Chapter 652 – A Storm Of Seizing

The golden lake roiled as waves surged, and it was like an ancient ferocious beast had awoken from its deep slumber. It emitted an extremely violent and terrifying sharp aura that threw this expanse of the heavens and the earth into disorder.

Everyone was astounded and were shocked by this terrifying aura to the point of retreating repeatedly because this imposing aura was too horrifying, and once they were to be affected by it, the consequences would be unimaginable.


Under the attentive and shocked gazes of everyone present, the golden lake suddenly started to condense and shrink rapidly, and in the time of a few breaths, it actually transformed into an extremely blazing and dazzling leaf.

The leaf was large like a millstone and completely golden, and it was branded with dense, complicated, and extremely profound veins and striations. It floated in midair like a blazing sun in the sky, and it emitted an extremely surging aura of the Grand Dao of Metal.

Most astounding of it all was the aura of the Grand Dao of Metal sprinkled down like a rain of light, and it transformed into numerous small golden figures that fluttered about, danced about, and leaped about around the leaf.

“A Grand Dao Fragment!” Someone exclaimed in shock while his breathing became heavy, and even his eyes had turned red. It was as if he’d seen a peerless beauty lightly removing her silk robe to reveal her flawless body that was capable of causing countless people to drool.

The emergence of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time had drawn over countless experts from all over, and practically 99% of them had come for the sake of the Grand Dao Fragments within the Dark Parasol Secret Realm.

If they were able to obtain one of the fragments, then it would undoubtedly be like obtaining a great fortune, and it was sufficient to allow anyone to experience an explosive increase in strength within a short period of time, allowing one to soar into the sky with a single leap and shock the world with a single brilliant feat!

Now a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth like this had emerged into the world, and it instantly shocked everyone present and drew countless burning and covetous gazes.

Chen Xi was naturally moved to the extreme. With his comprehension ability that could be considered to be monstrous, he’d only mastered the Grand Dao of Metal to the Advanced Realm, and if he wanted to improve, he could only rely on accumulating comprehension over a long period of time.

After all, the profundities of a Grand Dao can’t be compared to by a Minor Dao, and it was truly too difficult to comprehend it to the Perfection Realm. Ordinary cultivators were probably unable to attain such a level in their entire lives.

It was precisely because of this reason that so many experts would be drawn over by the emergence of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

So Chen Xi would absolutely not let such a fortuitous encounter that was bestowed by the heavens slip by.

“Charge!” Finally, someone was unable to restrain himself any longer, and he charged towards the Grand Dao Fragment.

Presently, there were still a few people that had arrived here, and they were only around 100 in number. This opportunity was difficult to come by because once more people were to arrive, this place would surely be in great chaos, and the competition would become fairly horrifying.

Everyone understood this, so in the next moment, almost everyone present strove to be the first as they charged over while emitting whistling sounds and covered in various protective magic treasures.

Chen Xi intended to make a move as well, but he stopped his footsteps when he observed it with the Eye of Divine Truth.

Because he perceived that the surroundings of the Grand Dao Fragment were filled with a violent and sharp aura. It was a chaotic flow formed from the Grand Dao of Metal, and it was extremely dangerous and seemed like the eye of a storm.

Sure enough, even though those cultivators that charged over first had magic treasures protecting their bodies, they cried out with shock when they arrived before the Grand Dao Fragment because their magic treasures were crushed into pieces, and it caused them to have no choice but to retreat.

This group of people had failed, but some were not resigned to failure, and they put their lives on their line as they charged forward. The outcome was that not only were their magic treasures destroyed, but even their bodies were also minced apart, causing a rain of blood to spray out as they perished on the spot.

“Dammit! This Grand Dao Fragment is actually so difficult to subdue. Could it be that this is a test as well, and only those with formidable strengths are able to obtain it?” Someone cursed with a gloomy expression.

For a time, everyone that charged forward had stopped moving, and they scattered to the surroundings and took their positions while thinking and discussing a way to solve this problem.

