Chapter 642 – A Fluctuation That Surged Through The City

Presently, Chen Xi already knew that there was a division of strength between the Nether Transformation Realm disciples of the various powers in the Dark Reverie.

According to this criterion, they could be roughly divided into four levels, they were respectively ordinary, first-rate, peak, and exalted of legend!

In the entire Dark Reverie, 99% of the cultivators at the Nether Transformation Realm could only be considered to be of the ordinary level. Perhaps these people had already attained an extremely remarkable achievement in the eyes of others, but amongst those of the same cultivation, they were limited by their own potential and natural talent, causing them to seem extremely ordinary.

For example, these cultivators usually grasped less than three types of Grand Dao profundities. Moreover, their cultivation in these Dao Insights lingered around the Initial Realm. Perhaps they were able to look down upon all the cultivators below the Nether Transformation Realm, but amongst those of the same cultivation, their combat strength could only be considered to be normal.

First-rate Nether Transformation Realm cultivators could already be considered to be figures with outstanding natural talent, and the Grand Dao profundities they’d grasped were between three to ten types. Moreover, their comprehension of Dao Insight lingered between the Initial Realm and Advanced Realm.

This type of Nether Transformation Realm experts could already be considered to be top figures amongst those of the same cultivation and were famous figures. Moreover, most of them were from extraordinary powers like the 10 great immortal sects and six great devil sects.

Because of being limited by their resources and forces, ordinary powers were utterly incapable of recruiting experts with such extraordinary natural talent.

For example, ‘Senior Brother Xiong’ Chen Xi had defeated on Divine Radiance Peak and ‘Senior Brother Nie’ and the others that intended to seize Chen Xi’s abode could be considered to be first-rate figures in the Nether Transformation Realm.

Even though they’d lost at Chen Xi’s hands, it didn’t mean that they weren’t strong enough. Conversely, if they were placed within the entire Dark Reverie, their strengths were sufficient to defeat most Nether Transformation Realm experts.

The reason was actually extremely simple. The Nine Radiance Sword Sect was one of the 10 great immortal sects that had been passed down for ages. Its hidden resources and reserves were deep to a terrifying degree, so the ability of these disciples to become eminent amongst countless people to be ranked amongst the Seed Disciples of the Divine Radiance Peak was a type of acknowledgment of their strength in and of itself.

On the other hand, peak level Nether Transformation Realm experts could be considered as great figures amongst those of the same cultivation, and they howled proudly in the heavens and the earth while their names shook the world. All of them were geniuses amongst geniuses, peerless figures that were like phoenix feathers and qilin horns, and they were one in a million!

Practically all such figures had grasped over 10 types of Grand Dao profundities. Their comprehension of Dao Insights was at the Advanced Realm or above, and there were many that had attained the Perfection Realm.

Moreover, most of the people amongst them possessed extremely shocking natural talent. For example, Yun Ye who possessed the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes, Long Zhenbei who possessed the Serpent Dragon’s Spiriteyes, Luo Qianrong who possessed the Profound Spirit Ancient Veins, and so on and so forth. All of them belonged to the ranks of peak level existences.

As for the exalted level Nether Transformation Realm cultivators of legend, they were extremely rare, and it was difficult for one such figure to emerge from 10 million people. Such a figure was practically peerless amongst those of the same cultivation!

Even if the Dark Reverie was said to possess a million of clans that stood like trees in a forest, experts that were like the clouds in the sky, and more geniuses than the carps in a river. However, Nether Transformation Realm cultivators at the exalted level were extremely rare, and it was difficult for one to appear in a thousand years.

In history, so long as a Nether Transformation Realm expert that attained the exalted level doesn’t die early, that cultivator would either grow to become an overlord of an area or ascend to become a Heavenly Immortal, and he would stand proudly in the Heavenly Dimension while being renowned throughout the world and exceedingly brilliant.

Figures like this could be called favorites of the gods and geniuses of the heavens and the earth. The Grand Dao profundities they grasped were over 10 types, and every single one of these Grand Dao profundities had attained perfection, allowing them to bring forth a combat strength that was similarly at 10 times!

10 times their combat strength! Merely this number was sufficient to astonish the world.

This was the differentiation of strength within the Nether Transformation Realm. Ordinary, first-rate, peak… Every single level was like an insurmountable mountain, and it drew the myriad of living beings in the world to climb it.

Of course, there was an even more direct method to determine exactly what level a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator was at, and it was the combat strength the cultivator could bring forth.

Those that were capable of bringing forth a combat strength below three times could only be considered to be ordinary. Those that possessed three times to five times their combat strength were at the first-rate level. Those capable of exerting five times to nine times their combat strength were at the peak level, whereas those that were capable of bringing forth 10 times their combat strength or more were at the exalted level!

Body refiners were similar, but the multiplication of combat strength was changed to the number of ‘External Avatars,’ whereas, everything else was exactly the same.

Of course, it was common knowledge that the strength of body refiners innately suppressed the strength of qi refiners, and this could be considered to be a big advantage as well.

But this differentiation was extremely vague, and it was only roughly like this. After all, some peerless monsters possessed various formidable Dao Arts and treasures, causing them to be capable of surmounting levels to do battle during a real battle.

For example, even though Chen Xi hadn’t grasped the ability to multiply his combat strength yet, by relying on the various peak-grade Dao Arts, the Eye of Divine Truth, the Wings of Disruption, and various other unprecedented Divine Abilities, his strength was already sufficient to defeat first-rate Nether Transformation Realm cultivators.

But freaks like him were extremely rare, and they were utterly impossible to be gauged according to logic because the various standards observed in the world was completely unsuitable for them.

