Chapter 628 – Grand Dao Fragments

Within the abode, Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground while circulating his Blackhole World, and he instantly felt strands of vast spirit energy surge over and enter his Blackhole World before circulating within it without end.

His abode was established atop the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein, and it contained spirit energy and extremely pure Immortal Energy. At this moment, as soon as the energies surged into his Blackhole World, it instantly created a marvelous change in it.

The Immortal Energy enshrouded the Blackhole World and caused a myriad of Dao Insight energies that were like strands of gossamer to be formed before interweaving together, condensing, and fusing together, and then they dispersed into every single corner of the Blackhole World, causing the entire world to become even more vast and solid.

Occupying an abode on a top spirit veins in Divine Radiance Peak really is the best path of cultivating. Merely this pure and continuous Immortal Energy is utterly impossible to find in the outside world. Chen Xi instantly experienced the enormous benefits brought to him by this abode.

Under the tempering of Immortal Energy, strand after strand of veins that seemed profound and natural emerged on every single blade of grass and piece of wood within his Blackhole World, striations that were dense and complicated like talisman markings appeared on the rocks and stones, marks appeared in the sky, stars showed their trajectory, the earth revealed its geography…

Every single thing within the word had a circulating and moving feeling, causing the entire world to become even clearer and filled with rich color.

This sort of feeling was extremely wonderful. It was like he’d become the creator that had created a world within the chaos. Every single plant, rock, humanity, natural law, and everything in the world had to be created, constructed, and perfected by him. Moreover, this process was the process of improving his own cultivation because when this world was constructed to a perfect state, he wouldn’t be far from breaking through to the next cultivation realm.

Chen Xi was immersed in his cultivation, and he circulated his Blackhole World and recuperated his True Essence, causing him to clearly sense his Blackhole World being strengthened step by step. Boundless Dao Insights were circulating within the world and tempering it, causing the entire world to become even more vast, grand, and magnificent.

But in next to no time, he had no choice but to stop.

Because he sensed that his Blackhole World had already attained its optimum state for now, and if he wanted to improve a step further, then he must advance his cultivation in Dao Insights!

Because only with the improvement of his Dao Insights would he be able to enlarge the scale of the Blackhole World by a step further and make it capable of containing even more True Essence.

I’ve grasped over 10 Dao Insights now, and all of them have already attained the Advanced Realm. Amongst them, only the Grand Dao of Lightning is only a step away from the 12th level to attain the Perfection Realm… Chen Xi deduced the level of his Dao Insights in his heart, and he noticed the five elements, Yin, Yang, star, wind, Paramita, Oblivion, and so on and so forth were lingering between the 9th level of the Advanced Realm and the 12th level of the Perfection Realm.

Only the Grand Dao of Lightning had attained the 11th level, and it was only a step away from attaining the Perfection Realm at the 12th level.

If he wanted to develop his Blackhole World, then Chen Xi had to attain the Perfection Realm in all these Dao Insights, because only in this way would he be capable of bringing forth multiplied combat strength as well.

For example, if Chen Xi is able to master the Grand Dao of Lightning to the Perfection Realm, then not only would he be able to expand his Blackhole World, he could rely on Dao Arts to execute two times his combat strength.

Further and further, the more Perfection Realm Grand Dao Insights he mastered, the more solid, condensed, and vast Chen Xi’s Blackhole World would be, and his combat strength would multiply explosively.

Looks like I have to place emphasis on advancing my Dao comprehension realm during my future cultivation… Chen Xi muttered. He knew extremely well that Nether Transformation Realm cultivators fought on the basis of whether the other was capable of exerting multiplied combat strength.

For example, Wang Zhonghuan had grasped five Grand Dao Insights at the Perfection Realm, and he was already capable of executing five times his combat strength right now. If they were to merely compete in terms of combat strength, then the chances of Chen Xi defeating him was extremely tiny.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, are you here?” Right at this moment, a cool and pleasing voice suddenly sounded out from outside the abode.

“Senior Sister An Wei? Quickly come in.” Chen Xi rose up and formed seals with his hands to open up the abode when he heard this, and he greeted An Wei.

An Wei was already the number one figure amongst the Elite Disciples even before becoming a Seed Disciple. She possessed a drop dead gorgeous appearance, an ethereal, pure, and beautiful bearing, and it caused her to seem like a celestial maiden that had descended from the Moon Palace.

A genius that received the love and support of countless young geniuses had actually come to pay him a visit now, and it caused Chen Xi to be slightly shocked and surprised.

“I never imagined that Junior Brother Chen Xi actually injured Wang Zhonghuan. You’ve really broadened my horizons.” An Wei walked in with graceful steps and slightly sized up Chen Xi’s abode before her starry eyes descended onto Chen Xi as she spoke with a smile on her face.

“I was just lucky.” Chen Xi smiled as well, and he was slightly unable to figure out the reason An Wei had come.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, there’s no need to be humble. I saw the battle between you and Wang Zhonghuan from the beginning until the end, and even I might not be able to compete with you with your current strength.” An Wei combed the jet black hair behind her ear as she spoke with a light voice, and she didn’t conceal her admiration towards him.

Might not be able to compete with me? Chen Xi thought in his heart upon hearing this. An Wei had spoke in a relaxed tone and was clearly speaking courteously. Obviously, An Wei surely had some special abilities that made her feel she was still capable of countering Chen Xi, and that was the reason she was so relaxed. Otherwise, if it was another person, the person’s tone would surely carry envy within it.

