Chapter 643 – The Divine Towernine Mountain

The fluctuation emitted by the Icesoul Divine Tree had a might that was too shocking. It was like a hurricane that instantly stretched out 5,000km in the surroundings, and it stretched throughout the entire ancient Icesky City.

In merely an instant, the hearts of everyone that were on every single corner of the streets in the city had a trace of indescribable horror, and their movements became slightly sluggish.

Time seemed to have been stopped at this instant, causing all the clamorous and bustling noises to be restrained, and even the entire city was strangely silent for a short moment.

But as soon as this fluctuation appeared, it vanished in the blink of an eye, and it seemed as if it had utterly not occurred, causing others to have a sudden feeling that it was unreal.

What happened earlier?

After a short moment, a wisp of astonishment couldn’t help but float up into the minds of everyone, and they were extremely bewildered.

This fluctuation was too invasive. It was like the intent of a god had swept past their bodies, causing even their souls to feel a trace of horror and tremble, and no matter their cultivation, no one was an exception!

“What a terrifying fluctuation. It’s simply more terrifying than the Immortal Sense possessed by a Heavenly Immortal!” Someone spoke with surprise and bewilderment.

“Indeed. At that instant earlier, I thought a Heavenly Immortal was about to descend. It was too horrifying!”

“The Dark Parasol’s Abyss wouldn’t be about to emerge, right?” Someone seemed to have guessed something and exclaimed with surprise, and it instantly drew the attention of the people in the surroundings.

Right, this wouldn’t have been the sign that the Dark Parasol’s Abyss is about to emerge, right?

Everyone felt excited in their hearts because they’d been waiting bitterly in Icesky City for a long time. Now, at the instant they noticed this fluctuation and aura that shook the heavens, they unconsciously felt that this fluctuation was most probably related to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

Only a small group of people with extremely acute Divine Senses faintly noticed that this fluctuation seemed to have stretched out from the Icesoul Divine Tree. But when they searched it carefully, they didn’t notice anything unusual.

“Strange. I clearly sensed that fluctuation from before was emitted by the Icesoul Divine Tree. Why has it vanished in an instant?” Within the pavilion at the highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion, the top experts of the various powers had already filled this place a long time ago. Moreover, this place was only a step away from the Icesoul Divine Tree, so the fluctuation had been acutely noticed by most of them at the instant it was emitted.

“The Icesoul Divine Tree emitted the tune of the Grand Dao a few days ago, and it allowed all of us to find out about the news that the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was about to emerge. Now, it suddenly emanated a strange fluctuation, so could it be that it’s really a sign of the emergence of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss?”

“If it’s like this, then we have to make preparations.”

“Hmph! Make preparations? It’s useless if you don’t have sufficient strength!”

All of the people in the highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion had stopped chatting as they seemed to have a feeling that the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was about to emerge, and their gazes turned hostile and carried a trace of aggression.

They knew clearly that even though they seemed to be able to coexist peacefully now, once they entered the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, all of them would become the enemies of each other, and they would oppose and might even kill each other for the sake of the fortune within.


On the other hand, at this moment, Chen Xi was in an extremely dangerous state. His entire mind was gathered within his body, and he didn’t have time to bother about anything else.

In other words, even a little child would be able to kill him.

The reason it was like this was the strange fluctuation that was emanated before.

At the instant the fluctuation vanished, a piece of charred wood that was palm sized, completely black, and faintly covered in traces of cracks has silently appeared within the Blackhole World in his body and rooted itself at the center of the world.

In merely an instant, his Blackhole World suddenly emitted a wave of rumbling, and it seemed as if it had awakened from a deep slumber and aroused an extremely violent fluctuation.

Under the influence of this fluctuation, his Blackhole World started circulating madly, and its size actually instantly expanded by more than double, causing it to become even more solid and vast!

Most shocking of it all was the piece of charred wood actually transformed into an ancient tree with twisted roots and coiled branches that seemed like blades. It seemed to be firm, unyielding, ancient, and powerful.

But its branches were completely bald with only a verdant and tender shoot standing proudly on one of the branches, and it glowed with hazy green brilliance and seemed to be extremely striking.

Moreover, the green brilliance emitted from the shoot seemed to be inconspicuous like a misty drizzle, yet as soon as it drifted down, it instantly transformed into extremely abundant and vast Immortal Energy that spread throughout the entire world.

Exactly, it was Immortal Energy!

Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that along with this Immortal Energy surging into the world, the quality of his entire Blackhole World was undergoing a tremendous change at an extreme speed.

The stars, moon, sun, mountains, rivers, seas, lakes, plants… Everything within his Blackhole World seemed to have been bestowed with extremely surging vitality, and they were breathing, cheering, and growing strong and healthily!

If the Blackhole World was said to be a fort made from enormous rocks in the past, then it was a city made from steel now. Not only was it even vaster and more solid than before, but the True Essence it contained was also more than double!

In other words, so long at Chen Xi grasped a Grand Dao profundity at the Perfection Realm now, then he would utterly not need to continue cultivating before being able to bring forth two times his combat strength.

Moreover, all these changes merely occurred in the time for a few breaths, and even Chen Xi almost didn’t dare believe all of this, because it was like a miracle!

