Chapter 639 – Heaven Refinement Furnace

The streets of Icesky City were filled with endless streams of people that were coming and going busily, whereas the entire city was enveloped beneath snow, causing it to be pure and white.

Chen Xi walked alone on the streets in azure clothes, with his hands behind his back and a carefree bearing.

Along with the news of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss being about to appear was spread out, this ancient city that had been standing here for countless years had become even more bustling and clamorous than before, and it was filled with crowds that moved shoulder to shoulder and streams of horses and carriages.

The experts of the various powers that came from all over and were fatigued from their journeys could be seen everywhere. There were young geniuses from both the Immortal Sects and Devil Sects and formidable figures that had made a name for themselves for a long time. Similarly, there were formidable beings that came from the various clans of the Primordial Era, so it could be said to be a large assembly of geniuses, and experts were numerous like the trees in the forest.

Information related to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was discussed from end to end of the streets and lanes. Everyone was seething with enthusiasm and filled with yearning and anticipation, and it seemed as if a great fortune was within easy reach.

The facts were indeed so. Even though the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was considered an extremely ominous place, yet the Grand Dao always left a trace of the chance to survive for everyone in the world to strive for.

If one was able to obtain it, then even though it would be impossible to instantly become an immortal, one would at least be able to achieve greatness and amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

After all, it was common knowledge that boundless secrets were hidden within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and merely the Grand Dao Fragments within it that were known to everyone were sufficient to make any cultivator fight for it with their lives on the line.

All along the way, Chen Xi had heard various different pieces of information about the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Most of them were extremely absurd and with extremely low believability, causing them to be not worth mentioning.

This Icesky City has a charm of its own. As one walks in it, snow flutters about while ice crystals pile up on the ground, and it causes one’s mind to be at ease. Chen Xi’s current mood became much more relaxed and refreshed.

Compared to the ceaseless troubles he faced on the highest floor of Ice Cloud Pavilion, wandering alone on the streets was even more comfortable and calming to Chen Xi.

Of course, he was similarly clear that the troubles he’d encountered in the Ice Cloud Pavilion earlier actually couldn’t be called troubles at all. After all, no matter if it was the four Wyrmshark brothers, or Bai Gunan and the others from the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan, their strengths were more than a little bit inferior to him, so defeating them was like slapping away a few flies, and it didn’t provide him with the slightest sense of accomplishment.

As for the gaunt young man that appeared in the end, even though he possessed four times his combat strength, Chen Xi was still unafraid of him. The reason Chen Xi hadn’t fought was only because he didn’t want to allow Long Zhenbei to watch the show.

Oh, I wonder if that fellow went on a killing spree after being affected by the Lotus Heart Illusion Technique and killed that gaunt young man? If that really did happen, then he would surely feel extremely glorious, right? A wisp of an amused smile couldn’t help but curl up onto the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth when he thought about Long Zhenbei because early on before he left the Ice Cloud Pavilion, he’d already secretly executed a Dao Art called the Lotus Heart Illusion Technique.

This Dao Art was extremely strange, and it injured others imperceptibly. Once it was executed, it would be like an inner demon that silently snuck into the mind of the opponent before awakening and arousing the rage, resentment, temper, envy, and other such unpleasant and dark sentiments within the depths of the opponent’s mind, causing the opponent to unconsciously lose control of his emotions.

Moreover, this Dao Art was formidable solely because it was ‘soundless.’ It was extremely difficult for the opponent to notice, and unless one’s Dao Heart had attained a flawless and perfect state, otherwise, so long as the slightest flaw was found, the person would instantly be affected by the Dao Art.

Chen Xi was only able to succeed because he’d seized the opportunity at the instant Long Zhenbei was slightly stunned.

As far as he was concerned, after Long Zhenbei killed the gaunt young man in his fury, Long Zhenbei would surely win the praise of everyone in the hall and enter the limelight. Thus, his actions couldn’t be considered to be of harm to Long Zhenbei, and it was instead an act that gave Long Zhenbei a chance to make a show of strength. So Long Zhenbei ought to be happy.

