Chapter 648 – Ferocious Beast, Yazi

This sea of clouds was boundlessly vast and filled with the force of temporal tides. No one knew how vast it was, and it was formed from the Dark Parasol Divine Tree of the primeval times, causing it to be a true miracle of the gods.

The numerous stars within it were enormous like the true stellar bodies within the universe. They whistled as they circulated, and they gave rise to extremely violent stellar gales that were matchlessly vast and raged throughout the surroundings.

Moreover, an unknown amount of suns and moons rose and fell within it, and they emitted boundless light while creating infinite amounts of storms of flames and torrents of ice that swept towards the surroundings, causing this entire sea of clouds to completely transform into a place of great danger.

At this moment, a crimson scale beast claw had actually stretched out from one of these stars, and it covered the heavens and blotted out the sun as it tore apart the roiling sea of clouds and crashed down towards Chen Xi!

This is?

Chen Xi instantly revealed a shocked expression when he saw the beast claw that was coiled with a myriad of rays of light, and he never imagined that such a terrifying ferocious beast was actually hidden here!

Just the aura it emitted caused it to feel on par with a true divine beast of the primeval times!

Divine Beasts were differentiated by realms as well, just like cultivators. But they were equivalent to experts at the Rebirth Realm while they were young and weak, and due to their shocking natural talent and noble bloodlines, their strengths were usually even more formidable and terrifying.

A primeval divine beast that had just advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm was capable of going against a few tens of cultivators at the same realm by itself. The reason was extremely simple, the capacity for True Essence that a primeval divine beast possessed was entirely not something an ordinary cultivator could compare to.

The cultivation realm of this beast that possessed an aura that was comparable to a primeval divine beast was unknown, but Chen Xi could be sure that since it was able to survive within this temporal tide, its strength was surely terrifying to the extreme!

In merely an instant, a wave of horror arose in Chen Xi’s heart as he felt a life-threatening aura from it, and he knew extremely clearly that once he was struck by this beast claw that covered the sky, he would absolutely die without a doubt!


At this instant, he practically didn’t hesitate in the slightest to circulate his Blackhole World with all his strength, causing Dao Insights to rumble around him as the numerous Grand Dao profundities transformed into divine radiances that circulated around his body, and his imposing aura was pushed to a peak state. He seemed to emit the presence of a king, majestic and powerful.

At the same time, the simple and ancient Talisman Armament appeared in his hand amidst a faint sword howl and the five Divine Talismans that occupied it emitted boundless might while talisman markings roiled, causing it to seem brilliant like a sun that soared up into the sky.


A wisp of Sword Insight that shot into the sky and was vast like a river of sky swept down, and it slashed down towards the enormous beast claw that struck right towards him.

This was absolutely the best sword strike Chen Xi had slashed out since he’d started cultivating. The might of the strike was tremendous and carried an all-powerful and brilliant divine might that caused the world to go into chaos, and it slashed apart the shackles of space and was sharp and fierce to the limit.

Amidst this strike, the profound tune of the Grand Dao rumbled out along with the chanting of the gods, and numerous images that seemed like the gods appeared. They were the phenomena formed from the five great Divine Talismans within the Talisman Armament when circulated to the limit!

Before this sword strike, even top cultivators at the Nether Transformation Realm like Wang Zhonghuan and Long Zhenbei would probably have no choice but to dodge and not dare bear the blunt of this strike.


The Sword Insight and beast claw collided, causing an enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth to erupt from it, and it was like the heavens and the earth were collapsing, or two volcanos had collided with each other. Merely the airflow that was blasted out from the collision caused the dense mist in an area of 5,000km to be completely swept away, and an empty space was revealed.

If this was in the outside world, such a collision that shook the heavens was sufficient to crush an entire city!


Chen Xi coughed out blood as his figure was blasted flying 30km away by an enormous force, and he was in an extremely sorry state while his expression was covered in astonishment.

His best sword strike wasn’t just unable to slash apart that enormous beast claw, he was even struck by the aftershock to the point of being injured!

After all, the sword in his hand was even sharper than a Quasi Immortal Artifact and coupled with his superb Sword Dao that had attained the stage of forming Sword Qi Threads, he actually didn’t harm that beast claw in the slightest. Didn’t this mean that merely the beast claw was already even more hard and terrifying than a Quasi Immortal Artifact?

But what caused Chen Xi to feel slightly fortunate was that even though this strike hadn’t injured the terrifying ferocious beast, it had won him a tiny bit of time to catch his breath.

It was precisely in this tiny bit of time that he saw the ferocious beast clearly.

The body of the ferocious beast that had already stood up on the star was like a leopard that was the size of a mountain, had the body of a dragon that was covered in crimson red scales, and its claws were like four pillars that could hold up the sky. It stood towering there while emitting a violent and bloodthirsty aura that was terrifying. Every single exhale and inhale of it was like a typhoon that shook the world and caused enormous bangs that were like thunderclaps!

Most shocking of it all was that it held a sharp sword within its bloody mouth. The blade of the sword was blood red, and it was dense to the point it seemed on the verge of dripping blood. The edges of the sword were serrated and ghastly cold, and it emitted a bloody aura that caused one’s heart to tremble.

“Yazi!” At the instant he saw his opponent clearly, Chen Xi’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict as he cried out involuntarily.

The Yazi was one of the renowned ferocious beasts in the primeval times. According to legend, it was the son of the dragon of the primeval times. It was brave, fond of battle, and bloodthirsty. All who dared offend it would surely encounter endless pursuit until they were killed, and there was never an exception!

