Chapter 630 – Icesoul Divine Tree

The pavilion called Ice Cloud Pavilion stood towering in the distance within the city, and it was like a snow white sword that was connected with the sky, and it was alone, cold, and striking to the extreme.

However, most shocking of it all was that there was a matchlessly enormous ancient tree that towered into the clouds standing by the side of Ice Cloud Pavilion. Originally, the Ice Cloud Pavilion was already sufficiently tall, yet it seemed to be slightly short before that enormous tree instead.

This ancient tree seemed as if it was completely formed from ice crystals, and frost curled up from it. No matter if it was the branches or the leaves, everything seemed like icy jade stone. The crown of the tree towered into the sky, and one was actually unable to see exactly how tall the tree was because it seemed as if it had already stretched out beyond the nine heavens and towered into the boundless universe.

“What tree is this?” Chen Xi spoke out with surprise while on the way. This ancient tree was truly too magnificent. Even its trunk required a few tens of people to wrap their arms around it, and it was even more majestic and imposing than a mountain, causing it to be especially dazzling while it stood within the city.

“This is the Icesoul Divine Tree, and its existence can be traced back to the establishment of Icesky City an extremely long time ago. Supposedly, this divine tree was formed from a leaf of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree during the primeval times.” An Wei explained in a light voice.

Formed from a leaf of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree?

Chen Xi had a deep gaze when he heard this. This is too shocking! A single leaf was capable of growing into an ancient tree that towers into the sky, then how miraculous is the true Dark Parasol Divine Tree?

Supposedly, that Dark Parasol Divine Tree was a bridge that linked up the Mortal Dimension with the Immortal Dimension during the primeval times, and it was branded with the profundities of the Grand Daos of the world, causing it to be blazing with brilliance and practically eternal.

Later on, after experiencing a calamity that involved the three dimensions, it vanished within the world, whereas its roots that remained coiled up on Towernine Mountain and the fragments that remained after it perished had transformed into the current Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

This Icesoul Divine Tree is actually formed from a leaf of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree. If the truth really is so, then it’s truly too shocking, and it’s absolutely an existence that’s a precious treasure of the heavens and the earth.

“But, logically speaking, once such a divine object like this appears, it would have probably been seized away by great figures. How could it still be standing here and not been obtained by someone?” Chen Xi asked An Wei because he was extremely interested in this, and his intuition told him that this Icesoul Divine Tree was exceedingly extraordinary.

“What a joke! How could it possibly be taken away by another? This tree is the foundation of Icesky City. Every single time the Dark Parasol’s Abyss is about the appear, this tree would emanate strands of a tune of the Grand Dao to remind everyone in the world that the Dark Parasol’s Abyss is about to emerge into the world.”

“Moreover, this time, it was precisely because this tree suddenly emanated the sound of the Grand Dao seven days ago that the experts from all over were drawn over with the intention of entering the Dark Parasol’s Abyss to seek fortune.”

“In other words, without this tree, everyone in the world would be utterly incapable of finding the existence of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Under these circumstances, who would dare to cause harm to it? If that were to happen, the person would surely be pursued by all the cultivators in the world, and no one is able to endure such consequences.”

The person that answered Chen Xi wasn’t An Wei, but the nearby Long Zhenbei. He seemed to extremely detest Chen Xi and An Wei whispering in discussion, and he spoke with a cold and indifferent tone that seemed slightly hostile.

But Chen Xi just laughed it off instead. He’d already obtained the answer which he sought, as for the changes in Long Zhenbei’s attitude towards him, he couldn’t be bothered about it.

“Actually, there’s also another rumor. But not many people believe it.” An Wei suddenly spoke to Chen Xi.

“Oh, what rumor?” This time, it wasn’t just Chen Xi, even Long Zhenbei was stunned and revealed a puzzled expression.

“During the primeval times, the gods fought for power while the sages fought for supremacy. It was an extremely brilliant age, and it was also a time of chaos. Moreover, the division of powers within the three dimensions had only just taken form at that time…”

“The existence of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree was like a bridge that linked up the Immortal Dimension and the Mortal Dimension. It innately possessed a body of the Dao and grasped the energy of creation, causing it to surpass all the living beings in the world.”

