Chapter 620 – Profound Disruption Divinelight

West Radiance Peak, before the Sword Purification Pool.

Huo Molei held a jade box carefully while sweeping his fellow Junior Brothers and Junior Sister in his surroundings with his gaze, and then he said with an extremely serious expression, “Quickly put away all the objects related to the five elements in your possession. Otherwise, once the Profound Disruption Divinelight appears, then any treasure would transform into a pile of scrap!”

Clang! Clank!

Second Senior Brother Lu Sheng hastily put away the zither made of thousand year old paulownia wood, Third Senior Brother Yi Chenzi rushed to put away his go board made of Darzure Metal and the black and white pieces made of glasswood into his storage pouch.

On the other side, Fourth Senior Brother Duan Yi, Fifth Senior Sister A’Jiu, and Sixth Senior Brother Qing Yu respectively carefully put away the stone tablet with various ancient markings inscribed on it, the Crimson Banana Ink used for drawing, and a palm sized puppet that were in their hands.

Chen Xi searched his own body as well when he saw this, and when he noticed he wasn’t carrying anything that carried the attribute of the five elements, he said, “Eldest Senior Brother, it’s alright, you can withdraw the Profound Disruption Divinelight now."

Huo Molei nodded before gesturing with his hand to make everyone move further away, and then he took a deep breath before striking out with a string of complicated, dense, and profound seals.


At the instant the jade box opened up, a fluctuation that was like tidewater stretched out towards the surroundings. This fluctuation was heavy, gloomy, and mysterious… It seemed as if it contained the power to crush the aura of all life, and it caused others to feel the True Essence within their bodies become restless while their blood flowed in the opposite direction and be on the verge of disorder just by looking at it from afar.


Accompanying this terrifying fluctuation was a strand of hazy grey brilliance that swiftly floated up into midair, and it caused circle after circle of ripples that were visible to the eye to undulate in the sky and stretch out towards the surroundings. The energy of the five elements that floated in the heavens and the earth were completely destroyed and obliterated into nothingness by this fluctuation.

This strand of hazy grey brilliance was like a small tongue of flames. It was 30cm tall, thin like a spirit serpent, and at the instant it appeared, it was like the light of the gods that possessed a terrifying imposing aura capable of bringing chaos to the world and annihilating the five elements!

“This is the Profound Disruption Divinelight? According to legend, my Ancestor resided on the Profound Disruption Mountain and cultivated the supreme Divine Ability that shocked the ancient times — the Wings of Disruption.” A wisp of unrestrainable excitement appeared on Qing Yu’s face as he looked at the strand of hazy grey brilliance, and he muttered. “Unfortunately, the Profound Disruption Mountain had vanished and was obliterated in the world a very long time ago, and it was extremely difficult to find another in the entire Dark Reverie. So not a single one of my Azure Phoenix clansmen were able to cultivate this Divine Ability ever again…”

As he finished speaking, his voice already carried a wisp of deep sorrow.

The others sighed endlessly as well when they heard this. No matter how precious and rare it was, any treasure in the heavens and the earth was unable to resist the changes of time, and it would be blown away by the passage of time.

Weren’t cultivators who cultivated and sought the Dao just like this as well?

They were unwilling to allow their lifespans to be ground down by time, unwilling to transform into a pile of dirt, unwilling to see their loved ones grow old… So they cultivated and sought the Dao to attain immortality, and living along with the ages had become the pursuit of all cultivators in the heavens and the earth.

Regretfully, in the boundless annals of time, only a small portion of people that were like phoenix feathers and qilin horns amongst the myriad of living beings in the world were capable of attaining the Grand Dao and obtaining true immortality.

“Little Junior Brother, this is the strand of Profound Disruption Divinelight extracted from the Profound Disruption Mountain. Even though it’s only just a strand, it’s a priceless treasure, and it would absolutely be more than enough to cultivate the Wings of Disruption.” After a short moment, Huo Molei restrained his thoughts, and he pointed at the Profound Disruption Divinelight that floated in midair as he spoke.

