Chapter 656 – Arriving Alone

Almost a thousand experts from varying powers were distributed all over before the enormous mountain, and they tightly encircled An Wei and Long Zhenbei.

“I finally believe your intuition now. That kid really is a troublemaker as he actually drew so many people over to capture him. I have no choice but to exclaim with admiration.” The Nether Spring Sect’s Qiu Jun had his hands behind his back while his clothes fluttered in the wind yet his body was like a rock that was firm, alone, and towering, causing him to carry an arrogance of someone that ruled over the world.

“There are a lot of people.” At the side Shroud, who carried a gloomy and mysterious aura, emitted a ghastly and emotionless voice.

“Yes, once more people arrive, the competition would be greater, and the difficulty to obtain Paramita, Oblivion, and even Terminus Dao Insight in that kid’s possession will become greater as well.”

After all, there were too many experts presents here, and most of them had come for the sake of the Grand Dao Fragments in Chen Xi’s possession, so the difficulty to capture him for themselves was obvious.

“We can take advantage of the confusion.” After keeping silent for a long time, Shroud spoke once more.

“That’s what I intend.” Qiu Jun smiled lightly before he stared fixedly at Shroud and said seriously. “I need your help.”

Shroud didn’t say anything further and only nodded.

Qiu Jun started smiling as a wisp of strong confidence gushed up onto his face. With the assistance of Shroud, he would be no different from a tiger that grew wings, and it would allow him to have great confidence in being able to capture Chen Xi.


“I’m able to sense that the murderer who killed the Ancestor is approaching here!” The eyes of the expert of the Yazi Clan, Lie Feng, flickered with a bright light as he spoke excitedly.

“Great! Once we capture this bastard, we must skin him alive and pull out his tendons before torturing him inch by inch until death!”

“Right! He actually dared to take possession of the Ancestor’s respected body, and he must return this tenfold!”

“The most important is still to reclaim the sacred weapon of our clan and Ancestor’s innate bone, we absolutely can’t allow the Godslaughter Burst to be lost.”

The spirits of the other experts from the Yazi Clan were refreshed, and they rubbed their palms together while their eyes flickered with ruthless and bloodthirsty sheens.

“Hmm? Senior Brother Lie Feng, do you think the murderer is the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s, Chen Xi?” An expert of the Yazi Clan suddenly realized something, and he spoke anxiously and doubtfully.

“Chen Xi?” Lie Feng was stunned, and then his face went grim. If this were to be true, then it would be too troublesome because there were so many experts present here now. How would he recover the sacred weapon of their clan and the innate bone of their Ancestor if Chen Xi fell into the hands of another?

“Be at ease and wait. If the murderer really is Chen Xi, then we’ll make a move together as soon as he appears, and we must strive to capture him with a swift and fierce attack!” Lie Feng pondered silently for a long time before he took a breath and spoke while gritting his teeth, and his voice was ghastly and emanated boundless ruthless killing intent.


“Dammit! Being tricked by that kid the other day caused my Flameox Clan to suffer heavy losses. This time, we have to kill him no matter what!”

“It isn’t just that, we also have to reclaim our Grand Dao Fragment. If it wasn’t for this detestable kid, we’d have obtained the Grand Dao Fragment in the Region of Metal a long time ago, and how could we have possibly have waited until now?”

“One that seizes my precious treasure and kills my clansmen must repay it with blood!”

At the other side, the few experts of the Flameox Clan had ferocious gazes and murderous looks on their faces as they gnashed their teeth, and when they recalled what had happened in the Region of Metal, all of them were almost on the verge of exploding and going mad from rage.

As the leader of the members of the Flameox Clan that had come to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time, Jiang Wei, had been silent all the time instead. Actually, he was even more infuriated than his companions and wished, even more, to slice Chen Xi into a thousand pieces. But this monstrous rage had been restrained in his heart since long ago, and he was just waiting for Chen Xi to appear before completely erupting!

Conversations like this occurred in every single place nearby the enormous mountain. Some had come for the sake of taking revenge, some had come for the sake of seizing the Grand Dao Fragments, some had come to reclaim the sacred treasure of their clan, and so on and so forth. All in all, all of them had made sufficient preparations this time, and they were only waiting for Chen Xi to make an appearance.

However, after a long time had passed, Chen Xi still hadn’t made an appearance, nor was there any news about him, and this caused everyone present to become even more anxious and impatient.

“Hehe, since he isn’t making an appearance, then I’ll fucking enjoy this beauty first and fiercely humiliate her. I don’t believe I’ll be unable to force that Chen Xi out!” Suddenly, an expert from the Six Desire Devil Sect shot his gaze at An Wei while moving his gaze wantonly up and down her beautiful face and alluring body, and he revealed a lustful and greedy sheen from his eyes.

That’s a genius of one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. How wonderful would it feel if I’m able to have her beneath me?

“Haha, the Flower Picking Devil, Feng Bao, is finally unable to restrain himself!”

“Go on, Senior Brother Feng Bao! Everyone will cheer for you, and you can vent to your heart’s content, haha!”

When they saw Feng Bao wanted to encroach on An Wei, all the other disciples of the Six Desire Devil Sect cheered endlessly with excited expressions, and the gazes they shot at An Wei were filled with greed and extreme brazen.

“You’re courting death!” Long Zhenbei burst into a rage when he saw this because a disciple from the Devil Sects actually dared to disrespect a member of their Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and it was simply going too far!

An Wei’s face went cold while her eyes surged with boundless killing intent. As a genius of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, when had she ever been sullied and humiliated so unbearably? It caused her to be truly infuriated.

