Chapter 621 – Coming To Cause Trouble

The world of stars.

When Chen Xi decided to start cultivating the Wings of Disruption, he’d come to the vast world of stars in the first possible moment.

The reason was extremely simple. Firstly, this place was safe, and he didn’t have to be worried about being disturbed by the outside world. Secondly, the Temporal Laws here were different to the outside world, and only a year passed by in the outside world from cultivating 10 years here.

But even though the world of stars was conducive to his cultivation, yet it possessed a flaw that was impossible to overlook when compared to the abode he had in the outside world. The world of stars wasn’t like the abode, and it didn’t possess extremely vast and thick spirit energy.

So after fully considering the advantages and disadvantages, Chen Xi decided to comprehended Dao Arts of Divine Abilities in the world of stars. After all, just comprehending cultivation techniques didn’t require spirit energy.

On the other hand, only when he was solidifying his cultivation and advancing it would he choose to cultivate within his own abode. In this way, he could fully utilize the advantage of the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein and allow it to provide him with boundless spirit energy.


As he sat cross-legged within the vast world of stars, Chen Xi took a deep breath before the Shaman Energy in his entire body surged, and then his entire body was instantly bathed in an empty, serious, and tranquil state.


For a time, nine vast Shaman Markings glowed on his back and erupted with an aura that shook the heavens and the earth, then they were interwoven together above him to form a surging nebula that was vast and mysterious, and it echoed with the stars in the sky from a distance.

At the same time, countless tiny apertures suddenly opened up all over his body, and it was like numerous stars had lit up all around his body and emitted blazing rays of light. When looked at carefully, those numerous tiny apertures were like numerous profound little worlds that were magnificent and mysterious, and they seemed to contain the boundless profundities of the Grand Dao in the universe.

As far as body refiners were concerned, the body was a land of treasures that contained the boundless profundities of the world. So long as one opened all 840 million tiny apertures in the body, one’s body would become immortal, eternal, and exist forever in the heavens and the earth.

Even though Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation hadn’t attained that practically legendary height, it had attained the height of the Rebirth Realm. His body was comparable to a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure, causing it to be impregnable, and he’d already developed 21,000 tiny apertures in his body.

Presently, he wanted to utilize these mysterious tiny apertures to cultivate the Divine Ability, Wings of Disruption!


A strand of hazy grey colored Profound Disruption Divinelight floated out and caused circle after circle of spatial ripples to undulate in the sky with a shocking impetus.

Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes and circulated the cultivation technique while his hands overlapped swiftly with each other, and he struck out a string of obscure seals with a speed that dazzled the eyes. After that, the Profound Disruption Divinelight seemed as if it was summoned and transformed into an expanse of hazy grey colored rain of light that poured down onto the tiny apertures on his body.

This step was called the refinement of energy, and it was a key step in cultivating the Wings of Disruption. The Profound Disruption Divinelight was placed into the 18,000 tiny apertures around the body to form a mysterious circulation.

At this moment, the Profound Disruption Divinelight had transformed into a rain of light that poured down and flowed into the tiny apertures around his body, and then they slowly creeped about before gradually boiling, causing his entire body to seem like a brightly glowing sun.

Suddenly, Chen Xi felt a sharp pain that penetrated the heart and marrow, and it caused his body to tremble.

At the same time, the tiny apertures around his body rumbled like lightning from the nine heavens, and it seemed like resonance of the Grand Dao, causing it to emit an extremely grand aura.

Sharp pain coiled around his body while his tiny apertures rumbled. Chen Xi felt as if something wanted to drill its way out of his back, and it felt like the pain of a myriad of swords stabbing his heart.

Crack! Crack!

Right amidst this boundless pain, inch after inch of skin on his back cracked apart to form numerous bloody lines, and these lines coiled together, overlapped with each other, and were interwoven together in an extremely mysterious and profound way…

They actually gradually formed the shape of a pair of wings!

Chen Xi utilized his internal vision and couldn’t help but be enlightened because he deduced that the mysterious pattern that appeared on his back was shockingly the Wings of Disruption condensed from the Profound Disruption Divinelight.

Even though it was only the form of it, those profound lines and curves and the mysterious striations seemed like the brand of the Grand Dao, and they revealed an unparalleled feeling of mysteriousness. Moreover, they possessed an aura of suppressing the five elements and breaking the shackles of the world.

This was sufficient to make other body refiners exclaim with admiration.

As expected of a great Divine Ability that’s ranked in the top 30 of the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions. Once it’s condensed, it actually possesses this unique and vast aura, causing it to seem extremely extraordinary.

This was too different from other Divine Abilities. Even though commonly seen Divine Abilities were miraculous, yet could any one of them directly fuse Profound Disruption Divinelight into the body and temper the body like the Wings of Disruption?

For example, the Deity Transformation, Heavenly Transformation, Eye of Divine Truth, Grand Astral Palm, Starsky Wings, Stellar Lightningform… Even though all these Divine Abilities were formidable, yet they didn’t require external things like Profound Disruption Divinelight to be cultivated.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the Wings of Disruption was more formidable than these other Divine Abilities, and it could merely show that this ultimate Divine Ability that came from the Azure Phoenix Clan was extremely special.

Perhaps it was precisely because of this ‘specialness’ that made this Divine Ability shock the primeval times and create such a brilliant and illustrious reputation. It was even to the extent that one could bluntly say that this Divine Ability would cause monstrous waves in the world every single time it made an appearance, and its might could be said to be unprecedented.

