Chapter 658 – Eight Illusion Immortal Cage

When they saw Chen Xi attack at the slightest disagreement and even utilize their Yazi Clan’s sacred weapon to deal with them, it angered Lie Feng and the others to the point of being on the verge of spitting blood.

He’s such a bully! Our Yazi clan has always been renowned in the world for seeking vengeance for the smallest grievance. Now, we’ve actually taken the initiative to make a compromise and only asked for the Ancestor’s innate bone. Yet this fellow actually didn’t even refuse before directly attacking!? Motherfucker! Could it be that this fellow doesn’t know why the Yazi Clan is famous for taking revenge!?

Lie Feng and the others felt this world was too insane as there was someone who was actually more ruthless than their Yazi Clan. He’d seized their belongings, yet still dared to boldly be ruthless towards them, and they felt Chen Xi was simply lawless! But even though they were furious, Lie Feng and the others didn’t dare dally in the slightest when facing this resolute attack of Chen Xi’s, and all of them executed their ultimate moves without the slightest hesitation because all of them knew how formidable the might of the sacred weapon of their clan was. All of those years ago, it had once drunk the blood of a saint!


The glow of blood surged while filled with boundless killing intent, and it formed into the terrifying scene of a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood. At the instant it appeared, it charged into the nine heavens and dyed the world red. The dense and surging bloody killing intent almost desired to slaughter the gods and destroy the heavens! In only an instant, the attacks of Lie Feng and the others were easily dispersed, and if it wasn’t for them dodging quickly, merely this attack would have almost taken their lives. It shocked them to the point their faces suddenly went pale, and they were extremely astounded.

What a terrifying cultivation in the Sword Dao!

They clearly noticed that not only did this sword strike carry an extraordinarily high level of being able to condense sword qi into strings, it actually contained the purest profundities of the Grand Dao of Slaughter!

Condensing sword qi into threads was something only grandmasters of the Sword Dao were capable of mastering, and it was even more terrifying than the Enlightened Sword Heart! In 10,000 sword cultivators, it was difficult for a single person to grasp this level. On the other hand, the Grand Dao of Slaughter was even rarer and terrifying. Especially when it was executed through the sacred weapon of their Yazi Clan. It was simply like a perfect pairing that was capable of erupting with an even stronger might!

“This fellow is actually a formidable sword cultivator!” Lie Feng was horrified. He knew that it was impossible for just the forces of the Yazi Clan to be a match for Chen Xi without the assistance of the other powers. So before Chen Xi could make a move once again, he’d already turned around and left, and he intended to mix into the group before making a move based on the situation.

Unfortunately, he was still too late. Chen Xi had already launched a slaughter, so how could he allow his opponents to leave? Especially when he was deeply aware of how vengeful these experts of the Yazi Clan were. Once they were allowed to escape, then it would absolutely lead to boundless future troubles.


A bloody glow swept out while Sword Insight moved like a tide. The might of this sacred weapon from the Yazi Clan was formidable indeed, and it far surpassed a Quasi Immortal Artifact. Besides its lack of an Artifact Spirit, it was sufficient for it to be comparable with a real Immortal Artifact.

At this moment, when it was utilized by Chen Xi with the profundities of the Slaughter Grand Dao, he was instantly like a god of blood that had descended to the world. A bloody glow that covered the sky shot out horizontally, and not only did it slash Lie Feng and the others apart from the waist, but even the other nearby experts were also affected by it, causing no less than 10 plus people to perish. A rain of blood exploded out and trickled to the ground, and the scene was bloody and horrifying.

Everyone was instantly shocked as their hearts thumped madly. It was too terrifying! Since the battle began until now, Chen Xi practically swept through every obstacle before him and had never encountered any obstruction. He seemed to possess the imposing aura of sweeping through all obstacles and killing everyone before him, he was formidable to the extreme!

