Chapter 659 – Unexpected Events Occurring Repeatedly

At the side of the enormous mountain was almost an entire one thousand experts from the various powers, and even though Chen Xi charged and slaughtered repeatedly, he’d only slaughtered over a hundred of his enemies. After all, all these experts had cultivations at the Nether Transformation Realm, and they possessed formidable strengths that ordinary people couldn’t compare to. If news of Chen Xi being capable to achieve such an accomplishment was to be spread, it would be sufficient to shock the world.

A lone person killing over 100 cultivators at the same realm amidst an army. Such a ferocious deed was something very few people in the entire Dark Reverie were capable of accomplishing.


The battle continued. The glow of blood shot through the sky as rays of lights roiled like the tide, and the horrifying and terrifying sounds of battle and collision were like the terrifying sound of the earth collapsing or a volcano erupting.

Chen Xi rampaged through within the battle while the bloody sword shot out like bolts of lightning. Every single strike seemed capable of moving the gods as it reaped life after life, and it was ferocious, powerful, swift like a bolt of lightning, and terrifying to the extreme. Blood dyed his clothes and hair red, causing him to be like a god of devils that trampled on the world and everything within it with an imposing aura, and everywhere the blade of his sword went, all obstacles before him would be swept away. Magic treasure after magic treasure was slashed apart by him, Dao Art after Dao Art was eliminated by him, and enemy after enemy was killed amidst shrill cries and transformed into severed limbs that fell from the sky and tainted the heavens red while soaking the entire world with blood.

The scene seemed like the world had transformed into purgatory!

Most astonishing of it all was that along with the gradual passage of time, his peerlessly ferocious imposing aura actually didn’t weaken in the slightest, and he became even more courageous as the battle progressed and rose steadily in might. It seemed as if he was a war god that would never be exhausted, and he shocked everyone present.

How could this be possible!? Since the beginning of the battle until now, he has actually not shown the slightest signs of exhaustion. How could such a freak exist in this world?

Feng Jianbai’s pupils dilated as the complacency from before had instantly been replaced by an indescribable feeling of horror while the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but shiver. He was unable to imagine how they were still incapable of doing anything to Chen Xi under such a situation! As a cultivator at the Nether Transformation Realm as well, he knew extremely clearly about exactly how great the consumption of True Essence was when exerting multiplied combat strength. No matter how solid and vast a person’s Blackhole World was, there would be a time that it dried up.

Unless one consumed spirit pills to replenish one’s True Essence but he’d clearly seen that from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi didn’t have the chance to consume a spirit pill.

How could he possibly be able to persist until now? This fellow… has actually grown to such a terrifying extent?

Feng Jianbai muttered. He felt he was simply like a piece of trash when compared to Chen Xi and was unable to chase up to Chen Xi’s footsteps any longer but in the next moment, he woke up from his disordered thoughts because he saw that Chen Xi had actually charged towards him and that icy cold and emotionless gaze terrified him to the point his soul almost left his body, so how could he dare to continue being lost in thought?

He fled repeatedly and dodged to the back of the crowd as he was deeply afraid of being locked onto by Chen Xi, because he didn’t have the slightest will to fight when facing this brutal god of slaughter.

“Everyone, you must persist…” Feng Jianbai howled loudly once more. However, before he could finish speaking, he noticed to his shock that Chen Xi had actually appeared abruptly before him!


Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold as he formed an ethereal hand that roiled with talisman markings and seemed to be material, and it emitted a blazing glow as it slapped Feng Jianbai flying. In just a single strike, Chen Xi had struck Feng Jianbai to the point blood sprayed from his nose and mouth while countless bones broke all over his body, and he spasmed ceaselessly and emitted shrill cries like a dead dog. After all, he’d just arrived at the Dark Reverie half a year ago like Chen Xi and had joined one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Truth Embrace Sect. He’d just advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm and was even inferior to Leng Qiu, Du Xuan, and the others, so how could he possibly be a match for Chen Xi?

How could this be possible?

