Chapter 64 – Advancing to The Violet Palace Realm

Chapter 64 – Advancing to The Violet Palace Realm

“Condense True Essence at the 100 apertures around the body, then combine the spirit and qi and use an internal breathing technique to take care of breathing… When cultivated to the limit, it’s able to restrain one’s aura and provide stealth, and it’s difficult for a person without Divine Sense to notice the cultivator.” Chen Xi held the Traceless Aura Technique and savored each word as he read, and his eyes became brighter as each moment passed.

It’s too formidable!

Chen Xi couldn’t refrain from exclaiming in surprise after he’d finished reading the entire jade slip.

This Traceless Aura Technique was an absolutely marvelous Secret Art. When successfully cultivated, not only would he be able to restrain the aura in his entire body, his figure would become transparent and disappear as if he’d vanished into thin air.

Most worthy of attention was that after the Traceless Aura Technique was executed, unless it was a cultivator whose soul possessed Divine Sense, it would be utterly impossible for the cultivator to notice any traces of him. Furthermore, Divine Sense was an ability that only a great Rebirth Realm cultivator was able to acquire!

However, this Traceless Aura Technique could only be utilized in a motionless state. Once he moved he would be completely exposed, and this flaw caused Chen Xi to feel it was a real shame.

As far as he was concerned, if he was able to utilize the Traceless Aura Technique while dashing, he would be completely capable of leaving the depths of the mountain range unnoticed, and it would be unlikely for him to be killed by one of the seven great demon kings.

In short, possessing the Traceless Aura Technique to Chen Xi at his current strength was undoubtedly like an extra life saving method; it was also a great weapon that could be used to conduct ambushes and surprise attacks!

“The lowest requirement to cultivate these jade slips is the Violet Palace Realm. Looks like I must break through in my qi refinement cultivation to the Violet Palace Realm…”

Chen Xi pondered for a short while, then put away the jade slips on the floor. He withdrew the octagonal containment bottle from his storage ring, then placed the Icesoul Heartlotus beside the chunk of top-grade spirit vein beneath the meditation cushion.

The Icesoul Heartlotus was a treasure used to suppress inner demons during cultivation, and at the instant it appeared it started emitted strands of energy that caused one’s heart to calm.

Within this calm atmosphere, Chen Xi’s excited mood gradually returned to peace.

Not only did the octagonal containment bottle contain almost 250kg of liquid condensed from Netherezim Baleful Qi, there was still nearly 1,500kg of spirit liquid. These spirit liquids were gathered from the Hundred Herb Hall in the sword immortal’s abode, and if it wasn’t for the maturing of the Goldsoul Divine Lotus completely absorbing the spirit spring, the spirit liquid Chen Xi would have been able to gather would be much greater than 1,500 kg.

However, these spirit liquids were already sufficient to sustain his cultivation for an extremely long time.


The octagonal containment bottle suddenly flew mid-air and the mouth of the bottle tipped, pouring out spirit liquid like a column as Chen Xi opened his mouth and swallowed it.

Spirit liquids were used by Violet Palace Realm cultivators that had established their Dao Foundation or cultivators above the Violet Palace Realm. At this moment, Chen Xi was instead using it to charge into the Violet Palace Realm, and this was undoubtedly a risky action.

Nevertheless, Chen Xi was unable to care about all that any longer. When situated in the extremely dangerous depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range where demon beasts wreaked havoc, only by swiftly increasing his strength would he be able to have a better chance at survival!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the spirit liquid was ingested, an enormous sound like a great river surging forward resounded out within Chen Xi’s body. The surging and pure spirit liquid was like a fierce beast on a rampage as it started to rage about within all of his meridians. Everywhere it passed, it was like countless little knives fiercely scraped every meridian and every aperture, causing intense pain throughout his entire body.

Chen Xi emitted a muffled groan as he forcefully endured the pain and gritted his teeth as he circulated the Violet Sky Arts.