Many experts that were charging forward couldn’t help but stop as they gulped down a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, and they hesitated about whether they should turn around and run so that they could avoid being moths that fluttered into the fire and fall to the same horrifying end as those others. For a time, an empty space was actually created around Chen Xi, and no one dared to move forward anymore!

“This fellow is simply too shocking!” Long Zhenbei couldn’t help but swing his fist fiercely and be extremely excited. He was similarly shocked by Chen Xi’s terrifying strength, but it was mostly excitement that he felt because he was like a person facing a hopeless situation that had suddenly seen hope, and he felt indescribably excited.

“Indeed. His strength has become stronger by at least a few times when compared to his strength while going against Wang Zhonghuan!” An Wei’s clear eyes spun as she looked at the figure in midair that was bathed in blood and was immovable in battle like a god of devils, and her eyes were suffused with ripples of extraordinary splendor. She could be said to be the only person present that had witnessed Chen Xi’s mighty rise, and it was precisely because of this that the shock in her heart was even more intense than the others.

For example, Chen Xi had revealed a bearing that was different from the others when he joined the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Every single person didn’t look favorably upon him, yet he would always create shocking miracles. It was as if nothing in this world could obstruct his footsteps, and everything could only become his stepping stones that allowed him to go higher and further!

“Let’s make a move as well. Chen Xi is already fighting for us, so how can we not respond?” Long Zhenbei’s gaze was like bolts of lightning as boundless battle intent surged in his body.

He wasn’t a weakling, nor was he a pitiable person that would wait for death helplessly. Conversely, he’d grasped the ability to multiply his combat strength by five times, and he was only a step away from six times combat strength. Amongst everyone present here, those that were capable of worrying him could be counted on a single hand.

“Alright!” An Wei nodded as a murderous expression appeared on her clear and beautiful face because she’d already been feeling impatient since a long time ago.

“Wouldn’t it be better to just watch silently? Why interfere?” Right at the instant both of them wanted to make a move, Yan Shisan who sat cross-legged with his eyes closed on a rock at the side and seemed to be unconcerned with everything in the surroundings had suddenly opened his eyes, and blazing flames actually surged within his eyes like two roiling seas of flames, causing it to be an extremely shocking sight. He gestured with his hand as he spoke.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Metallic bangs resounded out as eight large flags that surged with the glow of flames flew up and pierced fiercely into the surrounding ground, and then it instantly formed into a profound Entrapment Formation that trapped Long Zhenbei and An Wei within it.

“This is the Eight Illusion Immortal Cage that’s formed from eight Quasi Immortal Artifacts. Even Earthly Immortal Realm experts would find it difficult to escape this formation. Both of you can relax and wait within. Since we’re all disciples from the 10 great immortal sects, I won’t make it difficult for the two of you.” Yan Shisan spoke indifferently before closing his eyes once more after he finished.

From the beginning until the end, he didn’t give An Wei and Long Zhenbei the opportunity to speak, and his calm voice carried a peerless overbearingness and arrogance. In fact, he was really formidable because he was actually capable of casually trapping Long Zhenbei and An Wei together, and he didn’t even give them the chance to react. Thus, his strength was obvious from this!

Being trapped instantly caused Long Zhenbei and An Wei to seem as if they’d instantly lost the energy in their entire bodies, and they were both furious and frustrated. Never had both of them imagined that this renowned madman of the Heavenflow Dao Sect, Yan Shisan, would actually be more formidable than the rumors said. The only thing that allowed them to be at ease was that Yan Shisan didn’t have any intention of making things difficult for them. Moreover, he only trapped them within a formation and didn’t arouse the intention to kill but both of them became worried for Chen Xi once again. With an extremely terrifying fellow like Yan Shisan glaring with hostility from the side, Chen Xi was probably in danger…

At this moment, the battle beneath the sky had unfolded once more.

The crowd of geniuses avoided him and didn’t move forward, but how could Chen Xi possibly stop just like this? Conversely, he started to take the initiative to attack. He held the sacred weapon of the Yazi Clan, the bloody sword, in his hand while moving with the Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation, and coupled with the movement speed of the Wings of Disruption that was swift like a bolt of lightning, it caused him to seem like a Fiendgod that wandered about within space while slaughtering living beings and coloring the sky red.

