Chapter 625 – Blasted Flying With A Single Slap

The pair of wings flowed with a grey and hazy sheen, its edges sharp, and its curves were like the marks of the heavens or the brand of the Grand Dao. It was like the most flawless work of art of the heavens, and it revealed a peerlessly mysterious feeling.

Strands of dense, profound, and unfathomable talisman markings flickered and emerged from it, and it seemed to be narrating the profundities of the world.


Before everyone could pry into the true profundities of the pair of wings, they felt something flash before their eyes. In the next moment, the grey and hazy wings had suddenly flapped as they unfolded out, and it surged with an immense aura of being connected to the boundless space and covering the heavens and the earth.

In merely an instant, Chen Xi’s entire body had actually vanished under the gazes of everyone present!

This is… Under the distant sky, Wang Zhonghuan’s heart jerked as he similarly noticed to his astonishment that he was actually unable to lock onto Chen Xi’s tracks. This kid seems as if he’d vanished into thin air!

This sudden scene caused him to have utterly no time to think, and he practically shouted instinctively before soaring through the sky while drawing the Savage Five Element Bow and causing the bowstring to rise and fall repeatedly.

Beng! Beng! Beng!

Numerous dazzling light arrows shot through the sky like rainbows, and they shot out like a squall that covered the heavens and the earth and enveloped the world.

This was an extremely violent and ferocious attack, yet was also a superb form of defense, as it tightly and seamlessly defended all the blind spots around him.

“Chen Xi, is this all you’ve got? Get the fuck out here and die!” Wang Zhonghuan’s dense golden hair fluttered as he shouted out arrogantly, and his entire body was filled with an oppressive imposing aura of dominance and extreme ferocity.


Right at this moment, a strand of peerlessly fierce sword light caught Wang Zhonghuan off guard and flashed, out of thin air, by his ears.

This sword light was too sudden and seemed as if it had teleported, causing Wang Zhonghuan to utterly be unable to react before directly having a small piece of his scalp sliced off. Golden hair fell to the ground as blood flowed like a fountain, and it caused his handsome face to seem vicious and savage.

“You’ve made me bleed!” Wang Zhonghuan touched his head while his handsome face convulsed without end. He seemed to have never imagined that he would actually suffer an injury.

Meanwhile, he’d already noticed Chen Xi’s tracks, and Chen Xi was standing far away in the distant sky. Chen Xi’s figure was like a shuttle that was covered by a pair of grey and hazy wings, and he was blurry and indistinct to the point he was practically about to fuse with space itself. If Wang Zhonghuan’s Divine Sense wasn’t strong enough, he would be utterly incapable of detecting Chen Xi.


Wang Zhonghuan moved along a profound pattern that seemed like the positions of stars as he flashed out like a thunderclap that was coiled with boundless dazzling five colored divine lights, and then he drew the bow fully before condensing a light arrow that as beautiful like glass and breathtaking.

He was truly enraged. Since he’d started cultivating until now, he’d relied on his great karmic luck, great fortune, and exceedingly high natural talent to practically never meet a person that was capable of being a match for him. So never had he imagined that he would actually suffer such a big loss at the hands of a new disciple.

This was simply like an enormous humiliation to the proud and arrogant Wang Zhonghuan!

After all, young experts with extraordinary natural talent like him were the most conscious about their image. Even a piece of his scalp had been sliced off, and this was truly too embarrassing if news were to spread.

“Die!” Wang Zhonghuan shouted out explosively as a five colored divine radiance arose behind him, and it was like the five elements were circulating and residing there, causing him to possess an oppressive imposing aura.


At the same time, he let go of the bowstring that he’d drawn and was accumulating force for so long, and then the light arrow that was gorgeous like glass shot out explosively like a shocking rainbow that shot through the nine heavens. It shattered space itself and resounded out with a sharp and deafening sonic boom.

