Chapter 614 – Immortal Stone

The curtains were drawn on the Peak Trials, whereas Chen Xi and the others followed Elder Lie Peng towards the Divine Radiance Peak, and they quickly vanished without a trace.

After all the disciples on the entire True Martial Peak sent them off with their gazes, they stayed for a long time before they left.

The Peak Trials this year was absolutely unprecedentedly spectacular and breathtaking. In terms of its level of brilliance, it even surpassed most Peak Trials from the past and shocked the hearts of all.

Moreover, the most dazzling amongst them was undoubtedly Chen Xi!

He’d swept through all the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that were participating in the Peak Trials by himself, and he’d defeated Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan who were members of the five great Elite Disciples to become a Seed Disciple and be like the sun in the midday sky!

“How extraordinary! A figure like Senior Brother Chen Xi emerged from the West Radiance Peak.”

“In my opinion, with Senior Brother Chen Xi’s natural talent, he’ll surely be able to grow into an overlord in less than a hundred years and shock the entire Dark Reverie!”

“If I have the chance, I’ll surely head to the West Radiance Peak and pay a visit to Senior Brother Chen Xi.”

On this day, the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect was discussing the same name, and it was Chen Xi! The numerous incidents that had occurred around him had become the hot topics of discussion for everyone.

It was even to the extent that when some inner court and outer court elders taught lessons, then even took Chen Xi as a model to guide and encourage their disciples to work hard and cultivate, so that they may become hot and renowned figure like Chen Xi.

Only the East Radiance Peak was completely silent and had an oppressive atmosphere.

From the Peak Master Yue Chi right down to Leng Qiu and all the other Elite Disciples, all of them were silent and no one mentioned Chen Xi’s name. But this name was like a thorn that pierced deep into their hearts, and it caused them to be aggrieved and unhappy.

On the other hand, if it was in terms of how bustling it was, then the West Radiance Peak was undoubtedly the most bustling.

Huo Molei and the others were beaming with smiles as they gathered happily before the Sword Purification Pool, and they were drinking and enjoying themselves while laughter echoed in the air. They felt that this was the most complacent, happiest, and most satisfying day since they came to West Radiance Peak.

They felt incomparable pride towards possessing a Little Junior Brother like Chen Xi!


At the back of True Martial Peak, within an extremely vast secret realm that was enshrouded with Immortal Energy, numerous mighty figures that were suffused with tremendous divine might sat upright there.

Shockingly, one of these mighty figures belonged to the Sect Master, Wen Huating, and the others were evidently the higher-ups of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

“With the 49 peak-grade Dao Art inheritances, my Nine Radiance Sword Sect doesn’t have to worry about being unable to recover its former glory. Now, I’ve already passed all these Dao Arts to the Divine Radiance Peak’s Ancestor Li Han.” Wen Huating spoke indifferently with a heavy voice that reverberated in the entire secret realm. “When the time comes, the Ancestor will pass them down to those Seed Disciples. According to my calculations, my Nine Radiance Sword Sect will foster a large batch of pillars of support within a hundred years and be renowned in the world!”

“Exactly. The resurgence of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect is at hand. If we’re to consider all of this carefully, then it’s actually owed to that little fellow, Chen Xi. If it wasn’t for him ascending the top of the lotus platform and having the fortune to encounter Senior Dao Lotus, these 49 peak-grade Dao Art inheritances of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect would probably still be laying on shelves and be unable to emerge into the world!” A tall and extremely dignified old man with a face redder than dates spoke with a booming voice. He was the Peak Master of the South Radiance Peak, Lei Chong, and he was a great expert with a monstrous body refinement cultivation.

“Chen Xi’s display is extraordinary indeed. This kid is someone that possesses great fortune and peerless karmic luck. Moreover, his natural talent is extraordinary while his strength far exceeds those of the same generation. Emphasis must be placed on fostering such an outstanding genius, otherwise, it would truly be a waste of god’s given gifts.”