Some experts were terrified to the point their souls almost left their bodies when they saw this, and they didn’t dare hesitate any longer to turn around and flee in panic like a stray dog while wishing for nothing more than for their parents to have given birth to them with more limbs. After all, no matter how great a fortune was, one needed to be alive to enjoy it.

The scales seemed to have started to slightly tilt towards Chen Xi.

“Everyone, we must persist! Since the battle started until now, this thief has already exhausted an enormous amount of physical strength, and we must not allow him to replenish his True Essence. Otherwise, all the hard work from before would be in vain!” Feng Jianbai shouted at the top of his voice.

Earlier, he was terrified by Chen Xi’s shocking combat strength to the point his scalp went numb as well, and his heart shivered without end. But when he saw the entire crowd of experts faintly showed sights of retreating and fleeing in defeat, he was instantly unable to sit still, and he started to roar continuously and boost the morale of everyone.

“We’re only a step away from killing this thief. If we give up now, then it would be equivalent to giving up an enormous fortune! Fortune comes from danger, and there’s no such thing as obtaining something without paying a price in this world!

“Now, the opportunity is right before your eyes! Could it be that everyone wants to watch helplessly and give up just like this? That’s five Grand Dao Fragments!”

Needless to say, Feng Jianbai was indeed a figure that was extremely skilled in fanning the flames. A mere few sentences of his had quickly calmed the minds of those experts.

No matter how formidable Chen Xi is, his physical strength is limited in the end. So long as he’s pressured to the point of being unable to consume spirit pills to replenish his True Essence, then wouldn’t he be exhausted to death in the end?

Not to mention those experts that perished previously had utilized their lives to pave a path for them. No matter how formidable Chen Xi was, he was only at the Nether Transformation Realm, and he’d surely exhausted an enormous amount of True Essence already. If they were to give up at this moment, it would be a great pity indeed. When they thought up to here, those experts that originally intended to flee, didn’t flee any longer, and those that hadn’t made a move yet decided to seize this opportunity to make a move, causing the situation to return to what it was before this.


“We’ll put our lives on the line for the sake of the Grand Dao Fragments!”

“First come first serve. Those that are a step slower won’t even get any scraps!”

All the experts roared furiously before charging forward once again. All of them seethed with killing intent and had excited expression, and it seemed as if Chen Xi was about to perish and those Grand Dao Fragments would be within easy reach as well.

Humans die in the pursuit of wealth while birds die in the pursuit of food. These words were really a true saying that’s indisputable since ancient times, and it was accurate anywhere in the world.

Feng Jianbai heaved a sigh of relief in his heart upon seeing this scene, and a wisp of a complacent smile appeared on the corners of his mouth once again.

If they’re unable to kill Chen Xi even like this, then there’s no justice in this world!

After all, an entire 100 plus experts from the various powers had died miserably earlier. Moreover, all these experts that had died miserably were absolutely not ordinary figures. All of them were great cultivators at the Nether Transformation Realm, and their strength was sufficient to establish a sect in the outside world. How could such a shocking sacrifice have not caused any consumption to Chen Xi?

Chen Xi was extremely composed and calm instead, and he was indifferent and fearless. Perhaps, he’d utterly not taken Feng Jianbai’s actions of instigating everyone and their reactions seriously.

Using numbers to exhaust him to death?

That was simply laughable!

After all, the Dark Parasol sapling with his body was gushing out Immortal Energy like tidewater at every single moment, and it was replenishing his True Essence that was being consumed without end. With such a divine object in hand, how could his True Essence possibly dry up and cause him to be exhausted to death?

Feng Jianbai is truly atrocious!

Even though Chen Xi didn’t care, it didn’t represent that he would let Feng Jianbai off. In the next moment, his gaze had already locked onto the latter before charging towards him.

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