But at this moment, Chen Xi had merely condensed the shape of the Wings of Disruption, whereas the hazy grey Profound Disruption Divinelight was still ceaselessly flowing and gushing into his tiny apertures before condensing without end.

Time flowed by. Three days later, Chen Xi’s back was covered in innumerable marks of blood, and the bloody marks that were dense and complicated like the milky way seemed like someone had inscribed an extremely complicated ‘talisman of blood’ on his back. Some of the bloody marks had already formed scabs since long ago, whereas some bloody marks were still surging ceaselessly and spreading…


Another three days of time passed. Suddenly, an extremely heavy and terrifying fluctuation swiftly stretched out from Chen Xi’s body. Everywhere it passed, space shook like tidewater and emitted intense swishing sounds, and it was on the verge of shattering.

After that, a grey light flashed, and a pair of wings silently unfolded on Chen Xi’s back.

An outline that was slender and sharp like blades, an arc that was simple and clean to the extreme, and an obscure aura that was grey and hazy like chaos. The wings seemed to be over 30m long when unfolded, yet it possessed an immense aura of being linked to the boundless space and covering an enormous expanse of the world.

Most importantly, there were unfathomable and profound talisman markings flickering and being produced on the wings, and they seemed to be narrating the profundities of the world!

Chen Xi exclaimed endlessly with admiration in his heart. He’d been observing this pair of wings since the beginning. Its construct was simple, curved, and smooth. It was like the most flawless artwork of the heavens, yet what shocked him the most was that he was actually unable to see through the talisman markings produced by this pair of wings!

Firstly, the talismans vanished swiftly, and they’d never appeared clearly. Secondly, they were too complicated like stars that covered the sky appearing in one place and constructing a universe there.

This was the Divine Ability, Wings of Disruption, an ultimate technique that came from the Azure Phoenix Clan. According to legend, it was the primeval Divine Beast Azure Phoenix that comprehended this supreme Divine Ability from its own bone markings.

The complicated talisman markings produced on the wings were the innate talisman markings the Divine Beast Azure Phoenix was born with, and they were like the striations of the Grand Dao, indescribably profound and possessing boundless might.


Chen Xi withdrew a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure that contained the element of Earth from the Buddha’s Pagoda because he wanted to test the might of the Wings of Disruption. However, right when the magic treasure just appeared, it was instantly swept through fiercely by a strand of fluctuation, and it directly shattered into a pile of scrap metal, whereas the essence of Earth within it was completely obliterated.

Just like this, a top-grade heaven-rank magic treasure was completely destroyed!

Even if Chen Xi had an estimation of the might of the Wings of Disruption earlier, he still couldn’t help but be shocked when he saw this sudden scene. It was too overbearing, and this fluctuation that suppressed the world and annihilated the five elements was truly too terrifying.

It was no wonder why the Wings of Disruption could compare with the Fivecolored Divinelight that was ranked in the top 10 during the Primordial Era. Merely this ability to counter the essence of the five elements was sufficient for it to be called world shocking.

After all, no matter the quality of a magic treasure in the world, most of them were refined from the essence of the five elements. Yet it just so happened that the Wings of Disruption innately countered the essence of the five elements, and such a heaven defying effect was absolutely capable of shocking other cultivators.

Chen Xi originally intended to utilize the Talisman Armament to test the might of the Wings of Disruption, but he forcefully restrained this thought in the end. It couldn’t be helped, the refinement of the Talisman Armament was fairly difficult, and its might was currently on par with a Quasi Immortal Artifact. If it were to be damaged, then it would truly be too much of a heartache for him.


In the next moment, he’d already returned to his abode from the world of stars, whereas the Wings of Disruption had already been placed back into the numerous tiny apertures on his back, and not a single trace of it couldn’t be discerned when he didn’t utilize it.

I’ve successfully cultivated the Wings of Disruption, yet if I want to fuse it with the Starsky Wings, it’s extremely difficult to accomplish with my current ability. After all, I’ve only cultivated the Wings of Disruption to the first level, and rashly fusing it would probably cause many drawbacks to appear… Chen Xi sat cross-legged within his abode while organizing the cultivation techniques of the Wings of Disruption and Starsky Wings once more, and he noticed that he was indeed incapable of fusing these two Divine Abilities with his current strength.

After all, both of these Divine Abilities were extremely formidable, and any one of them was capable of shocking the world if revealed. So perhaps only a great figure at the Earthly Immortal Realm or above would be capable of fusing them together.


Right when Chen Xi was immersed in the deduction of his cultivation technique, his entire abode suddenly shook intensely, and it seemed as if it was attacked from the outside.

This Divine Radiance Peak is the core of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, whereas, the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein I reside on is a top paradise on the mountain. There would absolutely be no outside enemy attacking this place, so could it be…? Chen Xi suddenly opened his eyes, and strands of extremely piercingly cold bolts of lightning surged within them.


In the next moment, he’d already vanished on the spot and appeared outside the abode.

His gaze swept out and instantly noticed a few Seed Disciples floating in the surrounding sky. All of them were naturally at the Nether Transformation Realm and were Seed Disciples with extremely formidable auras. Moreover, every single one of them was swollen with arrogance as they looked coldly at Chen Xi who flew out from his abode.

“You’re the Seed Disciple that just advanced a few days ago?” The person in the lead wore a light-violet colored Daoist Robe and a feathered crown, he had a cold and arrogant expression, and his pair of eyes that were filled with indifference and arrogance were looking coldly at Chen Xi.

Obviously, the attacks that Chen Xi’s abode suffered earlier was the work of this group of people!

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