However, what Chen Xi didn’t know was that Long Zhenbei was currently drinking wine and sulking, and he was full of suspicion and uneasiness because he’d lost control of his feelings.

Chen Xi wandered about while pondering, and he unknowingly arrived at a bustling area where noisy shouts resounded in the sky. Numerous cultivators were selling antiques, strange things, and some magic treasures.

Obviously, this was the trade market that cultivators loved to visit because some materials and treasure that couldn’t be used by them could be sold here in exchange for things that they needed.

“One Nine-leaf Poria from Dragonhead Mountain only in exchange for Dark Icesoul Metal!”

“Century year old stand that carries precious treasures from the entire world. My prices are just and none will be cheated. Fellow Daoists that need something, please come take a look quickly because opportunities do not wait.”

“Male cultivators don’t bother stopping, female cultivators stop moving. This humble one’s ancestor passed down this Tigersoul Fragrance Powder that beautifies and retains youthfulness. There’s only this one bottle, may the highest bidder win! Instead of being moved in the heart, make a move!”

As soon as he approached this area, a wave of clamorous noises assaulted his face, and it seemed to be extremely bustling.

Chen Xi noticed that this area was covered in stalls. In every single stall were various treasures that emitted strands of auspicious qi, emanated waves of multicolored divine lights that shot up into the sky, and flowed with the glow of treasures. Everything that one could wish for was here, and it caused one’s eyes to be dazzled.

Chen Xi was greatly interested because it was the first time he was wandering about such streets that were covered in stalls since he entered the Dark Reverie. As he walked about on the streets and looked around, he widened his knowledge greatly, and his horizons were broadened by some strange things that he’d never seen or heard of in the past.

“Who’re you trying to cheat? You dare say this piece of trash is the ancient divine weapon, Heaven Refinement Furnace? And you still want a Quasi Immortal Weapon for it? Your heart is simply too black!”

Right when Chen Xi passed by a stall, he heard someone howling, and he stopped moving right away and felt extremely surprised. According to his knowledge, the Heaven Refinement Furnace was one of the most renowned immortal treasures during the primeval times.

Chen Xi walked forward and noticed that it was a small stall that had numerous tattered and old things placed upon it. All of them looked to be extremely aged, and some even emitted shocking fluctuations. Moreover, a bronze furnace that was mottled with rust was placed in the most conspicuous position.

The owner of the stall was a skinny old man, and he chuckled as he said, “Young man, you have to understand that the older a thing it, the more it has returned to simplicity. As the saying goes, the Dao is nature, and this is exactly what it means.”

“Hmph! Old fart, you look like a swindler to me!” The cultivator spoke indignantly.

“Alright, I’ll allow you to witness its might.” The skinny old man didn’t become infuriated and spoke with a grin before forming seals with his hand, and then he pointed at the bronze furnace and shouted loudly. “Rise!”

Instantly, space trembled and collapsed into numerous pieces of space with a bang before transforming into a torrent that was swallowed by the bronze furnace. Moreover, everyone could clearly see that the interior of the furnace was enshrouded with divine light that refined the pieces of space into strands of translucent objects that emitted an awe-inspiring aura.

This commotion was rather great, causing everyone in the surroundings to be alarmed, and all of them were drawn over.

“This is… The Heaven Refinement Furnace?” Someone exclaimed with shock, and some cultivators were even startled and felt extremely astounded.

“It’s really that immortal treasure from the primeval times? According to legend, this furnace is capable of refining the sky and space. So long as one’s enemy is absorbed into it, then the enemy would be instantly refined into ash and completely vanish in the heavens and the earth.” Someone exclaimed with admiration.

“No, this is only a damaged copy and not the real Heaven Refinement Furnace. After all, a divine object like that had already vanished without a trace since a long time ago along with the gods after they established the three dimensions. So how could it possibly appear here?” Someone was anxious and doubtful.

