Chapter 640 – Unexpectedly Obtaining A Treasure

That day in the Primeval Battlefield, Chen Xi had once entered the base camp of the Shang Clan by himself for the sake of rescuing Qing Xiuyi and Zhen Liuqing that had fallen into the hands of the Shang Clan, and he practically annihilated all the disciples of the Shang Clan.

If it wasn’t for Shang Que obtaining the protection of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert at the final moment, he’d probably have died a long time ago, and he would utterly be unable to enter the Heartcontrol Swordhouse.

Similarly, Shang Que had become the one and only survivor.

Presently, the appearance of this young man called Wen Daoran had caused Chen Xi to recall Shang Que at the first possible moment. After all, he hadn’t eliminated the weeds by the root, and the existence of Shang Que was a latent danger in the end.

He really wanted to ask if Shang Que had come to Icesky City, and if it was like this, he would be able to find a chance to completely eliminate this latent danger.

Unfortunately, when he looked at Wen Daoran once more, Wen Daoran had already vanished without a trace, and the damaged copy of the Heaven Refinement Furnace had left with him.

“I heard the Heartcontrol Swordhouse is determined to obtain the treasures within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time, and they’ve dispatched numerous first-rate Seed Disciple’s. Wen Daoran is the leading figure amongst them.”

“Exactly. Wen Daoran possesses a superb physique and exceedingly high accomplishments in Sword Insight. Supposedly, a thought in his heart was capable of transforming everything into swords, and he’s even capable of exerting six times his combat strength!

“Six times his combat strength? My god! Such natural endowments can already be considered to be a top existence amongst those of the same generation, right? Even if it’s within the 10 great immortal sects, there are probably very few that possess such strength.”

“This is only a guess. Even if he hasn’t cultivated to this level, he’s probably not far away. Now, he has even purchased a copy of the Heaven Refinement Furnace, so he doesn’t have to worry about being unable to comprehend the Spatial Grand Dao once he advances to the Earthly Immortal Realm.”

Even though Wen Daoran had left, everyone was still unable to conceal the excitement in their hearts from being able to see this brilliant figure that was renowned in the world, and they discussed without end.

Chen Xi smiled instead when he heard all this, and he showed neither approval or disapproval because he’d seen more than one outstanding genius that was on par with Wen Daoran at the highest level of the Ice Cloud Pavilion. For example, the Nether Spring Devil Sect’s Qiu Jun, the Truth Embrace Sect’s Daoist Crimson Sun, the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Leng Chan’er, and so on and so forth. So he naturally wouldn’t be surprised.

“Eh, what’s this?” Chen Xi was right about to leave when his gaze inadvertently swept out, and he was instantly drawn by an object at the other side of the stall.

This object was 1.3m in length, thick like a thumb, and completely black and dirty. It was covered in damaged and fragmented talisman markings, and it seemed to be rather ancient and like the tendon of a demon.

Meanwhile, the cultivators that were crowded around this stall had left successively after the sale of the Heaven Refinement Furnace, and only a scarce few people still remained standing around.

“Unfortunately, besides that copy of the Heaven Refinement Furnace, the numerous things in this stall look to be old yet are extremely damaged and not of any great use.” Someone sighed lightly as he picked up a damaged piece of bronze and rubbed it with his hand.

“Nonsense! Look at this Black Phoenix Tendon. It’s 1.3m in length, and it’s absolutely a rare material.” The skinny old man refuted right away.

He had a shrewd expression and intentionally glanced at Chen Xi as he spoke. Obviously, he’d noticed Chen Xi seemed to be interested with this treasure, and he’d changed the topic because of this.

“Bullshit! Isn’t this just an extremely ordinary tendon of an Earth Dragon? You just inscribed some talisman markings on it and dare to pass it off as the tendon of a Black Phoenix? Do you think everyone is an idiot and would be deceived and tricked by you?” Someone sneered with disdain.