Feng Jianbai was slapped to the point his head droned while stars danced before his eyes, and he still didn’t dare believe the scene before him. When he looked towards the surroundings out of the corner of his eyes, he instantly seemed as if he was struck by lightning. It turned out that since an unknown period in time, those experts that came from the various powers had already fled towards all direction as their will to fight had been completely crushed beneath Chen Xi’s unmovable imposing aura, and there was actually no one that dared come forward and offend him again. Even if they didn’t flee, all of them had avoided to the side and didn’t dare to charge forward like before. After all, the combat strength Chen Xi revealed was too terrifying, so how could they dare continue risking their lives?

These bastards! They’re simply a useless and disorderly mob!

Feng Jianbai was angered to the point his eyes almost split apart, and he was in complete despair. Unfortunately, he’d forgotten that he wasn’t a commander that commanded the entire army, and he was only a despicable fellow that fanned the flames from the shadows. Not to mention all those experts were from the various powers of the Dark Reverie, every single one of them was arrogant, unruly, and had their own thoughts, so how could they possibly listen to his orders? So blaming others at a time like this was simply laughable to the extreme.

“Chen Xi, you can’t kill me! I’m a Seed Disciple of the Truth Embrace Sect now. Could it be that you want to go against the Truth Embrace Sect? Do you want your Nine Radiance Sword Sect to go to war with my Truth Embrace Sect?” When he saw Chen Xi walking over once again, Feng Jianbai was terrified to the point his entire body trembled, and he howled repeatedly. “Not to mention, my Senior Brother Daoist Crimson Sun is within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss now, so you won’t be able to live for long if you kill me!”

“Go to war? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? I even dared to kill the members of the Yazi Clan, so how the fuck can you compare?” Chen Xi took a step forward with an icy cold and indifferent expression before raising his hand to slap Feng Jianbai, and it struck him to the point his teeth fell out while blood sprayed from all the aperture on his face, causing his face to be in a mangled and horrifying state.

“You’re courting death! No one in the Dark Reverie can allow a devil like you to continue existing!” Feng Jianbai let out a shrill and miserable cry and was terrified to the point his entire body started trembling.

“How laughable! Only you are allowed to kill, yet others aren’t allowed to kill you?” Chen Xi shook his head while speaking with a voice that was filled with disdain, and he already couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath, so he lifted the bloody sword up before slashing it down!

The hearts of the experts from the various powers that hadn’t fled yet trembled when they saw this scene.

This fellow Chen Xi is simply too cold. His strength is formidable and he doesn’t care about any threats. How terrible would he be once he grows?


However, right at the instant Chen Xi made a move, a wisp of a piercingly cold and extremely ghastly killing intent suddenly exploded out from behind him! In merely an instant, Chen Xi’s field of vision was covered in a white glow and a terrifying aura of danger that struck directly at his heart, and it felt as if a blade was pressed on his back. This surprise attack could be said to be cunning and ruthless to the extreme, and it just happened to seize the instant Chen Xi made a move to kill Feng Jianbai. If it was an ordinary person, the person would probably be utterly incapable of dodging and could only wait helplessly for death to arrive.

“Hiss! That’s…” Everyone was shocked and gasped. From their point of view, they just happened to be able to see an imperceptible figure seemed to have appeared out of thin air behind Chen Xi before stabbing with his sword!

Everyone felt horrified because an assassination like this was simply too terrifying. It was without completely traceless and seemed as if the person was already concealed there since before and had appeared silently. If it was any one of them, they would be utterly incapable of avoiding this attack.

“You finally can’t refrain yourself from making a move? I’ve been waiting for a very long time!”

However, what caused everyone to be even more shocked was that Chen Xi seemed as if he’d known this scene would occur long ago. At practically the instant the surprise attack appeared, he’d swiftly turned around and shot out explosively while the bloody sword swept out horizontally!


