Chapter 624 – A Battle That Shocked Divine Radiance Peak

“Break!” Chen Xi didn’t dare be careless when facing this arrow that shook the heavens, and divine lights erupted from between his fingers and formed the Grand Dao of Obliteration within talisman markings that condensed into a horrifying symbol.

This was the Grand Obliteration Fist commanded by the Dao of Talismans and transformed into a profound symbol, causing its might to become even more focused. At the instant it appeared, it caused the dust, light, and airflow in space to be instantly obliterated and transformed completely into nothingness.


The Obliteration talisman marking revolved and stopped the dazzling light arrow that tore through the sky towards Chen Xi before emitting a brilliant light of Obliteration that spared no effort to go against it.


Finally, this arrow was worn down and shattered in midair, and it transformed into a dazzling and resplendent five colored wave that drowned the heavens and the earth.

From the beginning until the end, Chen Xi stood without moving and hadn’t moved a single step back.

Wang Zhonghuan’s eyes squinted. He was actually able to receive my attack. His strength can really be considered to be not bad. At the very least, only that small group of people on Divine Radiance Peak are capable of easily accomplishing this.

“According to my knowledge, you seem to have just advanced to the Nether Transformation Realm?” He asked doubtfully.

“Does it make any difference?” Chen Xi replied indifferently.

Wang Zhonghuan’s heart shook. He’d already stepped into the Nether Transformation Realm for many years, yet Chen Xi was able to go head on against him after just advancing into the Nether Transformation Realm. Such natural talent is really extraordinary!

“Haha, don’t be anxious. Being able to receive 30% of my strength isn’t anything great. You can slowly enjoy starting from now!” Wang Zhonghuan recovered his coldness, and his eyes shone brightly and were suffused with an evil and dazzling glow.


The bowstring shook like the rumbling of a large bell before another light arrow that was formed from divine might left the bowstring. It shook the winds and the clouds in the surroundings while a brilliant five colored glow coiled around it, and it created a peerlessly sharp spiral penetration force. Its fierce might caused others to feel extreme despair and helplessness just from looking at it from afar.

This was Wang Zhonghuan’s peak attack. Even though he felt contempt towards Chen Xi, yet he didn’t underestimate Chen Xi in battle, and the might of this arrow was much more terrifying than the one from before.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged instead. The rumbling of the Dao resounded out as a few tens of divine rings coiled around him. They were talisman markings formed from numerous Dao Insights, and they were like an expanse of scorching suns that floated around his body, causing his imposing aura to become exceedingly immense.

This was a technique from commanding his Dao Insights with the Dao of Talismans, and with a wave of his hand, he had the imposing aura of commanding everything in the heavens and the earth and ruling over the world.

Presently, the Blackhole World in his body was circulating while his essence, energy, and spirit were in a state of abundance like the full moon. His entire body seemed to have transformed into a sea of talisman markings that was explaining the boundless profundities of the Grand Daos in the heavens and the earth, and it was a horrifying sight.

This is… Wang Zhonghuan was stunned. Chen Xi’s display had exceeded his expectations as Chen Xi’s entire body actually possessed a terrifying aura that was shockingly formidable, and it caused even Wang Zhonghuan to feel a trace of horror.

What sort of might is this?


A heaven shaking bang resounded in the world as boundless lights exploded out, circle after circle of waves surged and undulated from Chen Xi’s body as if he was the eye of a storm on the ocean, and it caused countless storms to spread out and obstruct that light arrow.

In the end, the light arrow hadn’t even arrived before Chen Xi when its tip started to collapse inch by inch, and then it shattered with a bang, transforming into five colored powder that covered the sky before dispersing into nothingness.

The distant spectators were shocked when they saw this scene because Chen Xi had actually resisted the peak attack of the Savage Five Element Bow while relying on the rumbling Dao Insight and vital energy of his body, and such an overbearing state shocked everyone then and there.