The old man chuckled dryly and said, “Fellow Daoist, don’t make irresponsible remarks. All the treasures in this stall were obtained by me from a secret realm, and they possess shocking value. They’re absolutely existences at the level of treasures of the heavens and the earth. Even though these treasures are slightly damaged and tattered, there might be something precious hidden within them. According to my estimations, that secret realm was absolutely left behind by a great figure of the primeval times.” 

As he spoke, the old man started introducing the black and dirty tendon shaped object before him once again. “This Black Phoenix Tendon was similarly obtained from that secret realm. How could a lowly Earth Dragon’s tendon possibly compare with it?”

“Alright, stop blowing your own trumpet. All of us aren’t fledglings that are completely inexperienced, so how could we be deceived by these fakes of yours?”

“Hmph! Truly laughable! If it’s really a divine object like the tendon of a Black Phoenix, would you sell it off? That’s a true precious treasure, so stop cheating people here.”

The old man laughed dryly without end, and he was slightly depressed in his heart. this thing was indeed obtained from within that secret realm yet after he carefully inspected it, he noticed it was only an ordinary material, a tendon of an Earth Dragon, and he was rather disgruntled in his heart.

After all, he’d gone through many hardships in order to find that secret realm, and he originally thought it was an abode left behind by a great figure from the primeval times and the treasures stored within it ought to be some extremely rare and precious treasures. How could he have imagined that a piece of trash like the tendon of an Earth Dragon would appear there?

Chen Xi walked forward and picked up the black and dirty tendon shaped object before sizing it up instead. This object was extremely heavy and felt icy cold and soft to the touch. But, after he inspected it carefully, he didn’t notice anything special about it, and it was indeed just like the tendon of an Earth Dragon.

But he wouldn’t be deceived by the outward appearance of this object. Earlier, he’d inspected it with the Eye of Divine Truth, and there were secrets hidden within this object.

The skinny old man’s spirits were instantly refreshed when he saw Chen Xi seeming to be extremely interested, and he said, “Fellow Daoist, you have a good discerning eye, and you’ve finally noticed the extraordinariness of this item. This is a great material. I don’t require a Quasi Immortal Artifact for it, and it only costs a single top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure.”

“You’re really a cheat, and even worse than a shop that traps the ignorant. When has an Earth Dragon’s tendon become so expensive? Why didn’t I know about it?” Chen Xi grinned.

The nearby cultivators roared with laughter, and it caused the skinny old man to be extremely embarrassed.

“This is an earth-rank magic treasure. It ought to be sufficient in exchange for your Earth Dragon’s tendon, right?” Chen Xi took out an earth-rank magic treasure as he spoke.

“This…is barely enough.” The skinny old man had an expression of difficulty, yet his movements weren’t slow, and he grabbed over the earth-rank magic treasure with one hand before directly passing over the tendon with the other.

“Young Brother, the stalls here make deals instantly. Once it leaves the hand, you absolutely can’t go back on the deal.” The skinny old man reminded.

“Of course,” said Chen Xi as he nodded.

“Haha! Nice! I knew Young Brother is extraordinary at first glance! Why don’t you see if you need anything else? I can give you a cheaper price.” The skinny old man laughed cunningly. An earth-rank magic treasure was sufficient to buy a few tens of tendons of an Earth Dragon, and this price had absolutely exceeded his estimations.

Chen Xi shook his head before turning and leaving.

After he left this area, Chen Xi scanned the surroundings and heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed no one was following him. Truthfully speaking, he was rather worried that someone would notice something was fishy after he bought this item, and they would take some excessive actions.

Now, he could relax and inspect this item.

Not long after, Chen Xi arrived once again before the Ice Cloud Pavilion, but he didn’t ascend the pavilion and sat cross-legged at the side before the Icesoul Divine Tree instead.

The Icesoul Divine Tree was enormous, its roots that covered the ground were like numerous natural benches where many cultivators were already sitting on cross-legged a long time ago. They had their eyes closed in meditation and were comprehending the profundities of the Grand Dao of Water emitted from the Icesoul Divine Tree.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged amongst them and seemed to be extremely inconspicuous, and he didn’t draw any attention. He silently executed the Eye of Divine Truth and carefully inspected this piece of black and dirty tendon.