Fortunately, the strength of his soul was sufficiently strong and was quickly able to lead the spirit liquid current to follow along the meridians in his body to complete a circulation revolution. After completing 36 revolutions, all the spirit liquids were injected into his Dantian.

At this moment, his Dantian wasn’t peaceful as it used to be. The nine True Essence clouds that originally assumed a ladder shape to rise straight up seemed as if they were stirred by an enormous hand and they fiercely fluttered about within his Dantian, absorbing the True Essence that had surged within.

The process of absorbing took three days!

Three days and almost 500kg of spirit liquids later, the volume of the nine True Essence clouds had expanded 10 plus times and they were like fermented dough as they blocked up the Dantian, unable to move another bit.

Chen Xi didn’t stop cultivating and still absorbed streams of spirit liquids that continued to charge into his Dantian after being refined by his Violet Sky Arts.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After spirit energy ceaselessly surging in and fiercely assaulting it, Chen Xi’s Dantian that had been completely filled started to faintly bulge, as if it would break open in the next moment.

Right at that moment.

Chen Xi’s eyes abruptly sprung open and cold light revolved within his eyes as he shouted. “Open!”

Outside the abode, Mu Kui was meditating beneath a large tree and he seemed to have noticed something as he raised his head abruptly. The scene that entered his eyes was that of all the spirit energy of heaven and earth throughout the entire Moon’s Embrace Mountain seeming as if they had been summoned, as they swarmed into the abode. For a time, fierce gales sprung up and storms surged at a shocking scale.

“Drawing upon the spirit energy of the heaven and the earth?” Mu Kui’s eyes lit up suddenly, then he said in agitation, “Could it be that Senior Chen Xi is about to develop his violet palace?”

“Hmm?” 5,000km away, within a precipitous mountain that was like a sharp sword piercing the sky, a black robed and white haired young man sat on a jade bed as he drank excellent wine. Beside him, a beautiful female demon massaged his legs, and he had an incomparably pleased expression.

However, he seemed to have noticed something as he suddenly stood up and the white bone wine cup in his hand shattered on the floor with a crash. He seemed as if he didn’t notice it in the slightest as he muttered to himself. “Who would be charging towards the Violet Palace Realm within my territory? It’s impossible. Not a single one of those little fellows possesses the strength to charge into the Violet Palace Realm. Could it be a fellow daoist from another place?”

“My King, have you noticed something?” The beautiful female demon asked carefully.

The black robed white haired young man waved his hand and said, “Go look for my disciple Li Hu. Ask him if any other demon-kind fellow daoists have been lingering nearby.”

“Yes, my King.” The beautiful female demon smiled sweetly before transforming into a white feathered spirit bird and spreading her wings to fly out the abode.

The violent fluctuation of the spirit energy of heaven and earth on Moon’s Embrace Mountain had already drawn the attention of numerous greater demons that were devoted to cultivation nearby. They either stuck their heads out from the water, looked far into the distance from the peak of a tree or walked out from their abodes… and their gazes congregated on the same place in unison: Moon’s Embrace Mountain.

“Could it be that fellow Mu Kui?”

“No, I fucking remember that stupid wolf had only just advanced to the perfection stage of the Congenital Realm.”

“This might in the air is absolutely the development of the violet palace, without a doubt!”

“If he’s successful in developing his violet palace, then Aqua Cavern’s Black Ape King will probably be threatened.”

It was either surprise, bewilderment, or worry that surged out within the heart of every greater demon, but no matter what, the gazes they shot at Moon’s Embrace Mountain faintly carried a trace of reverence.


Within the abode, Chen Xi felt the hairs on his body abruptly rise up and his Dantian felt as if it was fiercely struck by thunder, causing his soul to start trembling as well.

A terrifying energy of heaven and earth suffused into the air.


A tiny sound like a shell breaking sounded. It was like the beginning of the world, though more like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Chen Xi felt like his entire body had been washed by clear spring water. His body was clear of impurities and his mind was clear.

Violet Palace Realm!

