Chapter 633 – Slap! Slap! Slap!

These beings that had suddenly entered the hall carried gloomy expressions and revealed fury on their faces. Even though they weren’t humans, yet they’d transformed into human form, and they emitted surging black colored demonic mist as they moved about.

Most unusual of it all was that these few beings actually possessed similar appearances, and they were obviously quadruplets.

“The four Wyrmshark Brothers of the Stormy Devil Sea!” Someone recognized the identities of these beings and cried out with surprise. These four brothers were deep sea variant creatures, Azure Wyrmsharks, that had taken human form, and they possessed extraordinary natural talent. After they took human form, every single one of them was extremely ferocious and formidable, and they were fierce figures that were famous in the Stormy Devil Sea.

When the Stormy Devil Sea was mentioned, everyone would think of the Wyrmshark Devil Isle within the devil sea because an invincible expert had once been born from there during the primeval times, the Great Sage Tsunami. He’d fought the three dimensions and all the gods within it before finally standing proudly amongst the ranks of the great figures in the three dimensions, and he obtained the name 'Great Sage'!

Since the ancient times until now, only a small handful of people amongst the myriad of living beings in the three dimensions were able to be respected as 'Great Sages', and they could be counted with one’s fingers.

“No wonder they dared to be so arrogant and kick the door in. So it turns out that it’s these four ferocious figures.” The others recognized the origins of these few beings, and all of them revealed strange expressions.

They’d heard a long time ago that a few extraordinary geniuses had appeared within the Wyrmshark Devil Isle in the recent years, whereas the four Wyrmshark brothers were the most famous existences amongst these geniuses.

Those four brothers revealed complacent expressions when they heard these discussions because being able to be recognized by the experts of the various powers at the highest level of the Ice Cloud Pavilion was something worthy of being proud of.

“Friend, could it be that you didn’t hear what I said?” The expression of the eldest amongst the four, Sha Tong, who was in the lead, darkened when he saw Chen Xi actually disregarded them.

Chen Xi had naturally heard what Sha Tong said, and he’d even heard the discussions of everyone in the surroundings. But want him to hand over his seat obediently? Impossible!

Since they’d directly pounced at him upon entering the hall, they obviously felt that he was the weakest amongst the people present. So if he were to make a concession now, it wouldn’t just be a loss to his reputation, even the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that stood behind him would be humiliated as well.

“Fellow Daoist Long, isn’t that a disciple of your Nine Radiance Sword Sect? Even figures like the four Wyrmshark brothers have come to bully your Nine Radiance Sword Sect, aren’t you going to interfere?” In the distance, Daoist Crimson Sun looked at Long Zhenbei and spoke via voice transmission.

“Right, he’s indeed a new Seed Disciple of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect. But you know young people. They’re arrogant and conceited, so letting him suffer a little bit is good as well, and it would be helpful to his future cultivation.” Long Zhenbei glanced at the distant Chen Xi, and then he shook his head as he smiled while speaking with an unconcerned tone.

“Oh, so Fellow Daoist Long had a plan already.” Daoist Crimson Sun smiled and didn’t speak any further.

As far as he was concerned, these actions of Long Zhenbei were normal because there was no lack of rash and inexperienced fellows who were arrogant and conceited because of their status as disciples of the 10 great immortal sects, and it was extremely easy for them to offend others and lose their lives. So suffering a little bit and properly tempering their character sometimes was helpful to their cultivation instead.

“I can let bygones be bygones if all of you leave now. Otherwise, bear the consequences.” Chen Xi glanced at the four brothers before withdrawing his gaze, and then he continued drinking his wine with a composed bearing.

Everyone was surprised because this young man looked to be all alone yet spoke bluntly, and he actually didn’t reveal the slightest shred of panic from the beginning until the end while facing the threats of the four Wyrmshark brothers. Wasn’t this sort of calm and composed bearing a form of contempt towards the four Wyrmshark brothers?

Even Long Zhenbei was slightly stunned, and then he shook his head and laughed lightly without end. If it was only one of the four brothers, then perhaps Chen Xi would be able to easily obtain victory with his strength.

But if he faced all four of them at the same time… Then once a conflict erupts between them later, he’ll surely beg for assistance from me, right?

Long Zhenbei had a composed expression as he watched on coldly from the sidelines, and he even slightly anticipated the battle in his heart because he would be able to attain his goal of having Chen Xi beg for assistance from him after Chen Xi was bashed up fiercely by these monsters from the Stormy Devil Sea.

“You… How arrogant!” The four brothers exploded into a rage, and their tones were ghastly and fully revealed waves of killing intent.

All the seats in the hall had already been occupied, and only Chen Xi was sitting alone here. They originally thought that by relying on their reputation, it would be sufficient to scare this young man away. Yet never had they imagined that not only did this young man remain unmoved, he even dared to threaten them?

Chen Xi naturally couldn’t be bothered to pay any further attention to these people, and he continued drinking wine by himself, whereas his gaze inadvertently glanced towards the distant Long Zhenbei as he sneered endlessly in his heart.

Just from Long Zhenbei’s attitude, Chen Xi knew that this fellow surely held the thought of watching the show, and Long Zhenbei wouldn’t interfere even if a conflict arose between him and the four Wyrmshark brothers.

Perhaps, he’s waiting for me to beg him for assistance.

“I gave you a chance, now fuck off!” The Eldest, Sha Tong, couldn’t restrain his rage any longer, and he grabbed at Chen Xi’s shoulder.

“Noisy! You need a slap!” At the instant his calm and indifferent voice sounded out, Chen Xi had already raised his hand to grab onto Sha Tong’s hand like a bolt of lightning. At the same time, his left hand stretched out, causing two resounding slaps to sound out as he directly gave Sha Tong two slaps that were extremely resounding.

