Chapter 638 – Staging A Farce

Long Zhenbei was extremely aggrieved because the feeling of being used by another was too infuriating. If it wasn’t for Chen Xi being a disciple of the same sect, he truly wished for nothing more than to smack the bastard to death!

As a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, when had he been schemed against by another?

He simply fucking ordered me about like a hired thug!

Long Zhenbei was angered to the point his fury boiled, and he vented his bellyful of rage onto his opponent.

His figure moved like a swimming dragon through the surroundings, and he was overbearing and dominating. He fully displayed all the abilities he’d cultivated, causing every single move he made to be filled with an extremely violent and piercingly cold aura, and he simply seemed capable of tearing the world apart and crushing the sun and moon.

Even though the gaunt young man from the Wyrmshark Devil Isle possessed four times combat strength, how could he be a match for a formidable figure like Long Zhen Bei? He fell into a disadvantaged position at the instant the battle started, and he was beaten to the point of retreating repeatedly. He could only defend himself from a passive position, and his sorry state was only lacking him throwing his arms over his head and fleeing.

Long Zhenbei was aggrieved yet the gaunt young man was actually even more aggrieved than Long Zhenbei. He originally thought he would only be dealing with Chen Xi, yet never had he imagined that someone would interfere halfway with attacks that were like a fierce storm and seem to be fighting desperately. Long Zhenbei simply seemed to have taken the gaunt young man to be the enemy that had killed his father, and it caused the gaunt young man to feel like crying, but he had no tears.

Motherfucker! Who did I fucking offend? I just came to take revenge for my junior brothers, and I didn’t come to put my life on the line? Fucking hell! Your Nine Radiance Sword Sect is too overbearing…

The gaunt young man’s expression was extremely unsightly, and he was depressed to the point of being on the verge of spitting blood. If he knew since the beginning that the opponent was an outstanding disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, then he would have utterly not come!

Now he was caught and bashed violently. Not only was he unable to take revenge, but he’d also probably lose half his life in the process, and whether he could escape with his life was problem…

Both of them had different thoughts, yet were similarly aggrieved and furious, and they vented all their bellyful of resentment onto their opponents. When this entered into the eyes of the others, the battle between the two was extremely intense and wonderful, causing everyone to exclaim with enjoyment.

Because the surroundings of the highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion was covered in countless restrictions, there was no need to worry that the battle between the two would destroy the place where they resided.

It was even to the extent that for the sake of allowing both of them to fight freely, everyone in the hall consciously retreated to the side and emptied out a vast space that allowed both of them to fight to their heart’s content.

“Oh, Long Zhenbei is worthy of being called a peerless figure from the Serpent Dragon Clan. His Dao Arts are exquisite and profound, his imposing aura shot into the sky like a rainbow, and his strength is sufficient for him to gain a leading position amongst those of the younger generation.”

“Yeah. Chen Xi’s natural talent is already sufficiently shocking, yet Long Zhenbei seems to be even stronger, and it’s simply the fortune of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect to possess such figures.”

“Ha! Look at that expert from the Wyrmshark Devil Isle. He came over menacingly earlier, yet has been beaten to the point of throwing his arms over his head and fleeing, and he doesn’t look the slightest bit arrogant any longer.”

Everyone commented about the battle from every aspect because being able to witness such a brilliant battle before entering the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was able to help them kill time.

The gaunt young man was stifled once more when he saw this scene, and the veins on his forehead bulged while a tempestuous storm surged in his heart. Motherfucker, don’t all of you see that I’m being fucking bashed? Not only do all of you not try to mediate, yet are helping him victimize me. How could all of you behave like this!?

At this moment, he was on the verge of tears while his intestines had gone green with regret. I shouldn’t have come, I shouldn’t have come!

On the other hand, after he heard these discussions, Long Zhenbei’s expression had gradually brightened up as a wisp of a prideful expression even suffused the space between his brows. Because everyone present was a top figure within the various powers and being able to obtain their praise caused him to be extremely comfortable in his heart. Moreover, the aggrieved and depressed feeling he had from before had unknowingly become much lighter.

“Hmph! You dare think my Nine Radiance Sword Sect has no one capable? I’ll give you a memory you’re unable to forget for your entire lifetime!” He attacked more and more fiercely while his aura grew in ferocity, and he felt even more complacent in his heart.

He seemed as if he’d taken his opponent to be the stepping stone for himself to make a show of strength, and he wanted to display his might and dignity with this. Sure enough, he obtained waves of cheering from everyone in the hall during this battle.

This caused Long Zhenbei to feel even more delighted in his heart, and it was even to the extent he started to think of how good Chen Xi was. If it wasn’t for this bastard giving me such an opportunity to enter the limelight, how could I mercilessly and freely bash this fellow even when he’s down?

When he thought of Chen Xi, he inadvertently glanced at Chen Xi out of the corner of his eye, yet he noticed that Chen Xi was watching the battle with a smile and was frequently nodding with praise. Moreover, Chen Xi had a carefree attitude as if he was watching a show at its climax.

A show?

As he looked at the light smile of Chen Xi’s face, the complacency in Long Zhenbei’s heart vanished suddenly for no reason, and he instantly felt extremely terrible. He suddenly realized that he was like a monkey that was performing without sparing any effort and was jumping up and down just for the sake of the claps and cheers of the spectators.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was like the showman that planned the entire show…

When he thought up to here, the corners of Long Zhenbei’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely while he felt like a million of fucks were whistling through his heart and surging endlessly. Dammit! Bastard! This fellow is playing tricks on me like a monkey!

Due to the rage in his heart, he unconsciously started striking even more ruthlessly, and it struck his opponent to the point of coughing up blood without end while letting out successive shrill cries of pain.