The Heaven Refinement Furnace was said to be capable of refining the universe and melting everything in the world, and it was a treasure in the possession of the gods that possessed a might that shook the heavens and the earth. It was even much more formidable than a true Immortal Artifact, and nothing would be left behind once it was absorbed into the furnace.

The name of such a renowned divine weapon of the primeval times was truly too resounding, and it could be said to be famous in the three dimensions. It was equally famous as the Heaven Suppression Seal, Chaotic Flag, World Skyearth Pagoda, and it was reputed to be the most terrifying divine weapon.

More than one great figure had tried to refine this treasure in the annals of history. Unfortunately, even though they possessed formidable might, they were only copies in the end, and they couldn’t compare to the might of the true Heaven Refinement Furnace.

“Unfortunately, it’s just another damaged copy.” Someone shook his head and was extremely disappointed.

“You can’t say that. Even though this isn’t the true Heaven Refinement Furnace, yet its might isn’t inferior to a Quasi Immortal Artifact. Moreover, it possesses numerous profound uses, and it’s capable of refining spatial energy. Once you advance to the Earthly Immortal Realm, it would possess an unbelievable and magical effect when utilized to comprehend the Spatial Grand Dao. This is the supreme treasure in my stall, and there’s nothing that can compare to it.” The skinny old man grinned as he spoke, and with a flip of his hand, he’d already kept away the Heaven Refinement Furnace once again.

Refine spatial energy?

Even though they knew clearly that this was a damaged copy, it still caused many cultivators to be exceedingly moved, and all of them asked the price successively with the intention of purchasing it.

In next to no time, the bidding surged to an absurd height.

Chen Xi was originally rather moved by it, yet when he heard the price of this copy of the Heaven Refinement Furnace was already comparable to two Quasi Immortal Artifacts, Chen Xi resolutely gave up his intention to purchase it.

Even though the treasure was good, he was helpless against its absurd price, and he could only give up.

He didn’t feel it was much of pity in his heart because he’d utilized the Eye of Divine Truth to observe this treasure, and he noticed that the materials utilized to refine this treasure were rare indeed, yet there wasn’t anything within it that could cause his heart to thump. So even if he bought it, it would be difficult for it to be advanced into the true Heaven Refinement Furnace.

Perhaps it was just as the owner of the stall had said, this treasure’s use was to refine spatial energy. Its effects were singular, and it was far from possessing the terrifying lethality of the true Heaven Refinement Furnace.

But no matter what, merely the profound uses of the ability to refine spatial energy was indeed worthy of the astronomical price of two Quasi Immortal Artifacts. After all, spatial energy carried an allure that was impossible to resist for cultivators.

Chen Xi had given up, yet it didn’t mean the others had given up as well. Along with the bidding becoming more and more intense, the price of the copy of the Heaven Refinement Furnace actually grew higher and higher, and it already arrived at an astounding height.

No one had imagined that even though this wasn’t an auction, the bidding of this treasure had drawn the attention of everyone and became more and more intense.

“I’ll exchange for it with three Quasi Immortal Artifacts! If anyone is able to surpass this price, then I, Wen Daoran, will give it away with both hands!” Right at this moment, a clear voice resounded out, and accompanying this voice was a tall and handsome young man in a Hanfu who split open the crowd and approached with large steps.

This young man had eyes that were brilliant like the stars, a face that was white like jade, a nose that was straight and upright, and he emitted a vast aura of soaring into the nine heavens and arriving like a prince with monstrous might.

“Wen Daoran! The peerless sword cultivator of one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Heartcontrol Swordhouse!” Someone exclaimed with surprise as he’d recognized the handsome young man in a Hanfu.

The others were horrified as well because they never imagined that a brilliant figure of such status like Wen Daoran would actually come to the stalls on this street, and it was unexpected to them.

The Heartcontrol Swordhouse? Chen Xi was slightly stunned, and then he recalled the Shang Clan’s Shang Que that had joined the Heartcontrol Swordhouse in the Primeval Battlefield.

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