Chapter 654 – Breaking Through Successively

Dark Parasol Secret Realm, Region of Flames.

A group of cultivators were prepared for battle and had greedy and burning gazes. They were like a pack of ferocious wolves that had targeted their prey, and every single one of them had already made the preparations to make a move fearlessly.

Before them was a pool of lava that occupied an extremely large area. The bright red lava gurgled and bubbled while dense white mist curled up from within it, and even the air warped from the extremely blazing and high temperature.

This was the central area of the Region of Flames, and a Grand Dao Fragment that was branded with the profundity of fire was hidden within it, thus it drew numerous cultivators over.


Suddenly the calm pool of lava erupted and gave rise to a red colored monstrous wave that rose 3km into the sky, and it surged with waves of heat as it tainted the entire heavens and the earth crimson red while the temperature it emitted was difficult to endure. Some people were caught off guard because they were too close, and they were directly swept into the lava. They let out shrill and miserable cries as their bodies dried up, burned, and swiftly transformed into ash. They’d perished in the blink of an eye, and it was extremely shocking. But no one paid attention to this horrifying scene because the gazes of everyone were drawn by the enormous crimson red leaf that slowly rose up from the lava. The leaf was red like a maple leaf, and it was crystalline and translucent. Its striations were dense and profound, and it emanated a myriad of droplets of light that developed into numerous translucent little figures that danced and fluttered about.

Obviously, it was a Grand Dao Fragment!

Everyone seethed with excitement when they saw it, and their breathing became heavy while they became extremely restless. All of them charged out in the first possible moment as they were deeply afraid of being slightly slower and missing the chance to obtain the Grand Dao Fragment.


“Fuck off! My White Ape Clan is taking his Grand Dao Fragment for sure!”

“Hmph! When an extraordinary treasure descends from the sky, only the one who’s fated will obtain it. Don’t fucking use your identity to intimidate others!”

“You’re courting death! You actually dared to launch a surprise attack, die!”

Instantly, the entire heavens and the earth fell into chaos as battles shook the heavens and fresh blood suffused the surroundings, and it was like a hell on earth. However, this battle hadn’t finished when everyone seemed to have been bewitched and stopped fighting successively. Within their fields of vision, the Grand Dao Fragment actually transformed into a flowing ray of light and flew off as if it possessed intelligence! Someone tried to stop it, yet had his body penetrated through and died miserably on the spot.

“What the fuck is going on?” Everyone was shocked to the point their jaws almost dropped, and they were astounded and filled with disbelief because the scene that appeared before their eyes was so strange.

“Fuck, it was that kid!” Someone suddenly saw a handsome young man waving his hand from the distance, whereas the Grand Dao Fragment just happened to fall into his hand.

“What? There’s actually someone who dared play tricks before this Young Master!”

“Bastard! Leave the Grand Dao Fragment behind, otherwise today will be the day of your death!”

“Kill! Kill that damnable little brat!”

When they saw the Grand Dao Fragment that was within easy reach actually being picked away by an unfamiliar young man, everyone present was instantly angered to the point of stomping with rage while their eyes almost split open, and all of them roared loudly as they pursued him. The young man naturally was Chen Xi. After he obtained this Grand Dao Fragment, he turned around and left right away without wasting the slightest amount of time, and his movements seemed to be extremely practiced, as if he’d done it countless times before.


In the next moment, Chen Xi relied on the speed of the Wings of Disruption that were on par with teleportation to vanish without a trace.


Incidents like this didn’t just occur in the Region of Flames, and similar scenes even occurred in other places like the Region of Water, the Region of Wood, the Region of Lightning…

For a time, the entire Dark Parasol Secret Realm was shaken because everyone noticed that this string of incidents where someone took advantage of the situation to gain benefit was actually done by the same person!

This was too shocking. After all, those Grand Dao Fragments were extremely difficult to subdue, and not to mention Nether Transformation Realm cultivators, even Earthly Immortal Realm experts had to exert a great deal of effort. But this fellow just had to wave his hand and the Grand Dao Fragment would obediently throw itself into his embrace like an obedient child. This caused everyone to be astounded, and they simply didn’t dare believe their eyes. Especially impossible for all these experts to accept was this fellow actually committed such acts repeatedly and actually didn’t fail a single time.

After someone added these incidents up, they noticed the in merely this half a day of time, he’d already taken off with five Grand Dao Fragments! This was absolutely an amount that was sufficient to make anyone go mad. After all, these weren’t bits of cabbage, but real and actual precious treasures of the heavens and the earth! Every single piece was priceless, and they were practically impossible to find outside the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. On the other hand, that fellow had actually obtained five in a short amount of time, and this fact was absolutely capable of making everyone go crazy!

Who is that fellow?

Where is he from?

How is he able to obtain the favor of the Grand Dao Fragments so easily?

This string of questions filled the hearts of every single expert, and it caused their hatred to grow the more they thought about it. They truly wished for nothing more than to capture the fellow and plunder him ruthlessly to take possession of the Grand Dao Fragments in his possession. His actions were too oppressive! All of them had gone through so much of trouble, getting injured and killed yet they didn’t get anything in the end. So how could this not cause them to be aggrieved?

“Pursue him! We must capture this bastard that should be hacked to pieces!”

“Brother, let’s make a move together. This kid had numerous Grand Dao Fragments in his possession, so how about we share it equally once we capture him?”