“How could this be possible? This kid has only just attained the Nether Transformation Realm, yet he has actually already started to command his Dao Insights in battle!?” Wang Zhonghuan’s pupils constricted and flashed with a bright light.

Since he was able to attain his current height, his discerning capabilities were naturally proficient, and he practically instantly noticed that Chen Xi’s strike was actually a technique of commanding one’s own Dao Insights! After all, he’d only just started to comprehend this method of battle now…

Beng! Beng! Beng!

No matter how surprised he was, Wang Zhonghuan’s reaction was extremely swift. He drew the bow and once again shot out numerous dazzling five colored light arrows that were over 300m long, and they were like numerous rainbows that tore through the sky.


Right at the instant he attacked, Chen Xi’s figure had directly vanished on the spot, and in the next moment, he’d already arrived 300m away from Wang Zhonghuan.

“Try my strength as well!” As his cold and indifferent voice resounded out in the air, Chen Xi’s aura changed once more to become peerlessly fierce and with surging Sword Insight, and he was like a king of swords that looked down on the world.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At practically the exact same instant, countless sword lights that were sharp to the extreme flickered out from space itself, and they carried an aura of destruction and obliteration as they slashed out with extreme speed.

The sword lights were like a storm that surged out. In terms of imposing aura, they weren’t the slightest bit inferior to the numerous light arrows that shot out explosively. Both of them collided in midair and erupted with balls of extremely dazzling light, and it was like a volcano had erupted and drowned the heavens and the earth here.

The commotion of the battle here practically instantly spread throughout the entire Divine Radiance Peak, causing numerous formidable and unknown existences to spread their Divine Senses over to inspect exactly what had occurred.

Especially the experts amongst the Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, all of them wanted to see how a peerlessly ferocious high level figure like Wang Zhonghuan would crush the new disciple, Chen Xi.

Divine Radiance Peak was a mountain that stood towering beneath the heavens, and it was like the residence of the gods. This place had been managed by the great figures of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect for countless years, so no one knew exactly how vast it was or how many pockets of space and secret realms it contained.

Even though the commotion caused by the battle between Chen Xi and Wang Zhonghuan was great, it merely affected a small area that was occupied by Seed Disciples. But even though it was only a small area, it was actually vast to the extreme and was practically equivalent to a small scale kingdom.

Wang Zhonghuan wore a golden robe and commanded the Quasi Immortal Artifact, Savage Five Element Bow. Every single draw of the bow caused light arrows to flow out and erupt with divine lights in the sky as they shot through the world. He was like a son of the gods that intended to obliterate the world, and his might was matchlessly shocking.

On the other hand, Chen Xi circulated his Blackhole World while controlling the numerous Grand Dao profundities he’d grasped. Every single attack he struck carried the might to destroy the heavens and the earth, and destructive moves appeared without end. Every single move of his seemed to surpass the might of nature, and they contained numerous profundities.

All the Dao Arts he possessed now were from the secret realm at the top of the lotus platform. Besides the 49 Dao Arts, there also the numerous ultimate inheritances in the Allheaven Truth. Even though he hadn’t cultivated it to the point of perfection, its might was already sufficiently shocking.

Moves and profundities came easily and skillfully to him. The Skycontrol Burial Sword, Grand Confinement Dao Art, the Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation… All of them were contained in his moves, causing all the spectators in the distance to be dazed and stunned, and they were almost unable to discern what Dao Art it was!

But Wang Zhonghuan was worthy of being a top figure with great karmic luck. He actually didn’t fall into the slightest disadvantageous position while facing Chen Xi’s numerous profound techniques, and he was actually steadily rising in strength and might as time went by, causing him to be similarly shocking.

It was obvious that even though Wang Zhonghuan had a superb constitution, great karmic luck, and deeply received the favor of the seniors of the sect, since he dared to be so arrogant and intend to crush Chen Xi who was a new disciple, he had something to rely on.

