Chapter 635 – Provoked Again

Even though Leng Chan’er’s clear and mellow voice was low, it entered completely into the ears of everyone present in the hall. Especially when they understood the meaning behind these words, all of them revealed strange expressions.

“Haha, interesting. She’s forcing Chen Xi to retreat in the face of difficulties.”

“Actually, Princess Leng Chan’er is right. Chen Xi’s identity is really too inferior to Qing Xiuyi. Moreover, he has an opponent like Bing Shitian who’s a Heavenly Immortal, so he entirely has no hope. If I was him, then no matter how unwilling I was, I would think for my life and surely withdraw resolutely.”

“Alas, love really does people great harm. I wonder what sort of choice Chen Xi will make in the end. Will he go against Bing Shitian to the bitter end? Or will he retreat in the face of difficulties?”

“Fight until the bitter end? Hmph! That’s like throwing an egg against a rock, an overestimation of his ability!”

Some people in the hall took pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune, some shook their heads and sighed, some laughed with ridicule, and so on and so forth. All in all, practically no one looked favorably upon Chen Xi.

After all, no matter if it was Qing Xiuyi or Bing Shitian, their identities, status, and strength… everything was much greater than Chen Xi, and the gap between them was so huge that it was like a natural chasm that was impossible to surmount or make up for.

This was reality; brutal, icy cold, and impossible to change. Unless a heaven defying miracle appeared.

After seeing this scene, Long Zhenbei finally felt slightly pleased, and this feeling was truly impossible to be described with words. It was like a tiny ant that was making a ferocious display suddenly had its fangs pulled out, causing it to be amusing and laughable.

Chen Xi turned a deaf ear towards the reproach that came from the surroundings. After he heard these words of Leng Chan’er that were like blades that struck the heart, he didn’t reveal any rage or dejection, and his expression was unusually calm and even slightly indifferent.

“Are you warning me with the identity of the Heavenflow Dao Sect?” Chen Xi asked with a voice that was calm like his expression.

Leng Chan’er smiled with a tranquil expression. “You’re wrong. I’m just standing in Martial Ancestor Qing’s position and analyzing facts objectively. Instead of calling it a warning, it can be said to be a kind reminder.”

Chen Xi suddenly noticed that if it was in terms of a verbal contest, then this beautiful young woman before him was absolutely a top figure because she spoke flawlessly with a neutral attitude, and it was extremely difficult for others to feel aversion towards her.

After pondering for a short moment, Chen Xi asked abruptly. “You haven’t gotten married yet, right?”

Leng Chan’er was stunned, and her beautiful brows frowned as a wisp of displeasure flashed on her face. She was speaking about a serious matter, yet Chen Xi had made a comical remark and absurdly asked about her private affairs. As a beautiful young woman with an extremely great reputation in the younger generation, she was naturally extremely averse towards such a question.

This was like the age of a woman, it was always a taboo, and unless one was someone close to the woman, then once this question was asked, it would be a form of offense that was displeasing.

“This kid is mad! Could it be that he knows he’s unable to pursue Martial Ancestor Qing, so he moved his targets and intends to go for Princess Leng Chan’er instead?” Those experts that felt extremely adoration towards Leng Chan’er were vexed.

“No?” Chen Xi smiled when he saw Leng Chan’er didn’t answer him, and he said, “Then you wouldn’t understand my feelings as a father. Qing Xiuyi is the mother of my child, so even though some disagreements have happened between us, they’ve been forgiven and forgotten a long time ago. If it wasn’t for Bing Shitian’s obstruction, we’d have been together a long time ago. You probably don’t know this, right?”

She wasn’t just unaware, this matter was simply like a thunderclap that shook Leng Chan’er to the point her entire body went stiff, and she was unable to maintain her usual tranquil and proud bearing. Her almond eyes were stared wide open while her mind was shocked to the point that she was slightly dazed.


