Chapter 657 – The Slaughter Burns Like Flames

Instantly, numerous experts of the Flameox Clan were annihilated!

This scene shocked everyone present here, because the experts of the Flameox Clan could absolutely not be compared to useless people, yet now, they hadn’t even charged and arrived in front of Chen Xi before being annihilated!

The experts of the Yazi Clan originally intended to charge out at the first possible moment under Lie Feng’s lead before capturing and killing Chen Xi, but having the Flameox Clan seize the first caused them to be rather depressed. However, the scene before their eyes were like a bucket of cold water poured onto their heads, causing them to be unable to help but shiver while feeling extremely fortunate in their hearts.

I never imagined that after only not seeing him for half a year, this fellow has actually grown to such an extent…

Feng Jianbai’s eyelids twitched as he looked at the tall figure that stood proudly in the distant sky, and besides feeling shocked, he couldn’t help but feel deep envy. After all, if it wasn’t for Chen Xi’s appearance, the position of first on the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet in the Primeval Battlefield would have belonged to him, Feng Jianbai! But at that time, even though he was surpassed by Chen Xi, he didn’t take it to heart. After all, it only represented potential, and he possessed a cultivation that was much higher than Chen Xi.

However, when he saw Chen Xi had actually annihilated all the experts of the Flameox Clan with the flip of his hand, how could Feng Jianbai not be shocked? He had no choice but to admit that he’d already been left far behind by Chen Xi.

This won’t do. With such a great opportunity like this, this fellow must be eliminated, otherwise, once he grows, how extraordinary would he be?

As thoughts flickered within Feng Jianbai’s mind, he’d already made a decision. In the next moment, he’d already soared into the sky and said loudly, “Fellow Daoists, this kid Chen Xi is like a locust that takes advantage of the situation and has repeatedly seized our fortuitous encounters. He’s simply lawless and too wicked to be pardoned. Now that he has come here alone, it’s precisely the best opportunity to eliminate this thief. If all of you don’t make a move now, then what are you waiting for?”

Everyone was stunned and instantly recovered from their shock caused by the scene from before.

Right! This thief is all alone, but there are over a thousand experts from the various powers here. Now that he’s come walking into a trap, isn’t it the best time to draw the net in? Moreover, so long as he’d killed, the five Grand Dao Fragments in his possession would become unowned. Wouldn’t it be there to be seized and distributed at our mercy?

The more they thought about it, the more excited they became, and their hearts were filled with dense greed. Even their breathing became heavy as they became eager to make a move, causing them to rub their palms together.

Conversely, when Chen Xi saw an old acquaintance like Feng Jianbai come out and instigate everyone to go against him in unison, Chen Xi couldn’t help be sneer endlessly in his heart.

As the saying goes, he who doesn’t finish he snake off will be harmed by it in the future!

“Kill! Kill this thief and the Grand Dao Fragments in his possession will be ours!” The corners of Feng Jianbai’s mouth couldn’t help but reveal a trace of complacency when he saw the intense reactions of everyone, and he continued fanning the flames.

As soon as he finished speaking, he’d completely lit the unrestrainable flames of greed in the hearts of everyone, and all of them couldn’t restrain themselves any longer.


Brilliant rays of light charged into the sky as various Dao Arts and Divine Abilities piled up together and sprayed down like blazing and terrifying lava. A group of extremely formidable beings from the clans of the Primordial Era had made a move boldly, and they charged forward.

At this moment, Chen Xi moved as well. Dao Insight rumbled throughout his body as his entire body was coiled by peerless divine lights, and he seemed to hold the world in his palm and the sun and moon in his mouth. The Wings of Disruption flickered as he leaped into the crowd in the next moment and directly pounced down to slaughter them.


Numerous terrifying palm prints piled up together like numerous layers of overlapping waves that surged and push forward. This was the peak-grade Dao Art, Myriad Netherwave Palm. Unlike before, its might was an entire five times more formidable now, and it was like a howling ocean that swept forward while filled with a monstrous and all-powerful imposing aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The glow of blood flew in all directions as the 10 plus experts that charged straight at him were directly slapped apart by the terrifying force of the palm strike. Their bodies split apart, their bodies were mangled, and they died in midair on the spot before falling down towards the ground like raindrops.

Once he made a move, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest, and he seemed like a sovereign that had descended to the world. He executed a myriad of profound techniques and profundities with every single move he made, and he was like an awl that forcefully gave rise to a string of blood and shrill cries in the crowd. He swept through every obstacle before him! His might was like a great god of devils that fought while bathed in blood. He was bathed in the blood of his enemies, reaped the lives of his enemies, and in only the time of a few breaths, a few tens of experts had fallen at his hands.

If one were to look up from the ground, one would notice that it was like a rain of blood was falling from midair. It was dense, bloody, and mixed with damaged magic treasures and shattered corpses, causing it to be extremely shocking. Even the air was tainted scarlet red by the dense amount of blood.

This was the formidableness of five times combat strength. Especially with Chen Xi’s foundation being extremely thick and far exceeding most geniuses, the scale of his Blackhole World was sufficient to terrify anyone if news of it were to be spread. Moreover, he’d grasped over 40 types of peak-grade Dao Arts and the boundless profundities of the Allheaven Truth. Coupled with the Wings of Disruption that could be ranked in the top 30 on the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions and the Eye of Divine Truth that shocked the three dimensions, he was simply like a weapon of slaughter that was armed to the teeth!