“Right! We much capture this bastard as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be more unfavorable to all of us as time passes. After all, once he refines and absorbs the Grand Dao Fragment, it would be impossible for us to even get some scraps!”

“Success or failure hinges on this action. Brothers, if you don’t make a move now, then when? Charge!”

These calls that were filled with indignation and rage sounded out all over the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, and they had an appearance of righteous indignation and seemed as if they wouldn’t stop until they killed this thief. Everyone knew that one would at least require three to five days of time to refine and absorb a single Grand Dao Fragment. So they had to capture this detestable fellow as soon as possible. Otherwise, they would really come back empty handed.

For a time, groups with murderous looks in their eyes were all over the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, and they were like a dark cloud that whistled as it swept about. They searched everywhere and seemed as if they would dig three feet into the ground just to capture the thief. Such scenes could really be said to be astonishing. No matter if there was enmity between them in the past, all these experts that came from all over had joined forces tightly together and formed a front for the sake of capturing a single person. Even if the seniors of the sects behind them were to see this scene, they would probably not dare believe all of this was real.


All the geniuses were furious and searched in all directions. All of them had their eyes wide open and didn’t let any place escape their inspected, and this caused Chen Xi to instantly feel boundless pressure and laugh bitterly without end. Never had he imagined that just taking away a few Grand Dao Fragments would cause such a great commotion that caused him to not dare make a move rashly and could only hide in a hidden cave within the Region of Earth while lying low. But he didn’t stay idle and seized this time to start meditating and tempering his Blackhole World.

Presently, the five Grand Dao Fragments he’d obtained had already fused into the Blackhole World, and they respectively contained the Grand Dao profundities of Metal, Fire, Wood, Water, and Lightning. Due to the assistance of the Dark Parasol sapling, these Grand Dao Fragments had already been completely refined and absorbed a long time ago, and the benefits they brought him were extremely shocking. The Blackhole World within his body had expanded repeatedly, and the True Essence it contained was an entire five times more than before!

At this moment, the mountains, lakes, plants, sun, moon, stars… Everything within his Blackhole World was growing madly, possessed vast and tremendous vitality, and were filled with brilliant exuberance. This was the enormous benefit brought about by the grasp of his Grand Dao profundities of Metal, Wood, Fire, Water, and Lightning attaining the Perfection Realm, and it caused his Blackhole World to become even more vast and rich.

Most importantly, he was currently capable of exerting five times his combat strength!

This was absolutely an astonishing improvement, and it wasn’t sufficient to be described with the words steadily increasing because it could be called a miracle that shook the world. If it was the day before today, Chen Xi would never believe no matter what that his strength would actually improve to such a shocking degree in a single day, and it was simply astonishing. It was even to the extent that up until this moment, Chen Xi still had a dazed feeling as if he was dreaming because since he started cultivating until now, it was the first time he’d experienced this feeling of surprise and shock, and he was entirely unable to describe it with words. Moreover, this was the formidableness of fortuitous encounters.

They were extraordinary, unexpected, and would always bring you a pleasant surprise. Only in this mysterious ground of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss would such an enormous fortuitous encounter exist, and it caused others to go mad and insane for it. But Chen Xi knew that all of this was attributed to the Dark Parasol sapling within his body. It was formed from a strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul, and it possessed a special attractive force to those Grand Dao Fragments, causing them to be unable to refuse him. It was because of this that he was able to obtain those Grand Dao Fragments so easily. On the other hand, the Dark Parasol sapling was from the tiny cauldron!

I wonder where exactly is that Chaotic Divine Crystal hidden. I must help the tiny cauldron find it this time, otherwise, I’d be unworthy of this gift it gave me.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and restrained the various feelings in his heart, and he didn’t continue thinking before starting to meditate and understand the changes in his body. The successive explosive increase in his strength caused him to have no choice but to spend time and become accustomed to the changed in his combat strength and adjust his methods of combat. If he still fought according to his combat methods of the past, then it would be a waste of his cultivation.

Moreover, at this moment, the group of geniuses outside were rioting and searching everywhere for him, and they seemed as if they wanted to kill him. So it would be extremely unwise for him to go out rashly now. Perhaps, only after he completely stabilized his cultivation would he be unafraid of all the threats in the outside world.


“Three days have already passed, why hasn’t that kid been found? He wouldn’t have left the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, right?”

“Left? Hmph! Presently, all the various powers have already found out that thief is called Chen Xi and he’s from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Even if he leaves, he’ll be unable to escape the pursuit of everyone!”

“Let’s go. The Grand Dao Fragment in the Region of Earth is about to emerge. I heard there are already numerous experts that have rushed over, and we can’t let such an opportunity slip by.”

“Hehe, Grand Dao Fragment? Everyone didn’t come merely for that, and they’ve set up a trap instead and are waiting for their prey to enter. They’re waiting for that kid to jump into the net himself!”

“It can’t be! Would that kid come when he sees there are so many of us?”

“He will, he surely will! According to my knowledge, his two companions from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect have appeared within the Region of Earth as well. So long as they’re captured as hostages, then do you think that kid wouldn’t come out?”

“Hahaha! So that’s how it is! It looks to me that this will work!”

A wave of conversation suddenly sounded out from outside the hidden cave, and Chen Xi who was in meditation with a restrained aura was instantly jolted awake.

A trap? Using my companions as hostages? How audacious of these bastards! They actually dare act in such a way, they really will stop at nothing!

Chen Xi stood up while icy lights flowed within his eyes that were completely icy cold.

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