Chapter 622 – Making A Ferocious Show of Strength

“What? Is there something all of you need?” Chen Xi frowned as he swept the disciples in the surroundings with his gaze, and in the end, his gaze descended onto the young man in a light violet Daoist robe who had a cold and arrogant expression. He’d already perceived that this person was probably the leader amongst these people.

“You’re faced with imminent disaster, yet you’re still unaware?” A Seed Disciple at the side shouted out explosively. “As a new disciple, you utterly don’t have the qualifications to occupy an abode on the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein, yet you actually dared to ask deliberately as if you didn’t know. Aren’t you courting death!?”

“Leave, quickly! As a new disciple, you can only stay on low grade spirit veins to cultivate, and such a precious location isn’t something a person of your status can match. Quickly move out and give up this abode, and we’ll forgive you because you’re a new disciple!”

“Exactly, this abode has been occupied by my East Radiance Peak!”

The group crossed their arms before themselves successively as they looked coldly at Chen Xi while shouting loudly, and all of them were swollen with arrogance and seemed as if they were driving out a fly.

East Radiance Peak?

Chen Xi instantly understood something in his heart. These fellows are probably part of Yun Ye’s gang, and perhaps they came here this time because Yun Ye put them up to it.

He still remembered that when he just entered the Azurecloud Pavilion on his first day here, he’d almost entered into battle with Yun Ye if it wasn’t for an elder’s obstruction.

The competition between Seed Disciples really is chaotic. If I have the chance, then perhaps I can reverse the positions and occupy some of their abodes. In this way, perhaps I’ll be able to deter others to not dare come provoke me… Chen Xi was lost in thought.

“What’re you daydreaming there for? Are you going to move or not?” One of the Seed Disciples frowned when he saw Chen Xi remaining silent, and he shouted out explosively with displeasure.

“Was it Yun Ye that asked all of you to come here?” Chen Xi asked abruptly.

“Hmph! So much nonsense.” The young man in the lead said coldly, “Chen Xi, I know you made friends with the North Radiance Peak’s Luo Qianrong upon entering the Azurecloud Pavilion. But all of this is useless. Even though Luo Qianrong is strong, she doesn’t dare to shed all pretenses with my East Radiance Peak. So you should just leave obediently and don’t dream that someone would come save you.”

“Oh?” Chen Xi’s brows raised. “Could it be that the elders on Divine Radiance Peak won’t interfere in this matter?”

“Haha, idiot. Not to mention the elders, even those seniors living in seclusion will only watch the competition between Seed Disciples with indifference. Understand?” Those Seed Disciples seemed as if they’d heard a huge joke when they heard what Chen Xi said, and all of them burst into laughter while their voices revealed indescribable ridicule. Moreover, they looked at Chen Xi as if they were looking at an idiot.

Chen Xi started laughing as well, and his laughter was very thought provoking. He’d intentionally asked that earlier only for the sake of confirming his guess, and now that he’d heard their answers, he was instantly reassured in his heart. He understood that no matter how great a commotion he made today, he would at least not have to worry about any consequences.

“Quickly fuck off. Have any one of the disciples from your West Radiance Peak not become figures that were like slaves upon coming to the Divine Radiance Peak? I’ll give you one final chance, fuck off now, otherwise, don’t blame us for being ruthless!” Another Seed Disciples spoke with a ghastly tone.

These disciples from the East Radiance Peak are really arrogant, and they even dare be so arrogant, overbearing, and lawless in the Divine Radiance Peak. I really wonder who gave them such courage… Chen Xi didn’t speak but was just more and more curious in his heart. He really wanted to know who the top figures amongst these Seed Disciples of the East Radiance Peak were. Was it Yun Ye? Or perhaps Wang Zhonghuan?

“Looks like you’re really impervious to reason!” A Seed Disciple was already impatient when he saw Chen Xi pondering in silence, and he bluntly threatened. “Since it’s like this, then we’ll let him know how formidable we are! Even though we can’t kill on the Divine Radiance Peak, we can beat him up to the point he’s half dead, then torture and humiliate him to the point not an inch of him remains unscathed!”

“Let’s make a move and blast him out from his abode on the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein. We’ll allow all the Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak to see this fellow’s embarrassing state!” The young man in the light-violet colored Daoist robe shouted out abruptly, and he attacked brazenly.


He stretched out with his hand and grabbed, causing space to instantly collapse while cracks appeared everywhere. In a single attack, he’d actually executed a formidable Dao Art, Bloodbale Destruction Fist.

This was an intermediate-grade Dao Art of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect that possessed a peerlessly ferocious might. It was capable of destroying the surroundings and shaking mountains and rivers, and it was an extremely ferocious Dao Art like the Crimson Bear Clan’s Bloodbear Skysplit Palm.

This fist struck directly at Chen Xi with an impetus that seemed like the tide, and it carried a shocking might and revealed an aura of obliteration and chaos while bloody winds howled and baleful qi surged along with it.

“Senior Brother Nie’s Bloodbale Destruction Fist has become even more formidable. According to rumor, this fist carried monstrous bloody baleful qi that’s like an ocean, and it’s famous for its ferocity. It’s one of the formidable Dao Arts of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect.”

“Perhaps all of you don’t know but Senior Brother Nie obtained the personal guidance and passing down of knowledge from one of the ancestors in seclusion, so his strength has naturally risen along with that. According to this impetus, it wouldn’t take a few years for Senior Brother Nie to be ranked in the top amongst Seed Disciples and be on par with Senior Brother Yun Ye.”

“Look, Senior Brother Nie actually executed double combat strength with the Bloodsoul Dao Insight at the Perfection Realm, that’s equivalent to two Nether Transformation Realm cultivators attacking at the same time!”