The saying that a Yazi always took revenge described the violent killing intent of this ferocious beast of the primeval times, and it displayed how heavy its desire for revenge was. It wouldn’t stop until it killed its opponent.

This is absolutely a pure blooded Yazi! But its strength seems…

Amidst his shock, Chen Xi inadvertently swept the Yazi with his Eye of Divine Truth, and he noticed unexpectedly that the Yazi’s strength seemed to be dissipating at an alarming speed!

Even the bloodthirsty imposing aura emitted from its entire body was like a breached dam, and it had lost its former might.

What’s going on?

Chen Xi was extremely shocked. He was able to clearly sense that this terrifying ferocious beast that was renowned during the primeval times had a strength that had probably attained the Earthly Immortal Realm since long ago. But now, its strength was actually dissipating!

Or perhaps it could be said that its attack from before had already greatly exhausted its physical strength, and it was already gradually unable to hold on any longer.

Could it be that this ferocious beast had been trapped here for countless years, and due to lacking sufficient True Essence to replenish its strength, it’s already on the verge of death?

Chen Xi’s heart shook abruptly when he thought up to here. But he didn’t dare make any rash moves. Even if the strength of his opponent was weakening, it was absolutely not something he was able to go against now, and he even suspected that once he charged forward, it was extremely likely that he would suffer the dying strike of the Yazi that was absolutely terrifying to the extreme.


Right when various thoughts flickered repeatedly in Chen Xi’s mind, the Yazi on the star let out a roar that shook the heavens, and its blood red eyes that were enormous like lakes locked coldly onto Chen Xi while filled with boundless and ghastly killing intent. Moreover, it even carried a trace of extreme yearning…

It was like an unbearably hungry wolf had suddenly seen a plump goat.


It attacked once more. Its enormous claw tore through the sky while carrying a myriad of flaming rays of light, and it was like a rainbow that penetrated through the sky as it clawed at Chen Xi with a monstrous impetus and peerless divine might.

But Chen Xi was already prepared since a long time ago, and he flapped the Wings of Disruption with all his strength, causing his figure to flicker about repeatedly within the sea of clouds and instantly dodge to the point of vanishing without a trace.

Missing and losing the tracks of its opponent seemed to cause the Yazi to feel extremely restless and furious, and it slapped its claw down repeatedly, causing the star beneath it to be shaken to the point of droning, trembling, and being on the verge of shattering.

The sea of clouds in an area of 5,000km even fell into a great expanse of chaos. Air flowed about chaotically while gales charged about in disorder. If someone were to fall into this area now, then the person would surely be instantly minced apart and transformed into ash.


After a long time, a shocking howl resounded out. It lacked a bit of violent bloodthirstiness and revealed a dense feeling of unwillingness and despair instead, and it shook the surrounding space to the point a terrifying chaotic tempest was created.

After a very long time, everything here returned to calm, and the dense mist suffused the surroundings once more. But that terrifying figure wasn’t there any longer.


Is it dead? Or perhaps it’s laying in ambush?

Chen Xi’s figure appeared once again at the place he stood earlier, and when he gazed towards the surroundings, he was unable to find the figure of that ferocious beast Yazi any longer.

He pondered for a long time before a trace of a ruthless expression appeared on his face. In the next moment, he’d vanished on the spot and charged towards the star the Yazi resided on earlier.

That star was covered in barren mountains and sand blown about by the wind. It was a scene of desolation and complete lack of vitality, let alone the existence of the spirit energy of the heavens and the earth.

When Chen Xi stepped foot onto this star, he instantly saw that an exceedingly enormous figure lay before a huge mountain in the extreme distance. Shockingly, it was that Yazi from before! But it was completely devoid of vitality now, and it didn’t have any aura of life.

It really is dead. As the offspring of the dragon of the primeval times, it possesses a noble bloodline and peerlessly formidable strength. Now that it has perished, its corpse is comparable to a great treasure trove!

Chen Xi was excited, and he had a pleasantly surprised feeling as if he was smacked in the face by the windfall. Never had he ever imagined that such a formidable ferocious beast of the primeval times would actually die like this…


But Chen Xi withdrew the Talisman Armament and slashed out just in case.


The Sword Insight was like a flash that struck the corpse of the Yazi and erupted with a ball of blazing sparks, and it only left behind a faint white mark and actually didn’t break open its skin!

This obviously showed how formidable the body of the Yazi was. Even if it had died, its defense was still stronger than a Quasi Immortal Artifact.

Looks like it really has died. Otherwise, with the Yazi’s violent and bloodthirsty nature, it would probably have gone berserk right after receiving this attack…

A wisp of a smile appeared on the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he saw this, and he was completely relieved in his heart. In the next moment, he’d already arrived before the Yazi.

The value of the body of a pure blooded ferocious beast of the primeval times was shocking to the extreme to any cultivator, and it could be said that the entire body of the ferocious beast was a treasure. Its skin, fur, bones, tendons, flesh, blood… Everything was a priceless rare material that could be utilized for equipment refinement or pill refinement.

But the greatest value lay in the innate bone within its body!

This bone contained the essence of a primeval ferocious beast, and its Innate Dao Art or Divine Ability was obtained from its innate bone.

Moreover, the more formidable a primeval ferocious beast was, the more formidable the profundities contained within its innate bone would be. Some Divine Abilities and Dao Arts were even renowned throughout the three dimensions.

For example, the divine beast Azure Phoenix’s Innate Divine Ability, the Wings of Disruption. It was an extremely terrifying Divine Ability that was ranked in the top 30 on the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions.

According to Chen Xi’s knowledge, the innate inheritance of the primeval ferocious beast, Yazi, was a terrifying Dao Art that shocked the world — The Godslaughter Burst!

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