Chapter 660 – Flame World Palm

A palm that blotted out the sky appeared out of thin air!

This scene was extremely shocking. It was like a great devil had descended into the world as jet black clouds roiled and emitted a boundless devilish glow, and the pressure and vast aura it emitted was truly horrifying.


Being obstructed by this caused all of Chen Xi’s attacks to strike onto this hand, and it was like two volcanos that had collided with each other. The collision emitted rumbling that shook the heavens and the earth while emitting a myriad of rays of divine light, and the aftershock swept out towards the surroundings, causing space to be torn apart and rocks to be shattered. Everyone in the surroundings dodged repeatedly while they revealed extremely astonished expressions.

“Hahaha! Amazing! I never imagined that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect actually possessed a figure like you, Chen Xi. You’re indeed a rare top figure, and I’ll have a good spar with you when we meet next!” A wave of loud laughter sounded out like the roar of a dragon, and it shook the surroundings while emitting a peerlessly arrogant and overbearing aura.

After that, everyone noticed a tall and dignified figure flashing out while carrying a shocking jet black light, and the figure tore through the sky before swiftly vanishing without a trace.

“The Nether Spring Devil Sect’s Qiu Jun!

“I never imagined that it would actually be him who made a move. He really does deserve to be the sacred disciple of the devil sect that possesses the Thousand Severance Devilbody. Merely a single strike of his revealed such a boundlessly elegant demeanor.”

“Qiu Jun? Could it be that it was he who instructed the assassin, Shroud, to assassinate Chen Xi?”

Everyone recognized Qiu Jun and were extremely shocked in their hearts because this was a formidable figure of the devil sect that was like the sun in the midday sky, and he’d actually made an appearance here.

Moreover, at this moment, the clouds of smoke in the sky had dispersed, and Chen Xi’s tall figure had once again appeared within everyone’s fields of vision.

So it turns out that the assassin and this fellow are actually together. But, why would they want to go against me? It’s absolutely impossible for it to be for the sake of the Grand Dao Fragments. After all, Shroud had already tried to assassinate me once before I arrived at the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and at that time, I hadn’t obtained a single Grand Dao Fragment yet…

Chen Xi frowned as he looked towards the direction Qiu Jun vanished, and he knew that even if he pursued now, he would probably be unable to catch up.

“What? You want to flee as well?” Chen Xi turned around abruptly to gaze towards Feng Jianbai who was at the side. This fellow intended to seize this opportunity to flee, and when Chen Xi saw this, he directly slashed out with his sword, causing a rain of blood to spray out as he completely ended Feng Jianbai’s life.

After that, Chen Xi swept the surroundings with his gaze, and there was actually not a single person amongst the few hundred experts of the various powers that dared look him in the eye.

Obviously, the will of these experts had already been awed by his might, and they didn’t dare make any rash movements for now at least.

In next to no time, Chen Xi’s gaze descended onto the area before the enormous mountain.

At that place, Long Zhenbei and An Wei were trapped by the Eight Illusion Immortal Cage. On a rock at the side from them was a figure that sat cross-legged atop it, his back was ramrod straight, his shoulders wide, and he remained there without moving like a mountain. He seemed as if he’d fused with the heavens and the earth, and his aura was unique and formidable.


That figure suddenly opened its eyes upon noticing Chen Xi’s gaze, and it erupted with strands of blazing glows of fire that interweaved together and formed numerous strange phenomena.

“Yan Shisan?” Chen Xi’s eyes focused as he discerned the uniqueness of this person’s physique. It seemed as if it was constructed from fiery jade, causing him to be like a god that innately controlled the element of fire and was extremely oppressive.

This was Firestar Body, a phenomenon that was inborn. According to rumor, since the moment of birth, a person that possessed this physique would have grasped the Grand Dao of Fire and possess an extremely intimate connection with the myriad of flames in the heavens and the earth. When cultivated to the limit, the possessor of the physique was even capable of communicating with the energy of fire within nature itself to be of use to himself, and it was peerlessly formidable.