“Thank you for your assistance, Eldest Senior Brother.” Chen Xi cupped his fists, and he was extremely grateful. After all, if it wasn’t for the assistance of Huo Molei to extract the Profound Disruption Divinelight, he would be helpless, as he couldn’t make something out of nothing.

“Oh, right. This is the cultivation technique of the Wings of Disruption, take it, Little Junior Brother.” The nearby Qing Yu slapped himself on the forehead before hurriedly taking out a jade slip and passed it to Chen Xi before he said with a smile, “Even though this Divine Ability is an ultimate technique of my Azure Phoenix Clan, no one has been able to cultivate it successfully since the primeval times, so it’s useless even if it’s kept in my possession. Now that you have the Profound Disruption Divinelight, it’s just suitable for you to cultivate, and it will live up to its worth.”

Qing Yu’s gaze was extremely sincere and without the slightest unwillingness, and it wasn’t like he was giving away an ultimate technique that shook the primeval times, but seemed as if he was casually giving away a present.

But Chen Xi knew how much this ‘present’ was worth, and he knew extremely clearly that Senior Brother Qing Yu treated him in this way because Qing Yu had obviously taken him to be someone dear that was worthy of being trusted. These feelings caused his heart to be heavy with warmth and a touched feeling.

“Eldest Senior Brother, there’s only a single strand of Profound Disruption Divinelight?” Chen Xi asked abruptly.

“It really is only this much. After all, even though the entire Profound Disruption Mountain is enormous, the Profound Disruption Divinelight contained within it is extremely scarce to a pitiable level, and it was already extremely uncommon for so much to be extracted.” Eldest Senior Brother scratched his head as he spoke.

“Then can you split this strand of Profound Disruption Divinelight into two?” Chen Xi continued.

“You wouldn’t be thinking of giving half to Junior Brother Qing Yu, right?” Eldest Senior Brother spoke with an astonished tone.

The others were exceedingly stunned as well because they knew that even though there was only a strand of it, a treasure like the Profound Disruption Divinelight was absolutely worth an Immortal Artifact. After it was cultivated into the Wings of Disruption, not only would it be capable of tearing through space and move 5,000km in an instant, a light flap of the wings in battle would cause all magic treasures of the five elements to lose their properties and transform into a pile of scrap. In terms of might, it wasn’t the slightest bit inferior to the Fivecolored Divinelight that was ranked in the top ten during the Primordial Era!

At this moment, when they saw Chen Xi actually wanted to give half of it to Qing Yu, they couldn’t help but be astounded.

“You can’t, you can’t.” Qing Yu was in panic, and his handsome face was flushed red as he waved his hand successively. “Little Junior Brother, you know as well that I’m not good at battle, and it would be useless, a waste of god’s given gifts, even if I obtain the Profound Disruption Divinelight. Little Junior Brother, you must not do this.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, just do as I said.” Chen Xi spoked with an indisputable tone, and then he turned around to look at Qing Yu and said seriously, “Senior Brother Qing Yu, you must take this strand of Profound Disruption Divinelight for the sake of the clansmen behind you.”

For the sake of my clansmen?

Qing Yu’s body trembled as a wisp of an extremely complicated expression suffused his face, and it seemed to be an expression of pain, helplessness, and slight sorrow from recollection. He said after being stunned for a long time, “Right, no matter how they treated me, I’m a member of the Azure Phoenix Clan in the end, and I’ve inherited the bloodline of the Azure Phoenix…”

The others sighed endlessly in their hearts as well when they heard this. They had an extremely deep relationship with Qing Yu and knew since a long time ago that even though Qing Yu possessed a rare pure blooded physique in the Azure Phoenix Clan, yet because he wasn’t adept in battle and had a pure, kind, and weak character, his status within the clan wasn’t high, causing many of his clansmen to take him to be trash.

If it wasn’t for their Master, Madman Liu, passing by the Azure Phoenix Clan while wandering the world and took Qing Yu to be his disciple, Qing Yu would probably still be in the Azure Phoenix Clan and would be ordered about like trash.

“Little Junior Brother, thank you!” After a long time, a wisp of a firm expression suffused Qing Yu’s face as he spoke seriously.