This young man in a light-violet colored Daoist robe called Senior Brother Nie seemed to know about some of the strength that Chen Xi revealed at the Azurecloud Pavilion earlier, so he executed double combat strength the instant he made a move, and he wanted to carry out a blitz that didn’t give Chen Xi the slightest chance to resist.

“Die!” Amidst an explosive shout, the Bloodbale Destruction Fist Senior Brother Nie executed had approached instantly, and it directly smashed down fiercely at Chen Xi’s chest with ferocious appearance of seemed to intent to completely blast Chen Xi flying.


Right at this moment, Chen Xi moved. He opened his fist into a palm that carried the might of the heavens and the earth as it slapped out like a myriad of surging waves, and they overlapped each other as if the milky way was pouring down from the nine heavens.

This palm strike carried a surging imposing aura and contained the essence and profundity of the Myriad Netherwave Palm, and merely a single strike completely destroyed Senior Brother Nie’s attack!

Most shocking of it all was the force of this palm didn’t disperse just like that, but it moved like a soaring dragon, like a raging river of blood, and it directly smashed onto Senior Brother Nie’s chest with a bang and made a deep impression on it, causing him to cough up blood without end.

Those disciples of the East Radiance Peak hadn’t even reacted to what had happened when they saw their Senior Brother Nie flying out like a kite that had its string severed. Moreover, they even clearly noticed the surprise, frustration, terror, and helplessness on his face…

“Kneel!” After Chen Xi defeated Senior Brother Nie with a single palm strike, his figure flashed out to arrive before Senior Brother Nie in the next moment, and then he grabbed out and grabbed the flying Senior Brother Nie in his hand before directly pressing him down to a kneeling position.


The sounds of the bones on in his knee shattering was extremely ear piercing, and it shocked all those Seed Disciples to the point their entire bodies couldn’t help but tremble, whereas Senior Brother Nie had already been tortured by this strike to the point of letting out shrill cries of pain since a long time ago.

“Impossible! I fought with double combat strength. How could I have lost to you in a single strike!?” Senior Brother Nie knelt on the ground while he suffered an extremely intense feeling of humiliation and fury in his heart, and he couldn’t help but howl in a sharp voice.

“It’s very simple. Your strength is too weak, and even double combat strength is like complete trash before me. I won’t kill you today, but you must be punished for disturbing my cultivation like this. So, I’ll punish you to kneel before my abode to atone for your crimes!” Chen Xi’s palm pressed down and directly struck out with the profundities of the Grand Confinement Dao Art, causing Senior Brother Nie to be completely confined to kneeling on the ground, and unless someone with a cultivation more formidable than Chen Xi assisted him, otherwise he could only kneel here and suffer the torment of boundless humiliation.

“AH!!!” Senior Brother Nie was unable to struggle free, and it angered him to the point of letting out a hysterical howl as his body trembled violently like he’d gone mad. This sort of humiliation from kneeling on the ground had caused him to be on the verge of insanity.

Chen Xi was extremely indifferent to all this, and he showed no sympathy. The competition between the Seed Disciples on Divine Radiance Peak was extremely brutal, and if he didn’t act slightly overbearingly, it would be utterly difficult for him to gain a foothold.

He acted in this way as a form of warning and to display his attitude to the entire Divine Radiance Peak!

“Hiss! Isn’t this fellow too ferocious!?”

“Senior Brother Nie’s cultivation is even more formidable than Senior Brother Xiong, yet he still couldn’t withstand a single blow in the end. Could it be that this kid is really as the others said, a peerless monster?”

“Let’s go! He’s formidable to the point that even Senior Brother Nie lost at his hands. We’re absolutely not a match for him, and perhaps only existences like Senior Brother Yun Ye are capable of subduing him.”

The other disciples of the East Radiance Peak were terrified to the point their entire bodies trembled while their lips twitched, and they turned around and fled like headless flies.

“Could it be that all of you think you’re able to flee?” After he glanced at Senior Brother Nie who knelt on the floor like a dead dog, Chen Xi’s gaze swiftly descended onto the others.

“If I allow all of you to escape this time, then how will I, Chen Xi, gain a foothold here? Your East Radiance Peak wants to use me to make a show of strength, then I’ll use all of you to make a show of strength, and I’ll let the entire Divine Radiance Peak know how miserable are the consequences of offending me, Chen Xi!” In the next moment, Chen Xi already had his hands behind his back as he stood in midair while his jet black hair and clothes fluttered in the wind, and he looked at the disciples that were fleeing in all directions as he took a step, causing a few streams of light to suddenly surge out explosively from his body.

The streams of light were like chains that linked up the world and were like large nets that suddenly spread open as they flew towards those disciples, and they swept those disciples back with a light twist.

This wasn’t a Dao Art, but a combat technique Chen Xi had comprehended from the Allheaven Truth. During the primeval times, when the Chaotic Divine Lotus fought the gods, it had once utilized its divine chains of the Grand Dao to link up the three dimensions like a chain of order, and it instantly confined the numerous experts in the world. Such an extraordinary ability that seemed to surpass the might of nature was like a true miracle.

At this moment, the ability he executed was comprehended from it, and even though it wasn’t a Dao Art, it contained the profundities of Dao Arts, causing its might to be similarly shocking to the extreme.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Accompanied by a string of muffled bangs, the East Radiance Peak disciples that fled fell before Chen Xi like bottle gourds rolling on the ground, and they were in exceedingly embarrassing states.

At this moment, as they looked at the tall figure before them that was like a mountain that held up the skies, they were terrified to the point their faces turned ashen while their bodies shivered without end. Never had they imagined that even the path they were using to escape would actually be completely blocked off with a casual attack from Chen Xi!

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