Chapter 623 – Savage Five Element Bow

Presently, Chen Xi had already completely understood that the more overbearing one was on Divine Radiance Peak, the more others would be afraid of you, whereas the weaker one was, the more one would be bullied and humiliated.

The competition between the Seed Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was brutal to the extreme, and it was like purgatory. The strong survived, while the weak could only be reduced to be subordinates. If one was unable to endure it, then one could choose to leave and head to the inner court or outer court to be an elder, and one could still cultivate and comprehend the Dao as usual. But one’s accomplishments could only stop here and completely lose all fate one had with becoming a true top expert.

After all, the growth of an expert couldn’t do without the baptism of blood and fire. If one was even unable to endure this level of competition, then how could one fight for supremacy with the heavens and the earth and go against the Grand Dao?

Just like the West Radiance Peak’s Huo Molei and the others. Their cultivations were really high, yet they weren’t skilled in battle, and if it wasn’t for the protection of Madman Liu and Chen Xi’s assistance, they’d probably have been eliminated from this playing field a long time ago.

After all was said and done, if one wanted to become an expert, then one’s cultivation was the foundation, and one couldn’t do without competition and tempering.

The reason the competition between the Seed Disciples of Divine Radiance Peak was so brutal was absolutely because the higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect intended it to be like this, and it was for the sake of washing away the sand and selecting the true geniuses that could be pillars that could endure great responsibility.

“Senior Brother Wang Zhonghuan! Swiftly come rescue us!” Those East Radiance Peak disciples that were confined by Chen Xi with those rays that were like chains were utterly incapable of moving, and they couldn’t help but howl in their terror.


At this instant, as if it had heard their cries for help, the space above the sky shook as an enormous bang that was like a thunderclap resounded out, and then even the group of mountains nearby the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein started to shake violently.

Chen Xi felt his entire body shake as an enormous force that was like an abyss descended with the intention of completely crushing him, and it was arrogant to the extreme.

Chen Xi swept his gaze up into the sky.

He saw a young man in a golden robe was suddenly standing proudly beneath the extremely distant sky. His figure was slender, and he was extremely handsome while his dense golden hair fluttered in the wind, causing him to seem like the son of a Suncrow, arrogant and overbearing. He possessed a bearing of looking down arrogantly upon the world and everything on it.

This person is Wang Zhonghuan?

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed as he recalled the introduction Luo Qianrong gave him earlier. This person possessed great karmic luck, deep fortune, superb natural talent, and deeply received the favor of seniors that were in seclusion.

His temperament was peerlessly ferocious. Even though he’d only entered the Divine Radiance Peak 13 years ago, yet he’d already advanced to become a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples, and he possessed a matchlessly formidable strength that couldn’t be underestimated.

Most shocking of it all was Wang Zhonghuan possessed a real Immortal Artifact!

According to logic, even though he was unable to bring forth the true might of an Immortal Artifact with his current cultivation, yet if it was against those of the same generation, it was undoubtedly a great weapon of destruction.

Chen Xi originally thought that ‘Senior Brother Nie’ and the others were put up to provoking him by Yun Ye, but Wang Zhonghuan’s appearance now allowed him to instantly understand that he’d underestimated how overbearing the disciples of East Radiance Peak were.

Earlier, Luo Qianrong intended to arrange his abode to be on the Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein, yet it ended with failure. The reason was that the three empty abodes on the Dark Brilliance Spirit had been forcefully occupied by Wang Zhonghuan, and he’d spread the word that he’d kept them for Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan.

Now Leng Qiu and the others had been defeated by him during the Peak Trials, causing them to have their fate with the position of Seed Disciple severed. Logically speaking, this matter ought to have passed just like that. But now it would seem like this Wang Zhonghuan obviously felt that Chen Xi had spoiled his arrangements, and he didn’t intend to let Chen Xi off. So he still continued pursuing Chen Xi even after Chen Xi had moved to the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein, and he was going too far!

“Chen Xi! A new disciple like you actually dares to go against my will and humiliate the junior brothers I sent over like this? Do you know that you’re challenging my dignity by doing this!?” The golden robed young man, Wang Zhonghuan’s, voice sounded out from the sky. His voice wasn’t loud yet sufficient to spread throughout this area, and it carried a sense of dignity, arrogance, and conceit, like the descendant of a god arriving in the world.

“Your will? Could it be that you think you’re a god?” Chen Xi said coldly, “You’re only a Seed Disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, yet you dare speak so arrogantly and act as you please, could it be that you’ve really taken this place to be your own house?”

“Audacious! You humiliated the disciples of my East Radiance Peak yet don’t repent, and you’re ill-mannered and talking back instead. Looks like I must properly punish you today!” Wang Zhonghuan’s voice wasn’t loud yet carried a feeling of terrifying coldness.

“You’re trying to put the blame on me? You ought to know that it was they that provoked me first.” Chen Xi spoke indifferently, yet wasn’t afraid in the slightest, and he carried a composed aura.

“So what? No matter what your reason it, the disciples of my Easy Radiance Peak can only be dealt with by my East Radiance Peak. Who do you think you are?” Wang Zhonghuan spoke with a light voice, yet all his words revealed undisguised arrogance and contempt.

“Oh? Is that so?” Chen Xi smiled before raising his hand and pressing down, causing those East Radiance Peak disciples to instantly let out shrill howls as their bodies knelt down uncontrollably onto the ground, and their appearance were miserable.

This was equivalent to using actions to tell Wang Zhonghuan. So what if they’re disciples of your East Radiance Peak? Since they dared to offend me, Chen Xi, they have to kneel and suffer punishment all the same!

