Chapter 617 – White Emperor’s Metal Eyes

An aqua blue Daoist robe, jet black and dense hair, a warm and handsome appearance, and there was a fierce expression between his brows. There wasn’t a single accessory on his entire body, and he was extremely neat like an elegant young master of the mortal world.

But his eyes surged with a blazing platinum glow that shone brilliantly like a blade, and it emitted a sharp feeling as if it was capable of cutting through everything in the world and destroying all evil and obstacles.

This pair of eyes were too terrifying and filled with phenomena, causing others to not dare stare at them.

This was Yun Ye, a formidable figure amongst the Seed Disciples. Phenomena descended from the skies when he was born, and his eyes were called the ‘White Emperor’s Metal Eyes,’ and it was even more formidable than the ‘Phantom Eyes’ that the Feng Clan’s Feng Jianbai possessed.

According to rumor, a person that possessed the ‘White Emperor’s Metal Eyes’ was born with the ability to control the Grand Dao of Metal, allowing the person to cut through all obstacles, and the person’s cultivation speed of the Grand Dao of Metal was ten or even a hundred times swifter than a normal person.

But what drew Chen Xi’s gaze the most was the sword that Yun Ye carried on his back. It was 60cm in length, three fingers wide, and completely reddish green. Its surface was covered densely with countless profound talisman markings, and it emitted an ancient and desolate aura.

The sword was within its sheath and seemed like a dragon that lay in hibernation within a chasm. Even though it hadn’t been unsheathed, the trace of aura emitted by the sword caused Chen Xi to sense that this was absolutely a great weapon that possessed a might which was surely not beneath a Quasi Immortal Artifact!

Since he dared to fearlessly carry such a great weapon when he made an appearance and not be the slightest bit worried that it would draw the greed of others, it could only show that Yun Ye was extremely confident of his strength and was a formidable figure that was extremely arrogant and conceited in his bones.

“It’s actually Senior Brother Yun Ye? Didn’t he head to the Dark Devil Sea to carry out an assignment?”

“The Dark Devil Sea is boundlessly vast and is the place where one of the six lineages of the Devil Sect, the Dark Devil Sect, resides. There’re countless atrocious devils that roam freely there and bring calamity to the surroundings. Senior Brother Yun Ye took the assignment to annihilate the 18 Bandits of Darkness, yet he has actually returned to the sect after only a little over a month has passed? Could it be that he has completed the assignment?”

“Every single one of the 18 Bandits of Darkness have committed countless crimes. Over 10 years ago, they’d poisoned and harmed numerous Seed Disciples of our Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and they were constantly pursued, yet none succeeded. Senior Brother Yun Ye headed over by himself this time and fought within an area of a few hundreds of thousands of kilometers, and since he has returned safely now, he has surely completed the assignment.”

There were Seed Disciples ceaselessly entering Azurecloud Pavilion, and all of them were extremely shocked and started discussion in low voices when they saw Yun Ye appear here.

The Azurecloud Pavilion was a pavilion on Divine Radiance Peak that managed Seed Disciples. Not only did it assist new Seed Disciples with the arrangement of their places of cultivation and daily benefits, it also distributed assignments for Seed Disciples to take at the same time.

It was even to the extent some old seniors that lived in seclusion on Divine Radiance Peak and possessed shocking seniority would frequently choose the Azurecloud Pavilion as the place to clear the doubts of disciples and pass down profound techniques.

“Yun Ye? Since you’ve returned so quickly, then have you annihilated the 18 Bandits of Darkness?” The elders of Azurecloud Pavilion walked out successively when they saw Yun Ye make an appearance, and their gazes faintly carried a trace of delight.

“We’ll speak about this later. I just want to know who injured Junior Brother Xiong earlier?” Yun Ye nodded to those elders, and his attitude even carried a trace of arrogance.

But those elders didn’t mind in the slightest because Seed Disciples like Yun Ye had extremely respected statuses and identities, and they were thought highly of by some seniors. So even if they were elders, none of them dared to take Yun Ye as a junior.