Merely the imposing aura of this arrow shocked everyone on Divine Radiance Peak to the point of stopping their discussions. All of them had already perceived that Wang Zhonghuan was completely enraged this time. How could someone at the Nether Transformation Realm be able to receive such an arrow that could startle the universe and shock the gods?

Chen Xi didn’t continue dodging when facing this arrow.

Even though that strike from before had only sliced of a piece of Wang Zhonghuan’s scalp, it already allowed him to have a slightly deeper understanding of the speed of the Wings of Disruption.

This ultimate technique of the Azure Phoenix Clan wasn’t inferior to the Starsky Wings in terms of speed, and it was similarly capable of being on par with true teleportation.

The rarest part was that the Wings of Disruption moved silently like a moving shadow, and it was simply an ever-successful ultimate weapon for assassinations and surprise attacks.

At this moment, he floated in midair while the Wings of Disruption behind him seemed to effuse the aura of chaos, and it was completely grey and hazy and completely enveloped his entire body within it.

“How could this be possible? This fellow actually isn’t dodging?”

“Could it be that he knows he’s unable to dodge it, so he intends to submit and admit defeat?”

“Indeed. This arrow is too terrifying, and it’s absolutely a peak strike from Wang Zhonghuan that carries the greatest killing intent. Anyone would probably at a loss for what to do as well, and they would only be able to await death.”

“Alas. Another new disciple is about to be suppressed. I originally thought that this fellow would be able to create a miracle…”

The minds of everyone swirled with thoughts, and all of them revealed expressions of being unable to bear the sight of this. It was even to the extent that some had closed their eyes as they couldn’t bear to see Chen Xi be suppressed like a living punching bag.

All these thoughts passed in merely an instant, and before everyone could restrain their thoughts, the gorgeous and shocking light arrow had already shot out explosively and arrived before Chen Xi.


The light arrow collided onto the wings Chen Xi had curled up before his chest, and it rumbled and intended to destroy all obstructions. It erupted with a dazzling glow, and it seemed like the heavens and the earth was collapsing as the glow drowned this expanse of the world with its brilliance.

“Who won and who lost?”

“Chen Xi wouldn’t be directly blasted to death, right?”

“It doesn’t seem likely. If there’s a danger to his life, then those old seniors in seclusion would have stopped it a long time ago. After all, no matter how we Seed Disciples fought each other, once it involved life and death, those great figures would absolutely not continue watching from the sidelines.”

“Even if Chen Xi doesn’t die, he’ll probably suffer an extremely heavy injury. Perhaps a shadow that can’t be eliminated would be left in his heart after this battle, and he’ll be unable to advance in the slightest in his entire lifetime.”

Countless thoughts interweaved together in an instant.

The sky was filled with a dazzling rain of light, and one couldn’t see exactly what was going on. But everyone understood now that perhaps the battle between Chen Xi and Wang Zhonghuan would be decided with this attack.

“Eh! That’s…” After a short moment, the smoke that suffused the sky had dispersed and the dust had settled. However, when they saw the scene clearly, it caused everyone present to be unable to refrain from being stunned and feeling disbelief.

Chen XI’s figure that was tall like a sword was still standing on the spot without moving, whereas the grey and hazy wings that were curled up before him were like an unshakeable barrier, and it blocked out that light arrow that was like glass!

His posture was extremely strange yet seemed like a rock on a precipice. No matter rain or storm, it wouldn’t move in the slightest.

“He blocked it!”

“Wang Zhonghuan’s arrow of annihilation was actually blocked…”

“Not only has this fellow Chen Xi not moved an inch, he’s even without a scratch!”

Everyone present gasped because this scene caused them to feel unprecedented shock, and this scene was bound to be branded into their minds for an extremely long time.

“He blocked it?” In an extremely far away abode, Yun Ye who possessed the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes saw this scene, and it shocked him to the point his face twitched and was covered in disbelief.

After all, even if it was him blocking this arrow, he would have to exert a great deal of effort, whereas Chen Xi had actually been able to take it head on while standing on the spot, and Chen Xi hadn’t even moved an inch nor was he injured in the slightest. How could he not be shocked?

