Chapter 615 – Azurecloud Pavilion

Currently, spirit stones were nothing to Chen Xi, whereas only spirit liquids and spirit pills at the heaven-rank or above were capable of satisfying the basic requirements of his cultivation.

On the other hand, existences like Immortal Stones were slightly too rare, and they were utterly impossible to find in minor worlds. Even if it was the Dark Reverie, they were extremely rare and precious.

Since he started cultivating until now, Chen Xi had only heard its name, yet had never seen one.

Such a treasure was only produced from the Immortal Veins in the Immortal Dimensions, and in the entire Dark Reverie, only extraordinary powers like the 10 great immortal sects that had communications with the Immortal Dimension were lucky enough to obtain some Immortal Stones.

In the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, only Earthly Immortal Realm experts had the qualifications to obtain Immortal Stones and utilize it to cultivate. But even Earthly Immortal Realm experts cherished Immortal Stones like their lives and wouldn’t dare waste them easily.

How precious Immortal Stones were was obvious from this.

The Immortal Stone before his eyes was only the size of a pigeon egg, crystalline, translucent, and covered in an immortal glow. There were strands of golden energy of the Law of the Heaven Dao branded on its surface, and its quality was exceedingly extraordinary.

Even though it was only the size of a pigeon’s egg, yet it was extremely heavy when held in his hand.

Chen Xi tried to absorb a strand of the Immortal Energy within the Immortal Stone, and he instantly felt his entire body tremble as a strand of energy that was vast and powerful to the extreme gush into his body like a torrent. It spread throughout his limbs and body before charging through the meridians and apertures in his body, and then it gathered into the Blackhole World within his Dantian in the end.

In an instant, the True Essence within his Blackhole World that was originally dried up suddenly became dazzling, resplendent, and full of vigor. The heavens and the earth within his Blackhole World flowed with tremendous True Essence, causing everything in the world to come back alive and form a beautiful scenery.

This was only the True Essence formed from a strand of Immortal Energy, yet it instantly recovered Chen Xi’s True Essence that had been consumed to the point of drying up by 30%!

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be astounded in his heart as he felt this change, and he exclaimed endlessly with admiration. This is an Immortal Stone, and just a strand that’s fine like a hair is capable of comparing to a few hundred heaven-rank spirit pills!

Moreover, utilizing an Immortal Stone to recover True Essence was extremely swift, and it was pure and vast to the limit. He utterly didn’t have to refine it before it transformed into True Essence within his body, and if he utilized it in battle, then he even didn’t have to worry at all about his True Essence being exhausted during battle while holding an Immortal Stone in his hand.

In the time for a few breaths, Chen Xi had recovered his True Essence to his peak state, whereas the Immortal Stone in his hand was still enshrouded with an immortal glow and seemed to have not been consumed in the slightest.

“What a miraculous thing!”

“If I utilize Immortal Stones to cultivate every single day, then not only would I be able to increase my cultivation, even the quality of the True Essence within my body will increase, allowing me to bring forth an even greater might!”

“It’s indeed a rare and precious treasure. The Immortal Energy within it is greatly beneficial to tempering my body as well.”

After the nearby An Wei, An Ke, Xia Yi, and Yu Ze felt the might of the Immortal Stones, they exclaimed endlessly with admiration as well, and then they carefully put it away into their storage magic treasures.

“All of you will probably be unable to completely refine this Immortal Stone in a single month.” Lie Peng couldn’t help but burst into laughter when he saw Chen Xi and the others reveal shocked expressions.

“I heard that once we become Seed Disciples, we’re able to obtain an Immortal Stone to cultivate with every single month. Moreover, we can obtain an abode on Divine Radiance Peak that’s filled with Immortal Energy to cultivate in. I wonder if this is true?” An Ke spoke with a melodious voice from the side. Her figure was tall, her face jade while and exquisite, and she was gorgeous and lively. Compared to her big sister’s unsurpassed beauty, she had the tenderness and cuteness of a young girl.

“Of course, it’s true.” Lie Peng smiled as he glanced at An Ke, and then his expression turned serious as he said, “Immortal Stones are benefits that every single Seed Disciple can enjoy. But those abodes require all of you to rely on your own strengths and fight for them.”

“I heard that the competition between Seed Disciples is even more brutal than the competition between Elite Disciples, and if one’s strength is insufficient, then one would only be suppressed and ridiculed, causing it to be impossible to cultivate in peace.” Yu Ze spoke slowly. “My South Radiance Peak’s Senior Brother Luo Zhen had already become a Seed Disciple a hundred years ago. But because he wasn’t able to compete with the others, he left Divine Radiance Peak resentfully and went to cultivate on his own in the end.”

Chen Xi’s expression was instantly covered in shock when he heard this, and he realized that the competition between Seed Disciples wasn’t as simple as he’d thought.

“All in all, as new disciples, all of you should be careful and on guard when you arrive at Divine Radiance Peak in a while. When facing the provocation of old disciples, endure it temporarily if you know your strength is inferior. Out of respect for me, they wouldn’t dare act without restraint.” Lie Peng instructed seriously from the side.

“What if my strength is stronger than the person?” Xia Yi who was usually quiet and reticent raised his head abruptly and asked.

“Then there’s no need to hold back. The more unyielding your behavior is, the firmer your status as a Seed Disciple would be in the future, and ordinary people wouldn’t dare look down upon you again.” Lie Peng glanced lightly at Xia Yi as he spoke.


During this period of flying, they’d already passed a distance of a few tens of thousands of kilometers.

All along the way, Chen Xi was able to clearly sense that the spirit energy in the surrounding heavens and the earth became thicker and thicker, and it faintly transformed into clumps of spirit clouds that drifted in the sky.