In the next moment, practically most of the gazes in the pavilion descended onto Chen Xi, and their faces carried a strange and ridiculing expression.

Most of them had witnessed the scenes of Chen Xi crushing ‘Senior Brother Xiong,’ and when they saw Yun Ye wanted to denounce the crimes of someone and stand up for ‘Senior Brother Xiong,’ they were naturally happy to watch the show.

“It was you?” Yun Ye’s eyes opened like two dazzling platinum suns flickering as he looked at Chen Xi.


Space shattered as Chen Xi instantly felt an extremely fierce and ghastly airflow envelop towards him, and he felt as if a myriad of sharp swords were pointed at him, causing the skin on his entire body to have the feeling as if it was cut open by sharp blades.

This was merely a gaze yet it possessed such might!

This is the might of someone that possesses the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes? It really is formidable, and he’s even more domineering than Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and the others… The Blackhole World within Chen Xi’s body circulated, causing a tremendous airflow to gush throughout his body, and it instantly eliminated the feeling of his entire body being sliced while his expression remained as it was before.

Yun Ye’s display allowed him to understand that the formidableness of Seed Disciples was absolutely not something those Elite Disciples he’d encountered in the past could compare to. Seed Disciples were absolutely stronger and more terrifying, and he really had to be slightly cautious if he wanted to have a foothold here.

“Hmm?” Yun Ye couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he saw Chen Xi had actually easily dealt with the aura he exerted, and then he said indifferently, “You’re a new disciple that has just advanced? What’s your name?”

“Chen Xi.” Chen Xi replied in a composed manner.

“Compared to the new disciples from the previous years, your display is not bad indeed.” Yun Ye said, “At the very least, you’re able to maintain your composure when talking to me, and you’re unlike those others that don’t even have the courage to look me in the eye.” Even though his voice was indifferent, yet his unhurried tone, his attitude that seemed it was a matter of course, and the bearing of being superior that he revealed inadvertently had vividly displayed his arrogant and conceited disposition.

“Both of us are Seed Disciples and are on equal footing, so what’s there to make a fuss about just from looking you in the eye?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a wave of speechlessness when he heard this. These Seed Disciples really are arrogant, and their arrogance runs down into their bones.

“Hmph! Being composed is one thing but being too arrogant isn’t beneficial to your growth!” Yun Ye’s eyes narrowed as cold lights flashed within, and then strands of blazing platinum sacred light surged out explosively from his eyes, causing his imposing aura to rise abruptly. He seemed like an enormous and unshakeable sword that stood towering in the heavens and the earth while revealing its edges.


The surrounding space suffered the pressure from his imposing aura, causing it to suddenly emit rumbling and shattering sounds, and it seemed as if it was forcefully slashed apart by a myriad of blades.

Instantly, Chen Xi felt as if he was within an expanse of a dim purgatory, and there was sharp and ghastly rain of blades everywhere. It seemed as if it wanted to completely obliterate him, and it gave him a strong feeling of pressure.

“Whether I, Chen Xi, am arrogant or not isn’t something you can decide!” Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered as he took a step forward, causing a piercingly cold killing intent to explode out like a stream of coldness that gushed towards the surroundings, and it directly crushed, destroyed, and obliterated all the boundless ghastly might in his surroundings.

Even though the might of the ‘White Emperor’s Metal Eyes’ that Yun Ye executed was formidable, how could it possibly be a match for the Slaughter Dao Insight that Chen Xi possessed?

After all, the Slaughter Dao Insight was a quintessence Grand Dao that carried the intent of slaughter. In the past, Chen Xi hadn’t brought its might out in the slightest, and it was like a bright pearl that was hidden away and had never revealed its brilliance.