Everyone in the hall didn’t know Long Zhenbei’s thoughts at this moment, and they instantly let out a wave of cheers when they saw him actually put on a great display of martial prowess and bash the expert from the Wyrmshark Devil Isle like a dead dog.

But at this moment, when the praise of everyone entered into Long Zhenbei’s ears, it was so ear piercing like numerous blades that fiercely pierced into his heart, causing his heart to be on the verge of bleeding.

Played like a monkey… Played like a monkey…

These words were like a curse that surged endlessly within his mind, and it provoked him to the point his heart felt as if it was being sliced apart by blades, causing him to explode with rage and wish for nothing more than to roar at the heavens.

On the other hand, the force of his attacks grew more and more ferocious and overbearing, and it carried an imposing aura of annihilating.


Finally, the gaunt young man was unable to resist any longer, and blood sprayed from his mouth as he flew out backwards. His face warped hideously as he roared. “Fuck your mother! It’s just a battle yet you actually struck so ruthlessly. Nine Radiance Sword Sect? I don’t give a fuck, I’ll fucking fight you to the end today, Bastard!”

As he spoke, he’d already started roaring like a mad tiger and charged forward once more, and he seemed as if he was ready to put his life on the line and was fearless of injury for the sake of bringing Long Zhenbei down with him.

As the saying goes, one can’t accomplish anything without going mad. Up until this point in the battle, the gaunt young man had been suppressed successively in front of everyone, and he was already fuming with rage and lost all hope, so he intended to put his life on the line.

“What! You actually dare to curse at me?” Long Zhenbei’s mind droned as he stared, his eyes wide open with rage. Since he’d made a name for himself, it was the first time he’d heard someone dare to direct such dirty curses at him, and it infuriated him to the point flames raged in his chest and he decided to annihilate this person to make an example for others.

The strange thing was that it just so happened that at the instant he was furious to the limit, he didn’t think how miserable the death the expert of the Wyrmshark Devil Isle would be from offending him, and it was actually Chen Xi’s light smile that appeared in his mind…

Played the monkey… Played the monkey…

The words that were like a curse resounded and surged like a bell within his mind once again.

Dammit! He’s truly too detestable!

All of this was like a fuse that instantly and completely lit up the flames of rage in every inch of his body, causing him to charge forward like a caged tiger.

“Die!” Long Zhenbei roared furiously towards the sky.


A rain of blood sprayed out as the body of the gaunt young man was torn apart into pieces by Long Zhenbei, causing internal organs of various different sizes and colors that were accompanied by scarlet red and hot blood to pour all over the ground.

The smell of blood assaulted the nose, and it was nauseating, whereas the scene itself was tragic to the extreme.

Instantly, the atmosphere in the entire hall became extremely silent, perfectly silent. Everyone stared with eyes wide open as they looked at the brutal and violent bloody scene before their eyes, and they were shocked and speechless.

No one had imagined that Long Zhenbei’s killing intent would actually be so strong, and his methods would be so brutal. An expert that came from the Wyrmshark Devil Isle had actually been torn apart alive by him!

Some female cultivators even went pale with terror from this sudden scene, and their eyes carried wisps of horror as they looked at the distant Long Zhenbei.

It was as if they’d taken him to be a perverted and bloodthirsty executioner.

Long Zhenbei took a deep breath and couldn’t help but be stunned as he looked at the strange gazes everyone shot at him from the surroundings, and then he suddenly sobered up from his rageful feelings. I’ve… actually killed him?

The blood and severed limbs on the ground, the silent atmosphere in the hall, the strange expressions of the faces of everyone… All of this allowed him to realize that he was indeed unable to control his feelings of rage earlier and had killed his opponent.

All of this was because of that damnable bastard!

When he thought up to here, Long Zhenbei’s eyelids twitched as his gaze that was like blades fiercely swept the surroundings yet he didn’t notice any trace of Chen Xi, and it seemed as if Chen Xi had left the hall a long time ago.

All of this caused him to feel that those scenes from before were like a dream, whereas it felt as if his mind didn’t belong to him during the battle with the gaunt young man, and it caused him to feel cold and horrified in his heart for no reason.

What exactly is going on?

When did my cultivation of the Dao Heart become so bad?

Long Zhenbei was stunned. This was the first time since he started cultivating that he’d encountered such a situation. He wasn’t worried about the trouble the death of his opponent would cause him but was slightly vigilant towards himself. Because if a flaw appeared in his Dao Heart, then it would be greatly harmful to his cultivation.

“Where’s my Junior brother Chen?” Long Zhenbei sat back at this seat before the table and asked Daoist Crimson Sun who sat opposite him.

Meanwhile, the blood and severed limbs on the ground had been cleaned up by the attendants of the Ice Cloud Pavilion, causing the atmosphere in the hall to return to its previous state, and it was as if nothing had happened earlier. It was like an extremely ordinary and trivial matter that was unable to draw their attention any longer.

The facts were indeed like this. There were countless incidents of bloodshed in the Dark Reverie every single day, and these experts of the various powers that had experienced countless battles were already accustomed to the occurrence of such incidents, so they wouldn’t pay too much attention to it unless the party that died was an extremely extraordinary figure. But it was exceedingly obvious that this gaunt young man wasn’t one.

“He left.” Daoist Crimson Sun replied before praising with a smile. “That junior brother of yours is an extraordinary and outstanding genius.”

“Is he?” Long Zhenbei was slightly preoccupied.

He was still contemplating why he would be so furious earlier. As for Chen Xi’s departure, he didn’t pay any attention to it. It’s better that he has left. I can avoid feeling vexed from the sight of him.

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