Chapter 653 – Advancing To Two Times Combat Strength

Even though they felt it was an extreme pity for Chen Xi, the minds of most of the people present were still locked onto the Grand Dao Fragment, and they were waiting for the robust young man to break through the final line of defense before taking advantage of the situation.

After all, it was an extremely rare and precious treasure, so even though the forces of the Flameox Clan were many, they weren’t afraid because how could they possibly watch idly by and let such a fortune slip by?


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out as the robust young man’s hand swept out repeatedly and completely tore apart the final barrier, causing the Grand Dao Fragment to be within easy reach!

“Senior Brother Jiang Wei is amazing!” The experts of the Flameox Clan instantly erupted with cheers.

However, before the robust young man, Jiang Wei, could take the Grand Dao Fragment, countless experts suddenly charged out from all directions, and they tore through the sky as they charged over.

Some attacked Jiang Wei while some directly charged towards the Grand Dao Fragment, the scene was instantly in chaos.

“You’re courting death! All of you are courting death!” Jiang Wei was blazing with rage as he never expected that these bastards would actually aim their sights at him.

But for the sake of this Grand Dao Fragment, everyone present had even disregarded their lives. So they didn’t care about his threats and carried fearless expressions.

This caused Jiang Wei to be even more furious. His roars shook the sky as flames soared from his entire body, and he intended to kill these bastards that took advantage of the situation.


Instantly, this expanse of the world fell into chaos. Magic treasures flew about as Dao Arts raged, and blazing rays of light shot out into the surroundings. Shrill cries echoed out occasionally while severed limbs and blood sprayed all over the sky, and they fought to the point the sun and the moon dimmed in comparison and it was an extremely horrifying scene.

This was the true scene of the cultivation world, brutal and bloody. For the sake of a treasure they dreamt of, every single person was able to bet their lives and slaughter madly.

But when faced with this temptation, there was a small group of people that maintained their calm and stood outside the battlefield while watching coldly because they intended to reap the final reward.

Chen Xi was amongst them.

“Everyone must be careful of that kid. He seems to be all alone, but he poses a great threat to us.” Someone glanced at Chen Xi, and his eyeballs spun as he spoke gloomily.

Obviously, he was driving a wedge between everyone and Chen Xi, and even an idiot would be able to discern it.

But to Chen Xi’s surprise, along with this person finishing what he said, the others really shot hostile gazes at him, and they seemed as if they’d taken him to be their greatest enemy.

Looks like my existence is the greatest threat in their hearts. They do really look highly upon me…

Chen Xi rubbed his nose yet was completely unconcerned.

In the battlefield, the battle was already approaching its end. The Grand Dao Fragment still floated there, yet the people that participated in the battle for it had almost perished completely. Even the Flameox Clan’s experts that possessed a large force only had a few people remaining, and they were bathed in blood while still in battle.

At this moment, the eyes of those people in the surroundings that still hadn’t moved lit up, and they held their breaths in concentration while accumulating forces, causing them to seem like wild beasts hidden in the darkness that were about to make a move.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A wave of the sound of air being torn apart could be faintly heard from extremely far away in the sky, and it was like the sound of imminent death. It caused the hearts of everyone present to constrict as they understood a large group of experts would rush over in a short moment.

Everyone became anxious, and the people who were locked in battle started to fight desperately and with all their strength, whereas those who were watching coldly from the sidelines couldn’t help but become restless to join the fray. The atmosphere became horrifying and strained, and it almost caused them to be unable to catch their breaths.

Chen Xi similarly understood that if he continued delaying, then something unexpected might occur. So he suddenly made a move in the next moment. He didn’t soar into the sky nor leave the spot he stood on, and he just stretched out his hand and gestured towards the Grand Dao Fragment in midair. It seemed as if he was greeting someone, and it seemed to be extremely strange and unexpected in this strained and horrifying atmosphere, causing all the people that were on guard against Chen Xi since a long time ago to be unable to refrain from being stunned.

What’s this fellow trying to do?

Some people even thought that Chen Xi was trying to play some tricks and sought to draw their attention away. They’d seen this sort of little tricks numerous times as they wandered throughout the world, so how could they fall for it? All of them revealed expressions of disdain and looked at Chen Xi as if they were looking at an idiot. However, in the next moment, a scene that caused all of them to be astounded appeared.

The Grand Dao Fragment that had always been floating on the spot in midair actually seemed as if it was summoned and transformed into a golden ray of light that flashed towards Chen Xi like a bolt of lightning!


Their eyeballs almost fell out, and they seemed as if they saw a ghost.

Because it was too sudden, all of them only woke up from what seemed like a dream when the Grand Dao Fragment fell into Chen Xi’s hand, and they reacted to what had happened. But when they looked at Chen Xi once more, he’d already vanished a long time ago, and he seemed as if he’d evaporated into thin air.

“Fuck! What the fuck is going on?” Someone couldn’t refrain from cursing.

“Bastard! Give me back that Grand Dao Fragment!” Someone was shocked and furious as his roar shook the sky.

“We’ve been tricked… Motherfucker! We’ve actually been tricked!”

In midair, the expert of the Flameox Clan, Jiang Wei, was angered to the point of almost spitting blood. He finally understood that Chen Xi didn’t give up on the Grand Dao Fragment earlier, but had made preparations a long time ago and was waiting to draw in the net! Moreover, the reason this bastard had waited to make a move until now was because he wanted to see all of them kill each other and rely on the strength of others to strike a heavy blow to the Flameox Clan!

