Chapter 644 – The Three Great Treasure Troves

Countless dazzling and resplendent streaks whistled through the sky like torrents with shocking impetuses, and they threw the heavens and the earth into disorder.

Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart as he flew within this massive group, and he had a deeper feeling that cultivating to become an immortal wasn’t easy. For the sake of one’s path to become an immortal, not only must one compete with the Heaven Dao, one also had to seize every single second to brutally and intensely compete and go against other cultivators.

It was like thousands upon thousands of soldiers trying to go across a bridge made by a single wooden plank. Everyone wanted to arrive at the other side, and they’d already stepped onto the path of never-ending competition between each other once they stepped onto this path.

If they wanted to arrive at the end, then not only did they have to possess the courage to advance bravely, they even had to face countless slaughters and horrifying competition. Those who won ruled while those who lost were reduced to outlaws!

“Senior Sister An Wei, even though the Dark Parasol’s Abyss contains numerous secrets and there's no lack of precious treasures like Grand Dao Fragments within it, it’s not to the extent of being able to draw so many people over, right?” But in next to no time, Chen Xi noticed something that didn’t conform to reason. The Dark Reverie was boundlessly vast, so logically speaking, there ought to be numerous secret realms like the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

But it just so happened that at this moment, it seemed as if all the heroes of the world had gathered here, so he wondered if there was some secret hidden within it.

An Wei smiled and seemed to have expected Chen Xi would ask this since long ago, and she lightly parted her red lips and said, “If it’s only for the sake of Grand Dao Fragments, then it naturally wouldn’t draw so many experts over…”

It turned out that the Dark Parasol’s Abyss had existed since the primeval times until now, and not only were the Grand Dao Fragments left behind by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree upon its death hidden within, there were numerous mysterious and unfathomable places that contained secrets and fortune that shook the heavens.

After all, this mysterious place had existed for too long. Since ancient times until now, countless great figures that shook the three dimensions had entered it, and if it was only for the sake of Grand Dao Fragments, it would utterly not draw the interest of these great figures.

According to what An Wei said, there existed three places that were most mysterious and unfathomable in the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, a realm, a domain, and a door.

The realm referred to the Dark Parasol Secret Realm, and it contained the numerous Grand Dao Fragments left behind by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree upon its death.

The domain referred to the Creation Sword Domain. It was an extremely mysterious place that was left behind by an exalted being from the primeval times. This exalted being was the supreme expert that joined forces with the Dark Parasol Divine Tree to resist the disaster of the three dimensions.

After the great disaster, the Dark Parasol Divine Tree had left behind a strand of its soul, whereas this exalted being was slightly unfortunate and only left behind a place of inheritance that belonged to him before being completely obliterated in the annals of time.

This place of inheritance was the mysterious and unfathomable Creation Sword Domain, and this was one of the important reasons that drew those great figures to come to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

The door referred to the Door of Profundity. Not only were numerous Grand Dao Fragments hidden within it, it supposedly stored a shocking secret treasure that was sufficient to make the great figures of the three dimensions to be covetous and greedy to obtain it!

But no one dared confirm if this shocking secret treasure actually existed. Because within the various rumors that had been passed down since ancient times, they had been practically no one that actually saw it.

A realm, a domain, and a door, this was the most mysterious three great treasure troves within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Of course, the secrets of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss weren’t limited to just these. But when compared to these three treasure troves, it was these three treasure troves that aroused the most yearning in the hearts of others.

The reason so many experts had come over successively when the Dark Parasol’s Abyss emerged into the world this time was because of this.

After he understood these secrets, Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding and thought in his heart. I wonder where the Chaotic Divine Crystal the tiny cauldron requires is hidden?

“Even I just found out about these secrets, so please don’t take offense, Junior Brother Chen.” An Wei’s clear eyes spun as she glanced at Chen Xi and spoke in a light voice.

“There's no need to worry, Senior Sister.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Hmph! Junior Brother Chen, I helped you kill that bastard from the Wyrmshark Devil Isle while we were at the Ice Cloud Pavilion earlier because we’re disciples from the same sect. But don’t blame me for standing idly by if you act rashly again after entering the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.” Long Zhenbei grunted. He seemed to be extremely annoyed by the sight of Chen Xi and An Wei chatting, and he seemed as if he would feel uncomfortable if he didn’t provoke Chen Xi.

“Of course. Once we enter the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, I’ll naturally act as a team with Senior Brother Long and Senior Sister An, and we’ll go against the competition from the other powers together.” Chen Xi grinned as he replied.

Long Zhenbei felt slightly uncomfortable in his heart as he looked at Chen Xi’s smile, and he couldn’t help but recall the scene that had occurred within the Ice Cloud Pavilion three days ago, causing him to be able to faintly hear a voice that repeated the words ‘played like a monkey.’

Long Zhenbei’s mouth couldn’t help but tremble when he thought about this, and then he hurriedly shook his head and discarded these thoughts from his mind before he grunted coldly and bluntly. “It’s fine so long as you understand.”

Chen Xi laughed it off. Even though Long Zhenbei’s attitude towards him was rather rude, Long Zhenbei still had a bottom line in his heart in the end, and he was able to stand out resolutely to defend the reputation of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect when facing an enemy from outside the sect. Merely this caused Chen Xi to not take Long Zhenbei to be a mortal enemy.

At most, it could only be considered to be a small conflict between two disciples from the same sect.

An Wei glanced at the two of them with surprise, and she acutely sensed that something seemed to have occurred between the two of them. Moreover, based on the situation, Long Zhenbei seemed to be rather resentful and furious towards Chen Xi.

“My god, that’s the Dark Parasol’s Abyss!” During the period they were conversing with each other, they’d unknowingly arrived above the Towernine Mountain. At this moment, there were already no less than a few thousand people standing above this divine mountain that was renowned during the primeval times.