Obviously, one that possessed such a physique was surely that genius from the Heavenflow Dao Sect who was similarly the most renowned madman in the 10 great immortal sects that yearned madly for battle.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a very long time.” Yan Shisan stood up. He was tall and handsome, and every single move he made was filled with an arrogant and overbearing aura that drew the attention of everyone.

Some people were capable of making others have a deep impression of them with a single glance, and it caused others to feel they were extraordinary and would soar into the sky sooner or later. Obviously, Yan Shisan was such a person.

“Your strength from before was already sufficient to be a match for me. Now, so long as you’re able to defeat me, you can freely take these two people away. Otherwise, leave your life behind!” He raised his hand to point towards An Wei and Long Zhenbei who were trapped within the Eight Illusion Immortal Cage as he spoke indifferently.

As he spoke, he gave his body a long stretch. Instantly, he seemed to have become a different person. His long hair fluttered about while his flaming eyes seemed like bolts of fiery lightning, and his thin and imposing physique surged with monstrous battle intent. He was like a blazing sun that was willful, arrogant, and peerlessly overbearing.

This was the true Yan Shisan, one that was mad for battle. Besides battle, there wasn’t anything in the world that was capable of drawing his intention. Especially when he encountered an opponent that moved him, he would seem as if he’d obtained a supreme treasure in the world, and his entire bearing would become completely different.

“He really is formidable. I heard this madman, Yan Shisan, had already grasped the ability to multiply his combat strength by six times a long time ago, and he possesses precious treasures. He’s absolutely a top existence amongst his peers in the Heavenflow Dao Sect.”

“Exactly. But, the most important is his combat experience that’s abundant to the extreme because he has experienced countless horrifying battles to attain his current accomplishments.”

“Chen Xi can be proud of himself for being able to be chosen as an opponent by this world-renowned madman. After all, an ordinary person would be utterly incapable of entering Yan Shisan’s eyes.”

Everyone exclaimed with admiration. The reason they hadn’t left for so long was because they had placed hope on Yan Shisan, and they felt his strength was sufficient to turn around the situation and annihilate Chen Xi. If this were to happen, then they could seize the opportunity to have a share, so why not?

On the other hand, Long Zhenbei and An Wei couldn’t help but frown as a wisp of worry gushed onto their faces. This madman Yan Shisan was too formidable and was able to casually take out eight Quasi Immortal Artifact grade flags to form the Eight Illusion Immortal Cage that trapped both of them. It wasn’t difficult to imagine that Yan Shisan had utterly no lack of formidable treasures.

It was practically impossible to find a match amongst those of the same cultivation for such a figure that yearned madly for battle and possessed precious treasures, and once Chen Xi was to go against him, it was impossible to determine the outcome!

After all, Chen Xi had already been fighting with the crowd of geniuses for a long time earlier, whereas Yan Shisan had been building up his strength since the beginning. When the two of them were compared, Chen Xi would probably be inferior just in terms of their current states.

When they thought like this, their hearts grew heavier, and they became even more worried for Chen Xi.

“You took my companions hostage just for the sake of fighting me?” Chen Xi’s expression was calm while his imposing aura was like a bottomless abyss, and his eyes flickered with profound talisman markings as he stared at Yan Shisan.

If Yan Shisan challenged him to battle fairly, then perhaps he would respect Yan Shisan slightly. But unfortunately, Yan Shisan had used the lives of An Wei and Long Zhenbei to threaten him, and this caused him to detest Yan Shisan.

“No, it’s for the sake of annihilating you.” Yan Shisan shook his head while his expression remained unchanged, and his battle intent surged, causing a fiery glow to surge as his imposing aura became even more oppressive.

The reply to his words was a sword strike from Chen Xi. An expanse of a bloody sea surged out while roiling with talisman markings of slaughter, and it was like a vast and mighty tempestuous storm that dyed the sky blood red.

At this moment, there was no need for any more words. Chen Xi used actions to tell Yan Shisan that he similarly desired to annihilate Yan Shisan, and he even wasn’t willing to speak further.