It was even to the extent that pure Immortal Energy was dense within it. Only a single breath of it caused one’s mind to be refreshed and entire body to feel light while one’s entire body felt clear, and it was indescribably comfortable.

After a short while, Chen Xi was already able to see from afar that there was actually an extremely enormous mountain floating in the distant sky!

The mountain was boundlessly vast like a divine mountain that hung beneath the sky, and it went up all the way to the nine heavens and went down to the depths of the earth. It was fused with the boundless space, converged the spirit energy in the heavens and the earth, and emanated a myriad of rays of light that flew down like a rain of light, causing it to seem like the place where ancient gods stayed, and it was shocking.


After flying swiftly for a while longer, Chen Xi and the others had finally stopped. Expanses of abodes that were like paradises and numerous buildings that were ancient and vast appeared before their eyes, these abodes and buildings were arranged in rows after rows, and they seemed like dragons that were coiled up the mountain, causing it to be a majestic sight.

This was the Divine Radiance Peak, the true core and important place in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

There weren’t just inner court elders, outer court elders, and peak masters of the Elite Disciple peaks in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. The true seniors and old figures with extremely high seniority lived in seclusion on Divine Radiance Peak.

This enormous mountain that was connected to the nine heavens contained countless spirit veins, and it was absolutely a paradise bestowed by the heavens. In the entire Dark Reverie, only extraordinary powers like the 10 great immortal sects were capable of possessing such a place.

On the mountain, spirit energy gushed about while the fragrance of aged medicine suffused the air. Some precious and rare beasts were moving about hesitantly, and there were red-crowned cranes, spirit apes, divine wyrms, old turtles, and various other formidable existences.

These rare and precious beasts couldn’t be compared to ordinary beasts. The weakest amongst them had a cultivation at the Rebirth Realm, whereas, the formidable beasts had even cultivated to the Nether Transformation Realm and developed a Blackhole World that belonged to themselves.

In next to no time and under the lead of Elder Lie Peng, everyone had swiftly descended to an enormous pavilion built within the sea of clouds at the lowest levels of Divine Radiance Peak.

The pavilion was ancient, vast, and emitted an extremely aged aura. It seemed as if it had been standing here since ancient times, and it emanated an exceedingly ancient and dignified feeling.

This was the place that new Seed Disciples reported to — The Azurecloud Pavilion!

Chen Xi and the others had only just arrived when they saw a few scattered disciples moving in and out of the pavilion, and they were actually all Nether Transformation Realm cultivators! Obviously, all of them were Seed Disciples cultivating on Divine Radiance Peak. Every single one of them possessed an extremely formidable aura, and the weakest amongst them wasn’t inferior to Du Xuan. All of them had extraordinary bearings and seemed like striking geniuses.

The facts were really like this. Since they were capable of becoming the Seed Disciples of an extraordinary power like the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, their natural talent and endowment was surely extraordinary, and they were top phoenixes and dragons amongst men. In any other place within the Dark Reverie, their cultivations were already sufficient for them to assume the position of a Sect Master!

“Eh? There’re actually new disciples coming to report themselves?”

“Haha, I remember it now. Today is precisely the day of the Peak Trials. Now it would seem like the five new Seed Disciples have already been chosen.”

“Interesting. I wonder what the strength of these new Seed Disciples is at?”

Many disciples noticed Elder Lie Peng arriving while bringing Chen Xi and the others along, and they instantly started discussing. Moreover, their gazes were ridiculing while some sneered, and some even seemed as if they were looking at new toys.

As Seed Disciples, all of them were proud geniuses of the heavens, and the elders of the sect rarely intervened in their actions. So they were even more arrogant and willful than other disciples, and it was even to the extent that they didn’t take the elders of the sect seriously.

Chen Xi sensed numerous ridiculing gazes shooting at him from the surroundings, and he instantly understood why Elder Lie Peng had instructed them like that earlier. It turns out that it was really easy for new disciples to be bullied by the old disciples.

Even if Elder Lie Peng was present, those Seed Disciples still had wild and unconcerned gazes, and it was obvious from this how high the status of Seed Disciples were and how arrogant their dispositions were.

If one wanted to survive here, then it was obvious how horrifying the competition here was.

“Junior Sister An Wei, Junior Sister An Ke, both of you have actually become Seed Disciples. Congratulations.” Right at this moment, a violet haired young woman walked over trippingly, and she spoke excitedly upon seeing An Wei and An Ke.

“Senior Sister Lu Qi!” An Ke cried out with pleasant surprise as she’d recognized this violet haired young woman, and it was precisely a senior sister from the North Radiance Peak, and she was called Lu Qi.

After Lu Qi arrived, she greeted Elder Lie Peng before leaving with An Wei and An Ke. Obviously, with her looking after them, An Wei and An Ke didn’t have to worry about anything.

“Junior Brother Xia Yi, Junior Brother Yu Ze!” In next to no time, Xia Yi and Yu Ze were recognized, and they were taken away from Lie Peng’s side.

Actually, it was obvious. These Seed Disciples were mostly from the four Elite Disciples Peaks, and with their presence, they would naturally take good care of the companions from their own peaks that had just advanced to become Seed Disciples. So there was no need to worry about any mishaps occurring.

In next to no time, only Chen Xi remained by Elder Lie Peng’s side.

This indirectly showed that even if it was within the ranks of Seed Disciples, the West Radiance Peak was extremely weak and lacking in number. There was actually no Seed Disciple from the West Radiance Peak that had come to greet Chen Xi up until this moment.

On the other hand, when those Seed Disciples moving about Azurecloud Pavilion saw this scene, the gazes they shot at Chen Xi revealed a ridiculing expression as they pointed at him and criticized him without the slightest fear.

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