Chapter 616 – Heedless of Consequences

Divine Radiance Peak, outside Azurecloud Pavilion.

As he looked at all the disciples pointing at him while gazing at him with ridiculing gazes, Chen Xi suddenly felt as if he’d entered into a barbaric forest where wild beasts roamed freely.

All rules and restraints were established on the basis of strength. Those with low cultivations could only swallow insult and humiliation, whereas those with high cultivations were able to obtain even more resources, stand even higher, and possess an even better status.

Simply speaking, the person with the bigger fist had more space to stand and speak!

“Let’s go. No one will dare look for trouble with you while you follow behind me.” Elder Lie Peng noticed this scene yet was completely indifferent to it, and he only instructed with a light voice.

“Then would they instantly come looking for trouble with me once you’ve left?” Chen Xi asked abruptly.

“This…” Lie Peng was stunned, yet tacitly approved.

“Elder Lie, you can return. Let me do the rest myself. After all, I’m a Seed Disciple now, and facing various competitions is something that’ll occur sooner or later.” Chen Xi smiled lightly as he cupped his fist and spoke.

“Do you know that if you’re unable to gain a foothold here, then you’ll only be forced out of Divine Radiance Peak? If you fall slightly too terribly, it would even be to the extent you can only assume the position of elder in the outer court or inner court, and your entire lifetime would be gone just like this?” Lie Peng couldn’t help but frown and remind when he saw Chen Xi had actually refused his good intentions.

“Elder Lie, don’t worry. If someone wants to make me, Chen Xi, leave dejectedly, then that person has to be really capable.” Chen Xi smiled.

“Alright, then I won’t force you.” Lie Peng pondered for a moment before suddenly bursting into laughter. “How could I have forgotten? You aren’t like ordinary Seed Disciples that have just advanced.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lie Peng glanced deeply at Chen Xi before turning and leaving.


“Hey, this new disciple actually refused Elder Lie Peng’s good intentions. He seems to be very arrogant?”

“Hmph! He probably thinks he’s an extremely extraordinary figure since he’s capable of becoming a Seed Disciple. Truly laughable! What is this place? The core of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, a paradise bestowed by the heavens where only the seniors and Seed Disciples of the sect can reside in!”

“This little fellow is probably not from the North Radiance, South Radiance, or East Radiance Peak. Otherwise, there ought to have been someone to greet him. According to this, could it be that he’s from the West Radiance Peak?”

“West Radiance Peak? Haha, that’s a wonderful place where various pieces of trash pile up together. Looks like we must let him know who’s more formidable. Otherwise, people might think that our Divine Radiance Peak takes in all sorts of trash.”

“Right, since he’s a new disciple, he has to be taught a bitter lesson before he’ll become obedient, and we must beat him up mercilessly so that he’ll do everything we say just like how we treated the disciples of the West Radiance Peak from before. It couldn’t be any better than to order him about like our servant.”

“Hehe, then let me experience exactly what level of strength this new disciple that came from the Trash Concentration Camp, the West Radiance Peak, possesses!”

Right when Chen Xi was just about to step foot into Azurecloud Pavilion, a stalwart figured violet robed young man who had a broad chin and leopard shaped eyes flashed over to completely block Chen Xi’s path.

The most unbridled part of all this was that after the violet robed young man obstructed Chen Xi’s path, his backbone straightened while his momentum didn’t reduce in the slightest, and he actually wanted to collide with Chen Xi and carried the ferocious appearance of intending to forcefully knock Chen Xi flying.


Before they collided, a terrifying imposing aura suddenly surged out explosively from within the young man’s body, and it was like a mountain, overbearing and heavy, causing the surrounding space to be shaken to the point of droning and being on the verge of shattering.

This was obviously a formidable Dao Art that utilized ‘pressure’ as a form of attack. If it was an ordinary person that was facing this knock, the person would instantly have the powerless and tiny feeling of being crushed by a mountain, and the person’s end would surely be extremely miserable.