My current strength is probably slightly higher than a first-rate Nether Transformation Realm expert, but there’s a slight gap between a peak level figure. But the Grand Dao profundities I possess are already at the Advanced Realm, and my combat strength will multiply once I attain perfection in them. At that time, so long as I exert two times combat strength, my strength might be sufficient to defeat peak level Nether Transformation Realm cultivators… After he looked through the list An Wei gave him, Chen Xi deeply analyzed the strength he possessed, and only after that did he feel much more relaxed.

There were too many formidable figures that had arrived at Icesky City now, and all of them were renowned in the world a long time ago, causing them to be peerlessly famous. If he entered the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, these people might become his biggest competitors, so he had no choice but to treat them carefully, and he calmly analyzed the strength he possessed to make foolproof preparations.

If the tiny cauldron succeeds, then I wonder what sort of benefit that strand of soul of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree would give me… Chen Xi stared at the Icesoul Divine Tree behind him and pondered for a long time before he shook his head and abandoned the distracting thoughts in his mind, and he stopped thinking further and started comprehending the Grand Dao of Water in meditation once again.

Two days later.

Icesky City had become even more bustling. People swarmed about throughout the streets, and the streets were practically filled with unfamiliar faces, causing the atmosphere in the entire city to become even tenser while undercurrents brewed in secret.

The more people there were, the more brutal the competition would be.

Not to mention there were many hostile powers present amongst these experts that came from all over. As the saying goes, when enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred. If it wasn’t for the Dark Parasol’s Abyss having not emerged yet, they’d probably have made a move against each other a long time ago.

All in all, the situation at this moment felt slightly like a storm was brewing. Everyone was laying silently in wait for the right moment, and they were waiting for the appearance of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

“Eh, look quickly. This ruthless figure that made a name for himself a long time ago, Bloodhand Humanslayer, has come as well!”

“The Bloodhand Humanslayer, Meng Chunqiu? My god! Isn’t this old fellow a well-renowned villain on the Black Rankings Wanted List? He’s a wicked and vicious butcher!”

“I never expected that formidable figures of the older generation have been drawn over as well.”

“Fortunately, not a single Earthly Immortal Realm expert has made an appearance. If that were to happen, then going into the Dark Parasol’s Abyss would be useless because we would utterly have no chance to even get some scraps!”

“Don’t worry, the three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval, and all the great figures in the world are worried for their own safety, causing them to choose to enter into closed door cultivation. Coupled with the Dark Parasol’s Abyss being a place of great danger where the higher one’s strength was, the higher the chances were for one to fall. They would absolutely not joke around with their lives.” The streets were extraordinarily bustling and filled with sounds of discussion, and it seemed like a grand gathering of the immortal and devil sects where all sorts of figures were present, causing it to seem dazzling.

Before the Icesoul Divine Tree, Chen Xi opened his eyes slowly and awoke from his state of Dao comprehension, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of a smile as he sensed the noticeable increase in his comprehension of the Grand Dao of Water.

In just three days of time, his grasp of the Grand Dao of Water had already broken through from the 10th level to attain the 11th level, and it was only a step away from the Perfection Realm!

This was absolutely a shocking increase. After all, the increase of comprehension level in Dao Insights became more difficult as the levels increased. Some cultivators even exhausted all their lifetime, yet were unable to advance a single step, and even outstanding geniuses had to accumulate comprehension over a long period of time in order to increase their level of Dao Insight comprehension once.

If news of his remarkable advancement were to be spread out, it would be sufficient to astonish everyone.

Chen Xi understood that all of this was actually owed to the Fuxi Divine Statue and River Diagram Fragments within his sea of consciousness. These two divine objects normally seemed to be silent, yet they were actually strengthening his soul at all times, causing his comprehension ability to rise along with this, and it practically never stopped.

Three days have passed already. I wonder if the tiny cauldron has succeeded… Chen Xi looked at the Icesoul Divine Tree at the side, and a wisp of anticipation couldn’t help but suffuse his heart.

He believed that since the tiny cauldron agreed to make a move, it surely had sufficient confidence to obtain the charred piece of wood formed from the strand of soul left behind by the Dark Parasol Divine Tree.

What Chen Xi had to do now was just to wait silently.

At the same time, Chen Xi noticed that during these two days that he was comprehending in silence, there were more and more cultivators that had come to Icesky City, and an inkling of this could be discovered from the number of cultivators in the surroundings that were sitting down cross-legged and cultivating before the Icesoul Divine Tree.

Two days ago, there were only a mere 100 plus people here. Yet now, the surroundings of the entire Icesoul Divine Tree were filled with dense amounts of people sitting cross-legged, and they almost numbered a thousand.

There’re more and more people, so the competition is growing as well. But the Dark Parasol’s Abyss still hasn’t emerged. If this is to continue, then the entire Icesky City will be crowded with people… Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart when he saw this scene. Just the Dark Parasol’s Abyss caused such great activity. I wonder what sort of dangers and opportunity I’ll encounter once I enter it.

“Quickly prepare yourself. I’ll place the soul of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree into your body in a while, and you must not give yourself away and allow someone to notice it.” Right at this moment, the voice of the tiny cauldron that didn’t contain any emotion sounded out abruptly, and it caused Chen Xi heart to be unable to refrain from shaking before it went cold. He made himself completely calm down according to what the tiny cauldron had said.


Right when the voice of the tiny cauldron finished resounding out, a strange fluctuation that was like the sound of nature suddenly stretched out from the Icesoul Divine Tree, and it undulated like a ripple and instantly suffused the entirety of Icesky City!

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