“Bring it on!” Yan Shisan roared like a thunderclap that exploded out in the nine heavens. Expanses of fiery glows shot out, and it pierced the eyes of everyone to the point it ached while he stretched out his hand and pushed forward.

The skin on this palm was extremely delicate, and its striations were clear and smooth as if made from silk. It was an entire 500km in size, completely crystalline, white, and soft like jade. Moreover, a kingdom of flames actually seemed to have been formed within the palm, and countless living beings were living within the kingdom, causing it to be extremely mysterious and horrifying.

“Flame World Palm!” Many people gasped. This was a peak-grade Dao Art that only apex experts were capable of executing. Its requirements towards one’s cultivation was extremely harsh, and it was one of the ultimate inheritances of the Heavenflow Dao Sect.

At this moment, even An Wei and Long Zhenbei felt their scalps go slightly numbs as their faces turned a little bit pale. The might of this palm strike from Yan Shisan caused them to feel that it was difficult to resist.


The palm stretched over and continued extending forward after it shattered the bloody sword strikes, and it intended to capture Chen Xi, trap Chen Xi within the mysterious world of fire and completely refine him.

Chen Xi held the bloody sword in his hand while the Wings of Disruption flapped swiftly, and it erupted with boundless Profound Disruption Divinelight with the intention of slashing apart the heavens and the earth and shattering the enormous hand that blotted out the sky while striking towards him.

“Thinking of running? What a clown!” Yan Shisan shouted coldly.


The heavens and the earth trembled as his five fingers grew explosively. Every single finger was coiled with a glow of flames and flickered with lava or divine flames, and they seemed like five divine pillars that were extremely thick and large. They pressed down before slowly closing together with the intention of completely confining Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s Wings of Disruption flickered as he leaped about repeatedly. But the enormous hand was expanding as well and following him like a shadow, and it constantly enveloped him as if it had completely locked down the surroundings and transformed it into a world of flames.

At the same time, strands of divine flames appeared between the fingers of the palm, and they rumbled as they blazed. The flames raged and leaped about as they surged around the five enormous fingers, causing them to seem unrestrained and terrifying.

When had everyone seen such a scene and such a terrifying Dao Art? A vast world of flames developed within the palm was simply something that had attained an unbelievable level amongst Dao Arts.


Chen Xi’s bloody sword rose into the sky and charged into the heavens. It erupted with boundless killing intent and flowed with Sword Insight as it transformed into countless ‘’ characters with the intention of breaking apart the world of flames with this palm and utilizing this to escape.

However, Yan Shisan was really too formidable. He’d been cultivating this peak-grade Dao Art, Flame World Palm, for a very long time, and it had already attained a state of perfection.

The five enormous fingers that were like divine pillars tempered by flames converged together, and they exploded out with surging streams of fire that didn’t just eliminate all Chen Xi’s attacks, they actually instantly drowned Chen Xi within them amidst a wave of rumbling!

“You only possess five times combat strength, and it’s utterly not worth mentioning before my seven times combat strength. Moreover, I’ve used more than 30 years on the Flame World Palm, so even though you’ve grasped numerous peak-grade Dao Arts, none of them have attained a state of perfection. How can you fight me?”

“Accept refinement!” Yan Shisan shouted out explosively as the flaming glow around his body surged, and he seemed like a god of flames. His five fingers erupted with boundless divine flames before all of them pressed down towards Chen Xi who was at the center of the palm, and it intended to completely transform him into ashes.

Everyone was horrified. Not to mention anything else, merely this type of monstrous might of his Dao Art caused them to be astounded, and if they entered into the hand, they would surely die without a doubt and not even a scrap of them would remain.

Even more shocking to them was that Chen Xi who swept through all obstacles before him and killed everyone before him like an invincible war god had actually been completely suppressed at the instant he started fighting with Yan Shisan!

This had simply exceeded all their expectations.

“Chen Xi!” Within the Eight Illusion Immortal Cage, An Wei and Long Zhenbei exclaimed with shock in unison, and they didn’t dare believe that Chen Xi would actually be suppressed so quickly by Yan Shisan, causing their hearts to rise to their throats while they felt a mix of extreme fury and worry.

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