Both attacks collided and erupted with dazzling brilliance and a bang that shook the nine heavens, and it pierced the eardrums of everyone to the point of being on the verge of splitting apart.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

That figure that appeared abruptly was slashed by Chen Xi’s horizontal sword strike to the point of moving back without end. Every single step back he took caused even space to be crushed beneath him, and it was obvious how violent that energy he faced was. The figure retreated continuously for over 30m in distance before stopping. At this moment, everyone had already seen the appearance of the figure clearly. A thin figure, a jet black mask, and a pair of violet eyes that were suffused with an evil sheen.

“Shroud! The top Nether Transformation Realm assassin!”

“It’s actually him. Supposedly, his assassination technique can be ranked in the top 10 within the entire Dark Reverie, and he has never failed. He’s an extremely formidable and mysterious existence.”

“My god! Even a figure like Shroud has actually failed! Merely this is sufficient to make Chen Xi renowned in the world!”

Everyone was shocked when they recognized the identity of the assassin, and every single one of them revealed expressions of disbelief. They seemed to have never imagined that such a mysterious figure would actually make an appearance here. Moreover, this figure would actually fail an assassination before their very eyes!


Shroud was slightly stunned as well from his failure, and then his figure swiftly became imperceptible and erupted with strands of jet black light as he suddenly turned to leave but Chen Xi was long since prepared. A vertical eye opened up at the center of his forehead and erupted with a strand of the Light of Eradication, and it directly sealed up the area of space that Shroud stood in.

The Light of Eradication eradicated all techniques. It was capable of destroying the world and confining one’s enemies imperceptibly, and it was even possessed lethal force that wasn’t present in the Grand Confinement Dao Art. When cultivated to the limit, a strand of light was sufficient to sweep through a myriad of Dao Arts and Divine Abilities before obliterating everything in the world into nothingness!

The figure of Shroud who intended to leave instantly froze on the spot like a fish that was frozen in ice or an insect that was stuck on a spider’s web, and he struggled violently.

“You’ve repeatedly struck surprise attacks against me, could it be that you think I’m incapable?” Chen Xi’s gaze was like a bolt of lightning that coldly locked onto this despicable fellow that had surprise attacked him twice while the flames of rage in his heart rose slowly.

In the sea of clouds on the other day, he was caught off guard and was almost killed by the surprise attack, and he was absolutely hanging by a thread. Such an experience caused him to be unwilling to experience it a second time. So since he arrived here and decided to do battle, he’d been watching the surroundings with the Eye of Divine Truth. Sure enough, he noticed this sneaky bastard. Moreover, when he wanted to kill Feng Jianbai earlier, he’d intentionally delayed for such a long time just for the sake of creating a false impression and using it to draw out this assassin that was skilled in moving about in the darkness.

Shroud puckered his lips without speaking. Even if he was confined, he was still composed to the extreme and exerted his entire cultivation to struggle violently with the intention of breaking through the shackles and escaping.

“Explode!” Chen Xi’s expression was icy cold and covered in killing intent as he lightly spat out a single word.


The space that Shroud stood on exploded with a bang and transformed into an expanse of chaotic flows of space. It instantly sliced countless terrifying injuries onto Shroud’s body, causing him to drip with blood but Shroud was extremely formidable as well. Even though he’d suffered such a heavy injury, he was still calm and resolute to the extreme. At the instant he escaped the confinement, he soared up right away, and he transformed into a wisp of an imperceptible shadow and intended to charge into the sky.

“Thinking of leaving? Leave your life behind!” Chen Xi’s eyes focused. He had no choice but to admit that this fellow was really formidable, and if it was an ordinary person, the person would have been killed by that attack of his a long time ago.


Even though he thought like this in his heart, his movements weren’t slow in the slightest, and the Wings of Disruption flapped. In the next moment, he’d already appeared behind Shroud before another strand of the Light of Eradication shot out from his vertical eye while the bloody sword in his hand spun and slashed out at the same time.

However, it was at this moment that an unexpected event occurred once again!

An enormous palm tore through the sky while blotting out the heavens and the sun, and its fingers were exceedingly enormous and had turned jet black in color. They seemed like a black color mountain that was shaped like a palm, and they lay across Chen Xi’s path before grabbing down towards him!

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