Chapter 637 – Forced To Make A Move

The gaunt young man from the Wyrmshark Devil Isle was enshrouded with demonic qi and killing intent that surged into the sky, and it possessed an exceedingly shocking impetus and caused even the hall to start shaking.

Fortunately, this was the highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion. Since it was capable of standing through the countless years in Icesky City and being well maintained, it naturally wasn’t a place other places could compare to.

For example, the surroundings of this hall had been densely covered in countless restrictions, and this was why it was capable of resisting the violent killing intent of the gaunt young man without being destroyed.

Everyone discerned that the strength of the gaunt young man wasn’t just a little bit higher than the four Wyrmshark brothers, and they were slightly awed in their hearts because they never imagined that such a formidable figure would actually appear in the Wyrmshark Devil Isle.

Chen Xi stood up and looked at the gaunt young man as he said, “You want to fight me?”

“You humiliated my four Junior Brothers, so you naturally have to suffer punishment!” The gaunt young man spoke with a ghastly tall that emanated killing intent. He raised his hand to strike out with a formidable Dao Art as he spoke, and it transformed into a black cloud that was coiled with dazzling bolts of lightning before enveloping down towards Chen Xi.

At the instant he made a move, the hall that was covered in restrictions couldn’t help but start trembling because this force was too violent, and it activated the defensive force within the restrictions.

“Amazing! It’s actually a high-grade Dao Art, this expert of the Wyrmshark Devil Isle is really shocking!”  The experts from the various powers present here were extremely surprised because this person’s movements carried a vast bearing that seemed to look down upon the world, and he was surely a top figure within their generation.

Chen Xi grunted coldly as his aura suddenly rose explosively, causing the Dao Insights in his body to rumble before talisman markings surged like numerous dazzling and resplendent suns that revolved around his body while he looked down upon the world like an overlord. The fluctuations he emitted caused the hearts of everyone present here to tremble.

Commanding Dao Insights?

Every single one of them was an elite expert from the various powers, so they discerned with a single glance how shocking the ability Chen Xi revealed was, and their eyes squinted. How can such a figure be a nobody? He’s probably another extraordinary figure from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

Leng Chan’er stared at Chen Xi while her clear eyes flickered with strands of lively divine lights.


Chen Xi strode out, causing an energy that was pure, icy cold, and murderous to the extreme to surge out explosively, and he was like the god of death that had stepped out from hell as he directly crushed and dispersed his opponent’s attack.

Peak-grade Dao Art - Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation!

At the same time, the imposing aura of the gaunt young man waned as the blood in his entire body seemed to have been frozen by Chen Xi’s killing intent, causing his body to ache extremely as if he was being sliced up alive.

What Dao Art is this!?

The gaunt young man was stunned, and he instantly understood why those four junior brothers of his would lose at Chen Xi’s hands. Merely these footsteps that carried peerless killing intent were absolutely not something an ordinary person could grasp.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After taking the first stride, Chen Xi didn’t stop in the slightest, and his footsteps were like the beating of drums by the gods as he strode out repeatedly. Every single stride he took caused his imposing aura to rise explosively, and he was like the child of a god that caused lotuses to appear with every step as he soared into the sky.

Right at this instant, everyone seemed as if they’d heard the roar of a dragon, and if was like the chanting of the gods as it resounded out in the world.

On the other hand, a boundless glow erupted from beneath his feet and rained down like a rain of light, and it transformed into boundless talisman markings that condensed into numerous lotus flower images that were crystalline like black jade before spreading to the surroundings.

Its might was like the hell of slaughter, and it shook the souls of everyone to the point they were unable to keep their composure and shook space itself to the point of shattering inch by inch before transforming into a wave that spread out into the surroundings.

Even the expressions of Daoist Crimson Sun, Qiu Jun, and other such figures turned to shock. This sort of footwork was too terrifying, and it was obviously a peak-grade Dao Art that emitted killing intent explosively. Every single stride seemed to be able to crush the sky, shattering everything in the world, and cause the world to fall into chaos.

