Chapter 649 – The Death Of The Ancestor

Godslaughter Burst!

An Innate Dao Art that came from the ferocious beast, Yazi, of the primeval times. Once this technique was executed, it was capable of condensing the essence, spirit, and energy within the entire body before causing one’s entire strength to double explosively!

Unlike the multiplied combat strength possessed by cultivators of the Nether Transformation Realm, if the person that executed this Dao Art possessed six times combat strength, then the person would be capable of exerting almost 12 times his combat strength!

During the primeval times, the ferocious beast Yazi had once slaughtered a true god and obtained a peerlessly ferocious reputation, and what it relied on to achieve this was to this practically heaven-defying and terrifying Dao Art.

But even though this technique was formidable and world-shaking, it had an extremely great flaw. Every time it was executed, it would exhaust an enormous amount of spirit, energy, and essence, and it required an extremely long time to recover from. Moreover, once one executed this Dao Art repeatedly, it might even cause one’s body to explode from the violent energy!

Even with the peerlessly formidable body of the Yazi, it normally wouldn’t utilize this technique for no reason, and it took the technique to be a trump card that was only utilized when its life was threatened.

All in all, the Godslaughter Burst was a Dao Art with extremely prominent advantages and flaws. Even though it exhausted an enormous amount of spirit, essence, and energy, it was capable of playing the role of a trump card and a lifesaver at a critical moment.


Chen Xi didn’t hesitate in the slightest to start dissecting the corpse of the Yazi with his sword.

He’s already discerned that this pure blooded Yazi had probably lived for almost 10,000 years, and its strength was peerlessly formidable to the point that it was impossible for ordinary Earthly Immortal Realm experts to be a match for it. If he encountered such an existence during normal times, then not to mention dissecting its corpse, he would probably have turned and fled as far as he could since long ago.

But it was different now. This Yazi had already perished and turned into a corpse, and it was without the slightest threat any longer. It had become an enormous treasure trove that countless cultivators would fight to the death for.

How could Chen Xi let such an opportunity slip by?

It was even to the extent that for the sake of not wasting, he took out some bottles and carefully gathered the Blood Essence within the Yazi’s body before starting to slice of its skin, extract its tendons, dig out its bones…

The experience he obtained from being a spirit chef in his early years allowed Chen Xi’s movements to seem extremely smooth, precise, and direct. In his eyes, the Yazi had seemed to become a superb ingredient, and wasting even a little bit was an enormous loss.

Oh, these enormous claws, sharp teeth, scales, fur, tendons… All of them are absolutely superb materials for the Talisman Armament to be improved, and I’ll be able to save a lot of trouble searching for materials with them. Hmm, as for these Blood Essence, I can use them to refine supreme medicinal pills, and its quality would surely be superb to the extreme. Once I gather some medicinal formulas in the future, then perhaps they’ll be of use. Unfortunately, its internal organs have already lost its energy and turned into trash, otherwise, it can be cooked into a delicacy, and merely a taste of it will probably be an unsurpassed enjoyment.

Chen Xi gathered the various materials swiftly as he criticized with an expression of excitement that was difficult to conceal.

This was absolutely a windfall that had fallen from the heavens. Who would have imagined that there was actually a Yazi that had just died on one of the stars in the boundless sea of clouds?

In next to no time, Chen Xi found the innate bone of the Yazi. It was palm-sized, white like jade, and warm, refreshing, and extremely comfortable to the touch. Its surface was branded with markings that were dense like the milky way, and it emitted a mysterious and divine aura. These markings were the Grand Dao profundities related to the Godslaughter Burst, and so long as he comprehended it completely, it would be sufficient for him to utilize it himself.

Chen Xi looked at it for a short moment before putting the innate bone away, and then his gaze descended onto the dense blood colored sword the Yazi held in its mouth.

This sword’s edges were serrated, and it was ghastly and completely crimson red like blood. It emitted a gorgeous and icy cold sheen that caused one’s heart to tremble.

At the hilt of the sword was an ancient and incomplete word inscribed there, and it faintly seemed like the character ‘[1], but it lacked a small part of it, causing it to be impossible to distinguish.


When Chen Xi held this blood red sword in his hand, a monstrous and violent killing intent gushed into his sea of consciousness through the body of the sword. Instantly, Chen Xi seemed to have seen the scene of purgatory that was covered in bones, mountains of corpses, and a sea of blood, and it was terrifying to the extreme. The dense and bloody killing intent even fiercely intended to corrode his soul, and it caused the blood in his entire body to become restless and aroused a violent killing intent in him.


Chen Xi slashed out with the sword, causing a wisp of Sword Insight that emitted a bloody glow to shoot into the sky, and it slashed an enormous mountain 500km away into two, while a bottomless and enormous rift was torn apart on the ground.

What a terrifying killing intent! I didn’t utilize any strength and completely relied on the might of the sword yet was capable of causing such terrifying destruction. This sword is probably much more formidable than a Quasi Immortal Artifact!

Chen Xi took a deep breath and resisted it with the Slaughter Dao Insight, and only then did he completely suppress the violent and bloody aura before eliminating it and expelling it from his body.

After his mind recovered its clarity, Chen Xi scanned this unusual and terrifying blood red sword in his hand once more, and he couldn’t help but recall the legend related to the Yazi.

According to legend, as the son of the true dragon of the primeval times, the Yazi was bloodthirsty, fond of battle, ruthless by nature, and extremely vengeful. But it also had another addiction, to gather swords!