But Chen Xi possessed a secret trump card like the tiny cauldron, and it was so formidable that it wasn’t something anyone could compare to.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, I came to look for you today because I have something to discuss with you…” Right when Chen Xi was pondering in his heart, An Wei had already spoken slowly and revealed the reason for her arrival.

“The area of tundra in the extreme west, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but be stunned upon hearing the reason for An Wei’s arrival, and then he recalled the records in the Dark Reverie Manual. According to rumor, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was a restricted area that contained numerous dangers and was filled with killing intent with every step, and even great figures of the immortal and devil sects didn’t dare enter it rashly.

There was also a rumor that said the Dark Parasol’s Abyss was formed from a towering divine tree of the primeval times. This tree converged the brands of the Grand Daos of the world, and every single branch and leaf on it contained the marks of the Heaven Dao. It was so tall that it led directly to the Immortal Dimension, and it was an extraordinary and miraculous bridge that linked up the Mortal Dimension and the Immortal Dimension.

Later on, after experiencing a calamity that affected the three dimensions, this tree was destroyed, whereas its roots that were coiled up on the Towernine Mountain at the extreme west and the fragments from its destruction formed the current Dark Parasol’s Abyss.

During the boundless annals of time, there were numerous great figures that had explored it and obtained extremely great fortune that allowed them to soar into the heavens. But comparatively speaking, most of the people that explored it had completely vanished within.

During the Primordial Era, there were even some sages that shook the three dimensions who’d entered there, and they never came back. These incidents shook the world all those years ago, and it caused the name, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, to become a taboo that caused the expressions of all to turn pale upon mentioning it.

“Exactly, the Dark Parasol’s Abyss. Even though it’s a restricted area, yet the Heaven Dao always leaves a chance for survival. Presently, this chance for survival has already appeared once more. So long as we grab onto it tightly, then perhaps we’ll be able to obtain unimaginable benefits.” An Wei spoke slowly with a pleasant voice. “Presently, the news of the Dark Parasol’s Abyss emerging once more into the word has already been spread far and wide, and numerous young experts from the Immortal Sects, Devil Sects, and clans from the Primordial Era have already chosen it as the place for them to temper themselves, and they intend to grab onto this opportunity bestowed by the heavens. I’ve come to look for you because I want to go temper myself there with you.”

“Why me?” Chen Xi was slightly overwhelmed by the sudden favor as he never imagined that a genius like An Wei would actually choose him as a companion to go temper herself.

An Wei said with a smile, “To be honest, your Divine Ability, the Eye of Divine Truth, is capable of seeing through some of the profundities within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, whereas I’ve obtained some information related to it from Senior Sister Luo. If we join forces, then we’ll entirely be capable of finding some fortune.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi came to a sudden understanding, and he understood that it turned out that An Wei had chosen him because of the Divine Ability he possessed.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, don’t misunderstand. Actually, even if you don’t possess the Eye of Divine Truth, I would still invite you to head there to gain tempering with me. After all, I and my younger sister owe Martial Uncle Liu too many favors, and he instructed us to take care of you before he left. So I naturally wouldn’t take you as an outsider.” An Wei possessed a pure heart and was able to instantly see through Chen Xi’s thoughts, and she explained right away with a light voice. “I noticed that you’ve advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm and want to improve your cultivation, and you probably have to start from improving your comprehension in Dao Insights. According to my knowledge, there’s an extremely miraculous Door of Profundity within the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and within that door is numerous Grand Dao Fragments. So long as you’re able to obtain a few, you’ll be completely capable of attaining the Perfection Realm in a Grand Dao Insight within an extremely short period of time.”

“The Door of Profundity! Grand Dao Fragments!?” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and a wisp of a piercingly cold bright light couldn’t help but flash in his eyes. Merely hearing its name allowed him to know that this treasure was exceedingly extraordinary.

“Alright, I’ll agree and go along with Senior Sister An Wei.” Chen Xi pondered for a short moment before agreeing.

Just like An Wei had said, he wanted to increase his strength now, and he could only start with improving his comprehension of Dao Insights, whereas the Dark Parasol’s Abyss actually possessed such divine treasures like Grand Dao Fragments, so how could he let this opportunity slip by?

“Alright, then let’s set out right now.” An Wei said with a serious expression, “There’s no time to be lost in this matter. I heard from Senior Sister Luo that the disciples of some powers have already started rushing overnight to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss, and the best treasures will probably be seized by others if we’re late.”

Both of them left Divine Radiance Peak right away and flashed towards the entrance of the sect.

The Dark Parasol’s Abyss was situated in the tundra area in the extreme west of the Dark Reverie and at the side of the Towernine Mountain, and it was extremely far away from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. They chose to set out via the teleportation formations of the sect and arrived at an ancient city within the tundra area in the extreme west called the Ancient City of Icesky before rushing towards the Towernine Mountain.

However, right when both of them had just arrived at the teleportation formations of the sect, they saw a tall and handsome young man that wore a bright yellow battle robe standing before the teleportation formation, and his eyes couldn’t help but light up when he saw An Wei make an appearance and said with a smile on his face, “Junior Sister An Wei, are both of you heading to the Dark Parasol’s Abyss as well?”

This young man had his hands behind his back, and he had a graceful bearing. Even though he was speaking with a smile on his face, yet he possessed monstrous arrogance between his eyes, and it caused him to seem even more extraordinary.

“Senior Brother Long?” An Wei was slightly stunned and seemed to have never imagined that she would actually encounter this young man here, and her beautiful and classical face couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of surprise.

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