Chapter 655 – Prisoners

Region of Earth.

Yellow sand covered the entire sky while the ground felt heavy, and sandstorms raged about everywhere. Walking within this region was like walking while carrying a mountain on one’s shoulder, and it was filled with a strange gravitational field. If an ordinary person were to enter here, then the person would probably instantly be pressured by it to the point the person’s blood flowed in the opposite direction and the seven apertures started bleeding before the body exploded from being unable to endure this pressure. This sort of strange gravitational field was emitted from the aura of earth, and it came from the tremendous force of the Grand Dao of Earth.

As the saying goes, the earth is like a nobleman that’s capable of enduring great responsibility and constantly striving to become strong. The Grand Dao of Earth was the emperor of the land, and it was similarly the heaviest and condensed existence amongst the Grand Daos of the five elements. An enormous mountain that towered 30km into the sky stood towering at the center of the Region of Earth. It was grand and magnificent like a dragon that resided there, and the surroundings of the mountain surged with an extremely shocking energy fluctuation.

It was the aura of the Grand Dao of Earth that was vast, terrifying, and heavy to the extreme, and only a single strand was sufficient to crush a mountain ridge! Moreover, this enormous mountain was completely filled with a terrifying aura of the Grand Dao of Earth, and it caused others to utterly not dare approach it rashly for fear of being crushed apart by the heavy energy.

At this moment, many cultivators were already crowded around nearby the enormous mountain. Group after group of them were scattered all around the vital points in the surroundings of the enormous mountain, and they were accumulating strength while waiting to guard this place to the death. Moreover, there were large groups of cultivators frequently rushing over from the distant sky, and they joined into the crowd, causing the crowd’s numbers to grow more and more. Moreover, there was no lack of some top experts whose names shook the world amongst them. Everyone present knew clearly that a Grand Dao Fragment that had the Grand Dao of Earth branded upon it was surely hidden within the enormous mountain before them, and it was about to emerge into the world. But they didn’t come only for the Grand Dao Fragment this time, and they had another objective.

“Hmph! That damnable bastard is really patient. He’s still able to refrain from making an appearance at a time like this. Could it be that he noticed the situation wasn’t going well a long time ago and fled?”

“Don’t worry, he’ll come for sure!”

“Exactly, I don’t believe he’ll disregard the lives of the disciples from his own sect. If he really dares to do that, then even the Nine Radiance Sword Sect wouldn’t let him go!”

“Hehe, that couldn’t be any better.”

Various sounds of discussion resounded out as the gazes of most people frequently swept towards the same direction, and they seemed to harbor malicious intent.

Only a man and a woman stood alone in that direction. The man was tall, handsome, and imposing; the woman was beautiful like a celestial maiden and possessed a bearing that was ethereal.

It was precisely Long Zhenbei and An Wei.

Both their expressions were slightly heavy when being surrounded by layer upon layer of people. Especially when they heard the discussions that sounded out from the surroundings and simply fearlessly took them to be lambs that were waiting to be slaughtered, it caused them to be extremely furious in their hearts.

Since they started cultivating until now when had they suffered such treatment?

“I truly wish for nothing more than to kill these bastards! They actually dare treat us like this! I’ll deal with them one by one after I free myself from this encirclement, and I’ll change my surname if I don’t trample upon them until they scream for their mothers!” Long Zhenbei’s expression was gloomy, and he gnashed his teeth with hatred.

As a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, he was popular and admired no matter where he went, and he got anything he wanted. Yet now, he was like a prisoner that was threatened, and others were talking about him while fearlessly trampling upon his dignity. This strong difference caused him to wish for nothing more than to launch a slaughter.

“What’s the point of saying all this now? Everyone present is from the various powers of the Dark Reverie, and they’ve already disregarded that we are disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for the sake of capturing Junior Brother Chen Xi.” An Wei shook her head as a wisp of bitterness couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of her mouth.

Long Zhenbei couldn’t help but laugh bitterly without end when Chen Xi was mentioned, and then he sighed with emotion. “In the past, I only took Junior Brother Chen Xi to be a fellow that got lucky and was nothing worth mentioning. Never had I imagined that this fellow actually caused such a great commotion in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm and caused the members of the various powers to almost go mad with hatred. That can be considered as a type of ability because which ordinary person could compare to him?”

It seemed to be words of ridicule, yet his voice carried a wisp of admiration, and he seemed to carry a proud appearance of taking pride in Chen Xi. Since Chen Xi saved his life the other day, he’d already accepted this junior brother of his, Chen Xi, and he didn’t have any more ill feelings towards Chen Xi.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi really isn’t someone an ordinary person can compare to.” An Wei deeply agreed.

After that, a wisp of a firm expression appeared on her classical and gorgeous face. “Senior brother Long, we’ve been trapped here because those fellows have taken us to be bait and intend to wait for Junior Brother Chen Xi to fall into the net himself. One this occurs, then not to mention Junior Brother Chen, even we will die without a doubt.”

“Then what do you think we should do, Junior Sister An?” asked Long Zhenbei.

“Let’s join forces, while Junior Brother Chen hasn’t come, to kill our way out!” An Wei went silent for a long time before she spoke slowly, and her eyes already carried a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent.

“Alright! We’ll do just that. I’ll fight with all my strength, and even if I die, I’ll send Junior Sister An out!” Long Zhenbei took a deep breath with a firm expression, and he was arrogant and overbearing as he spoke word by word.

“Senior Brother Long, you…” An Wei was stunned as she never imagined Long Zhenbei would actually speak like this.