Martial Ancestor Qing actually gave birth to a child for this fellow before me!?

This was simply like a legendary tale, and it was absurd, bizarre, and unbelievable to the extreme. It had already exceeded all her imagination.

The people in the hall were even petrified, they stared their eyes wide open while shock surged through their hearts, and they were shocked to the point their jaws almost hit the floor.

It was simply too shocking!

After all, Qing Xiuyi was a peerlessly brilliant genius in the entire Dark Reverie. In her previous lifetime, she’d repeatedly overcome nine waves of Heavenly Tribulations in a single night and made history in the cultivation world, and it shocked the entire world. After that, she chose to be reborn with great determination and experience a hundred lifetimes to cultivate supreme karma, causing numerous great figures to be extremely shocked as well.

In the eyes of everyone, she was bound to ascend and become a Heavenly Immortal, and it wasn’t anything strange. Everyone started anticipating what sort of miracle she would create on the day she became a Heavenly Immortal instead!

Now, a figure that was like a celestial maiden of legend that had descended into the mortal world had actually given birth to a child for a young man whose identity was miles apart from hers!

Who wouldn’t be shocked by this?


In the distance, Long Zhenbei had just raised his cup and poured the entire cup of wine in his mouth, and he directly spat it out after he heard these words while he was choked to the point his tears almost flowed out, causing him to be in an extremely embarrassing state.

But he couldn’t care about all this at this moment. He stared fixedly at Chen Xi with a strange gaze that carried shock instead, and it seemed as if he was looking at a monster. What… what… what the fuck is going on!?

If it wasn’t for him being conscious of his status, he’d almost cursed out loud. Qing Xiuyi gave birth to a son for a tiny ant like Chen Xi? Is there any justice left in this world!?

At this moment, Long Zhenbei suddenly felt slightly envious of Chen Xi because he was able to make Qing Xiuyi go to such lengths. If it was any other man, even dying now would probably be worth it, right?

The fingers of the Truth Embrace Sect’s Daoist Crimson Sun trembled, and his gaze was anxious and bewildered.

The Nether Spring Devil Sect’s Qiu Jun was shocked, and he took a few deep breaths secretly and was extremely astounded.

The entire highest floor of the Ice Cloud Pavilion suddenly fell into deathly silence because of these words Chen Xi spoke, and it was perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard.

Chen Xi seemed as if he was unaware to all of this instead, and he still looked at Leng Chan’er who was before him, and he said after a long time, “Now you ought to understand whose woman she is, right?”

The she here naturally referred to Qing Xiuyi.

Leng Chan’er seemed as if her soul had left her body, and she nodded while staring blankly. After that, she sobered up and took a deep breath before shaking her head repeatedly instead. “This is only a one-sided statement of yours, and I’m not concerned about all this. All I know is that with your current accomplishments, it’s utterly impossible for you to seize Martial Ancestor Qing from Lord Bing Shitian’s side.”

Even though she spoke like this, her voice had unconsciously become slightly weaker, and she seemed to be lacking in confidence.

Leng Chan’er seemed to have noticed that her tone wasn’t as powerful as it was before, and she hurriedly continued. “You probably still don’t know, but Martial Ancestor Qing has already recovered 80% of her memories from her previous life, and under Lord Bing Shitian’s assistance, her cultivation has even advanced tremendously by leaps and bounds. Presently, she’s in closed door cultivation to eliminate the evil karma accumulated in her hundred lifetimes, and she’ll emerge upon success to carry out her wedding ceremony with Lord Bing Shitian!”

“That’s the bet between me and Bing Shitian, so I naturally know about it.” Chen Xi smiled lightly, and then a wisp of an extremely firm expression gushed out into his eyes. “You don’t have to speak any further. No matter if it’s for Qing Xiuyi’s sake or for the bet, I’ll surely head to the Heavenflow Dao Sect within a hundred years.”

