Chapter 646 – Hanging On By A Thread

Not only was this sea of clouds boundlessly vast, but it was also bottomless.

Chen Xi’s group of three flew for the time for an entire incense stick to burn or around 300km in distance, yet they still hadn’t arrived at the bottom.

If it was any other place, the three of them would be able to fly a distance of 300km in the time of a few breaths. But this was the mysterious and unfathomable entrance to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, killing intent was hidden everywhere within the sea of clouds, and they had no choice but to be careful and slow down.

It was already impossible for them to find the tracks of other cultivators in the surroundings. After all, the sea of clouds was too vast, whereas everyone had chosen a different path, so they would only grow further and further apart from each other.

“Hmm?” Long Zhenbei who was in the lead had stopped abruptly, and he mumbled with surprise.

Numerous stars that were exceedingly enormous were circulating on the path ahead, and they only left behind a small crack that a single person could pass through. However, if one wanted to pass through this crack, it was extremely dangerous because those stars had to continue revolving. Every single one of them carried along an extremely vast airflow that rubbed against each other and emitted waves of enormous bangs that were like thunderclaps, and it seemed capable of crushing everything in the world.

If one wanted to pass through the narrow and small crack, then one had to be exceedingly careful. Otherwise, once one was swept by the airflow, one would instantly be crushed into pieces and transform into ash.

Besides that, the other sides were filled with boundless streams of coldness and storms of flames, causing it to be utterly impossible to find another path to choose.

In other words, if they wanted to reach the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, then they had to take a certain level of risk and pass through the crack.

“Death is really around every corner, and this is only the entrance. I really wonder what sort of terrifying dangers exist within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.” An Wei couldn’t help but sigh faintly as she looked at the crack before her.

Chen Xi sighed in his heart as well. He’d utilized the Eye of Divine Truth to search the sea of clouds before entering it earlier, and he knew that such a dangerous obstruction would appear here.

This was the reason why he would feel that the path Long Zhenbei chose could only be considered to be ordinary and not the best.

But since they’d already arrived here now. Even though the surroundings of the crack were filled with danger, it couldn’t be considered to be fatal, and they would be able to pass through it safely so long as they were careful.

A wisp of embarrassment appeared on Long Zhenbei’s face when he heard An Wei’s sigh, and then his expression turned solemn as he said, “Don’t worry Junior Sister An. I’ll take the lead. We’ll surely we able to pass through this place, and I’ll absolutely not allow you to suffer the slightest harm.”

“There’s no need for that. This bit of difficulty isn’t too much for me.” An Wei smiled. As she spoke, she took the lead to charge out and flash towards the crack.

“Junior Sister An, be careful!” Long Zhenbei followed up hastily when he saw this, and he carefully stood on guard behind An Wei.

This fellow is really suitable to be an escort… Chen Xi rubbed his nose and shrugged before following after as well.

But he couldn’t help but become careful when he arrived before the crack, and he circulated his Blackhole World and resisted the terrifying pressure emitted by the movement between the stars.

“Ha! The Dark Parasol’s Abyss is actually right past this crack, I can sense its aura!” An Wei suddenly cried out with pleasant surprise because she’d already entered the crack and seemed to have noticed something.

“Oh, is that so?” Long Zhenbei’s spirits were refreshed as well.

Chen Xi’s mouth opened and was about to ask something when an expected event arose abruptly!


A dazzling light erupted from his side without the slightest sign!

In merely an instant, his field of vision was covered in an expanse of white light. He was unable to see anything clearly while a horrifying feeling of danger pressed down directly towards the center of his forehead. His heart trembled abruptly, and besides being astounded, he practically instinctively kicked Long Zhenbei who was in front of him before retreating explosively to the side!

He knew extremely clearly that if he disregarded Long Zhenbei, then Long Zhenbei would surely suffer a heavy injury, and since he was caught off guard, it might even cause Long Zhenbei to be swept into the circulation of the stars at the side and be completely crushed apart.

A surprise attack!

Someone launched a surprise attack against me!

Dammit! What a cunning point of ambush, and what a ruthless time of attack! It just happened to be when I entered the side of the crack between the circulating stars, causing me to be unable to avoid it!

Most importantly, I actually didn’t notice the attacker’s existence!

It was impossible to describe the astonishment in his heart. It was the first time that Chen Xi who was experienced in battle had encountered such a strange and precise surprise attack!

He practically instinctively circulated the Eye of Divine Truth with all his strength, causing his gaze that seemed to reflect the moment chaos was split apart and the rise and fall of the world to sweep out, and even time itself seemed to have slowed down.

This was one of the supreme profound effects of the Eye of Divine Truth. It was capable of making everything Chen Xi saw slow down and win time for him.

At the same time, the grey and hazy Wings of Disruption unfolded behind him, and he retreated backwards explosively.

However, the strand of ghastly killing intent was like cancer that stayed tightly behind him no matter how Chen Xi tried to get rid of it!

After all, this was within the boundless sea of clouds that was filled with endless killing intent. Once Chen Xi left the safe path, there was practically no chance of survival because he would either die or be completely lost.

Chen Xi had relied on the speed of the Wings of Disruption and its miraculous effect of countering the essence of the five elements to avoid being crushed by the numerous stars, avoid being swept by the numerous storms of flames, and to avoid being struck by the numerous streams of ice.

On the other hand, the strand of killing intent was actually capable of remaining unharmed amidst this boundless killing intent, and it pursued him closely without letting off. Such strength was absolutely not something an ordinary person could compare to.