“However, when that calamity that affected the three dimensions arrived, even it was unable to surmount this calamity with its extremely high ability. So it joined forces with another supreme being and seized a trace of an opportunity to survive. Even though its body had perished, yet a trace of its soul survived in the end.”

“Moreover, this strand of soul is concealed within the Icesoul Divine Tree, and it’s waiting for an opportunity to be reborn.”

“What!?” Long Zhenbei was practically stunned when he heard this because it would be too terrifying if it was true.

Just think about it. It was the soul of a divine tree of the primeval times that had once linked up the Immortal Dimension with the Mortal Dimension. Even though it was only a strand, it would probably cause the gods of the three dimensions to go mad if it really did exist!

Chen Xi was greatly shocked in his heart as well. This rumor was too shocking, and it caused him to practically not dare believe it. After all, the primeval times were already an innumerable amount of years ago, and if the strand of soul of the Dark Parasol Divine Tree still existed, then it would simply be a true miracle and be eternal!

“Of course, this is only a rumor, and I saw it from an ancient book as well. No one is able to confirm if it’s true or not,” said An Wei with a light smile.

“Didn’t you say the Dark Parasol Divine Tree joined forces with a supreme being to obtain a trace of an opportunity to survive and preserve a strand of its soul? What sort of existence was that supreme being?” Even though it was only a rumor, Chen Xi still couldn’t refrain from asking curiously. He faintly felt that even if this rumor was fake, there was no harm in a listening a bit more about it because if it was true, then perhaps it might be of use in the future.

“I don’t know.” An Wei shrugged.

“Let’s go, we’ve arrived at Ice Cloud Pavilion.” Long Zhenbei spoke abruptly.

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over. Sure enough, he saw the Ice Cloud Pavilion that towered into the sky was already right before his eyes.

The Icesoul Divine Tree was right beside this pavilion, and it could be seen from afar. There were actually numerous figures sitting cross-legged on the branches extremely high above on the Icesoul Divine Tree, and they seemed to be cultivating.

“Moreover, not to mention those rumors, this Icesoul Divine Tree is extremely miraculous indeed. It’s completely formed of ice crystals, and its striations and veins contain copious amounts of the aura of the Grand Dao of Water. If one meditates and comprehends on this tree, it’s extremely easy to grasp the profundities of the Grand Dao of Water.” An Wei said with a light voice from the side, “It’s precisely because of this that this Icesoul Divine Tree has become a natural platform to comprehend the Dao in Icesky City. Every single year, countless young people are attracted here because of the Icesoul Divine Tree’s reputation, and they more or less obtained some gains from comprehending the profundities of the Grand Dao here.”

“It really is miraculous and unfathomable. If I didn’t come out to gain tempering, I would have never imagined that such a wonderful thing actually exists in the heavens and the earth.” Chen Xi nodded as he sighed with admiration, and he had the slight impulse in his heart to ascend this Icesoul Divine Tree to explore it thoroughly.

“Junior Sister An, let’s go up the pavilion. We’ll similarly be able to sense the various auras emitted by this divine tree while sitting at the upper floors of Ice Cloud Pavilion. Moreover, we’ll be able to obtain even more information and see even more experts that’ve come from all over. It can be said to be killing two birds with one stone.” Long Zhenbei smiled as he invited An Wei.

The three of them entered in succession right away.


The Ice Cloud Pavilion was tall to the point of towering into the sky, and it was exceedingly grand within as well. It emitted a crystalline sheen from every corner while its surroundings were coiled around by strands of clouds and mist, and no matter if it was layout or decoration, it seemed like an immortal paradise and was wonderful beyond words.

But the prices here were extremely high as well, and ordinary people were utterly unable to enter.

In other words, those that were capable of entering were naturally cultivators, and all of them possessed extraordinary identities. Otherwise, such high prices were sufficient to make ordinary cultivators shrink back at the sight of it.

