Chapter 634 – Every Word Is Like A Blade

Leng Chan’er was the princess of the Ancient Kingdom of Yu. She possessed a respected status, an extraordinary appearance, and had revealed shocking natural talent after joining the Heavenflow Dao Sect. Now she’d already become a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples of the sect, causing her to be far-famed, and it was especially so amongst those of the younger generation, causing her to simply be the goddess in the hearts of numerous disciples.

Now she’d actually taken the initiative to stand up and walk towards Chen Xi, and it caused numerous experts in the hall to look at Chen Xi with gazes that carried a trace of vigilance and hostility.

“May I know if you’re Chen Xi?” Leng Chan’er paid no attention to the others and directly walked over to arrive before Chen Xi, and then she sat lightly before the table and asked with a clear voice.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look at the beautiful young woman that sat opposite him and said, “Is there something you need from me?”

Leng Chan’er suddenly smiled sweetly like a blooming flower when she saw Chen Xi didn’t deny it, and she was charming and beautiful. “So in this way, you’re that Chen Xi whom Martial Ancestor Qing Xiuyi mentioned?”

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and then his eyes glowed brilliantly. He vaguely sensed that this young woman before him might know something, otherwise, she would absolutely not connect Qing Xiuyi with him.

Especially when he heard Leng Chan’er actually call Qing Xiuyi as ‘Martial Ancestor,’ his heart instantly sank because this seniority was too unusual. How could Qing Xiuyi possibly jump up and become a ‘Martial Ancestor’ with her identity?

There’s only a single reason. She has recovered most of the memories from her previous lifetime, and she’s even using the status she possessed in her previous lifetime in the Heavenflow Dao Sect!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Presently, he could be considered to be completely in the dark towards Qing Xiuyi’s current condition, and he knew nothing. It was even to the extent that he had the impulse to head to the Heavenflow Dao Sect to visit Qing Xiuyi.

Meanwhile, after they heard the contents of the conversation between Leng Chan’er and Chen Xi, all the experts of the Heavenflow Dao Sect revealed shocked expressions, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried a wisp of a strange expression.

“Chen Xi, I never imagined that it was actually him!”

“It’s this kid that wants to fight Lord Bing Shitian for Martial Ancestor Qing? Ha! Someone at the Nether Transformation Realm and even from an ordinary dynasty in a minor world. He’s simply a toad lusting after a swan, laughably overestimating his own ability.”

“Exactly. No matter if it's origins, status, or strength, this kid is miles apart from Lord Bing Shitian. How could he be worthy of a celestial maiden like figure like Martial Ancestor Qing?”

“You can’t say that. At the very least, he had the courage to make a bet with Lord Bing Shitian. If it was any of us, would we dare to do that? Even though… I really don’t look favorably upon him.”

The discussions of these experts from the Heavenflow Dao Sect weren’t concealed, so it was heard by the others within the hall, and it caused all of them to gasp and be exceedingly astounded in their hearts.

No one had imagined that this young man who slapped the four Wyrmshark brothers actually had such an absurd and bizarre experience.

Qing Xiuyi was a genius that had shocked the entire Dark Reverie countless years ago, and she’d experienced a hundred lifetimes to cultivate supreme karma, causing numerous great figures in the world to be extremely shocked as well.

On the other hand, Bing Shitian was a great figure that was like a god, and he’d ascended to become a Heavenly Immortal a long time ago, causing him to stand proudly above the Mortal Dimension and command the winds and clouds.

As a Seed Disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Chen Xi actually had an emotional entanglement with Qing Xiuyi and had become a love rival with Bing Shitian. If news of this were to spread, it would probably shock the entire world!

Not to mention if he was overestimating his ability or not, merely this rather bizarre and colorful experience was sufficient to make the people of the world go mad and feel disbelief!

“Chen Xi? He’s Chen Xi?” Daoist Crimson Sun’s eyes flashed with a wisp of a strange expression.

Half a year ago, an Earthly Immortal Realm expert of the Truth Embrace Sect had descended to the Primeval Battlefield to recruit disciples, and he’d brought back the Feng Clan’s Feng Jianbai and the others in the end. On the other hand, the bet between Chen Xi and Bing Shitian had been spread out by that Earthly Immortal Realm elder within the Truth Embrace Sect. As a Seed Disciple of the Truth Embrace Sect, how could Daoist Crimson Sun have not heard about this matter?