This was an expert!

A top existence amongst assassins!

The piercingly cold and bone piercing killing intent pressed down closely towards the center of his forward and brought an intense feeling of pressure to him, and it caused Chen Xi’s nerves to be practically strained to the limit. The Wings of Disruption flapped madly at an unprecedented rate, and it caused the whistling of the air to rumble by his ears.

He’d already forgotten where he was or how he’d got here as all his thoughts were converged on this seemingly material killing intent while he moved about randomly in this boundlessly vast sea of clouds.


A wisp of blazing violet light that was mixed with a golden glow surged out and transformed into a violet-colored lotus that revolved endlessly before him, and it emitted a myriad of golden images.

Peak-grade Dao Art — Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier!

At this moment of life and death, Chen Xi could only choose this peak-grade Dao Art with peerless defense!

It was simple, direct, and like a solid fort.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of shattering could be heard without end as that strand of piercingly cold killing intent was actually not affected in the slightest! The layer upon layer of flower petals of the Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier shattered like paper before it, and it shattered into a rain of light in the sky, whereas, the black colored shadow wasn’t affected in the slightest.

This assassin was formidable to a terrifying degree!

The ghastly and icy cold killing intent still locked onto him tightly, causing Chen Xi to feel as if he’d fallen into an icy pit, and the blood in his entire body had been practically frozen while horror spread throughout every single corner in Chen Xi’s body like poison.

At this moment, he felt that death was so close to him, and the aura of death seemed to be coming straight at him!

Could it be that I’m going to die?

Chen Xi was unable to restrain this thought from gushing into his mind, and time seemed to have stopped at this moment.


Due to his soul being strained intensely and suffering an unprecedented stimulation, the River Diagram Fragment that floated within his sea of consciousness suddenly emanated a strange fluctuation.

Under this fluctuation, the terror at the bottom of his heart was completely wiped away, and he fell into an extremely strange state. At this instant, his mind was clear like clear spring water, like the full moon that emitted clear rays of brilliance from the sky, and it was pure and flawless.


At the center of his forehead, the Eye of Divine Truth that appeared like a vertical eye suddenly shot out a strand of jet black light that was sharp like a bolt of lightning.

The jet black light contained a forbidden energy that was mysterious and icy cold, and it was filled with a terrifying aura of sealing and annihilating all techniques and seemed to be able to freeze both space and time. At the instant it appeared, it even caused everything in the surroundings to fall into a strange absolutely motionless state.

The Light of Eradication!

One of the profound abilities of the Eye of Divine Truth!


The strand of ghastly killing intent finally showed a sign of stopping before the Light of Eradication, and it rubbed against the air and caused a sharp and ear piercing howl to explode out.

It felt like a fish that was swimming freely within water had suddenly entered into a layer of ice, and it struggled desperately with the intention of escaping the restraint of the ice.

“Explode!” A single word that carried boundless rage and killing intent escaped Chen Xi’s mouth, and it was like a decree sent by a god. At practically the exact same instant this voice resounded out, the wisp of killing intent that was confined by the Light of Eradication exploded with a bang and transformed into nothingness.

“Eh!” The person that launched the surprise attack exclaimed lightly before flashing off in a strange manner like a loach. The killing intent that covered the sky had suddenly been restrained as his entire figure transformed into a dim ray of light that swiftly vanished without a trace.

Retreating after a single strike failed and leaving without the slightest hesitation, he’d displayed the attainments possessed by an assassin to the extreme.

The person that launched the sneak attack was extremely composed and calm when he retreated, and he even turned around to glance at Chen Xi.

This glance allowed Chen Xi to finally see the face of his assailant clearly. He actually wore a mask that was pitch black like metal, and it covered his entire face while only revealed a pair of narrow, long, and evil looking violet colored eyes. Moreover, these eyes were covered with icy cold and ruthless killing intent!


A while after the assassin left, Chen Xi sat down within the sea of clouds and gasped for breath.

Since he was attacked until now, merely a short moment had passed, yet the dangers in this short moment were something that only Chen Xi who was locked onto tightly by the wisp of killing intent was able to understand deeply.

Hanging on by a thread!

A slim chance of survival!

That assassin didn’t use a Dao Art that shook the heavens and the earth nor did he utilize any dazzling and resplendent moves. It was only a strand of Sword Insight, yet was condensed to an unprecedented height, causing it to be extremely terrifying and capable of continuously following its target like cancer.

This was a true assassination. It was soundless while the assassin seemed to be walking in a world of darkness and would never alarm the people of the world. But this was also the most terrifying type of assassination because it meant that one would be caught off guard and perish silently.

When he thought of it now, a wisp of horror still remained in Chen Xi’s heart, and he didn’t dare believe that such a formidable assassin actually existed in the world. This was absolutely the figure that was most difficult to deal with amongst all that he’d encountered in all these years.

Who is this person?

Why did he want to harm me?

How did he follow me to launch this assassination?

After he calmed down, countless questions couldn’t help but appear in Chen Xi’s mind. He knew that if he was unable to unravel these questions, then even if he entered the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, there would probably be a shadow that would be left within his heart.

After that, he couldn’t help but start laughing bitterly because he noticed that he’d only paid attention to avoiding the assassination earlier, and he’d actually gotten lost within the boundless sea of clouds. Even if he swept the surroundings with the Eye of Divine Truth, he was unable to locate another safe path!

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