Chen Xi nodded and smiled.

After he arrived alone in the Dark Reverie, amongst the people he’d made friend with, only these seniors of his from the West Radiance Peak gave him a close feeling, and he treasured this feeling to the extreme.

So he was extremely happy to be able to do something for them.


Crimson Origin Spirit Vein, within Chen Xi’s abode.

Chen Xi sat cross-legged on the ground as soon as he returned from the West Radiance Peak, and he placed the jade slip that recorded the Divine Ability, Wings of Disruption, before him as he carefully comprehended it.

The Wings of Disruption was the ultimate technique of the Azure Phoenix Clan that shocked the primeval times. This Divine Ability utilized the tiny apertures of one’s body as the foundation and fused the Profound Disruption Divinelight into the body to condense this great Divine Ability.

When one cultivated it successively, one could move 5,000km in an instant, causing a boundless expanse of land to pass by in the snap of a finger. One could fly up into the nine heavens and dive down into the nine hells with a speed so swift that it wasn’t the slightest bit different to teleportation.

Moreover, unlike ordinary movement techniques, the Wings of Disruption possessed offensive characteristics. A flap of the wings was capable of eliminating the properties of all magic treasures of the five elements and innately countered the five elements.

During the Primordial Era, the Divine Beast Azure Phoenix relied on this formidable great Divine Ability to become renowned in the world, and it had eliminated the properties of the magic treasures of countless great figures in the three dimensions all those years ago and possessed monstrous might.

Even if it was on the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions, no matter if it was speed or offense, the rankings of the Wings of Disruption was sufficient to be ranked in the top 30!

What sort of notion was it to be ranked in the top 30?

After all, the three dimensions were tremendously large, and they contained 3,000 large worlds, a myriad of minor worlds, and contained countless mysterious pockets of space and secret realms. Moreover, there were a myriad of living beings living within the three dimensions. So the amount of Divine Abilities in the three dimensions was simply vast like the ocean and dense like a river of stars.

Since the Wings of Disruption was capable of being ranked in the top 30 of the Divine Ability Gold Rankings of the three dimensions, it was sufficient to prove how terrifying its might was.

But it wasn’t so easy to cultivate this Divine Ability successfully. Besides requiring the Profound Disruption Divinelight that was a top precious treasure in the world, it required the cultivator’s body to be sufficiently strong.

For example, the Azure Phoenix was a Divine Beast born with an extremely formidable body, so cultivating the Wings of Disruption was naturally nothing difficult for it, but it was different for the human race because their bodies were innately far inferior to the other races.

Even if it was Chen Xi who’d already attained the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm in body refinement now, he still felt a wave of extreme shock when he saw the requirements to cultivate the Wings of Disruption.

The Wings of Disruption were divided into seven levels, and merely the first level required a body refiner to have developed 18,000 tiny apertures in the cultivator’s body!

It was common knowledge that after a body refiner attained the Rebirth Realm, every single tempering of the Rebirth Realm would develop 3,000 tiny apertures in the body, and when the body refiner attained the 7th tempering of the Rebirth Ream, only 21,000 tiny apertures would have been developed.

On the other hand, the first level of the Wings of Disruption actually required 18,000 tiny apertures as its foundation. How difficult was this? In other words, even if body refiners beneath the Rebirth Realm obtained the cultivation technique of the Wings of Disruption, they were utterly incapable of cultivating it!

This was merely the basic requirements to cultivate the Wings of Disruption.

Of course, Chen XI had already basically attained all these extremely harsh requirements now. He possessed the Profound Disruption Divinelight, had 21,000 tiny apertures developed in his body, and it wasn’t a problem if he only cultivated the first level of the Wings of Disruption.

But Chen Xi wasn’t satisfied with just this. He was extremely curious, if he was able to fuse the Wings of Disruption with the Starsky Wings, then how much greater potential could be brought out from it?

Multiplied speed?

Or shocking offensive strength?

Chen Xi put down the jade slip with glistening eyes and burning anticipation couldn’t help but arise in his heart.

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