Chapter 650 – A Land Of Gold

“Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnncesssssssstoooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” An expert knelt on the ground with a thump and howled loudly in a voice that shook the nine heavens, and it revealed boundless sorry and rage.

The others revealed sorrowful expressions as well, and their eyes almost split apart.

Even though they came to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time for the sake of trying their luck as well, their most important objective was to bring their Ancestor back. Yet now, they’d gone through all kinds of hardships to arrive here but never imagined that their Ancestor would actually have been dissected by another and lay dead before them. How could they accept this?

At this moment, the experts of the Yazi Clan seemed to have lost their pillar of support and soul, and they were sorrowful and furious to the limit.

“Ancestor’s cultivation even surpasses nature itself, and he’d already attained the 9th level of the Earthly Immortal Realm 10,000 years ago. But due to suffering from being trapped within this sea of clouds and being unable to absorb the spirit energy of the heavens and the earth, he was like a violent dragon that was shackled in hell and was unable to escape.” The Yazi Clan expert in the lead took a deep breath and tried his best to restrain the sorrow in his heart as he said slowly, “Moreover, before we came here, the elders of the clan had already stated with certainty that since Ancestor has been trapped here for 10,000 years, he would surely be on the verge of being exhausted to death now. So we were ordered to swiftly head over here to receive him, and so long as he escaped this place of despair, Ancestor would be able to glow brilliantly with vitality once more and recover his former strength. Unfortunately, we were still a step too late in the end…”

His had a robust figure, a face that seemed to have been carved out with a blade, a countenance that was icy cold and firm, and dense long hair that hung loosely and fluttered about. He seemed extraordinary and outstanding, and he carried the arrogant aura of a formidable leader.

As soon as he spoke, it instantly drew the attention of the others.

“Senior Brother Lie Feng, what should we do now?” Someone spoke with disappointment.

“Yeah, Senior Brother Lie Feng, your strength is the most formidable amongst us, and you’re wise and resourceful. Now that Ancestor has been murdered, what should we do now?” The others spoke out successively.

“What should we do? We’ll naturally go take revenge!” Lie Feng’s eyes were already icy cold to the extreme as his entire body surged with a violent and bloodthirsty aura that was piercingly cold. “No matter who it was, since they dared kill Ancestor so brutally, they must pay a heavy price!” His voice was ghastly and revealed boundless killing intent, and he vividly displayed the vengeful nature of the Yazi Clan.

“Right! Revenge! During the primeval times, even gods didn’t dare offend our Yazi Clan. If we don’t take revenge for this, then how will our Yazi Clan maintain its footing in the Dark Reverie?”

“According to my observation, the assailant probably left not too long ago, and he took away Ancestor’s innate bone. We must kill him and seize the innate bone back! Otherwise, the Innate Dao Art of my Yazi Clan, the Godslaughter Burst technique, will probably be lost forever!”

“The most important thing is still the sacred weapon of our clan. That’s the strongest sword our Clan has found since the Primordial Era. Not only does it possess the might to butcher gods and slaughter devils, the key point is that a shocking secret is hidden within it. Only by finding the sacred weapon would our Yazi Clan have the ability to look down upon all the clans from the Primordial Era. So, we absolutely can’t allow it to fall into the hands of an outsider!”

The other experts of the Yazi Clan spoke successively, and every single one of them gnashed their teeth and emitted violent auras that caused the hearts of others to tremble.

“Everyone is right. This matter must be carried out. Wait for a moment to let me calm my heart and sense it for a moment. So long as I’m able to obtain a slight connection with the innate bone of the Ancestor, I’ll be fully capable of confirming the murderer’s location.” Lie Feng closed his eyes slowly as he spoke, and the energy in his entire body surged while he seemed to be deducing something with all his might.

After a short moment, he suddenly opened his eyes as a wisp of ghastly excitement flashed within it, and then his brows knit together abruptly as he revealed a slightly shocked expression.

“Senior Brother Lie Feng, have you locked on to the murderer’s location?” Someone couldn’t refrain from asking.

“I’ve located him.” Lie Feng nodded.

“Since it’s like that, then Senior Brother Lie Feng, let’s set out right away!” The spirits of the others were refreshed, and they rubbed their palms together.

“Wait. I sensed that person’s speed is extraordinarily swift, and he’s actually capable of rushing about madly within this sea of clouds that are filled with killing intent in every corner. He moves as if he’s moving on even ground, and he’s surely an expert. We must be careful when dealing with this person.” Lie Feng warned. “Moreover, according to my calculations, that person is surely rushing towards the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Presently, all the experts have gathered in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss and are numerous like the trees within a forest. We must not allow others to catch wind of our actions against this person so as to avoid arousing the covetous intentions of others.”

Everyone felt apprehensive in their hearts, and they nodded silently. Indeed. Once news of this matter was exposed, and the others find out about the existence of our Ancestor’s innate bone and sacred weapon, it would be troublesome…

“Let’s set out!” In the next moment, Lie Feng’s figure flashed, and he’d already charged into the sky and left the star.



Within the boundless sea of clouds, a flowing ray of light flickered repeatedly with extraordinary speed, and it vanished instantly without a trace.

Senior Sister An and Long Zhenbei have probably arrived at the Dark Parasol’s Abyss now. I wonder if the two of them have found the Dark Parasol Secret Realm…

The Wings of Disruption flapped swiftly, causing Chen Xi’s speed to be swift to the limit, and the Profound Disruption Divinelight emitted by the wings directly crushed the storms of flames and torrents of ice everywhere he passed, so it was utterly incapable of causing any harm to him.

There’s also that assassin. I wonder who he is and why he wants to kill me?

