Chapter 619 – Joining Forces

Wang Zhonghuan?

Luo Qianrong was slightly stunned when she heard this name, and then she said with displeasure, “That Wang Zhonghuan that possesses an Immortal Artifact handed down from his clan? He just entered the Divine Radiance Peak and attained the Nether Transformation Realm 13 years ago, yet dares be so arrogant now and forcefully occupied three abodes on the Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein with just a single word? Who gave him the nerve to do that?”

On the other hand, when Chen Xi heard those three empty abodes were actually kept for Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan, he instantly understood that this Seed Disciple called Wang Zhonghuan was probably just like Yun Ye who possessed the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes, and he was from the East Radiance Peak as well.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown when he thought up to here. If this Wang Zhonghuan found out that Leng Qiu and the others lost miserably at my hands, he’d probably take me as an enemy just like that Yun Ye did, right?

This is truly troublesome. No matter where I go, I seem to be unable to escape being entangled with the forces of the East Radiance Peak…

“Miss Luo, you must not look down on Wang Zhonghuan. He possesses great karmic luck and deeply receives the favor of some seniors that’re living in seclusion. Coupled with his peerlessly ferocious temperament, he’s completed numerous assignments during these 10 plus years and obtained various fortuitous encounters, and he has already advanced to become a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples.”

“Indeed. He possesses great good fortune and has an extraordinary physique, causing his cultivation speed to be more than 10 times swifter than an ordinary person, and he actually fought Long Zhenbei equally when seizing an assignment the other time!”

When they saw Luo Qianrong being displeased, the elders of Azurecloud Pavilion hurriedly started speaking.

“Hmm? He actually dared to fight Long Zhenbei? And it was even an equal fight?” A wisp of surprise flashed past Luo Qianrong’s clear eyes, and then she bit her lips and shook her head as she smiled. “I never imagined that I was only in closed door cultivation for 20 years yet there’re really numerous geniuses on Divine Radiance Peak.”

He possesses an Immortal Artifact, formidable strength, great fortune, and receives deep favor from the old seniors of the sect, allowing him to become a top figure amongst the Seed Disciples in a short 13 years. This Wang Zhonghuan can be called an outstanding figure that’s favored by the heavens… Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought, and he was extremely astounded in his heart. He felt that Divine Radiance Peak was simply the concentration camp for geniuses, and it converged the extraordinary figures from all over, causing numerous experts to be concealed within it. Moreover, every single one of them had natural talents that were more shocking than the previous.

“Who’s this Long Zhenbei?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask.

“Long Zhenbei is a genius that’s rare to come by in ten thousand years, and he isn’t inferior to Yun Ye. He’s a disciple that a senior that lives in seclusion on Divine Radiance Peak brought back from the Serpent Dragon Clan while wandering the world. He possessed the Innate Dao Art ‘Serpent Dragon’s Spirit Eyes,’ and it’s slightly more formidable than the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes.” Luo Qianrong’s cherry lips parted slightly as she spoke slowly. “His strength is roughly equal to mine. So since that Wang Zhonghuan was actually capable of fighting him equally, Wang Zhonghuan’s strength can’t be underestimated.”

Chen Xi was stunned once again, and he said in his heart, No wonder the Divine Radiance Peak is the core of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. It’s obvious from the numerous Seed Disciples that possess extraordinary natural talent and the old seniors that’re cultivating in seclusion here.

Perhaps, this is where the resources and reserves of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect are, and only an extraordinary power like this is capable of recruiting so many formidable figures.

“Miss Luo, how about we arrange Chen Xi’s abode on the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein? That place is on par with the Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein, and it’s similarly a top-class location.” An elder noticed Luo Qianrong’s expression was turning more and more unsightly, and he couldn’t help but grit his teeth and suggest with a light voice.

“Crimson Origin Spirit Vein?” Luo Qianrong’s expression eased up greatly when she heard this. “That’s good as well. Even though its location is faraway, yet it’s indeed comparable to the Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein.”


The Divine Radiance Peak shot up into the nine heavens like a divine mountain that was constructed beneath the sky. It was a majestic scene that glowed brilliantly, and strands of auspicious qi hung down like waterfalls, causing this place to seem like an immortal paradise.

The entirety of the mountain was covered densely with countless secret realms and pockets of space. It looked to be only a mountain, yet the area it covered was so vast it was like a boundlessly vast kingdom that continued on without end, and an ordinary person would probably get lost instantly when walking on it.

Those old seniors that lived in seclusion were cultivation within independent pockets of space that were opened up on Divine Radiance Peak whereas, the abodes where those Seed Disciples cultivated at were distributed atop the spirit veins on Divine Radiance Peak.

Crimson Origin Spirit Vein was a spirit vein with an extremely high quality on Divine Radiance Peak, and the Seed Disciples that were able to cultivate on this spirit vein were at least ranked at the higher levels of the Seed Disciples and had extremely impressive statuses and identities.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two figures tore through the sky and instantly arrived before the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein.

“Look, that’s the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein.” Luo Qianrong pointed towards a mountain in the distance that was enshrouded with Immortal Energy and flowing rays of light, and she said, “Unlike other spirit veins, not only does the Crimson Origin Spirit Vein have vast and pure spirit energy, it also produces strands of Immortal Energy, causing it to be a superb place of cultivation. Cultivating here a single day is sufficient to compare with cultivating 100 days in the outside world.”

Chen Xi looked over. Sure enough, the mountain was completely empty, and when looked at from above, the entire mountain was suffused with a type of vast violet energy and enshrouded with spirit energy and wisps of Immortal Energy. Compared to ordinary spirit veins, it had an indescribable profound aura.

