Chapter 618 – Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein

As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Ye glanced at Chen Xi with disdain before turning to leave.

“Truly strange. Why would this little girl An Ke be so good to a male disciple? Could it be that this little girl has fallen in love…?” However, right when Yun Ye hadn’t stepped foot out of Azurecloud Pavilion, a lazy voice suddenly resounded out from outside the pavilion. It was a voice that was clear and melodious like the sound of a pearl falling on a jade tray, yet it just happened that this voice revealed a lazy feeling as if it was the sleep talk of someone who’d just awoken from sleep.

Accompanying this voice was a young woman that had disheveled hair, wore a large crescent moon colored Daoist Robe, and whose entire body seemed to be limp, and she walked in while rubbing her sleepy eyes.

This woman had beautiful jet black, soft, and smooth hair, yet it just happened to be disheveled like a clump of straw, and her clothes were extremely large, causing it to not conform to her slender and graceful figure. Moreover, she walked extremely carelessly and shook sideways with every step, causing her to have a slovenly and unkempt appearance that could simply compare with Madman Liu.

But unlike Madman Liu, even though this young woman seemed completely unkempt, she was clean to the extreme, and her exposed skin was even tender and white like fine jade, causing her to give others an extremely strong visual impact.

“Qianrong, what have you come for?” Yun Ye’s footsteps stopped when he saw this young woman that rubbed her sleepy eyes while making an appearance at the entrance of the Azurecloud Pavilion, and the platinum scared glow within his eyes was slightly reduced as he seemed to be somewhat afraid of this young woman.

On the other hand, when the other disciples within the pavilion saw this young woman, their eyes stared wide open, and they were extremely astounded. They seemed to not dare believe that this young woman would actually appear here.


“Right, it’s her.”

“It…it can’t be, right? How many years has she not stepped foot into Azurecloud Pavilion?”

“Shh! Speak softer!”

Some disciples couldn’t refrain from whispering in discussion. Their overcautious appearances caused them to seem like mice that had seen a cat, and it was even to the extent they didn’t even dare mention her name.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s gaze had similarly descended onto this young woman. From his perspective, this young woman looked to be slovenly, yet was completely clean and possessed smooth and fair skin. Every single move of hers had an indescribable feeling to it, a feeling that seemed natural and simple, and she even emanated a profound aura that was beautiful and natural.

To Chen Xi’s shock, Chen Xi was actually unable to discern exactly what cultivation this young woman possessed!

“I heard you went to the Dark Devil Sea to annihilate the 18 bandits, and I wanted to see to what extent your cultivation has risen to. Can’t I?” This young woman glanced at Yun Ye with jet black eyes that were like profound stars, and they were deep and clear, whereas her voice still remained lazy yet was still extremely pleasing to the ear like the sound of nature.

As she spoke, her gaze swept the surroundings before finally descending onto Chen Xi, and then she waved her hand right away. “Hey, you’re that new disciple, right?”

“Yes.” Chen Xi was stunned, and then he nodded and replied.

“I heard you’re an extraordinary genius that Martial Uncle Liu brought back? That Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, Du Xuan, and the others joined forces, yet still lost miserably at your hands in the end?” The young woman sized Chen Xi up from head to toe as she expressed her surprise.

“What!? The junior brothers of my East Radiance Peak lost at your hand?” The nearby Yun Ye couldn’t help but turn his head around when he heard this, and he glanced at Chen Xi with a flickering gaze.

“It was just luck.” Chen Xi replied calmly. Up until this moment, he was still unable to figure out who exactly this mysterious young woman was, but he could be sure that she didn’t have any ill intent towards him.

“What’re you talking about? A win is a win. Those disciples from East Radiance Peak ought to be bashed by someone, otherwise if they’re too arrogant, they would die even more swiftly.” The young woman spoke disapprovingly, yet her attitude was utterly blunt. A portion of the disciples in the pavilion were from the East Radiance Peak, and they laughed bitterly without end when they heard this, yet didn’t take any drastic actions.

Obviously, they knew the temper and strength of this young woman extremely clearly, and they didn’t dare act rashly before her.

“Qianrong, what do you mean by that?” Yun Ye frowned instead, and he said with displeasure, “Amongst the 109 Seed Disciples, my East Radiance Peak occupies 32 positions. This is strength that you can’t deny!”

The young woman called Qianrong raised her head and glanced lazily at Yun Ye before she said, “Are numbers of any use? If you’re disgruntled, how about we have a battle?”

“Hmph! What a waste of time. The day will come when a victor will surely be decided amongst us, but it isn’t now.” Yun Ye grunted coldly before flicking his sleeve and leaving.

“Fleeing from battle again. With so many excuses, I’m the one that feels it’s a waste of time.” The corners of Qianrong’s mouth curled up as she spoke with disdain.

The figure of Yun Ye outside the pavilion froze briefly when he heard this, and then he sped up and vanished in the blink of an eye. Based on how he seemed, Qianrong was obviously an extremely great headache for him as well.

There really are outstanding talents hidden on Divine Radiance Peak. Yun Ye was already so extraordinary, yet he was faintly suppressed by this young woman that arrived abruptly. I’ve truly widened my horizons. Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart. He’d only just arrived at Azurecloud Pavilion yet had successively encountered two existences with strengths that was deeper than the previous, and he had no choice but to sigh with emotion.

It was at this moment that Qianrong suddenly asked. “You seem to have been in conflict with Yun Ye?”

“I’m a new disciple, so why would I go offend another?” Chen Xi shrugged as he spoke.