Flames of rage couldn’t help but arise in Chen Xi’s heart when he thought of that assassin. Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d never been in such a sorry state that simply had a slim chance of survival, and he almost lost his life.

If I encounter him again, I’ll surely make him try how it feels!

Chen Xi gritted his teeth as he revealed a rare wisp of killing intent that seethed to the extreme in his eyes. Once one was targeted by an existence like an assassin, it was simply like a blade pressed against one’s back, causing one to be unable to be at ease. Chen Xi had to annihilate this assassin in order to get rid of all future troubles.

Hmm? In the next moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and revealed a shocked expression.

An expanse of dusky mist had appeared before him, and it suffused the surroundings and infiltrated the boundless space. Even though his Eye of Divine Truth was capable of seething through reality and seeing the truth behind everything, it was unable to see through this grey mist that suffused the surroundings. But he was able to sense that there seemed to be an energy that was a myriad of times more formidable than the circulation of the stars within the grey mist. Even a Heavenly Immortal like Bing Shitian was like an ant and unable to withstand a single blow before this energy!

“This is the wall of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and it’s like the spatial walls that divide large worlds and minor worlds. These walls are filled with the Laws of the Grand Dao, and they’re utilized to maintain the balance in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.” The tiny cauldron spoke out abruptly.

“So in this way, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss is behind this grey mist?” Chen Xi was surprised.

The tiny cauldron replied. “Exactly. You’ve already obtained a strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul now, so you’re able to easily pass through this wall without having to worry about suffering any injury.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. The energy within the grey mist was too terrifying and sufficient to annihilate a Heavenly Immortal. If he were to trespass rashly, then he would surely die without a doubt.

“Right, how did the others enter the Dark Parasol’s Abyss?” asked Chen Xi.

“The normal entrances.” At this moment, the tiny cauldron seemed to be extremely patient, and it seemed to be unwilling to go quiet once more until it obtained the Chaotic Divine Crystal hidden within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but chuckle with extreme self-ridicule. Only now did he understand that under the guidance of the tiny cauldron, he’d taken a ‘road to ruin’ that was different from everyone else. But because he possessed a strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul, this ‘road to ruin’ was naturally nothing to talk about, and it had instead become a safe path that he could move through at will.

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer, and he’d already leaped into the grey mist and vanished in the next moment.


Mountain ranges rose and fell while the earth had rifts laying horizontally and vertically on it.

This was an area that was an expanse of gold. No matter if it was the mountains, rocks, ground… Everything was suffused with a golden color that was sharp and dazzling, and it pierced the eyes of everyone to the point it hurt. Even the air was suffused with a sharp aura, and the gale that blew past was like a myriad of blades sweeping by, causing the surface of the mountains to be sliced open with numerous horrifying cracks.

There were very few plants on the ground, and it was practically impossible to find. Numerous weeds could only be seen in the cracks between the rocks, and unlike the outside world, the weeds here were actually gold in color. Their stems were like fine steel, their leaves like sharp swords, and they emitted a sharp aura that carried an oppressive and fierce feeling.

What a pure and thick aura of metal! Exactly what place is this?

After Chen Xi entered the grey mist, he arrived at this place that was completely covered in gold. The sharp aura that existed everywhere cut like blades, and if an ordinary person were to come here, the person would probably not have the time to react before being cut into countless pierced. This place was extremely desolate because he didn’t even see a single living being after walking a few hundreds of kilometers, and only barren rocks and mountains entered his vision, causing it to seem extremely dull.

Waves of violent winds swept by like raging blades, and they were fierce and ghastly. It seemed like the heavens and the earth had transformed into a swordsman that was willfully venting its peerless sharp aura of metal. Even Chen Xi had no choice but to circulate his cultivation in order to feel much more relaxed.

“Have you found the location of the Chaotic Divine Crystal?” asked Chen Xi.

“It hasn’t emerged yet. Perhaps we have to wait for a period of time.” The tiny cauldron went silent for a long time before replying. “I have to make some preparations. During this period of time, you can do what you want. Hmm, it’s best if you improve your strength.” As soon as it finished speaking, the tiny cauldron fell into silence once more.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned and shake his head endlessly. The tiny cauldron was too mysterious, and even he was unable to figure out exactly what it was thinking.

Suddenly, an enormous flying beast soared through the sky with wings that unfolded to an entire 300m in length, and it gave rise to an expanse of violent winds as it instantly flashed past from above.

Chen Xi stopped moving and raised his head to look up because this was the first living being he’d seen since moving forward for so long.

The flying beast carried a few figures on its back, and they seemed to be very shocked and revealed unusual expressions when they saw Chen Xi was actually walking alone on the ground.

“There isn’t something wrong with this fellow’s head, right? He actually dares to walk on the ground?”

“Hahahaha! He’s surely an idiot that came in here accidentally. He doesn’t know anything yet dares to move about rashly. He’s truly pitiable. I’m considering if I should bury him after he dies, and I’ll take the treasures in his possession as compensation.” Someone roared with laughter and carried an expression that was filled with ridicule, and he looked at Chen Xi with a gaze that seemed like he was staring at an idiot that was on the verge of death.

“Forget it, carrying on with our journey is more important,” said one of them.

“What’re you so anxious for? We encounter such an interesting idiot with great difficulty, perhaps we’ll be able to obtain a great deal of benefits from him. Hahaha!” That person couldn’t refrain from roaring with laughter.

However, in the next moment, his laughter stopped abruptly. His throat felt as if it was grabbed by a shapeless hand, and he seemed as if he was suffering from a seizure as he struggled while entire body spasmed before he was thrown down from the back of the flying beast.


He fell face first onto the ground.

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