Leng Chan’er’s face froze as she never imagined that Chen Xi’s attitude would actually be so stubborn and resolute, and it caused her to have an indescribable feeling of frustration. No matter how she wracked her brains, she was unable to figure out why this young man before her would still remain obstinate even after she’d made her attitude so clear. Where did he get this confidence from?

Could it be that he really thinks he can defeat Lord Bing Shitian by relying on a son and win the possession of Martial Ancestor Qing?

“You’re trying to fight against overwhelming odds.” Leng Chan’er tried for the very last time.

“One has to do something even if one knows one is going against overwhelming odds.” Chen Xi’s attitude remained the same.

Leng Chan’er opened her mouth, yet an unexpected event occurred abruptly before she could even say something.


The door to the hall was pushed open with a bang before a few cultivators that were extremely extraordinary walked in. The person in the lead even had a dignified and imposing bearing, black hair that hung loosely on his shoulders, and eyes that surged with cold lightning as they blinked.

This person had a robust figure and thick bones, and his entire body glowed with divine radiance and filled with explosive force, causing him to be filled with a wild nature. At the instant he entered, his gaze descended onto Chen Xi before he shouted coldly. “Who’re you? You aren’t worthy of sitting by the Princess’s side! Fuck off!”

Everyone was astounded. Isn’t this too domineering and overbearing? He’s even more arrogant than the four Wyrmshark brothers.

Chen Xi’s eyes went cold. Ordering me around indiscriminately? This fellow is simply too arrogant!

Long Zhenbei was stunned as well. Even though he was extremely happy to see others look for trouble with Chen Xi, he felt rather uncomfortable in his heart when he saw this fellow doing it in such an overbearing and arrogant way.

Only the hearts of those experts from the Heavenflow Dao Sect were apprehensive as they knew that this person’s origins and background were shocking. Even figures like Princess Leng Chan’er was slightly fearful towards the power that stood behind him.

Because according to rumor, he was the descendant of an old senior in the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan, and he’d always acted arrogantly and overbearingly. Even though his strength was inferior to Yan Shisan from the Heavenflow Dao Sect that possessed the Firestar Body, he was even more arrogant than Yan Shisan. He relied on the formidableness of his background to cause countless troubles while moving about in the cultivation world, and it caused all the disciples of the various great powers to have an extreme headache and avoid him upon encountering him because they were unwilling to offend him as they were deeply afraid of drawing trouble to themselves.

The Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan was a terrifying power that was an overlord in an area of the Dark Reverie. It was like nobility that could compare with enormous powers like the 10 great immortal sects, and it was even to the extent that their territory was even more vast.

Because this clan had shocking resources and reserves, and it had attained its most flourishing period in history a long time ago, causing its forces to not be limited to the Dark Reverie. Supposedly, it was opening up a piece of territory outside the dimension, and their forces were formidable to the point it caused the hearts of others to tremble.

Most importantly, the Bai Clan was extremely protective of its own. No matter if it was a big or small matter, once one offended the Bai Clan, then no matter who it was, even if one avoided death, one would still suffer heavy consequences!

The young man before them had encountered Leng Chan’er a few years ago and took her to be a celestial maiden, and he’d pursued her all the way with the intention of obtaining her hand in marriage. Now, when he saw an unfamiliar young man sitting at the opposite of Leng Chan’er and seeming to be chatting and drinking happily, he was instantly infuriated in his heart, and he utterly didn’t conceal it and directly shed all pretenses by asking Chen Xi to fuck off.

“This is the Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan’s Bai Gunan, a grandson of an old senior in the Bai Clan, and he’s extremely arrogant and overbearing. You must be careful.” Leng Chan’er spoke via voice transmission, and she felt a slight headache towards the arrival of this young man as well.

The Violet Thistle Mountain’s Bai Clan… Chen Xi was stunned instead when he heard this, and a trace of a strange expression inadvertently flashed within his eyes. This… is really a coincidence.

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