Chen Xi hadn’t held back in the slightest this time, and he took nine successive steps swiftly like a bolt of lightning and smoothly completed the peak-grade Dao Art Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation in one go. The killing intent that surged like tempestuous waves directly shook the gaunt young man to the point blood flowed out from the corners of his mouth as he staggered back.

In the end, he couldn’t hold back any longer and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, and it tainted his clothes red while he himself was almost blasted flying.

Everyone was astonished. What sort of might is this? This expert of the Wyrmshark Devil Isle was actually unable to go against Chen Xi’s footsteps and was directly crushed by the surged torrent of killing intent to the point of being injured and spitting blood, and it was astounding.

“You’re courting death! You’re truly courting death!” In the end, a jet black light erupted on the body of the gaunt young man, and it dispersed the might of Chen Xi’s attack. His gaze locked onto Chen Xi like a pair of blades as he said with a ghastly tone, “I admit that these footsteps are really formidable and caught me off guard. But I’ll let you experience my true strength now!”


Like an ancient ferocious beast awakening, the imposing aura in his entire body rose explosively, and he actually instantly became a few times stronger than before!

“Eh, it’s actually four times combat strength!” The distance Daoist Crimson Sun exclaimed with surprise, and he’d discerned the reason for the change in the gaunt young man’s aura.

The expressions of the other people in the hall went grim because all of them knew clearly that a person that possessed four times combat strength could already be considered to be a top figure within the hall.

Under these circumstances, how would Chen Xi go against him?

Chen Xi’s eyes squinted, and he felt it was slightly troublesome. But his gaze glanced over and instantly saw a wisp of a smile had just appeared on the corners of the distant Long Zhenbei’s mouth, and Long Zhenbei seemed as if he wanted to watch the show.

Chen Xi had a flash of inspiration in his heart and suddenly spoke in a clear voice. “Senior Brother Long, just someone from the Wyrmshark Devil Isle dares to offend the dignity of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he obviously thinks there’s no one capable in our sect!”

This voice seemed to be especially unexpected amidst this nervous confrontation and battle, and it caused everyone present to be stunned.

Right, it isn’t just Chen Xi who has come from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect this time, and there’s also a formidable existence that has become renowned in the world since a long time ago and possessed the Serpent Dragon’s Spiriteyes!


Now, the gazes of most people within the hall descended onto the nearby Long Zhenbei.

Even the gaunt young man couldn’t help but glance at Long Zhenbei.

Long Zhenbei’s expression couldn’t help but stiffen when Chen Xi suddenly named him, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch violently. Motherfucker, this kid is dragging me into trouble!

He gnashed his teeth with hatred in his heart because he originally intended to watch the show, yet never had he imagined that Chen Xi would actually drag him down at this critical moment!


He’s truly too detestable!

As he looked at the faint smile that appeared on the distant Chen Xi’s face, even killing intent had arisen in Long Zhenbei’s heart from his anger. But in the next moment, he still took a deep breath and restrained the various thoughts in his heart before his expression turned serious, and then he stood up proudly.

“How presumptuous! When have the members of the Wyrmshark Devil Isle dared put on a show of arrogance before the disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect? Junior Brother Chen, you withdraw for now. Let me deal with this matter!” Once he decided to make a move, Long Zhenbei instantly revealed an extremely overbearing and arrogant side of himself, and his voice was deafening like the roar of a dragon while he revealed a duty and honor bound appearance.

In the next moment, Long Zhenbei had already soared into the sky like a swimming dragon and pounced towards the gaunt young man in an utterly overbearing and ferocious way.

Chen Xi suddenly smiled without reason or rhyme when he saw this, and he thought in his heart. Actually, this resounding name of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect isn’t just useful towards outsiders, and it possesses an irreplaceable effect on people from the sect as well.

For example, even if Long Zhenbei was on the verge of exploding from anger, he didn’t dare sit idly by and remain indifferent. He had no choice because both of them were from the same sect, so once the name of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was used against him, he didn’t dare to watch the show indifferently from the sidelines.

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