Moreover, according to his knowledge, not only did Chen Xi possesses shocking natural talent, Chen Xi had overcome the Phoenix Tribulation of Rebirth and had even crushed all the other experts to obtain the first on the Martial Emperor’s Warsoul Tablet, causing him to be extremely dazzling.

At this moment, when he noticed that this handsome young man before him was actually Chen Xi, a slight ripple couldn’t help but arise in Daoist Crimson Sun’s heart.

“What? Brother Crimson had heard of Chen Xi’s name?” The nearby Long Zhenbei couldn’t help but ask. After he heard about the entanglement between Chen Xi, Qing Xiuyi, and Bing Shitian, besides being shocked, Long Zhenbei couldn’t help but feel slightly envious.

He’s only a fellow at the Nether Transformation Realm, yet he actually interfered between a Heavenly Immortal and a genius that has experienced a hundred lifetimes. Even though he’s acting way beyond his ability, but how many people in the world can achieve such an experience?

Moreover, at this moment, even Daoist Crimson Sun seemed to have heard Chen Xi’s name a long time ago, and it caused Long Zhenbei to be even more shocked. For the first time, he noticed that this nobody he’d always disregarded seemed to be even more extraordinary than he’d imagined…

Why is it like this?

Could it be that this fellow has always been concealing his ability, and only I have been deceived?

Long Zhenbei was caught slightly unprepared by these scenes, and his state of mind was in slight disorder, causing him to feel rather irritable. Moreover, this sort of feeling of being crushed by Chen Xi in every aspect caused him to be extremely displeased.

“Yes, I have indeed heard some of this kid’s deeds, and it’s extraordinary!” Daoist Crimson Sun nodded as he sighed lightly with emotion.

Long Zhenbei felt even more uncomfortable in his heart after he obtained this answer.

“The information given by the higher-ups of the sect is really true. This kid really is that Chen Xi who has grasped the Grand Dao profundities of Paramita and Oblivion…” At the other side, the Nether Spring Devil Sect’s Qiu Jun’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow and be suffused with an imperceptible wisp of a cold light, and he was like a ferocious beast that had laid eyes on its prey, silently laying in wait for the best opportunity to give its prey a lethal strike.

Right when the thoughts of everyone in the hall were flying wildly and they were whispering in each other’s ears, Chen Xi who’d fallen into silence raised his head in the end, and then he looked at Leng Chan’er who sat opposite him and asked. “Did you come see me just to say this?”

Leng Chan’er had always been silently observing Chen Xi’s reactions, and a wisp of admiration couldn’t help but arise in her heart when she saw his gaze quickly recover its clarity and composure, and then she nodded. “Exactly. Since long ago, I’ve wanted to see exactly what sort of person the man that constantly occupies Martial Ancestor Qing Xiuyi’s mind actually is.”

Constantly occupies her mind? She… still firmly remembers me?

Just a single sentence had caused the strand of restlessness and anxiety in Chen Xi’s heart to instantly vanish without a trace, and his state of mind became even more composed and calm, causing him to turn a deaf ear to the discussions in the surroundings.

All these things couldn’t be concealed for long since the very beginning. Now that it has been exposed, then let it be! The entanglement between me, Qing Xiuyi, and Bing Shitian will have an outcome in a hundred years, so what’s the difference between it being exposed now or later?

“You really are not bad. But if I may speak bluntly, in my opinion, you’re currently far from being able to be worthy of Martial Ancestor Qing Xiuyi.” Leng Chan’er spoke word by word with a serious expression while looking Chen Xi straight in the eye. “Moreover, there’s probably no hope for you to win the bet with Lord Bing Shitian at all. Perhaps choosing to withdraw is the best choice for you. Otherwise, to say a sentence that’s criticizing, the end you face is bound to be extremely miserable.”

Every single one of these words could be said to be like a blade that struck the heart. Especially when it was spoken by a figure with a status like Leng Chan’er, it even carried a feeling that caused others to have no choice but to be convinced.

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