As he looked at the scarce few companions that remained by his size, Jiang Wei was angered to the point his eyes turned red and his insides almost exploded. He’d worked hard and fought for so long, yet came back empty-handed in the end, and even more than half of his companions had died. How could he accept such an outcome?

“Bastard! I’ll surely kill you! Surely!” Jiang Wei howled with anger, and he seemed like a mad ox that was on the verge of going berserk.

“Right, he actually dared to play a trick on all of us. We must kill this detestable bastard!” The others chimed in successively. They gnashed their teeth while their eyes blazed with flames, and they simply hated Chen Xi to the bone.

“I saw him fleeing towards that direction earlier.” Someone spoke out abruptly.

“Chase after him!”

“Let’s pursue him together. We absolutely must not let the Grand Dao Fragment fall into this kid’s hands!”

The spirits of the others were instantly refreshed when they heard this. All of them had murderous looks on their face and transformed their sorrow into motivation as they turned into numerous streaks that pursued towards the direction Chen Xi left. These people came from different powers and had even fought and killed each other, causing them to seem like mortal enemies. However, they’d actually joined forces because of Chen Xi! It was obvious from this that one’s eyes would really be blinded with rage sometimes, and it would cause one to do some absurd things.


These people converged together with Jiang Wei in the lead, and they pursued madly like a dark cloud formed from locusts. They formed a formidable array that seethed with killing intent, and everywhere they passed, they shocked the cultivators on their path to the point of avoiding them and being puzzled towards what had happened.



In the sky, a flowing light flickered repeatedly as if it was teleporting, and it vanished in the horizon in a few breaths of time.

I never imagined that the strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul would actually be so miraculous. Even the Grand Dao Fragment could be drawn over by it and obediently give itself away…

Chen Xi exclaimed with admiration in his heart. When he was breaking through the barrier in the surroundings of the Grand Dao Fragment with the Wings of Disruption earlier, he’d already noticed that the piece of charred wood that was rooted within his Blackhole World was actually able to form a slight strange fluctuation with the Grand Dao Fragment. It was precisely because of this fluctuation that he noticed the Grand Dao Fragment would charge into his embrace without the slightest hesitation with just a single thought from him. It felt as if he’d transformed into the parent of the Grand Dao Fragment, and it was extremely miraculous.

Right, the Grand Dao Fragments were formed from the Laws of the Heaven Dao grasped by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree before it perished, and it was always a part of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree. Presently, I possess a strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul, so I naturally have an extremely great force of attraction to this Grand Dao Fragment.

In next to no time, Chen Xi understood the reason behind what had happened, and he was extremely excited. Because if it was like this, then he was entirely capable of relying on this ability that was different from everyone else to obtain Grand Dao Fragments in a more relaxed and easy way! Just think about it, everyone else went through great troubles and experienced horrifying battles to obtain a Grand Dao Fragment with great difficulty, whereas he utterly didn’t have to go through so much trouble. He only had to wave his hand and the Grand Dao Fragment would obediently comply and fall into his palm. It was simply easier than drinking cold water, so who wouldn’t be excited by such a special ability?

“Hmm? It has actually started to be refined and fused!” In the next moment, Chen Xi was shocked as he noticed the shocking changes that were occurring within his Blackhole World.

The Grand Dao Fragment that had the profundities of the Grand Dao of Metal branded on it was without shape or form, and it was something condensed from Dao Insight. At the instant it fell into his hand at that moment, it bore into the Blackhole World within his body and attached itself onto the sapling of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree. It was like a small sun that hung on the edge of a branch, and it emitted a boundless golden glow that illuminated the entire Blackhole World. Moreover, at this moment, this Grand Dao Fragment had actually started to break down and melt like a rain of light that sprayed down onto the stars, moon, sun, mountains, rivers, plants… It completely fused into the entire Blackhole World. Its speed of fusing was so swift that it was simply like ice fusing into water.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, once an ordinary cultivator obtained a Grand Dao Fragment, the cultivator would at least require three to five days and even up to more than a year to completely refine and absorb it. It was unlike him who was actually able to completely refine and absorb it within 10 minutes!

This is surely the effect of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree sapling!

Chen Xi was extremely sure that only an explanation like this was reasonable. At the same time, he was able to sense as well that his grasp of the Grand Dao of Metal had already attained the Perfection Realm, and his feeling was absolutely impossible to be described with words. It was full and flawless as if he was completely capable of turning stone into gold so long as he was willing!

The benefits from attaining the Perfection Realm in the Grand Dao of Metal was far from just this. Even his Blackhole World had doubled in size and was covered in a brilliant golden color that was extremely dazzling. It was like a fort made from metal, and it emitted a fierce and solid aura that was majestic and brilliant.

Two times his combat strength!

At this moment, a strong feeling suddenly gushed out from Chen Xi’s heart, and it felt as if no matter if he executed a Dao Art or Divine Ability, the might exerted from it would absolutely be two times stronger than before! This was the biggest benefit from grasping the Grand Dao of Metal to the Perfection Realm.

Oh, I heard that it isn’t only the Region of Metal in the Dark Parasol Secret Realm that possesses a Grand Dao Fragment hidden within it. By relying on the marvelous ability of the Dark Parasol sapling, I’m entirely capable of obtaining even more Grand Dao Fragments, and that would mean that my strength will repeatedly multiply and rise explosively…

After a long time, a thought inadvertently flashed past Chen Xi’s mind, and then he was unable to restrain this impulse and transformed into a ray of light that left the Region of Metal swiftly. He intended to carry out a huge undertaking!

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