“The Grand Dao Fragments are formed from the Laws of the Heaven Dao grasped by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree before it perished. If one wants to obtain it, then one either requires sufficient strength to subdue it forcefully, or to protect one’s self with a formidable magic treasure and go against it ceaselessly until completely exhausting the violet chaotic flow in the surroundings of the Grand Dao Fragment.” In next to no time, they made a conclusion, and it caused all their expressions to become extremely unsightly. If their strengths were formidable, they would have made a move since a long time ago, and why would they have waited until now? As for utilizing magic treasures to go against it, that was even more dangerous. Not to mention if it would succeed, what if they suffered the surprise attack of another?

Some people refused to believe it and flew forward occasionally, and they returned empty-handed in the end. The chaotic flow in the surroundings of the Grand Dao Fragment was too terrifying to the point even a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure was easily destroyed by it, and even a Quasi Immortal Artifact suffered a certain level of damage.

The fundamental reason was that this Grand Dao Fragment was branded with the profundities of the Grand Dao of Metal, whereas metal mainly indicated killing. Amongst the numerous Grand Dao profundities, it was the fiercest, so its might was naturally shocking.

Chen Xi calmed his mind and observed for a moment before deciding to make a move because formidable fluctuations were coming from the distance. Obviously, numerous experts were rushing over, and it would become troublesome if more people were to arrive.

The emergence of a Grand Dao Fragment could already be called a great fortuitous encounter, and so long as it was noticed by others, no one would let it slip by easily.


Chen Xi soared into the sky and approached the Grand Dao Fragment. He didn’t rely on the strength of his body but utilized the Profound Disruption Divinelight to deal with it. This light innately countered the five elements and was comparable to the Fivecolored Divinelight of the Primordial Times that could be ranked in the top 10, so it possessed a shocking might. Even though this Grand Dao Fragment was formidable, the Grand Dao of Metal it contained was similarly part of the five elements, and it just happened to be countered by the Profound Disruption Divinelight.


Space exploded inch by inch as the chaotic flow of metal within the area was torn apart, blasted apart, dispersed, and eliminated. Even though the speed was slow, it was enough to make Chen Xi feel excited. At the very least, it proved the method he used was possible.

“Hmm? That kid is actually about to approach the Grand Dao Fragment?” Someone noticed this scene and cried out in surprise.

“It’s actually him, that young man that defeated the expert from the Flameox Clan!”

“Dammit! Could it be that the Grand Dao Fragment is going to fall into his hands?”

“Hehe, that might not be the case. Can’t we make a move after he breaks through that barrier and seize the Grand Dao Fragment?”

As they looked at Chen Xi’s figure that moved forward bit by bit, the gazes of everyone present flickered without end, and they made preparations to take advantage of the situation.

But someone was already unable to restrain himself, and he intended to kill Chen Xi.


In the next moment, a crimson red beam of light shot out explosively and accurately towards Chen Xi’s head, and its speed was swift like a bolt of lightning. Moreover, it carried a terrifying penetrative force and a shocking impetus.


Chen Xi seemed as if he had eyes behind his back, and he didn’t turn around yet stretched out his arm to crush it with his hand, causing it to transform into tiny bits that sprayed out like a rain of lights.

“Hmm? Interesting, you’re actually able to block a strike of mine.” Accompanying this voice was the appearance of an extremely robust figure. This young man’s entire body was enveloped by crimson red flames, whereas his smooth forehead had a lone horn growing from it. The horn seemed as if it was made from flames, and it emitted a terrifying energy fluctuation.

There were a few people following behind him. All of them had rather good strengths, and all of them had a lone horn on their foreheads.

“Experts of the Flameox Clan! Looks like they’ve come to take revenge for their clansmen!” The eyes of everyone squinted as they guessed the reason for this attack. Chen Xi had tossed a young man from the Flameox Clan into the golden lake earlier, and that young man had died miserably.

“Hmph! You’re bound to die today. Since you dared to kill a member of my Flameox Clan, then die!” The robust young man in the lead shouted explosively as his figure shook, and then flames that shot up 30km into the sky with a bang, causing the heavens and the earth to quake. Everyone was astounded.