Everyone was stunned because an unfamiliar young man was actually so mighty and had given the eldest amongst the four Wyrmshark brothers two resounding slaps!

“You dare to be presumptuous before me with this little bit of strength?” asked Chen Xi coldly.

He’d utilized the profundities of the peak-grade Dao Art, Myriadlotus Skyslash Palm when he attacked earlier. When cultivated to the extreme, this Dao Art was even capable of slashing the heavens and splitting the world. At this moment, utilizing it to grab onto his opponent’s hand while taking his opponent by surprise was naturally extremely effective, and Sha Tong was utterly incapable of dodging.

“You’re courting death!” At the other side, another one of the brothers intended to move forward while his entire body trembled from anger.


Chen Xi was rather straightforward. His right hand held onto Sha Tong while his left hand stretched out once more and slapped this Wyrmshark Clan expert to the point of flying out of the hall. The might of his slap was extremely great, and the sound of the slap was especially resounding.

Everyone in the hall gasped in their hearts. Who is this fellow? If that strike that subdued Sha Tong was luck, then this second strike is absolutely not just luck.

“You’re courting death! Human kid, you’re dead!” The eyes of the other two brothers instantly seemed to be on the verge of splitting open, and they blazed with explosive rage as they charged forward after they saw one of their brothers being subdued while the other was slapped out of the hall.

Without exception, all of them were slapped flying by Chen Xi once again, and his direct methods and extremely profound Dao Arts caused everyone present in the hall to be extremely shocked.

No one had imagined that Chen Xi who was all by himself would actually be an expert that concealed his strength, and he would be able to easily and successively blast the four Wyrmshark brothers flying!

After all, these four brothers were extremely ferocious existences in the Stormy Devil Sea, and most people present here didn’t dare guarantee they would be able to obtain victory against the joint forces of these four brothers.

“A peak-grade Dao Art!” In the distance, the eyes of the expert of the Nether Spring Devil Sect, Qiu Jun, that possessed the Thousand Severance Devilbody revealed a wisp of bright light, and his aura instantly grew powerful. He stared at Chen Xi with a strange expression, and he seemed to want to see through all the strength Chen Xi possessed.

“Outstanding! Could it be that this kid has already ascended the top of the lotus platform of your Nine Radiance Sword Sect?” The handsome Daoist Crimson Sun who wore an apricot yellow Daoist robe spoke with a burning gaze.

As a Seed Disciple of one of the 10 great immortal sects, the Truth Embrace Sect, he naturally knew clearly that the current Nine Radiance Sword Sect had lost its former glory, and the reason for this was because there were rarely any peak-grade Dao Arts amongst its Dao Art inheritances. Moreover, in the rumors, such Dao Arts only existed on the top of the mysterious lotus platform.

“This…” Long Zhenbei’s face froze and answered vaguely. The matter of Chen Xi obtaining the 49 peak-grade Dao Art inheritances from the top of the lotus platform was a secret in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and no one dared to reveal it rashly.

“Oh?” Daoist Crimson Sun glanced at Long Zhenbei with deep meaning within his gaze, and he didn’t pursue it any further before shooting his gaze onto Chen Xi once again while seeming to be lost in thought.

A random disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect is capable of grasping a peak-grade Dao Art? This is too unusual. Could it be that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect is accumulating strength in secret, and it intends to recover its former brilliance?

Long Zhenbei didn’t notice the strange expression Daoist Crimson Sun revealed because he was feeling depressed at this moment. He thought earlier that the four Wyrmshark brothers would surely be able to make Chen Xi suffer, yet he’d utterly never imagined that not only did Chen Xi not suffer, Chen Xi even made an impressive display before everyone and received the attention of all.

This simply caused him to be slightly suspicious. Are the four Wyrmshark brothers really as formidable as the rumors say? Could it be that they’re all some trash that only look impressive, but are actually useless?

“Fuck off! I’ll spare all of you this time, and I’ll surely show no mercy if you dare act overbearingly again!” Chen Xi glanced at the four Wyrmshark brothers he had thrown out of the hall before walking towards his seat, and he had a calm expression as if nothing had happened earlier.

But all the experts in the hall had watched everything. At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi had a calm expression as if he’d done nothing significant, they had an even stronger feeling that this young man wasn’t simple.

“I remember him. He came along with Long Zhenbei and An Wei, and he ought to be a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.” Someone suddenly spoke out.

The others instantly revealed enlightened expressions when they heard this. No wonder he’s so formidable. So it turns out that he’s a disciple of the 10 great immortal sects. In this way, it’s easy to explain why those four Wyrmshark brothers would lose to the point of being unable to withstand a single blow.

After all, no matter how formidable the four brothers were, they were still like independent cultivators of the outside world when facing the disciples of an extraordinary power like the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they weren’t on the same level.

Not to mention that since he was able to come over with dazzling figures like Long Zhenbei and An Wei, he was absolutely not someone an ordinary figure could compare to.

Right at this moment, Princess Leng Chan’er suddenly stood up from the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s table, and she moved with graceful steps directly towards Chen Xi. Her beautiful hair hung loosely on her shoulder, her ears were pointed, her appearance was exquisite, and there was a small red mark between her brows, causing her to have an unusual sense of beauty.

A beautiful and charming young woman like this was already the center of attention of everyone. At this moment, when she actually stood up and walked towards Chen Xi, everyone couldn’t help but reveal astounded expressions.

It was even to the extent that some young men that adored Leng Chan’er to the extreme even revealed a trace of vigilance and hostility.

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