Chapter 636 – Bashing Domineeringly

Meanwhile, the others within the hall had recognized the identities of these people that had arrived, and all of them frowned. They finally understood why this young man dared to be so overbearing because possessing an enormous mountain like the Bai Clan as his backing was really an extreme pain for others.

After all, the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan was famous for being protective of their own. No matter who was right or wrong, if someone offended a member of their clan, then the person couldn’t avoid being implicated and suffering punishment.

At this moment, this young man called Bai Gunan was like a dreadful monster that caused anyone who encountered him to have a headache and be worried about drawing trouble onto one’s self.

“Kid, are you deaf!?” A person by Bai Gunan’s side spoke out, and he was obviously a follower of Bai Gunan.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to waste his breath, his gaze swept out while a violent aura erupted from his body, and he whistled out like a dragon leaving its lair and carried a monstrous aura of slaughter. In merely an instant, a few people had already been shaken to the point their vital blood roiled and staggered back. Besides Bai Gunan who was in the lead, all their countenances went pale, and they were on the verge of spitting blood.

Everyone was shocked as they never imagined that Chen Xi would actually remain indifferent towards the members of the Bai Clan and directly make a move! Moreover, he did it so ferociously, and he directly shook them to the point of staggering back like dead leaves before a gale, causing them to be in an extremely embarrassing state.

These actions were even more direct and straightforward than when he slapped the four Wyrmshark brothers, and it seemed as if he didn’t take the members of the Bai Clan seriously.

“You actually dared to injure someone from my side. You’re dead! No one in the world can save you now!” Bai Gunan’s eyes were like bolts of lightning as he shouted out viciously.

Chen Xi grunted coldly as he stood up abruptly, and then he stretched out his hand. Talisman markings surged as they condensed into an ancient symbol that rumbled as it crushed down before directly grabbing onto Bai Gunan and slapping him fiercely.

Everyone in the hall was horrified. Chen Xi has really courted disaster now. He actually dared to slap Bai Gunan like this. If the Bai Clan finds out, it will surely implicate all of us.

The reason was extremely simple. They were deeply aware that the Bai Clan was extremely protective of its own and exceedingly overbearing. Even though Bai Gunan’s strength couldn’t compare to some top experts, the reason he dared to be so overbearing was that he was the grandson of an old senior in the Bai Clan, so no one dared to offend him.

It was even to the extent that members of the Devil Sects felt disciples of the Bai Clan were extremely troublesome. It couldn’t be helped, there were truly too few overlord level powers in the Dark Reverie that were protective like the Bai Clan, and it wasn’t exaggerated to say the Bai Clan took revenge for the smallest grievances.

It was simply horrifying to offend the Bai Clan, and one would suffer heavy consequences even if one escaped death!

But all this didn’t have the slightest deterrent force to Chen Xi, and it could even be said that it was very likely that this arrogant and overbearing fellow had a slightly far relationship with him.

After all, Bai Wanqing was the younger sister of the Bai Clan’s Patriarch. Not only had she taken care of him, she even had a deep relationship with his parents, and it was even to the extent that her understanding of his parents was even deeper than he who was the son of his parents.

Moreover, the reason he’d come to the Dark Reverie was for the sake of meeting Bai Wanqing and obtaining clues about his parent’s whereabouts. With this layer of relationship, how could Chen Xi hold back when Bai Gunan offended him at this moment?

Not to mention when a disciple of the Bai Clan, Bai Gan, arrived at West Radiance Peak a few months ago, he’d directly bashed Bai Gan to the point of admitting defeat, let alone Bai Gunan who was standing before him.

Since he offended me, I’ll bash him all the same!

“You actually dare to attack me….” After Bai Gunan was let go of by Chen Xi, his eyes flickered with a ferocious light and were extremely furious. With his identity, it had always been him who’d been bullying others, so when had he ever been bullied by another?

“Do your parents know that you’re so overbearing outside of the clan?” As he spoke, Chen Xi raised his hand and pulled Bai Gunan over once more before slapping him fiercely once again, and the slaps he gave resounded out in the entire hall. “Since you’ve offended me, then you deserve this misfortune.”

Everyone in the hall was stunned. Has Chen Xi gone mad? He has completely and utterly offended the Bai Clan, and even if he possesses the Nine Radiance Sword Sect as his backing, it would probably be impossible to guarantee his safety…

Long Zhenbei gasped, and his mouth gaped. Even with his status, he didn’t dare rashly enter into conflict with disciples of the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan, yet Chen Xi had actually directly slapped them!

“Let go of me!” Bai Gunan cried out loudly with a furious expression, and his mind was slightly dazed from all the slaps. Since he was young until this moment, he’d relied on the might of his clan, and he’d never encountered such a ferocious figure that was simply more arrogant and fearless than him. This caused him to almost not dare believe that all this was true.

His companions were slightly stunned as well. Normally, they followed by Bai Gunan’s side and caused harm to countless people, and they roamed about freely and with extreme joy. Even if they encountered formidable figure, so long as they spoke their clan’s name, the figure would walk away as well, and it was something that had never failed them.

Never had they imagined that they would actually encounter a ferocious figure that was afraid of nothing today, and he utterly didn’t care about the identity they represented when he made a move against them!

Slap! Slap!

Chen Xi seized this opportunity and caused a few more slaps to descend successively, causing blood to spray out of Bai Gunan’s mouth and nose, and his face was completely swollen to the point of being unrecognizable.

Even the nearby Leng Chan’er felt slightly horrified. It was fine if he didn’t know the origins of Bai Gunan, but who would dare offend Bai Gunan after knowing about it? But it just so happened that Chen Xi had done so.

