Chapter 626 – Skill That Shocked Divine Radiance Peak

Wang Zhonghuan being heavily injured and spitting blood caused everyone that was observing this battle to be shocked, and they almost didn’t dare believe this was true.

After all, since entering the Divine Radiance Peak 13 years ago, Wang Zhonghuan had rarely found a match, and coupled with him possessing great karmic luck, great fortune, extraordinary natural talent, and the deep favor of numerous seniors, it had allowed him to be an existence that practically no one dared offend amongst the Seed Disciples.

Who could have imagined that a peerlessly vicious and ferocious figure like this would actually lose at the hands of a new disciple like Chen Xi?


Right when everyone was shocked, Chen Xi moved once more. The Wings of Disruption flapped before his entire figure vanished on the spot, and he pounced towards the distant Wang Zhonghuan.

Chen Xi naturally didn’t intend to kill Wang Zhonghuan but give him a lesson he wouldn’t be able forget for his entire lifetime. Chen Xi wanted to make a show of strength in public! In this way, Chen Xi would be able to obtain a steady foothold on Divine Radiance Peak.

But before Chen Xi could approach Wang Zhonghuan, a dangerous aura suddenly gushed into his heart, causing his eyes to squint before he stopped resolutely.


Sure enough, just as he’d sensed, the heavily injured Wang Zhonghuan actually stood up while True Essence surged in his entire body, and he practically instantly recovered his peak state.

This is… Chen Xi’s eyes squinted as he’d sensed a trace of a feeling that aroused terror in him.

Moreover, it was the first time he’d seen a heavily injured person actually be able to instantly recover to a peak state. This scene was too shocking, and it caused even Chen Xi to feel apprehensive in his heart and be completely on guard.

“Very good. I never imagined that you’ve actually cultivated the Wings of Disruption, it really is a surprise to me.” In the distance, Wang Zhonghuan’s golden robe was tainted with blood, yet he seemed like a reborn child of the gods, and his expression was cold and gloomy to the extreme. His eyes were dim and dark, and they were suffused with strands of killing intent. “But I have to tell you that because I was refining my Immortal Artifact, Exuberant Brahma Sword, I didn’t multiply my combat strength by five times. Otherwise, do you think you can injure me?”

Five times!?

Even with Chen Xi’s level of composure, he couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart upon hearing this. If it was really like this, then it also meant that Wang Zhonghuan had already mastered five Grand Dao profundities to the Perfection Realm!

“No wonder! I thought Senior Brother Wang Zhonghuan’s strength had weakened. So it turns out that he hadn’t exerted his true strength earlier.”

“In this way, it looks like Wang Zhonghuan lost this battle, yet Chen Xi actually only won by luck.”

“Five times combat strength! If it’s true, then it would indeed be extremely difficult for Chen Xi to obtain victory.”

The distant spectators discussed in low voices. All of them had been shocked by Wang Zhonghuan’s words, and never had any of them imagined that Wang Zhonghuan had actually kept such terrifying strength without exerting it.

“Hmph! Could it be that you think I only have this much ability?” Chen Xi suddenly grunted coldly, and his voice wasn’t loud, yet allowed everyone present to hear it clearly.

In an instant, the atmosphere went perfectly silent.

These words of Chen Xi’s had similarly caused everyone present to be shocked. Wang Zhonghuan having not multiplied his combat strength by five times had already surprised them, and now, Chen Xi actually said he hadn’t exerted his full strength. How could this not shock them?

“Shameless boasting!” Wang Zhonghuan’s expression focused slightly, and then he said with disdain, “I’m at the critical moment of my cultivation now, and I’ll surely crush you a few months from now. I’ll make you be reduced to a servant of mine that serves me tea and fetches water for me, and you can dream of escaping my control for your entire lifetime!”

“Cherish this few months of time properly. Because at that time, everything will be out of your control!” As he spoke, Wang Zhonghuan’s figure flashed and vanished.

“What a joke! If you have the ability, then why haven’t you even rescued your lackeys? Yet you still have the nerve to boast like this?” Chen Xi stood above the Crimson Origin Spirit Veins as he looked at Wang Zhonghuan’s disappearing figure, and his eyes couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of piercingly cold killing intent.

The intention of taking revenge within Wang Zhonghuan’s words were strong to the extreme. If it wasn’t for them being on Divine Radiance Peak, Chen Xi would have charged out and killed Wang Zhonghuan since a long time ago to completely eliminate this scourge.


“Senior Brother Chen Xi, please forgive us this time!”

“We were wrong. We shouldn’t have come looking for trouble with you. Please have mercy and forgive our mistakes since we’re disciples from the same sect.”

“Yes, we guarantee we won’t dare do this again.”

Wang Zhonghuan’s actions of speaking ruthlessly and leaving put those East Radiance Peak disciples that were kneeling before Chen Xi’s abode in a painful situation. When they thought about how Chen Xi might deal with them in a while later, they were instantly unable to sit still and started pleading for mercy.

All these Seed Disciples were top figures amongst Nether Transformation Realm cultivators, and they carried arrogant bearings when they’d just arrived earlier. However, no matter how formidable their strengths were, when they encountered an existence that was even stronger than them like Chen Xi, they instantly revealed a different appearance that completely exposed the negative side of human personality.

“As Seed Disciples of the Divine Radiance Sect, every single one of you don’t have the slightest pride and unyielding character and bow humbly instead, and it’s contemptible. All of you are simply a disgrace to my Nine Radiance Sword Sect!” Chen Xi swept all these people with his gaze and didn’t conceal his detest in the slightest before he flicked his sleeve and said, “Fuck off! If you dare make an appearance near the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein, then I’ll surely drive all of you out from Divine Radiance Peak!”