“The intelligence of this strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul has already been completely annihilated by me. In the future, unless you attain a combat strength of 10 times or more, you’ll have no need of relying on spirit pills to cultivate and battle.” The tiny cauldron’s voice suddenly resounded out within his heart. “Moreover, this strand of soul has fused with your Blackhole World, and it will make your cultivation become much easier. After you advance to the Earthly Immortal Realm, it will even bring enormous and unforeseen benefits.”

Chen Xi was already shocked to speechlessness since a long time ago, and he was dazed after he heard what the tiny cauldron said. The Dark Parasol Divine Tree is worthy of being the bridge that connected the Mortal Dimension and Immortal Dimension in the primeval times. Merely a strand of its soul possesses such heaven defying and terrifying effects, and it’s simply unimaginable and astonishing.

Through the introduction the tiny cauldron gave him, he understood that this sapling of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree was able to give him two types of benefits. The first was that it would ceaselessly replenish his True Essence, causing him to have no need to worry about his True Essence drying up. The second was that it would make his path of cultivation become much easier, smoother, and safer.

This was merely because his cultivation was too low, and he was unable to realize even more benefits it provided!

Perhaps only when he attained the Earthly Immortal Realm would he be able to obtain even more enormous and unimaginable benefits from the sapling of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree like the tiny cauldron had said.

After that, Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart because he realized a problem. The tiny cauldron seemed to have spoken calmly and without the slightest emotion as usual, but it obviously carried a slightly weak feeling.

“Thank you very much, Senior.” Chen Xi thanked sincerely. He understood that the tiny cauldron had surely exhausted an enormous amount of strength and effort to obtain this strand of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree’s soul, otherwise it would absolutely not become so weak.

“There’s no need to thank me. This is only a trade, and it’s fine so long as you find a Chaotic Divine Crystal for me.” The tiny cauldron was silent for a long time before replying.

Chen Xi’s mouth opened as he wanted to ask what the consequences would be if he was unable to find it. But in the end, he endured this impulse. Since the tiny cauldron had already paid such a price to help him obtain this precious treasure of the heavens and the earth, he would be too useless and ungrateful if he was even unable to obtain a Chaotic Divine Crystal!

“Prepare yourself, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss is about to emerge into the world.” The tiny cauldron fell into silence once more after it finished speaking.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s heart shook. It’s finally about to emerge?


Right when this thought had just arisen within his heart, an enormous rumble that shook the heavens and the earth suddenly sounded out from extremely far away, and it shook the entire Icesky City to the point of trembling intensely.

It was like an ancient ferocious beast had charged out from beneath the layer of ice on the ground, like a volcano that had been slumbering for countless years had suddenly erupted, and its impetus was so great that it instantly alarmed everyone within Icesky City.

“What a great commotion!”

“What has happened?”

“My god! Look, quickly! An enormous mountain, an enormous mountain has suddenly surged out from there!”

At practically the exact same time, all the cultivators in Icesky City noticed that on the field of ice in the extreme west outside the city, an extremely lofty and enormous mountain had risen from the ground!

The mountain towered into the sky and was countless kilometers in height. It was completely pitch black and seemed like an ancient god that stood towering in the heavens and the earth, and it emitted an extremely ancient, old, and solemn aura.

When looking at it from afar, everyone couldn’t help but feel tiny.

“The Towernine Mountain!” The same name simultaneously appeared in the hearts of everyone.

This mountain was called Towernine. It was said to be the place of residence of the gods of the primeval times, and it was a true divine mountain. At its side was a boundless abyss that formed a world of its own, and it was called the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. It was formed from the Dark Parasol Divine Tree that connected the Immortal Dimension and the Mortal Dimension during the primeval times.

Since then, the Towernine Mountain and Dark Parasol’s Abyss were like twins that were connected tightly together, and they caused the myriads of living beings in the world to search for them bitterly.

It was a place of miracles, as it possessed the mysterious Door of Profundity, Grand Dao Fragments, and boundless secrets hidden within.

Similarly, it was a place of great danger, and there were great sages that shook the three dimensions who’d completely vanished within it and never returned.

Now, after 10,000 years, this mysterious place that was like a restricted area had emerged once more into the world, and it instantly alarmed the world and shocked everyone present here.

“The Dark Parasol’s Abyss has finally emerged!”

“Let’s go!”

“Charge! We’ll surely regret it our entire lives if we’re a step behind!”

At this moment, the entire Icesky City was seething with excitement while waves surged in the hearts of everyone. All of them revealed excited expressions as they looked at the Towernine Mountain, and they seemed as if they were looking at an extremely vast treasure trove with burning gazes.

Everyone rose up without the slightest hesitation before charging towards the Towernine Mountain in the extreme distance, and they rushed madly to be the first as they were deeply afraid of being a step behind.

Instantly, a myriad of multicolored streaks whistled out in the sky of Icesky City, and they were like numerous divine rays of light that lay across the sky and were extremely dazzling, resplendent, and magnificent.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, come on, let’s go!” An Wei’s clear and pleasing voice sounded out abruptly, and the excitement in her voice was impossible to conceal.

Chen Xi raised his head and saw An Wei and Long Zhenbei arriving together.

“We really ought to leave.” Chen Xi stood up and bowed towards the Icesoul Divine Tree with an extremely solemn expression before soaring into the sky and joining the group that charged towards the Towernine Mountain with An Wei and Long Zhenbei.

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