It was obvious from this that the violet robed young man that intentionally came looking for trouble with Chen Xi was a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator that was extremely formidable and had comprehended and grasped a Dao Art.

“Fuck off!” Chen Xi’s eyes erupted with cold lights as he shouted out loudly, and then he slapped out fiercely with his palm. This slap secretly contained the profundities of the Myriad Netherwave Palm, causing it to seem very ordinary, yet contain supreme force, and its might overlapped itself layer upon layer, causing it to be extremely ferocious, powerful, and capable of crushing mountains and splitting the earth.


The violet robed young man sneered as his body shrunk back with the intention of avoiding Chen Xi’s slap before sweeping Chen Xi flying with a slap of his own. Yet never had he imagined that before he could even react, Chen Xi’s palm actually instantly smashed onto his face as if it had teleported. It was already too late to avoid, causing it to directly smash onto his right cheek, and his entire body was blasted flying.

“AH!!!” He let out a shrill and miserable cry as he flew out like a kite that had its string cut before falling 300m away with a thump, and he lay flat on the floor like a dead dog while constantly spitting out large mouthfuls of blood. Moreover, his right face seemed to have been slapped to the point of sinking down, and it was an extremely terrifying sight.

The pain his body felt was nothing, the most key was that the humiliation in his heart angered him to the point of being on the verge of insanity!

He struggled with the intention of standing up, yet suddenly felt a leg stomp fiercely onto his body, and it felt like a myriad of mountains were pressing onto him and it pressed onto him to the point the bones in his entire body emitted cracking sounds. At this moment, it hurt to the point he didn’t even have the energy to let out a shrill cry. Bloody froth flowed out from his mouth as his entire body trembled, and he seemed as if he’d suffered a seizure.

“What!? Senior Brother Xiong was actually slapped flying?”

“Senior Brother Xiong is from the Crimson Bear Clan and innately possesses extraordinary physical strength. Moreover, he’d attained mastery in the Dao Art, Titan Sky Crusher, since a long time ago. A single knock from him would cause even a 30km tall mountain to be shattered, so how could he possibly be blasted 300m away by a single slap?”

“What a ferocious figure! Not only did he slap Senior Brother Xiong flying with a single slap, he even stomped on Senior Brother Xiong to the point of being unable to move on the ground. No wonder he dared to head to Azurecloud Pavilion by himself. So it turns out that he possesses real ability.”

“Haha, this is going to be interesting. Even a new disciple from the West Radiance Peak dares to be so arrogant and ferocious, it’ll surely alarm some peerless geniuses of our Divine Radiance Peak…”

All of this occurred too swiftly, and the violet robed young man was already completely suppressed in an instant, causing all the surrounding disciples to stare their eyes wide open and start discussing animatedly.

“I’ll cripple both your eyes if you dare do that again!” Chen Xi glanced coldly at the violet robed young man before slowly turning around and sweeping the surroundings with his gaze, and some Seed Disciples that originally intended to bully him avoided his gaze successively and didn’t dare provoke him any longer.

Looks like it’s really as Elder Lie Peng said. Only by making an even more mighty and overbearing display amongst the Seed Disciples would one be able to safely obtain a foothold. Otherwise, one would only be bullied, suppressed, and finally fall to become an existence that’s like a servant. Experiencing this incident allowed Chen Xi to deeply understand how violent the competition between Seed Disciples was. If one didn’t possess a formidable strength, then it would be utterly impossibly to survive here.

“You actually dared! You actually dared to seize the moment I was off guard to launch a surprise attack! You’re simply courting death!” Chen Xi had just turned around with the intention of leaving when Senior Brother Xiong leaped up from the ground. His entire body surged with a bloody light while his eyes turned crimson red, and then he spread open his hand before assaulting Chen Xi from behind.

He actually intended to put up a desperate fight!