Chen Xi forcefully restrained the excitement in his heart as he viewed his own body internally. His Dantian had already transformed into a space that was a hundred times more spacious than before, and a lake of True Essence rippled within, seeming extremely mysterious.


Chen Xi was shocked to notice that at the center of the lake, the Goldsoul Lotus Fruit that was completely coiled in golden lights floated there, and it actually wasn’t affected by his recent breakthrough in the slightest.

I wonder what magical effect this fruit actually has…?

Shaking his head, Chen Xi didn’t hesitate any longer and recalled the Ice Crane Technique in his mind before carefully savoring the profound meaning within it.

The development of the violet palace was the establishing of the foundation of the Grand Dao, and only then was one considered to have truly stepped onto the road to the Dao of Immortality. At this moment, his cultivation was extremely unstable. If he didn’t have a Violet Palace Realm cultivation technique to use, it could even cause his Dao Foundation to be devastated!

In the Violet Palace Realm, every increase in level would cause a star condensed from True Essence to emerge in the Dantian, and when nine stars were chained together, it was considered the perfection stage of the Violet Palace Realm.

What Chen Xi needed to do now was to condense a star from True Essence and make his cultivation stabilize completely.


Merely around 1,000 kg of spirit liquid remained within the octagonal containment bottle, yet Chen Xi wasn’t sparing in the slightest. After he’d confirmed every detail of the Ice Crane Technique and mastered it in his heart, he opened his mouth once again and absorbed some spirit liquid before starting to cultivate.

The Ice Crane Technique was divided into nine levels, recording the cultivation method from the 1st star of the Violet Palace Realm until the 9th star of the Violet Palace Realm. It was alternatively named the Ice Crane’s Nine Transformations and every transformation was able to condense a True Essence star.

Another six hours passed.

After circulating 81 revolutions according to the pathways of the 1st transformation of the Ice Crane Technique, the True Essence throughout Chen Xi’s body had completely changed.

The violet colored True Essence that he’d condensed from the Violet Sky Arts had now become a clear and bright silver color. It was like frost crystals that were extremely beautiful.

Moreover, the True Essence was continuously cold with overflowing with vigor, and as it flowed between the meridians it seemed like a wriggling ice flood dragon that was moving swiftly.

Chen Xi opened his eyes, bent his elbows and struck his fist at the air.

The fist lightly whistled out, causing an icy fist mark that was extremely striking to abruptly appear in the air wherever it passed, and the entire abode instantly became filled with cold qi.


The hard wall of the abode was suffused with a layer of ice, and a deep fist print sunk into the middle of the wall.

“The Ice Crane True Essence is formidable as expected, even a casual fist strike possess such might. It will surely be able to display an unexpected effect when battling an enemy!” Chen Xi was extremely pleased.

“Senior, I wonder if this lowly one may enter?” Mu Kui’s voice sounded out from outside the abode.

Chen Xi thought for a moment then took the initiative to walk out of the abode by himself, then he looked at Mu Kui who stood there in a bowing position and asked. “What’s the matter?”

Mu Kui originally wanted to say something, but when his gaze descended onto Chen Xi, he felt as if he was facing an unmovable towering mountain. He was extremely shocked in his heart as he hurriedly congratulated. “Ah, Senior has really advanced to the Violet Palace Realm, this lowly one congratulates Senior.”

Chen Xi frowned, “If you have something to say then say it, I don’t like being flattered by others, so don’t do this again in the future.”

Mu Kui nodded repeatedly, then he deliberated for a short moment before stating the reason he came in a low voice. “Senior, a few of my friends want to meet you. They’re all greater demons that cultivate near Moon’s Embrace Mountain, and when they found out that Senior broke through to the Violet Palace Realm, they especially came to congratulate Senior. I wonder if Senior is able to find the time to meet them?”

“The greater demons that cultivate nearby?” Chen Xi was stunned, but when he noticed the uneasy expression on Mu Kui’s face, he vaguely understood what was going on. This fellow has probably boasted about some things to the other greater demons, right?

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