Now it was different. He’d utilized the Dao of Talismans to command the various Grand Dao profundities he possessed, and he’d transformed the Slaughter Dao Insight into a ‘’ character symbol. Amidst the left and right strokes of this symbol, the killing intent that was possessed by the Slaughter Dao Insight was brought out completely.

So utilizing this to annihilate the might Yun Ye emanated was simply as easy as blowing dust off.

Of course, this was merely the collision of the auras exerted by the two of them, and it couldn’t represent that Yun Ye’s strength was inferior to Chen Xi.

“Good!” Yun Ye coldly spat out a single word when he saw this, and it looked as if he was praising Chen Xi yet it was filled with ghastly killing intent and coldness, causing others to instantly understand that he’d probably been infuriated.

“Chen Xi, you’ve just entered Divine Radiance Peak, so you probably still don’t know the ability of me, Yun Ye, so you dare be so disrespectful to me.” Sacred lights roiled endlessly within Yun Ye’s eyes, and they were like a myriad of matchlessly ghastly swords dancing about. Moreover, his voice was even icy cold and bone piercing like a blade, and it pierced directly into one’s heart, causing even the surrounding air to seem to have become icy cold.

“Respect is always returned tenfold. You’re only a Seed Disciple just like me, and you aren’t a senior of the sect. So why should I respect you?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

“Good backbone! Good courage! Then I’ll let you know why you have to respect me right now!” Yun Ye clapped as he roared with laughter. Golden lights soared up on his body while phenomena appeared within his eyes, and he seemed as if he wanted to make a move right away.

“Alright, Yun Ye, Chen Xi, both of you take a step back. This is the interior of the Azurecloud Pavilion, and fighting is prohibited.” Right when both of them were in confrontation and Yun Ye intended to make a move and fiercely beat up Chen Xi to the point Chen Xi was half dead, an elder at the side spoke out abruptly.

This elder wore grey robes, and he had white hair, a youthful complexion, and a sage-like air. A strand of obscure Immortal Energy flowed around his body while his aura seemed like a bottomless abyss. Obviously, he was a great figure that was at the Earthly Immortal Realm.

When they saw this elder stand out and stop Chen Xi and Yun Ye, all the disciples in Azurecloud Pavilion that intended to watch the show revealed disappointed expressions. But they knew that disciples were really prohibited from getting into fights within Azurecloud Pavilion.

Of course, this rule would become invalid once a person leaves Azurecloud Pavilion. At that time, so long as the person isn’t beaten to death, then not to mention these elders, even the old seniors that’re living in seclusion on Divine Radiance Peak couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to it.

“Hmph! How disappointing!” Yun Ye grunted coldly, and then he tossed out with his hand, causing a string of bloody heads to roll down onto the floor. When counted carefully, there were actually 18 heads.

“The heads of the 18 Bandits of Darkness!”

“My god! Senior Brother Yun Ye really completed the assignment. He annihilated all 18 of these Nether Transformation Realm devils that have committed countless crimes by himself!”

“Amazing! This incident will probably shake the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect in less than a day! Moreover, the reputation of Senior Brother Yun Ye is bound to become like the sun in the midday sky and renowned throughout the world!”

When they saw the appearances of those heads that covered the ground clearly, all the disciples present instantly went into an uproar, and all of them were extremely shocked. Obviously, they never expected that Yun Ye had actually completed this extremely dangerous assignment.

“These are the heads of the 18 Bandits of Darkness. I’ve already completed the assignment. Elders, please dispatch someone to send over the rewards and remuneration to my abode.” As he listened to the bustling voices of shock in the surroundings, a wisp of arrogance couldn’t help but be revealed from the corners of Yun Ye’s mouth, and then his gaze descended onto Chen Xi as he laughed coldly before pointing at the 18 heads on the floor and said, “Look, that’s the consequences of being disrespectful to me, Yun Ye! Chen Xi, since you’ve just entered Divine Radiance Peak today, then as a Senior Brother, I naturally won’t make it difficult for a new disciple like you. But you better watch out in the future!”

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