This strike of Senior Brother Xiong was obviously a full forced strike. His hand grabbed out, causing countless bloody clouds to soar up into the sky while rays of bloody light shot up into the horizon, and they even transformed into mountains of corpses, seas of blood, piles of bones, a blood tainted ground, and numerous other phenomena.

“Bloodbear Skysplit Palm!”

“This is the Crimson Bear Clan’s Innate Dao Art. Senior Brother Xiong actually intends to put up a desperate fight. During an assignment not too long ago, he’d just directly torn apart a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator of the Evil Dao with this extremely terrifying Dao Art!”

Some disciples retreated successively when they saw this scene because they were deeply afraid of being affected by it.

“Trash from the tiny West Radiance Peak dares to humiliate me? Kneel!” Senior Brother Xiong charged forward while carrying a surging bloody glow. He was like a brave and skillful warrior in battle that strode on mountains of corpses and seas of blood, causing blood to taint thousands of kilometers of river water, and he was ferocious and tyrannical to the limit.

“You’re heedless of consequence!” Chen Xi turned around with his hands behind his back, and he didn’t make a move with his hands but took a step forward while executing the Dao Art, Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation. Killing intent surged out as Yin and Yang were thrown into chaos, and it stretched out with a bang.


All the bloody clouds and bloody lights were directly shattered and dispersed, whereas the mountains of corpses, seas of blood, ghastly bones, and the various other phenomena were easily crushed and obliterated into nothingness.

Senior Brother Xiong’s figure that charged over was even directly sliced up by the violent energy of Slaughter to the point of being covered in injuries while blood flowed like a fountain from his body. He let out a shrill cry as he fell down directly from midair, and he was heavily injured, breathing weakly, and on the verge of being in a precarious situation. It would at least require more than a year for him to recover completely.

“You don’t know what’s good for you. If it wasn’t for us being from the same sect, I’d have killed you a long time ago.” Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance at Senior Brother Xiong before directly striding towards Azurecloud Pavilion.

“What… Dao Art was that? A single strike caused killing intent to surge out, and it actually directly destroyed Senior Brother Xiong’s Innate Dao Art?”

“He’s so ferocious and overbearing! Is he really a new disciple?”

“Unexpected, truly unexpected. Come on, let’s quickly go notify those other Senior Brothers. Such a formidable new disciple had actually come to our Divine Radiance Peak this time, I presume everyone will be very interested.”

Those Seed Disciples couldn’t stand by any longer when they saw this scene, and they dispersed in all directions as they were deeply afraid that Chen Xi would be ruthless and even deal with all of them. After all, this new disciple was too ferocious, and they didn’t want to fall to the same fate as Senior Brother Xiong.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all this and directly walked into Azurecloud Pavilion, and then his gaze swept out and swiftly descended towards a direction in the depths of the pavilion.

There were some elders with great martial prowess sitting upright there. They’d seen the scenes from before as well, and all of them clicked their tongues in admiration when they saw this new disciple entering because they understood that this little fellow was a ferocious figure as well.

“Who injured Junior Brother Xiong earlier!?” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded out from outside the pavilion. It was ethereal and weightless, causing one’s mind to be at peace upon hearing it, and it was like listening to a sage explaining the profundities of the Grand Dao.

Subsequently, a divine ray of light swiftly arrived. Golden lights swirled about as a rain of light poured down, and a blue clothed young man walked out from within these lights. He had a sword on his back, jet black hair that fluttered behind him, and fierce features, causing him to have an oppressive aura.

Most shocking of it all was that this blue clothed young man actually had platinum colored eyes, and as his eyes spun, they emitted stands of golden sacred light that seemed like blades that sliced through space itself, causing others to not dare stare at his eyes.

“Senior Brother Yun Ye!” The pupils of some Seed Disciples in Azurecloud Pavilion constricted when they saw this person appear, and they revealed heartfelt reverence.

Obviously, this person was absolutely a great figure amongst the Seed Disciples, otherwise it would absolutely be impossible for him to receive such treatment.

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