All in all, the current Chen Xi absolutely couldn’t be compared to before. No matter if it was in terms of equipment or strength, it far exceeded most experts. Even if it was amongst powers like the 10 great immortal sects and the six lineages of the devil sects, a freak like Chen Xi was exceedingly rare and practically impossible to find.


The terrifying fluctuations of the battle filled the heavens and the earth, causing the clouds and wind to be thrown into disorder while Yin and Yang were shattered. The heavens and the earth were cast into a shadow and fell into great chaos, causing it to seem like purgatory on earth.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was all-powerful within this chaos. His figure was like a wispy shadow of light that flickered endlessly. Every single time the Wings of Disruption flickered, it would cause him to move as if he was teleporting and avoid the attacks that covered the heavens and the earth. Everywhere he passed, the Profound Disruption Divinelight flowed and swept out repeatedly. Some experts were caught off guard, causing the magic treasures in their hands that contained the five elements to be destroyed into a pile of scrap with a bang, and it shocked them to the point they were both terrified and pained from their loss.

Only magic treasures that were Quasi Immortal Artifacts were barely capable of resisting the Profound Disruption Divinelight. But even though they weren’t blasted apart, they were greatly damaged, causing their might to be reduced greatly. Chen Xi hadn’t paid the slightest attention to all this because there was only a single thought in his heart.

Kill, kill all of these despicable scum that stop at nothing!

If it was a few days before when he hadn’t grasped the ability to execute five times his combat strength, he simply didn’t dare imagine how much hardship he would suffer when facing a scene like this, and he would most probably perish on the spot. Moreover, he had no choice but to come because An Wei and Long Zhenbei were trapped. Since those of the same sect were in peril, how could he possibly watch on and disregard them? If he did that, then how could he remain humane?

If it wasn’t even able to be a person properly, then how could he become an immortal?

So he’d come. He’d come with five times his combat strength, and he vented and poured his bellyful of flames of rage and fury onto his enemies.

“Kill!” Chen Xi roared as he moved like a dragon that left its lair. He moved about freely while fusing everything he’d learned into his boundless killing intent and fury before venting it out, causing him to sweep through all obstacles and practically seem all-powerful! For a time, the heavens and the earth were filled with the horrifying scene of sprays of a rain of blood, falling severed limbs, and shrill cries of pain, and it caused everyone to be shocked and filled with disbelief.

“His strength had risen explosively by too much!” As he looked at the tall figure in midair that seemed to have entered a place that was without obstacles, Shroud’s strange violet colored pupils were suffused with a rare trace of shock. He’d naturally discerned that compared to the time he tried to assassinate Chen Xi in the sea of clouds, the current Chen Xi was more than two times stronger and was simply like a different person!

“Oh?” Qiu Jun couldn’t help but reveal a shocked expression when he heard this.

Chen Xi was capable of avoiding Shroud’s assassination even before his strength rose explosively, so doesn’t that mean he has become even more terrifying now?

“How much confidence do you have in dealing with him?” Qiu Jun took a deep breath and asked slowly, but he was thinking in his heart.

How did this Chen Xi make his strength rise explosively in a short few days of time? Could it be that he completely refined and absorbed all of the Grand Dao Fragments he obtained?

When he thought up to here, Qiu Jun himself couldn’t help but be shocked by this guess of his because it was too unbelievable.

Those were five Grand Dao Fragments, so how could he have possibly refined and absorbed them completely in a short few days of time? Not to mention him, even a great figure like an Earthly Immortal Realm expert would find it difficult to achieve!

Qiu Jun was extremely sure. However, he suddenly thought of another thing. When Chen Xi seized away those Grand Dao Fragments, Chen Xi had just waved his hand before easily obtaining them.

Could it be that he has some sort of secret treasure in his possession that innately restrains these Grand Dao Fragments?

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was absurd and unbelievable, and he became slightly dazed. It was at this moment that Shroud gave him an answer. “If I seize the opportunity when he’s exhausted and suddenly launch a surprise attack, then I should have a 70% certainty.” Shroud spoke calmly with a voice that was cold and devoid of emotion as usual.

This sentence was absolutely the most words Qiu Jun had heard Shroud speak in a single sentence since he knew Shroud, and besides causing Qiu Jun to be surprised, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart.

Under the circumstances that Chen Xi’s exhausted, Shroud actually said he only has a 70% certainty? Looks like I have no choice but to take this fellow seriously!

Qiu Jun’s eyes narrowed slightly while a cold light that was like the gleam of a blade appeared within his eyes. He’d already taken Chen Xi to be a formidable enemy and didn’t dare look down upon Chen Xi or be careless in the slightest. Just like Shroud, he was waiting for the time Chen Xi was exhausted to capture Chen Xi in one go!


Chen Xi raised his hand, causing talisman markings to surge and shoot into the sky before slapping numerous experts flying, and then he turned around without the slightest hesitation and flashed towards the other side.

However, right at this moment, someone shouted out abruptly. “Chen Xi, return the innate bone of my clan and we’ll leave right away!”

Chen Xi turned around and a group of experts with peerlessly violent auras had already encircled over. All of them were robust and formidable, and their exposed skin was suffused with a dark red colored sheen. This was a group of beings from the clans of the Primordial Era.

If I’m not wrong, they should be from the Yazi Clan.

In merely an instant, he recalled the ferocious beast Yazi that he’d seen on a star in the sea of clouds earlier, the sword that was deep red like blood, and the Yazi’s innate bone.

“Hmph! What innate bone. Fuck off if you don’t want to die!” Chen Xi grunted coldly as he withdrew the bloody sword at the same time, and then he slashed out without holding back in the slightest.

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