veins, soul, and everything devoured gradually by the silver light…

Such a terrifying innate ability hadn’t even appeared within the Desolate Spirit Clan for 10,000 years, and it had been lost in the annals of history since a long time ago. Yet now, it had actually been grasped by Yan Shisan!


But Chen Xi wasn’t afraid at all. A vertical eye similarly appeared between his brows and erupted with numerous Lights of Eradication. They were jet black like lightning as they penetrated the sky like bolts of lightning, and they emitted an icy cold and horrifying sheen as they eliminated all Yan Shisan’s attacks.

“Divine Ability — Eye of Divine Truth!”

“The supreme Divine Ability in the legends that shocked the ages!”

“The Light of Eradication! It’s actually the Light of Eradication that’s capable of eradicating all techniques in the word! My god! This isn’t real, right?”

Everyone was shocked and felt their scalps go numb because the Dao Arts and Divine Abilities possessed by the two of them were so numerous and so formidable that it caused them to feel dizzy and practically not dare believe that all of this was real.

After all, every single ability they executed was capable of allowing anyone to roam the world freely. Yet now, so many Dao Arts and Divine Abilities that shocked the world were grasped by the two of them, and this was simply sufficient to make anyone in the world go red with envy and sufficient to make any living being that boasted to be a genius to feel ashamed from its own inferiority!


No matter how shocked everyone was. The battle between Chen Xi and Yan Shisan had already arrived at an exceedingly intense moment now, and they were like two suns that were engaged in battle with each other. They emitted explosive glows without end while rumbling resounded out, and it shook the surroundings and illuminated the world!

This was absolutely a battle that was rare to come by, and in the entire Dark Reverie, a battle of this level was difficult to see in a thousand years.

Moreover, at the end, who amongst these two proud geniuses would win?

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