When they saw the appearance of the two of them, those disciples of the Six Desire Devil Sect became even more rampant and roared with laughter while the words that came out of their mouths became even more unbearable and filthy to the limit.

Feng Jianbai chuckled without end.

Yan Shisan sat cross-legged on a rock and remained indifferent.

Even the disciples of the other sects ranked amongst the 10 great sects were indifferent, and some even stood on the spot and watched with interest. Their appearances caused Long Zhenbei and An Wei to burn with rage while their hearts sank to rock bottom.

“Come, beauty. We’ll just have some fun. This Young Master has had countless women, and my skill in the bed is absolutely perfect. I guarantee you’ll desire more after you try it and be unable to stop. Hahaha!” Being encouraged by everyone caused Feng Bao to become even more complacent, and he had a lusty smile on his face as he intended to make a move against An Wei.

At the same time, Long Zhenbei and An Wei glanced at each other. Both of them discerned the intentions of the other, causing their expressions to turn resolute because they intended to risk their lives to kill off all these bastards!

However, right when a battle could be triggered at any moment, an unexpected event arose abruptly…

A piercingly cold and extremely murderous voice sounded out abruptly from the distant sky. “Just because of these words you’ve spoken, you must pay with your life!”

The voice was like a thunderclap that shook the nine heavens, and it resounded out in the ears of every single person present here. After that, under the focused gazes of everyone present, a tall figure suddenly flashed over from the extremely distant sky. The figure had a handsome appearance, fluttering long hair and clothes, and an extraordinary bearing.

It was precisely Chen Xi!

“Why is this fellow so stupid? Why did he come?” An Wei was stunned when she saw this figure, and besides feeling moved in her heart, a wisp of dense worry couldn’t help but arise in her heart.

“This is no different than giving his life away. This fellow really doesn’t cherish his own life…” He seemed to be complaining yet a wisp of warmth had gushed out into Long Zhenbei’s heart because he knew that the reason Chen Xi did this was surely because of him and An Wei, so how could he not be moved by this?

Unlike the two of them, everyone else present here simply seemed as if they’d seen a treasure chest appear in the sky when they saw Chen Xi make an appearance, and all of them became excited and rubbed their hands together while feeling eager to make a move.

“Hahaha! This damnable kid has finally come!”

“I never imagined that this kid has a slight conscience, and he knew he had no choice but to help those from his own sect when they were in trouble.”

“Hmph! Conscience my ass! In my opinion, he was drawn over by the Grand Dao Fragment that’s about the emerge. Moreover, is he able to rescue them by himself? It’s simply laughable!”

Instantly, the area before enormous mountain that had a Grand Dao Fragment buried beneath it seethed with excitement because of Chen Xi’s arrival, and every single person didn’t conceal their boundless greed and killing intent in the slightest.

Chen Xi’s expression still remained calm when facing this scene, and his gaze swept past the faces of everyone present. As he looked at the excitement and greed on their faces, a wisp of killing intent that blazed like lava suddenly gushed out into his heart.

For the sake of capturing and killing me, they actually used my companions as hostages and stopped at nothing. Such methods are simply despicable and shameless to the limit!

“Chen Xi, when you seized my Grand Dao Fragment in the Region of Metal the other day, you caused many of the disciples of my Flameox Clan to perish. This enmity is irreconcilable, so hand over your life!” Suddenly, a roar that shook the heavens sounded out as the Flameox Clan’s Jiang Wei soared into the sky and actually led those other clansmen of his to charge first towards Chen Xi.

“How laughable! It was all of you who seized the opportunity when I wasn’t on guard to strike a surprise attack on me, yet were unable to obtain the Grand Dao Fragment in the end. Now you put the blame on me instead and sling mud at me! You really deserve death!” Chen Xi’s eyes were icy cold like blades as the tune of the Dao rumbled throughout his body like the roar of a dragon. Talisman markings roiled as he suddenly took a step forward like a king that descended to the world.


This step seemed extremely simple when it was taken, yet it surged with a shapeless field that contained the supreme profundity of the Grand Confinement Dao Art, causing Jiang Wei and the others who hadn’t charge forward yet to be instantly shackled while floating in midair, causing them to be unable to move at all. They were like a few flies that were stuck on a spider’s web, and no matter how they struggled, they were unable to escape the restrains of the shackles, causing the scene to be extremely strange.

After that, Chen Xi raised his head as he looked over with a gaze that seemed like bolts of lighting, and his voice erupted like a thunderclap in spring as he spoke two words. “Fuck off!”

These two words shook the clouds and the wind, and it was like the furious howl of a god, causing Jiang Wei and the others to seem as if they’d been smashed by a sledgehammer. The bones in their entire bodies cracked as they broke while they bled from their seven apertures, and their bodies spasmed violently.

Everyone was shocked.

What sort of Dao Art is this? He restrained Jiang Wei and the others with a single step, and then he spat out two words to heavily injure all of them!

This was simply on the verge of being comparable with the supreme technique of utilizing techniques with a single word!


Space trembled as Chen Xi restrained his aura, allowing Jiang Wei and the others to recover their freedom. But due to their injuries being too severe, they directly fell onto the ground while emitting endless and miserably howls of pain.


Intense pain came from every inch of their bodies as countless bones had been broken. Jiang Wei and the others were terrified and uneasy as they looked at Chen Xi who was in midair, and they seemed as if they’d seen the god of ghosts, causing their will to fight to collapse before they struggled to get up with the intention of fleeing for their lives.


A fierce and peerless sword qi suddenly appeared out of thin air, and it swept by lightly, causing a string of scarlet red blood and bloody heads to fly up into the sky along with it!

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