In a way, along with the news of the imminent appearance of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was spread out, the place had already become the gathering place of the geniuses from the various powers of the Dark Reverie.

As a peerless and monstrous genius of the Serpent Dragon Clan and a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Long Zhenbei’s wealth was naturally abundant to the extreme. After he very casually paid a great fee to an attendant, the three of them directly went through a teleportation formation and arrived in the highest level of the Ice Cloud Pavilion.

The highest level on Ice Cloud Pavilion was an extremely vast hall that stood proudly in the clouds. Outside the handrails carved from jadestone was the luxuriant crown of the Icesoul Divine Tree that was like an umbrella that held up the sky, whereas there were numerous white clouds and the boundless skies in the extreme distance. The field of vision here was extremely vast.

At this moment, there were a few tens of men and women in luxurious clothes who possessed extraordinary bearings sitting upright there, and there was no lack of outstanding figures from both the Immortal and Devil Sects. Moreover, there were even numerous beings and descendants of the various races that possessed formidable auras present there.

“The Truth Embrace Sect’s Daoist Crimson Sun, the Origin Convergence Dao Sect’s Zhou Cailing, the Six Desire Devil Sect’s Yu Wenta, the Blackwater Clan’s Kong Qi… I never imagined that so many well known figures of the various powers in the Dark Reverie have actually come.” An Wei swept everyone present in the pavilion with her gaze, and she quickly said via voice transmission, “Junior Brother Chen Xi, the figures here are all extraordinary, and they’re the outstanding disciples fostered by the various powers. Looks like we have to be more careful when entering the Dark Parasol’s Abyss this time, and there’ll probably be no lack of conflicts and competition.”

Chen Xi nodded. He’s similarly noticed that the person with the weakest aura amongst everyone present here was even stronger than Leng Qiu and Du Xuan, whereas the person with the strongest aura was even comparable to Wang Zhonghuan and Long Zhenbei.

It could be said to be a large assembly of geniuses, and experts were concealed everywhere.

“But we don’t have to worry about anything. As one of the 10 great immortal sects, in terms of background and status, our Nine Radiance Sword Sect is only greater than everyone present here.” An Wei spoke in a low voice.

“I understand.” Chen Xi smiled. After cultivating to the extent that he had, he would naturally not be afraid of anyone, and even if a conflict occurred, he was confident in dealing with it completely.

“Eh, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Senior Brother Long Zhenbei?”

“Long Zhenbei? The peerless and monstrous genius of the Serpent Dragon Clan?”

“It’s actually him. Supposedly, he has already successfully cultivated his Innate Dao Art, the Serpent Dragon’s Spiriteyes, and he’s a top existence amongst the Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. Now that I’ve seen him, he really deserves his reputation.”

The appearance of Chen Xi’s group of three had similarly drawn the attention of everyone in the hall. Especially when they saw the person in the lead was Long Zhenbei, the scene went into a slight uproar.

Obviously, they recognized who Long Zhenbei was. After all, everyone present was an outstanding genius that had come from the various powers, yet they’d actually become slightly restless because of Long Zhenbei’s appearance, and this obviously displayed how resounding his reputation was in the outside world.

“Big Sister An Wei, you’ve come as well?”

“An Wei? Isn’t that one of the most outstanding disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect? I heard that she’s without equal amongst her peers and reigns supreme amongst them. I never imagined that even she’d be so drop dead gorgeous, and she can be said to possess unsurpassed beauty.”

“Beautiful, truly too beautiful. I heard a long time ago that the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s An Wei’s appearance is like that of a celestial maiden, and now that I’ve seen her, it really is true.”

Some people had recognized Long Zhenbei while others had recognized An Wei. Most of the males’ present couldn’t help but be stunned and reveal a wisp of infatuation when they saw her beautiful and classical appearance, and her extremely slender and graceful figure.

Only Chen Xi that followed behind the two of them had become a figure that no one paid attention to instead, and he seemed to be rather inconspicuous.

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