This thing isn’t simple. He’d just started inspecting it carefully when Chen Xi noticed something unusual about it. This piece of tendon didn’t seem special at all when inspected with the eye, but, even the slightest detail was visible under the vision of the Eye of Divine Truth.

An energy that was mysterious, desolate, and vast flowed within it, and it was suffused with strands of divine light. It was actually the aura of Shaman Energy! Moreover, it was the purest and cleanest Shaman Energy.

Most shocking of it all was there was actually the faint rumbling of thunder and whistling of wind coming from within it. Wind and thunder surged while Shaman Energy gushed about, and it was extremely miraculous.

This is actually the tendon of an ancient Fiendgod! After a short moment, a wisp of shock suffused the depths of Chen Xi’s eyes as he’d recognized the true properties of this item, and it was actually the tendon of a real Fiendgod!

A real Fiendgod roamed freely during the primeval times and looked down upon all the clans in the primeval times. It was capable of plucking the moon from the sky and looking down upon the world, and its bloodline was peerlessly noble as it was the favorite of the heavens.

Thus, this race was given the name ‘Fiendgod,’ and no other race in the three dimensions possessed such an honor!

For example, the body refinement techniques cultivated by the living beings in the world now were all sourced from ancient Fiendgods. Moreover, these body refinement cultivation techniques were ranked equally with qi refinement cultivation techniques, and they were called the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement.

But an unexpected change occurred in the heavens and the earth later on, and the true race of Fiendgods had been obliterated in the annals of time, causing them to be extremely rare. It was impossible to find traces of them in the three dimensions any longer.

All those years ago, the ancient Fiendgod that Zhao Qinghe’s master, the Slovenly Daoist, captured was only a strand of the damaged soul of an ancient Fiendgod, and it wasn’t a true ancient Fiendgod.

Even then, that ancient Fiendgod from all those years ago almost destroyed the Chen Clan Estate, and its might was shockingly terrifying.

Now, this item that everyone thought to be the tendon of an Earth Dragon was actually a piece of the tendon of a true Fiendgod, and this caused Chen Xi to be unable to refrain from being shocked.

This was a precious treasure that could only be found by luck but not sought for, and it was practically extinct. Its value was so great that it was even more shocking than a Quasi Immortal Artifact. After all, a treasure like this was too rare, and it was far unlike Quasi Immortal Artifacts that could be refined after the materials were gathered.

The most precious parts of an ancient Fiendgod are the tendons, bones, and blood. Not only does this Fiendgod Tendon possesses pure Shaman Energy, it’s even branded with the Grand Dao profundities of Wind and Lightning. If it’s utilized to refine the bowstring of the Staruin Bow, its might would surely rise explosively! After contemplating for a shot moment, Chen Xi suddenly recalled the Shaman Treasure he’d seized from Qi Yin all those years ago, the Staruin Bow. This bow was refined from the bone of a Fiendgod, yet it lacked an extraordinary bowstring, causing it to be impossible to bring forth its true might.

Now, he’d obtained the tendon of a Fiendgod by chance, and it just happened to be able to be made into a bowstring. If he refined it successfully, then the might of the Staruin Bow would be able to attain a shocking height!

I never imagined that I would actually obtain such a precious treasure from strolling idly through the streets. It can be considered to be a small fortuitous encounter. Chen Xi was extremely delighted in his heart, and he had a feeling of pleasant surprise from picking up a treasure that others didn’t recognize.

But this is all thanks to the miraculous effect of the Eye of Divine Truth. It’s capable of seeing through reality and discerning the essence of everything. It simply possesses boundless miraculous effects. Chen Xi took a deep breath and recovered his calm, and he understood that the credit for all of this mostly belonged to the miraculous effect of the Eye of Divine Truth.

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