Suddenly, she slightly understood why Chen Xi would so firmly refuse her good intentions and had not yielded in the slightest when facing the bet with Bing Shitian.

Merely this courage to bash up the disciples of the Bai Clan wasn’t something an ordinary person could possess. Perhaps it’s precisely because there’s no fear in his heart that he’s so resolute and brave?

“Stay your hand!” Those few Bai Clan disciples that had been shaken back earlier had finally recovered from their shock, and they shouted out explosively as they charged forward.

Chen Xi raised his head with an icy cold pair of eyes, and a shapeless force rumbled out and smashed onto them like an extremely heavy hammer, causing them to fly backwards once more while coughing up blood without end.

Everyone was shocked. Exactly how tremendous is this pressure? He hadn’t moved yet blasted numerous Bai Clan disciples flying by merely relying on his aura!?

Hmph! They’re only a few pieces of good for nothing trash. If they weren’t Bai Clan disciples, I’m capable of achieving that as well. The distant Long Zhenbei grunted coldly in his heart, and he was extremely displeased that Chen Xi was in the limelight before so many people.

“Let me go!” Bai Gunan’s face was covered in shock as well when he saw this scene, and he finally knew that he’d encountered a ferocious figure this time because since Chen Xi dared to so fearlessly make a move against him, Chen Xi surely had something to rely on.

“Fuck off. If you don’t change your ways in the future, then I’ll bash you every time I see you until you correct your shortcomings.” Chen Xi stopped at the right moment and didn’t intend to cause too much trouble for Bai Gunan. After all, Bai Gunan was a disciple of the Bai Clan, and out of consideration for Bai Wanqing, it couldn’t be justified if he went too far.

Everyone was stunned once again. Why do these words sound like words of a senior teaching a junior a lesson? Isn’t he too overbearing? Is he really unafraid of the Bai Clan’s revenge?

Bai Gunan was both furious and embarrassed because he’d lost face to this extent in public and before Princess Leng Chan’er that he wanted to pursue, and it caused him to wish for nothing more than to find a hole and burrow his way in. Moreover, he’d gnashed his teeth to the point they’d almost shattered, and he hated Chen Xi to the extreme.

“Kid, just you wait!” Bai Gunan and the others dragged along their injured bodies and left hurriedly, and he only dared leave some threatening words right before he left, causing it to be obvious how fearful he was of Chen Xi.

The highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion was completely silent, and no one spoke for a very long time.

Exactly who is this Chen Xi? Not only is he entangled with great figures like Qing Xiuyi and Bing Shitian, he even fearlessly bashed up the disciples of the Bai Clan today. He’s simply overbearing to the limit!

At this moment, the gazes everyone shot at Chen Xi changed because such a formidable and ferocious figure just happened to be unknown to them before this. He really concealed his ability deeply.

Leng Chan’er’s starry eyes flashed and converged onto Chen Xi as if it was the first time she’d seen him, and she revealed a strange expression. “I admit that I slightly underestimated you earlier. But, just this bit of ability is still far away from being capable of defeating Lord Bing Shitian.”

“Then we’ll wait and see.” Chen Xi picked up his wine cup and drank its contents completely, and his expression was calm and composed.

“Haha, then I’ll wish you good luck.” Leng Chan’er couldn’t be bothered to speak any further when she saw this fellow remained stubborn, and she smiled sweetly like a fresh flower that had just bloomed, charming and dazzling. “But I advise you to leave quickly. Otherwise, the experts of the Bai Clan might come looking for trouble with you.”

“Thank you for the warning.” Chen Xi raised his wine cup and toasted Leng Chan’er before drinking its contents completely once again. But he didn’t show any signs of having any intention of leaving.

Leng Chan’er stood up right away when she saw this. Before she left, she suddenly said some strange words via voice transmission, “The members of the Heavenflow Dao Sect that have come to explore the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time are not limited to these people you see before you.” As soon as she finished speaking, a fragrant wind curled up while she’d already returned trippingly to her seat.

Chen Xi smiled and treated it with indifference.

Since he left the sect and killed the seven dark pheasant demons the last time, he knew a single thing clearly. Elder Yue Chi of his Nine Radiance Sword Sect had already secretly colluded with Bing Shitian, and it was for the sake of dealing with him with extremely despicable methods.

So when he left the sect to head to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time, he’d made preparations since long ago and was vigilant towards anything that Bing Shitian might do. Now when Leng Chan’er spoke these words, it only made him be even more sure about the thoughts in his heart, and it was far from capable of making him feel fear.


Right at this moment, a wave of strong winds swept over while demonic qi surged into the sky, and it swept through the entire hall, causing the entire highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion to shake.

After that, a jet black light that was like a torrent shot into the hall before instantly transforming into a gaunt young man that walked over with large and vigorous strides while surrounded with monstrous demonic qi and surging killing intent.

“An expert of the Wyrmshark Clan!” As soon as everyone looked over, they instantly knew that he’d surely come for the sake of taking revenge for the four Wyrmshark brothers.

“It was you who injured those four Junior Brothers of mine earlier?” The gaunt young man stared at Chen Xi with a ghastly gaze that seethed with killing intent, and his entire body was enveloped by a black mist while his killing intent surged like the tide. He was simply like a god of demons, and he even caused the sky to wail.

At this moment, when he saw another person had come looking for trouble, Chen Xi truly felt slightly sick and weary. Since entering the hall, troubles had arrived without end, and it caused him to feel slightly annoyed. He decided that he would leave this place and not return again.

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