“Chen Xi, do you really think you can go against me with just this little bit of ability? My Immortal Artifact, Exuberant Brahma Sword, is being nurtured and refined within my body, and it’s only half a month away from being completely refined successfully. If it wasn’t for that, I would only require a single strike to annihilate you, and how could I have allowed you to persist until now?” Wang Zhonghuan seemed to be enraged from being unable to attain success after battling for so long, and his voice that was cold and arrogant had become emotionless and ruthless. It seemed as if so long as he was willing, he would be able to withdraw his Immortal Artifact at any moment and crush Chen Xi.

“Looks like Wang Zhonghuan is really furious. I truly can’t imagine that a new disciple like Chen Xi is actually so formidable, and he’s able to not fall into a disadvantageous position while facing the attacks of Wang Zhonghuan.”

“Exactly, Chen Xi has really concealed his strength deeply. He has executed a few tens of peak-grade Dao Arts successively, and I’ve actually been unable to discern where it was inherited from. He’s truly a monster.”

“Hmph! So what if he possesses numerous Dao Arts? Senior Brother Wang Zhonghuan is a genius of the heavens that possesses great karmic luck. According to rumor, he once obtained the inheritance of an immortal abode while tempering himself in the outside world, and his own Blackhole World is extremely solid and vast to the point it far exceeds ordinary Nether Transformation Realm cultivators by ten or even a hundred times. He’s completely capable of exerting half the might of that Immortal Artifact by relying on his heaven defying cultivation!”

“Immortal Artifact? Haha. All I see is that Chen Xi is barehanded and hasn’t utilized any magic treasure yet is able to fight Wang Zhonghuan who’s holding a Quasi Immortal Artifact equally. Just based on this, his strength is sufficient to be ranked in the top amongst Seed Disciples.”

The spectators in the distance discussed animatedly, and all of them were shocked by the horrifying battle before their eyes.


“I wonder who will win in the end.”

“But Chen Xi is slightly inferior. After all, Senior Brother Wang Zhonghuan has numerous abilities and possesses an extremely shocking cultivation as well. Not too long ago, he battled the peerless genius Long Zhenbei, yet both of them were helpless against each other.”

“Yeah, Long Zhenbei is a matchless figure from the Serpent Dragon Clan, and he’s rather famous in the entire Dark Reverie. Since Wang Zhonghuan was capable of fighting him on par after joining the sect for over 10 years, he really can’t be underestimated.”

“Right, I heard that the 10 immortal sects will be holding a gathering not long from now, and the most outstanding geniuses would be chosen from amongst us Seed Disciples. Moreover, those that’re victorious will even be able to obtain the favor of a Heavenly Immortal and obtain cultivation techniques and Immortal Artifacts!”

“A gathering of the Immortal path? A Heavenly Immortal passing down techniques? What sort of honor would that be!?”

Within an abode extremely far away on Divine Radiance Peak, two experts amongst the Seed Disciples were sipping tea as they watched this struggle between two evenly matched opponents.


Hmm? That arrogant new disciple has actually come into conflict with Wang Zhonghuan so quickly? Yun Ye who possessed the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes was in closed door cultivation within his abode when he suddenly sensed something, and he swiftly opened his eyes and swept out with his gaze before instantly seeing the distant battle clearly. No wonder he dared to talk about fighting me. So it turns out that he really has some ability. That ferocious fellow Wang Zhonghuan was actually unable to suppress him. Looks like I have to reappraise this person…


Right when various figures were discussing animatedly all over Divine Radiance Peak, a terrifying, icy cold, and extremely mysterious fluctuation suddenly surged and stretched out from the battlefield in the sky above the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein.

Everyone present instantly felt suffocated while the True Essence and blood within their bodies actually showed faint signs of falling into disorder and flowing in reverse!

After that, everyone saw that a pair of wings that were suffused with a grey and hazy sheen appeared silently on the back of Chen Xi who was in midair, and it was enshrouded with a grey glow that caused it to seem as if it was suffused with Chaotic Qi.

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