No wonder Leng Qiu and the others lost at his hands. This strength does indeed possess the qualifications to gain a foothold on Divine Radiance Peak… Unfortunately, he’s a disciple of the West Radiance Peak, and he’s bound to be an enemy… Yun Ye muttered in his heart, and then his expression recovered its calm.

“How could this be possible!?” In the distance, Wang Zhonghuan was similarly shocked, and he seemed as if he’d seen a ghost. He hadn’t held back in this attack and had even aroused true killing intent, yet this arrow that carried his hatred was actually still unable to be of any effect.


Right at this moment, the light arrow that was blocked out had been weakened to the end, and it shattered with a bang before transforming into a rain of light that covered the skies and vanished without a trace.

At the same time, Chen Xi flapped his wings and charged forward with extreme speed while Dao Insight rumbled throughout his body. He wanted to fight Wang Zhonghuan in close combat and completely crush Wang Zhonghuan without giving him another chance to begin shooting arrows.

“Want to engage in close quarter combat? Impossible!” Cold lights emerged from Wang Zhonghuan’s eyes as he knew he’d encountered trouble. But he wasn’t worried, and his fingers fluttered about as he flicked the bowstring repeatedly.

Beng! Beng! Beng!

Countless light arrows tore through the sky like a pouring rainstorm, and its might wasn’t inferior to the arrows from before. It was obvious from this that Wang Zhonghuan’s cultivation in the Dao of Archery had already attained an extremely high accomplishment.

If it was any other person that was facing such a situation, the person would have probably abandoned the bow since a long time ago.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, to the shock of everyone including Wang Zhonghuan, Chen Xi actually didn’t dodge in the slightest when facing this rain of arrows that covered the heavens and the earth. Every single arrow that collided with his body would be fiercely crushed by an icy cold and mysterious beam of light, and it would explode into an expanse of rain of light, causing it to be utterly incapable of injuring him in the slightest.

“The Wings of Disruption! I recognize it now! That’s actually the ultimate technique of the Azure Phoenix Clan that innately counters the five elements, and its capable of eliminating the essence of any magic treasure of the five elements!” Someone cried out in shock.

At this moment, everyone instantly understood everything, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi changed once more. There was shock, there was realization, and there was disbelief.

The Wings of Disruption was a formidable Divine Ability that was ranked in the top 30 of the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions, and it had once shocked the primeval times with its might. It was the innate Divine Ability of the Divine Beast Azure Phoenix, yet because of the disappearance of Profound Disruption Mountains, this Divine Ability had been obliterated in the annals of history since a long time ago, and it hadn’t appeared in the world for countless years.

Who could have imagined that this Divine Ability which possessed a might that shocked the heavens and the earth would actually appear in Chen Xi’s possession now?

At the same time, everyone finally figured out why Wang Zhonghuan’s light arrow attacks were resisted so easily by Chen Xi, and the reason was the Wings of Disruption.

After all, the Profound Disruption Divinelight was capable of eliminating any essence of the five elements in the world. Even though Wang Zhonghuan’s Savage Five Element Bow was a Quasi Immortal Artifact, yet it was innately countered by Chen Xi.

“The Wings of Disruption?” Wang Zhonghuan’s face went grim because he’d instantly understood everyone, and he wanted to abandon his bow right away and change his method of battle before continuing to fight Chen Xi.

At this moment, his mind that was calm like water in a lake couldn’t help but reveal a trace of panic because of this sudden change of events.


However, before he could take action, or perhaps it could be said that Chen Xi had grabbed this feeling opportunity. In the next moment, Chen Xi had already appeared before him, and his palm condensed into the form of a seal before it smashed onto Wang Zhonghuan’s chest.


Wang Zhonghuan’s chest sunk down as his entire body was slapped flying while endlessly spitting out large mouthfuls of blood, and his countenance had instantly turned pale and translucent.

Obviously, this strike had caused him to suffer a heavy injury!

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