Long Zhenbei smiled lightheartedly and interrupted her. “Junior Sister An, there’s no need to say anything. I’m not only doing this for you or for Chen Xi, and it’s also for our Nine Radiance Sword Sect as well!”

“For the sect?” An Wei was greatly moved by this in her heart, and she was extremely dazed. Right, perhaps all of us are unconvinced of each other’s strength when within the sect, and we compete endlessly with each other. But once we leave the sect, we represent the Nine Radiance Sword Sect! We share weal and woe and are bound together for good and bad, so we naturally should fight for the honor of the sect!

“Exactly, for the sect!” Long Zhenbei nodded, and his expression was unprecedentedly firm and persistent.

“Hmph! Intending to risk your lives?” Right at this moment, a sneer suddenly sounded out from far away, and it instantly interrupted their thoughts. When they raised their eyes and looked up, there saw a white-clothed young man who walked over trippingly. This was a handsome young man with a tall figure who walked with steady footsteps. He possessed skin that was white like jade, a pair of eyes that were deep like the starry sky, and dense jet black hair that hung loosely before his chest and behind him, causing him to have a unique bearing.

“Feng Jianbai? You still dare to appear before me? Despicable scum!” Long Zhenbei’s eyes were suffused with a trace of dense killing intent when he saw this person because he knew who this person was. This person was from the Truth Embrace Sect and was a junior brother of Daoist Crimson Sun. However, this person’s strength was nothing when compared to Daoist Crimson Sun, let alone be a match for him, and he was able to easily annihilate a bunch of such trash.

An Wei’s beautiful brows knit together as well as a wisp of dense detest suffused her eyes. The reason both of them had come to this Region of Earth was entirely because they were deceived by this person. The reason was extremely simple. He was a disciple of the Truth Embrace Sect, after all, he used the name of Daoist Crimson Sun and spreading the word that he knew where Chen Xi was hiding, and he said he wanted to bring them over to gather with Chen Xi. But never had they imagined that after they arrived here, they would actually fall into a trap that had been placed a long time ago!

“Senior Brother Long, according to my estimation, Chen Xi will quickly come and gather with both of you. This isn’t considered to be deceit, right?” Feng Jianbai shrugged as he spoke with an innocent expression.

“You’re still resorting to excuses at a time like this? Do you really think I don’t dare kill you!?” Long Zhenbei frowned as his icy cold gaze locked onto Feng Jianbai like a bolt of lightning, and he emanated an oppressive aura.

“Senior Brother Long, once you make a move, you’ll probably be unable to see Chen Xi forever.” Feng Jianbai wasn’t enraged in the slightest, and he shrugged and glanced towards the other side as he spoke.

There was a black clothed young man sitting cross-legged and without moving on a rock with his eyes closed there, and his entire body seemed to have fused into the heavens and the earth and emitted an indescribable aura. He looked to be calm yet gave people a horrifying and unfathomable feeling. He was like a ferocious tiger that was building up its strength, and once one infuriated it, one would surely suffer annihilation.

Long Zhenbei noticed this black clothed young man as well, and his gaze couldn’t help but narrow slightly yet there wasn’t any fear on his face. He knew that this fellow was the most famous madman of the Heavenflow Dao Sect — Yan Shisan!

This was absolutely a freak whose blood was filled with boundless desire to do battle, and he sought out people to challenge from all over, yet rarely lost. He was someone that was known by all in the same generation, and he was ferocious and formidable to the extreme. Even though Long Zhenbei wasn’t afraid of him, he knew clearly that he didn’t have much confidence in being able to successfully defeat this black clothed young man.

“So in this way, your actions didn’t just obtain the agreement of your senior brother Daoist Crimson Sun, you’ve even joined forces with the Heavenflow Dao Sect and the others powers with the intention of sending us to our doom?” An Wei spoke out abruptly.

“Hmph! What’re you talking about joining forces? How baffling!” Feng Jianbai was stunned before sneering without end. No matter if it was true or not, he would absolutely not admit it so as to avoid causing it to become grounds for ridicule.

An Wei roughly confirmed her guesses when she saw this, and her heart grew heavy. Under such a situation that even the Truth Embrace Sect and Heavenflow Dao Sect had interfered, they obviously didn’t intend to leave any survivors.

“I advise both of you to stay here obediently. Presently, there are more than 10 powers that have converged here, and they amount to entire few hundreds of people and there’s no lack of top figures amongst them. Do both of you think you’re capable of carving out a path of blood?” Feng Jianbai grinned as he swept them with his gaze, and a threat was fully discernible within his tone. As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and left without even sparing them another glance.

“Even a tiny ant from the Truth Embrace Sect dares to put on airs before me. As the saying goes, one who loses his position may be subjected to great insult.” Long Zhenbei’s expression was gloomy to the extreme, and he truly wished for nothing more than to disregard everything and launch a slaughter before doing anything else.

“Calm yourself. Until the final moment arrives, who can be sure that there isn’t a trace of hope?” An Wei took a deep breath and tried hard to restrain the worry and anxiousness in her heart as she said with a light voice, “Even if there’s no hope in the end, we can’t just die like this. At the very least… we have to pull a few down with us!”

Long Zhenbei nodded, and he’d already made the preparations to fight with his life on the line.

Along with the passage of time, the cultivators that came over grew larger and larger in number, and they almost numbered a thousand. All of them patrolled the surroundings of the enormous mountain while looking towards the distance from time to time, and they seemed to be waiting for someone to make an appearance. The atmosphere became more and more tense as if a storm was about to come.

The trap is already set, will that damnable kid come?

The patience in the hearts of everyone faded bit by bit, and they became impatient and restless, causing even the gazes they shot at An Wei and Long Zhenbei to become more and more hostile.

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