“Yes, yes, yes. We’ll surely lister to Senior Brother Chen Xi’s teachings, make determined efforts to turn over a new leaf, and we’ll surely not dare carry out any misdeeds in the future.” The Seed Disciples of East Radiance Peak seemed as if they’d finally extricated themselves, and they nodded repeatedly without the slightest intention of resisting or feelings of dissatisfaction.

Who was Wang Zhonghuan? He was simply an invincible god in their hearts, yet he was still unable to do anything to Chen Xi. So now that they’d been detained, how could they dare complain?

Even if Chen Xi scolded then more relentlessly, they would just listen to it obediently and not dare go against him.

This was the competition between Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak, brutal and realistic. The weak only had a single choice here, and it was to yield to the strong.

After these disciples left in panic, Chen Xi entered his abode once more and sat down cross-legged before heaving a sigh of relief, and he started to cultivate quietly.

The battle with Wang Zhonghuan earlier consumed his strength greatly, and he was almost unable to endure due to exertion. The most pressing matter at hand now was to swiftly recover his strength.

From the beginning until the end, the great figures of the sect hadn’t interfered in the battle today. It’s obvious from this, that the competition between Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak is really unrestrained to the extreme. No wonder that Wang Zhonghuan dared to be so arrogant and ferocious. Even though he didn’t gain the slightest advantage in the battle against me today, I have to be careful of him in the future. Chen Xi pondered in his heart.

Needless to say, Wang Zhonghuan was really shockingly strong. Not only did he possess the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Savage Five Element Bow, he even possessed the Immortal Artifact, Exuberant Brahma Sword. Moreover, he’d even grasped five types of Grand Dao profundities to the Perfection Realm. He could absolutely be considered to possesses tremendous resources and extraordinary natural talent since he possessed such natural endowments and cultivation.

Chen Xi knew that if Wang Zhonghuan had multiplied his combat strength by five times in the battle today, then the chances of Chen Xi winning would become extremely tiny.

Of course, he still had some trump cards he hadn’t utilized, like the mysterious tiny cauldron that had always followed by his side. If he was pressured to the point the tiny cauldron made a move, then not to mention Wang Zhonghuan, even an Earthly Immortal Realm expert would be unable to resist it.

After all, the tiny cauldron had once said that with its strength, it had 30% confident in being able to kill or heavily injure a real Heavenly Immortal!

But the tiny cauldron’s origins were too shocking. It was an existence that had created the laws of the heavens and the earth in the Primeval Battlefield and had personally witnessed the expedition of the gods. Unless there was no other choice, Chen Xi would absolutely not utilize the strength of the tiny cauldron so as to avoid any mishaps from occurring.

Looks like I have to work hard to improve the realms of my Dao Insights in the future and strive to attain the Perfection Realm in all the numerous Dao Insights. In this way, I’ll similarly be able to multiply my combat strength, and at that time, why would I be afraid of Wang Zhonghuan’s threats? After contemplating for a long time, a wisp of a firm expression had appeared once more in Chen Xi’s eyes. He knew that he’d just stepped into the Nether Transformation Realm, and there really was a distance that couldn’t be made up for between him and Wang Zhonghuan who’d advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm a long time ago. But so long as he calmed himself and cultivated, it wasn’t impossible for his strength to undergo another breakthrough.

If a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator wanted to improve his strength, then there were only two paths. The first was to solidify and temper one’s own Blackhole World to improve one’s cultivation. The other path was to comprehend Dao Insights and attain the Perfection Realm in the Dao Insights one had grasped. In this way, one could rely on Dao Arts to bring forth a multiplied combat strength! Moreover, these two paths supplemented each other.

Only when the Blackhole World was sufficiently solid and vast would one be able to accumulate even more True Essence to bring forth a multiplied combat strength. Otherwise, even if one had grasped Dao Insights at the Perfection Realm, something couldn’t be made out of nothing because one’s own True Essence was utterly insufficient.

On the other hand, the higher the comprehension of Dao Insights one possessed, the more it would be reflected in one’s Blackhole World. After all, Dao Insight were the core and frame that formed the Blackhole World, so the more Dao Insights one possessed and the higher one’s comprehension in these Dao Insights were, the more solid and vast the Blackhole World would be.


When Chen Xi entered into closed door cultivation, countless airflows completely sealed up the entire abode. It was a formidable restriction that he’d set up, and it was capable of preventing others from trespassing.

“Even Wang Zhonghuan left with hatred in his heart. This kid really is unfathomable. Looks like another peerless monster has appeared in my Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and perhaps he’ll be able to obtain extraordinary results in the gathering of the Immortal path that’s being held not long from now.”

“Exactly. This kid’s abilities are really shocking. He has mastered numerous peak-grade Dao Arts and cultivated the Wings of Disruption that shocked the primeval times. In the future, he’ll surely be able to grow into a top pillar of support of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect.”

Within Azurecloud Pavilion, numerous elders had watched this battle from the beginning until the end, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts as well. With their cultivations, they were naturally able to discern how great Chen Xi’s potential was, and it was absolutely not inferior to the other top disciples on Divine Radiance Peak.

“This won’t do! This matter must be reported to those seniors that’re living in seclusion within the secret realms. They’ll surely be extremely interested in such an outstanding genius like Chen Xi.” An elder stood up, and he executed a spatial teleportation technique to flash towards the depths of Divine Radiance Peak because he wanted to fully report what had occurred today to those seniors that were in seclusion.

It wasn’t just these elders in Azurecloud Pavilion, along with the battle coming to an end, heated discussions of Chen Xi rose in all the various abodes, secret realms, and pockets of space on Divine Radiance Peak.

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