This exclaim of shock instantly drew the attention of Chen Xi and the others, causing them to look towards their surroundings, and they couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the scene before them.

The back of the Towernine Mountain was already enveloped by an expanse of a roiling and boundless vast sea of clouds. Within that sea of clouds, numerous stars could be faintly seen to be revolving, whistling about, and flickering.

There were actually numerous enormous suns and moons circulating around each other and illuminating the heavens and the earth within the sea of clouds, and they tainted the boundlessly vast sea of clouds in a gorgeous splendor.

The brilliance of the suns that were like raging flames and the brilliance of the moons that were like icy halos caused the sea of clouds to transform into a world of fire and ice.

Sometimes, the surging flames suffused the surroundings, and it caused gales of flames to sweep out; sometimes, bone penetrating ice covered the heavens and the earth, and it transformed into a hurricane of ice that raged in the world.

Amidst some flames and ice, numerous and enormous Suncrows flapping their wings as they flew about while several ice titans roared and moved about could be seen, and they were faintly visible, lustrous, and dazzling.

This magnificent scene shocked everyone present to the point their eyes stared intently while they opened their mouths yet were speechless.

“Creation, Chaos, Temporal… My god! These are the Laws of the World that only the gods of the primeval times were capable of possessing. The Dark Parasol’s Abyss before us has actually produced the miracle of a temporal tide and giving intelligence to everything. What extravagance!”

“Exactly. This ought to have been formed by the Laws of the World that the Dark Parasol Divine Tree itself possessed, as only this divine tree that was a bridge between the Immortal Dimensions and Mortal Dimension during the primeval times was capable of possessing such extraordinary power.”

“Extraordinary power! Right, this is extraordinary power! It surpasses creation itself and overturns the winds and clouds. Such strength is far from something we’re able to reach now, and we’re miles apart from it!”

The crowd exclaimed with shock and sighed with emotion. Even though the boundlessly vast sea of clouds before them was the entrance to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, the phenomena displayed by it caused them to be astonished.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Some were too impatient to wait and transformed into numerous streaks that charged into the sea of clouds. However, to the astonishment of everyone, as soon as these people entered the sea of clouds, they were like people who didn’t know how to swim that had entered into deep water, and they were directly crushed to death by the numerous stars that revolved ceaselessly.

Some people were able to dodge the crushing of the revolving stars yet were swept away by an enormous tongue of flames, causing them to be incinerated until nothing remained while emitting an extremely horrifying shrill cry.

The bodies of everyone else that was anxious to make a move froze when they saw this scene, and they stopped moving in shock.

It was too terrifying!

The stars that circulated within the sea of clouds, the sun and moon that floated there, and the phenomena of flames and ice formed within it were actually like a natural slaughter formation, and it lay across the entrance to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss and obstructed everyone from entering.

“A bunch of idiots! If it was so easy to enter the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, then the treasures within it would have been cleaned out since a long time ago. How could it have continued to exist until now for us to gather instead?” A disdainful voice sounded out, and then formidable being with a single horn on his head and a body coiled with the glow of flames soared into the sky as he howled. “Those of the Flameox Clan listen to my command and follow behind me! I’ll open up a path for all of you.”

As he spoke, this expert from the Flameox Clan flashed out and leaped down into the sea of clouds, and everyone could clearly see that after he entered the sea of clouds, he was like a bullet that moved about with a matchlessly strange posture. But he safely avoided the attacks within the sea of clouds, and in the blink of an eye, he’d led the members of his clan and vanished before their eyes.

At the same time, there were some other experts that made a move, and all of them were extremely careful. Moreover, they seemed to have seen through all the secrets of the sea of clouds, causing them to actually not have another casualty.

Chen Xi finally understood now. The sea of clouds was like a large scale illusion formation, and it contained boundless killing intent. So one would surely die from entering it recklessly.

If one wanted to enter it, then one had to deduce the trajectory of the movements of the stars, suns, and moons so as to be able to locate a safe path that led to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

“This sea of clouds contains the profundities of the circulation of the stars, moon, and sun, and it’s like a temporal tide that’s much vaster than space, whereas the Dark Parasol’s Abyss is concealed within it.” An Wei introduced swiftly. “But it’s utterly impossible to directly enter, and the consequences would be horrifying. You would either be killed on the spot or become completely lost within it. Not to mention finding the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, it would even be impossible to leave. There have been many people that have gotten lost within it in the past, and they were unable to find the exit and were trapped to death in the end.”

“Hahaha, Junior Sister An Wei is right. But as far as we’re concerned, it’s nothing worth mentioning. Both of you follow behind me, and I’ll lead the way!” Long Zhenbei roared with laughter and possessed a heroic bearing as he moved towards the sea of clouds with large strides.

At the same time, his eyes suddenly flashed with a pair of dazzling and blazing tongues of flames, and it seemed like day and night alternated as his eyes opened and closed while boundless profundities were produced within them.

Shockingly, that was the Innate Dao Art of his Serpent Dragon Clan — the Serpent Dragon’s Spiriteyes!

Chen Xi smiled and didn’t say anything before following closely behind Long Zhenbei with An We.

Actually, he’d seen through all the secrets of the sea of clouds with the Eye of Divine Truth a long time ago. In an instant, he’d at least discovered no less than over a thousand safe paths that led to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and there was naturally a best path amongst them.

Actually, the path Long Zhenbei chose couldn’t be considered to be the best, and it could only be considered as ordinary. But it wasn’t suitable for him to say anything. Because he’d already discerned that Long Zhenbei wholeheartedly wanted to show off before An Wei, and if he were to say anything, it would be like a bucket of cold water poured upon Long Zhenbei and would arouse his displeasure.

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