Chen Xi was already aware now that Nether Transformation Realm cultivators could only temper the Blackhole Worlds within their bodies to become even more vast and solid by absorbing spirit energy of the most superior quality, and only then would it be possible for them to comprehend the Earthly Immortal Realm.

After all, the Blackhole World formed a world of its own within the body, and the True Essence it required was enormous. It was absolutely more than ten or a hundred times more than what a Rebirth Realm cultivator possessed, so an ordinary spirit vein was already unable to satisfy the requirements of a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator.

There was a natural abode within the mountain, and it was completely empty without anyone cultivating within it nor were there any decorations. Obviously, it had been cleaned up since a long time ago.

When Chen Xi walked into this abode that belonged to him while holding his command token in his hand, he instantly felt strands of pure and vast spirit energy converging over from all directions, and only a light breath caused him to have a light feeling as if he was about to become an immortal. Moreover, even the Blackhole World within his body circulated in a slightly livelier manner.

If he were to cultivate here all through the year, then he would surely be able to temper his Blackhole World to the point of being more solid and vast.

To Golden Core Realm and Rebirth Realm cultivators, the golden core and Rebirth Wheel were the key to a cultivator’s cultivation, whereas the solidity and vastness of the Blackhole World within their bodies decided the cultivations of Nether Transformation Realm cultivators.

On the other hand, the quality and might of the Blackhole World had an inseparable relationship with the amount of Grand Dao Insights grasped and level of True Essence of the cultivator.

All in all, the paths sought by Nether Transformation Realm cultivators were practically completely reflected on the Blackhole World. No matter if it was for the sake of bringing forth an even more formidable strength or for the sake of advancing into the Earthly Immortal Realm, it couldn’t do without the cultivation of the Blackhole World.

“I have to thank Miss Luo for your assistance in helping me obtain this abode, and I’ll surely repay you greatly.” After he finished sizing up this abode that belonged to him, Chen Xi was rather satisfied in his heart and gestured at Luo Qianrong as he thanked her seriously.

He knew that if it wasn’t because of Luo Qianrong, those elders in the Azurecloud Pavilion would utterly not give such a superb abode to a new disciple that came over alone like him.

“Repay me greatly? There’s no need, if you really want to repay someone, then repay that little girl An Ke.” Luo Qianrong smiled, and then she revealed a solemn expression as she said seriously, “Perhaps you already know, but there’re a total of 109 Seed Disciples in our Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and even though it’s only a few, they’re the central force of the entire sect.”

“These disciples are mostly geniuses and monsters that have their own respective fortuitous encounters. Even though it looks boundlessly wonderful from the outside, the competition between each other is intense to the extreme, and it’s rather difficult to survive here. If you want to obtain a foothold here, then merely fighting on your own won’t do.” When she spoke up to here, Luo Qianrong stared directly at Chen Xi and smiled as she continued. “I helped you because I took a fancy to your potential, and having another friend is better than having another opponent to compete with.”

The meaning behind her words were extremely obvious. The reason she’d done this was actually for the sake of pulling Chen Xi over to her side.

“Then I, Chen Xi, will surely take Senior Sister Luo as my friend.” Chen Xi smiled.

He understood that what Luo Qianrong said wasn’t wrong, because when competition had developed to its most intense state, it would usually be reflected by people joining forces. For example, the Senior Brother Xiong he encountered previously was from the same group as Yun Ye, and they were both from the East Radiance Peak.

Actually, it was very easy to organize the relationships between disciples on Divine Radiance Peak. If one separated them according to where they came from, then they could be separated to the East Radiance, West Radiance, South Radiance, and North Radiance Peaks that formed the four great forces.

Amongst them, the East Radiance Peak was the strongest and the West Radiance Peak the weakest.

Besides these four great forces, the relationships of a portion of Seed Disciples was extremely complicated. These Seed Disciples weren’t from any of the four Elite Disciple Peaks, and they were personally brought back here from the outside world by some old seniors on Divine Radiance Peak to directly become Seed Disciples. For example, the Serpent Dragon Clan’s Long Zhenbei was such an existence.

This portion of disciples were around 20 plus people, and they occupied a fifth of the total number of Seed Disciples. Moreover, all of their natural talents were monstrous, causing them to be amongst the top ranks.

“Alright. Chen Xi, just cultivate in your own abode. If there’s anything, you can feel free to come to the Black Phoenix Spirit Vein to look for me.” Luo Qianrong nodded to Chen Xi before flicking her finger, and a jade talisman flew out into Chen Xi’s hand. “This is a talisman I refined. Keep it well. In the future, no matter if you want to find me or I want to find you, you only have to input your True Essence into it, and my location will be revealed.”

As she spoke, a flowing streak of light flashed, and Luo Qianrong had already vanished without a trace.

This young woman probably has an extremely intimate relationship with An Wei and An Ke. Could it be that she’s a Senior Sister from the North Radiance Peak? But, her presence really did spare me from much trouble, and I must remember this kindness… Chen Xi put away the jade talisman yet turned around to leave the abode just like Luo Qianrong, and he flashed towards the West Radiance Peak.

During the time he followed Elder Lie Peng to the Divine Radiance Peak, he’d already received Huo Molei’s voice transmission that the Profound Disruption Mountain had been refined completely. Moreover, Qing Yu had recorded the technique of cultivating the Wings of Disruption as well, and they were just waiting for him to return before he could rely on the Profound Disruption Divinelight to cultivate the supreme Divine Ability that belonged to the Azure Phoenix Clan — the Wings of Disruption!

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