The Yazi wasn’t a beast that was loyal to a second sword, and every single time it obtained a good sword, it would destroy the sword it used before. Its lifelong goal was to find a sword that could be called the number one sword in the three dimensions.

However, there were myriads of swords in the three dimensions. Even formidable swords were numerous like the hairs on an ox, and there were even more terrifying existences above Immortal Swords. All of this caused the lifelong goal of the Yazi to be bound to be extremely difficult to realize.

But even then, the reputation of the Yazi in gathering swords was famous throughout the three dimensions, and it was universally recognized. Moreover, it had formed a common view that there was practically no ordinary sword amongst the swords that were able to be chosen by the Yazi!

The Yazi before him had already existed for 10,000 years, so how could the blood red sword gathered by an existence like this be an ordinary thing?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t restrain a single thought from emerging in his heart.

Could it be that this is an Immortal Sword? Wait, Immortal Artifacts have formed Artifact Spirits within them. This sword looks to be almost identical to an Immortal Artifact, yet it doesn’t have an Artifact Spirit residing within it, so it’s probably not an Immortal Swords…

After that, Chen Xi shook his head and denied his thoughts. But he was puzzled because he firmly believed that this blood red sword was indeed more formidable than a Quasi Immortal Artifact.

What sort of grade or rank is this sword at?

Moreover, this blood red sword was unlike the Buddha’s Pagoda. The Buddha’s Pagoda was a sacred artifact of the Buddhist Kingdom that had suffered severe damage, and the whereabouts of its Artifact Spirit was unknown. Presently, it could only be utilized as an enormous storage magic treasure.

However, this blood red sword was completely intact and possessed a shocking might. It was far from something the Buddha’s Pagoda could compare to.

Chen Xi tried to explore the insides of the sword. Sure enough, he noticed that this sword formed a world of its own within it. It was a boundlessly vast sea of blood that was dense like lava, and it surged and roared while revealed an extremely terrifying scene.

Forget it. I’ll ask Ling Bai about it in the future. This little fellow was formed from a Sword Spirit and has existed since the Primordial Era. He ought to know something about this sword…

Since he was unable to wrap his head around it, Chen Xi discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind right away, and he put the blood red sword away and intended to consult Ling Bai after he returned to the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Next, Chen Xi searched the surroundings for a while and didn’t discover anything else, so he didn’t hesitate any longer and soared up to leave this star.

Presently, he still hadn’t found a path that led to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, so he naturally didn’t have the mood to stay for a moment longer in this boundlessly vast sea of clouds.

“I faintly sense the aura of the Chaotic Divine Crystal.” Right when Chen Xi left this star, the tiny cauldron’s voice suddenly resounded within his heart.

“Where?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. According to his knowledge, the Chaotic Divine Crystal was within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, yet the tiny cauldron was actually able to sense its aura, so the tiny cauldron was naturally capable of pointing him in the direction of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and he didn’t have to roam about randomly in this sea of clouds like a headless fly.

“That way.” The tiny cauldron really didn’t let him down and guided Chen Xi towards a direction.

“Let’s go!” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. In the next moment, he’d already transformed into a flowing ray of light that passed through the layer upon layer of clouds and vanished in next to no time.


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after Chen Xi had just left, numerous streaks of light had suddenly flown over to that star with extremely swift speeds, and they descended there in the blink of an eye.

“HAHAHA! For the sake of bringing back our Ancestor from this place, my Yazi Clan has waited almost an entire 10,000 years. Now, we’ve finally waited until the Dark Parasol’s Abyss emerged, and it’s truly a providence of the gods!”

“Yeah, if it wasn’t for the Ancestor heading to the Creation Sword Domain all those years ago for the sake of searching for an imaginary exalted sword and unfortunately being trapped here, my Yazi clan would probably have ruled over all the clans from the Primordial Era since a long time ago and look down proudly upon the world!”

“Since the Ancestor left, not a single person in our Yazi Clan has cultivated the Godslaughter Burst successfully, and it caused us to have a rough time. But so long as we bring the Ancestor back, then all of this will be turned around, and we’ll surely be able to reproduce the glory of our Yazi Clan in less than a hundred years.”

All these figures were stalwart and possessed ferocious and monstrous imposing auras that emitted violent bloodthirstiness. They chatted as they searched the star, and they seemed to be looking for something. Moreover, based on their conversation, they were surprisingly all experts from the Yazi Clan.

“Hmm? This is…” Someone noticed something and exclaimed with shock from afar.

The others were stunned and rushed over hastily, and all of them instantly seemed as if they were struck by lightning and stood there like clay statues as their minds had gone blank after they saw the scene before them clearly.

This was an enormous and barren mountain, and an enormous and ghastly skeleton lay before the mountain. At the side of the skeleton was some bloody internal organs that had dried up a long time ago, and they were scattered in a mess all over the ground.

The scene seemed as if a ferocious beast had just been slaughtered by a butcher while the useless internal organs and skeleton had been thrown casually to the side, and it seemed extremely bloody.

“This… This…” The mouth of an expert from the Yazi Clan trembled as he stared his eyes wide open with disbelief, and even his voice started to tremble.

He’d practically recognized with a single glance that the skeleton belonged to their Ancestor because it was absolutely impossible for the aura emitted from it to deceive his senses.

But he was unable to accept such a reality. The omnipotent Ancestor in his heart had actually been murdered before they could bring him back!

How could this be possible?!

1. It means punish or eliminate

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