“You’re… courting death!” Wang Zhonghuan was stunned, and then he exploded into rage and withdrew a large multicolored and glazed bow. At the instant it appeared, an indescribable aura appeared in the heavens and the earth, and then five ferocious beast phantoms that were coiled in the colors of the five elements let out roars that shook the heavens.

“Hiss!” A wave of gasps resounded out in the distances. It turned out that since an unknown period of time ago, the vicinity of the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein was already filled with numerous figures that were watching the show, and they revealed a wisp of shock when they saw Wang Zhonghuan withdraw this bow.

“Quasi Immortal Artifact — Savage Five Element Bow!”

“According to rumor, this bow was forged from the tendons of five types of ferocious beasts, namely the Troar, Soarserpent, Bronze Ant, Crimson-tailed Ape, and Aquagale Mink, and it contains the five elements. As soon as it’s utilized, the five elements would combine into one, causing its might to be terrifying to the extreme.”


Wang Zhonghuan stretched out his hand and placed it onto the bow before lightly pulling on it to the point it formed the shape of a full moon and erupted with five colored divine light that illuminated the heavens and the earth. Moreover, dragon roars and tiger howls resounded out from within it while it enveloped his entire body within a blazing glow, causing him to possess shocking divine might.

Chen Xi revealed a serious expression as True Essence surged throughout his body and glowed, and he stared at Wang Zhonghuan who was beneath the distant sky while being prepared to meet him in battle. Since this person was capable of being ranked into the top amongst Seed Disciples, his strength was naturally extraordinary, and he’d even withdrawn a Quasi Immortal Artifact bow with shocking might at this moment, causing Chen Xi to not dare be careless.


In the next moment, a dazzling five colored light arrow tore through the sky and shot out explosively with a speed so swift that it wasn’t inferior to teleportation, and it carried the oppressive might and aura of penetrating through all obstacles and annihilating everything.

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed and didn’t impatiently meet it head on, and his figure flashed out instead to dodge from the side. The might of this arrow was too great, and Wang Zhonghuan had obviously attained a shocking height in the Dao of Archery, so its edge couldn’t be taken head on.


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded out. Everywhere the five colored light arrow passed, violent winds rages as rocks shattered, and even space itself had a horrifying and narrow rift split apart on it.

This might of this arrow was simply capable of penetrating the sun and moon and shattering the world. It was obvious from this that this Savage Five Element Bow was absolutely a terrifying Quasi Immortal Artifact!

Beng! Beng! Beng!

The bowstring shook. Wang Zhonghuan was like a god that drew a large bow with great strength, and he shot out numerous dazzling and resplendent five colored light arrows once more, causing them to tear through the sky while locked onto Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s figure shook as he executed the Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier, and it formed a divine lotus shaped shield of light that blocked before him and forcefully resisted these arrows.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The arrows tore through the sky while seeming as if the energy of the five elements were completely gathered on them, and they actually instantly destroyed Chen Xi’s Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier and stared him right in the face.

Chen Xi was calm while facing peril. His hands shook repeatedly as an ancient symbol that was coiled with divine light emerged on his palm, and he once again dealt with the attacks that pressed down upon him one after the other.

In the distance, everyone was already shocked by this scene since long ago. The might of this Savage Five Element Bow is too formidable! Even a casual shot is capable of comparing to a formidable Dao Art!

I never expected this fellow is actually so skilled in the Dao of Archery. If I want to defeat him then perhaps I can only fight him in close combat… Chen Xi knew extremely clearly that when facing an expert in the Dao of Archery, fighting from a distance would cause him to fall into an extremely passive state, and it was extremely disadvantageous.

His gaze locked firmly onto the gold robed young man in the distance and knew that this was a terrifying opponent that possessed a strength that was more than a little bit more formidable than Leng Qiu and the others.

But he wasn’t afraid, because up until now, he hadn’t utilized his true strength.

“Interesting. No wonder you dared be so arrogant. But this is far from enough. I’ve only brought forth less than a tenth of my strength. How long do you think you can persist for?” The corners of Wang Zhonghuan’s mouth curled into a smile that carried a natural sense of arrogance and contempt.

As soon as these words were spoken, the spectators in the distance were shocked. Less than a tenth of his strength? Then how strong would he be if he exerted his entire strength?

“Could it be that the disciples of your East Radiance Peak only know how to talk big?” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

“Five elements converge into one, circulate endlessly, collapse the world, annihilate!” Wang Zhonghuan grunted coldly and wasn’t anxious to utilize his entire strength, and he drew the bow once again as if he was a cat teasing a mouse, causing its divine glow to rise explosively and the five elements surged with a sound that seemed like a resounding bell.


A dazzling light arrow that carried the force of the heavens and the earth dragged out a long five colored ray of divine light as it whistled over like a shooting star, and it caused the heavens and the earth to be cast into a shadow.

This might of this arrow was obviously more than a little bit stronger than the arrow from before! The faces of everyone in the distance were covered in shock as they were able to sense its terrifying fluctuation from extremely far away, and it caused their minds to tremble. All of them knew clearly that if an ordinary Nether Transformation Realm cultivator were to face this attack, the cultivator would surely be completely annihilated by this arrow and not even have the chance to struggle.

After all, the Dao of Archery had converged the essence, spirit, and energy of its user onto this arrow, so it was exceedingly lethal once shot. During the primeval times, every single expert that was capable of flawlessly mastering the Dao of Archery was a supreme expert that shook the three dimensions, and they were capable of shooting through the stars, sun, and universe with peerless might!

Even though this arrow Wang Zhonghuan shot out hadn’t attained the height of those experts from the primeval times, yet his cultivation of the Dao of Archery belonged to a top level, and it was practically capable of sweeping through everyone of the same generation.

How will Chen Xi go against this?

At this instant, the hearts of everyone couldn’t help but rise to their throats, and they held their breaths in concentration while their gazes stared fixedly at Chen Xi.

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