“You should be careful. Your future can be said to be boundless since you’ve become a Seed Disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, so there’s no need entertain disputes caused by personal feelings. Even though you’re formidable now, yet there’s numerous people more formidable than you amongst the Seed Disciples.” Qianrong combed her disheveled and beautiful hair as she reminded.

“Do you think I’m not a match for Yun Ye?” asked Chen Xi with a smile.

“Do you think you are?” Qianrong answered with a question.

“Then how are you compared to Yun Ye?” Chen Xi similarly avoided the question and didn’t answer it.

“Hmph! What a slippery kid that’s not willing to take the slightest loss!” Qianrong rolled her eyes at Chen Xi before she said lazily, “Mine and Yun Ye’s strengths are almost on par, and no one is able to do anything to the other. But if we were to put our lives on the line, then he’s slightly inferior. Do you know why?”

As she spoke, she glanced at Chen Xi with a mysterious expression.

“Why?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask.

“I won’t tell you.” After she finished speaking, Qianrong couldn’t help but chuckle as flowing lights flashed past her beautiful eyes, and they revealed a slightly sly expression.

Chen Xi was stunned. Only now did he realize that the young woman before him seemed to be slovenly, yet wasn’t. She had clear eyes, attractive looks, a sweet smile, moist cherry lips, and snow white skin, whereas her disheveled jet black and beautiful hair gave her a lazy and alluring quality instead.

“You’ve just become a Seed Disciple and have offended Yun Ye, so it’s extremely easy for you to be arranged to an exceedingly inferior abode to cultivate in. Moreover, your benefits will be reduced. Let me help you register yourself.” Qianrong stood on tiptoe and patted Chen Xi on the shoulder, and she had the appearance of an elder sister protecting her younger brother. But, standing on tiptoes caused her actions to seem much more childish and cute.

“Err?” Chen Xi rubbed his nose and was slightly unable to wrap his head around why this young woman would treat him so kindly. Could it be that she wants to draw me over to her side? Or does she have other intentions?

“Don’t worry, I’m not trying to draw you over to my side. I don’t want to become enemies with that group of people from the East Radiance Peak because of you. Besides that, I’m not delusional and fell in love with you on first sight. The reason is simple, only that silly little girl An Ke would take a fancy to a pretty boy like you.”

Chen Xi was extremely embarrassed when his thoughts were directly exposed by her, and then he suddenly realized something and asked with surprise, “It was An Ke that asked you to help me?”

“She didn’t ask, but begged me to help you, understand? Alright, follow behind me and cut the crap. You’re a new disciple at any rate, so you ought to put on a much more obedient display when being helped by a senior, right?” Qianrong glared her clear eyes at Chen Xi before turning around and walking towards the depths of the pavilion.

All the disciples in the pavilion were dumbstruck. This new disciple, Chen Xi, is extraordinary indeed. He was just in confrontation with Yun Ye who possessed the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes and was born with phenomena descending from the heavens, and they were on the verge of battle and wished for nothing more than to come to blows. However, in the next moment, he struck up a relationship with a formidable female cultivator like Qianrong, and they’re chatting happily and seem to have a rather intimate relationship…

“This new disciple is formidable. He heavily injured Senior Brother Xiong and entered into confrontation with Senior Brother Yun Ye, he’s simply overbearing to the extreme. After all, all the new disciples of the previous years were dealt with outside the pavilion to the point of being docile and obedient.”

“Shh, softer. Luo Qianrong possesses the ‘Profound Spirit Ancient Vein’ body and is a brilliant figure that can’t be offended as well. Her strength is entirely capable of ranking in the top rankings amongst all the Seed Disciples, and she can be called a monster. Moreover, she has the support of an overlord level clan like the Flame County’s Luo Clan supporting her, causing her identity and status to be extremely respected. It’s really enviable that this new disciple is able to strike up a relationship with her.”

When everyone saw Luo Qianrong leading Chen Xi towards the depths of the pavilion, they couldn’t help but whisper in discussion and secretly exclaim with admiration. They seemed to have never imagined that this new disciple would actually be able to cause such a commotion on his first day arriving at the Divine Radiance Peak.

“Chen Xi, hand over your command token. I’ll arrange an abode for you to cultivate in. The Triple Profundity Abode has a Violetsun Spirit Vein beneath it, and it just happens to be suitable for your cultivation.” The elders of the Azurecloud Pavilion moved over to greet Chen Xi and Luo Qianrong upon noticing their arrival.

“Triple Profundity Abode? No, that won’t do. The location of that abode is faraway, and it can only be considered to be normal amongst the numerous abodes on Divine Radiance Peak and can’t be said to be outstanding.” Luo Qianrong frowned. “How about this? Choose an abode at the place where the Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein is and give it to him. I remember there’re many abodes empty there.”

“Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein?” The elders were stunned, and then they looked at Luo Qianrong and said with embarrassment, “There’re indeed many empty abodes there, but they’ve already had their occupancy assigned by someone.”

“Hmm? They were forcibly occupied?” The tips of Luo Qianrong’s brows raised up, and she said with displeasure, “Who’s so overbearing to even dare occupy the abodes on the Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein?”

“It was Wang Zhonghuan. He has already assigned the three empty abodes on the Dark Brilliance Spirit Vein to the newly advanced Seed Disciples of the East Radiance Peak this time. I presume you’re well aware that if Wang Zhonghuan wants to do something, then we’re unable to stop it as well.” An elder sighed. Even though speaking like this would harm his own dignity, yet it was a fact that couldn’t be denied. After all, Wang Zhonghuan’s reputation was too great, and he received the favor of many old seniors of the sect that possessed extremely high seniorities. So even they who were elders could only turn a blind eye to it as well.

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