This cultivation is at least at four times combat strength or above!

The flames were like a tide that soared into the sky, and they carried along a monstrous wave of heat as it moved with the intention of killing Chen Xi at the critical moment of him dealing with the barrier before the Grand Dao Fragment.


Chen Xi didn’t dodge, nor did he turn around to enter a fierce battle with this expert from the Flameox Clan. Chen Xi’s entire body glowed as a pair of grey and hazy wings unfolded on his back, and it covered his back and blocked the surging flames.

A scene that shocked everyone appeared. The surging flames hadn’t even approached Chen Xi when they were crushed by a terrifying energy fluctuation, and they dispersed into the surroundings.

Chen Xi was actually exceedingly shocked in his heart. This Flameox Clan expert was extremely formidable because the surging flames contained a boundless force of incineration. Obviously, it was a formidable Dao Art, and if it wasn’t for him relying on the Wings of Disruption, he would be utterly incapable of dealing with it so easily.

But this thought only flashed in his mind for an instant. In the next moment, Chen Xi was already concentrated in the barrier before him, and the Profound Disruption Divinelight swept out to eliminate the barrier while he stepped forward and was almost able to touch the Grand Dao Fragment.

At this moment, the pressure he endured grew greater and greater, and it was extremely dense. He was at the critical moment, and so long as he destroyed the final line of defense, the Grand Dao Fragment would be within reach.

“The Wings of Disruption! The ultimate technique of the Azure Phoenix Clan that has been lost for a long time!” The robust young man’s pupils constricted as his expression changed because he recognized the Divine Ability Chen Xi executed.

“Let’s make a move together and seize this opportunity to annihilate this kid!” The robust young man shouted explosively as he transformed into a Flameox that was coiled with a violent flaming glow, and his hooves stepped on the air as he opened his mouth and sprayed out a sea of flames that covered the heavens and the earth as it swept towards Chen Xi.

The other Flameox Clan experts at the side attacked successively as well. For a time, the entire heavens and the earth were filled with flames, and it tainted 5,000km in the vicinity red and carried a monstrous and extremely oppressive impetus.

Chen Xi’s gaze went cold as boundless fury arose in his heart. If he didn’t resist while facing such an attack, he would surely suffer a heavy injury, whereas if he did resist, then his efforts from before would be wasted, and he’d miss the opportunity to obtain the Grand Dao Fragment. Most importantly, there were numerous experts casting covetous gazes from the surroundings, and there were even more people rushing over from the distance. The situation was filled with variables. So, if he lost the opportunity before him, it would be impossible for him to find another. But right after that, he seemed to have noticed something, and a wisp of a strange expression suddenly suffused his eyes.

In the next moment, he’d already made a decision and avoided the attacks that covered the heavens and the earth without the slightest hesitation before turning around and retreating. He even disregarded the Grand Dao Fragment that was right before his eyes, causing him to see extremely resolute and decisive. In the eyes of everyone, Chen Xi’s actions were normal. If a Grand Dao Fragment was lost, he could still find another, but if he lost his life, it was impossible for him to be reborn.


In the next moment, Chen Xi had already descended in the distance, and he looked over coldly in a seemingly extremely disgruntled state.

“Hmph! I guess you’re smart! I’ll come take your lowly life once I obtain the Grand Dao Fragment!” The expert from the Flameox Clan grunted coldly with disdain before instructing the others to keep a close watch on Chen Xi, whereas he himself charged into the sky and towards the Grand Dao Fragment.

Presently, 90% of the barrier in the surroundings of the Grand Dao Barrier had been eliminated by Chen Xi, and the robust young man could be said to have seized a great advantage. So long as he eliminated the final line of defense of the barrier, he would be able to obtain the Grand Dao Fragment easily.

“Heh, he worked hard for so long, yet the fruits are enjoyed by another instead. That kid is probably on the verge of going mad with rage, right?” The gazes the people in the surroundings shot at Chen Xi had become strange.

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