When Chen Xi was mentioned, a wisp of a smile couldn’t help but suffuse Wen Huating’s face, and he said, “Even though Senior Brother Liu has gone to the Immortal Dimension, it would be sufficient for him to feel gratified if he found out that Chen Xi made such a display.”

“But Sect Master. I heard that Senior Brother Yue Chi has been making it difficult for Chen Xi on every occasion, and he has used all kinds of schemes and tricks. Isn’t this pushing Chen Xi into a trap? What if a huge incident occurs, it would probably be difficult to deal with.” On the other side, a beautiful woman in a luxurious robe spoke slowly. She was the Peak Master of the North Radiance Peak, Guan Sujin. She possessed a quiet disposition, a kind heart, and possessed an extremely terrifying strength.

“It’s fine.” Wen Huating went silent for a moment before he waved his hand and said, “No matter how far Senior Brother Yue Chi goes, he’s a member of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the end, and he ought to not push Chen Xi to death.”


Right when he finished speaking, a golden light suddenly flew over from the distance and transformed into a jade slip.

“The outcome for the Peak Trails is out so quickly? Come, come, come. Let’s see who obtained the position to become a Seed Disciple this time.” Wen Huating pointed out with his finger, causing this jade slip to transform into an enormous screen that flowed with divine lights, and on it was various scenes of battles and some clear voices.

“Eh, in less than three months, this little fellow Chen Xi has advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm? Amazing, even Du Xuan who’s a genius expert of the Nethercrow Clan was blasted flying out of the ring by him.”

“My god, he actually said he wanted to challenge all the participating disciples of the East Radiance Peak by himself!”

“Ridiculous! Aren’t Senior Brother Yue Chi’s methods going a bit too far. Chen Xi isn’t taking the initiative to rise to the challenge, he was obviously forced to do this. Senior Brother Lie Peng didn’t even interfere in this.”

“Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation! Ha, what a formidable little fellow. He actually blasted over 10 East Radiance Peak disciples flying with a single step… Hiss! How could this be possible! Even Pang Zhou and Leng Qiu made a move yet they actually lose!”

“Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier, Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation, Skycontrol Burial Sword, Myriad Netherwave Palm… All of these are peak-grade Dao Arts. How could this little fellow have possibly comprehended and grasped them within three months?”

“Everyone, look quickly! What’s that! It seems to be…”

When they saw Chen Xi strike out with blood red flowers that covered the heavens and the earth and a muddy sea within the screen, all the great figures present were shocked in their hearts, and a strand of cold light shot out from their eyes while they felt bewildered and surprised.

“Paramita, Oblivion… Two of the three Dao Insights grasped by the Netherworld Emperor of the Primeval Era!” After a long time, Wen Huating spoke out slowly, and his voice still carried a trace of surprise and bewilderment.

“Exactly. It’s indeed the Grand Dao profundities of the Netherworld. Even if it’s in the Netherworld, they’re supreme Grand Daos!” The South Radiance Peak’s Master, Lei Chong, spoke word by word, and his eyes were covered in a serious expression.

“Could it be that this little fellow is the inheritor of the Netherworld Emperor?” The North Radiance Peak’s Master, Guan Sujin spoke hesitantly.

As soon as these words were spoken, the scene instantly went silent, and they seemed to have recalled a great figure that had shocked the three dimensions, causing their expressions to become indeterminate.

“He probably isn’t. The little fellow didn’t execute the Terminus Grand Dao. I presume everyone knows that as soon as the Terminus Grand Dao appears, the Laws of the Heaven Dao would react and annihilate the little fellow. But now, the Laws of the Heaven Dao haven’t made any unusual reactions. So I reckon that he only grasped the Paramita and Oblivion Grand Daos by luck.” Lei Chong frowned and spoke after pondering for some time.

“That might not be the case. Even though he didn’t execute it, but we can’t be sure if he has grasped it.” On the other side, Guan Sujin refuted.

“Enough!” Wen Huating spoke out abruptly, and he restrained them. “Don’t mention this matter again in the future. No matter if Chen Xi has grasped a Grand Dao that’s a taboo like the Terminus Grand Dao, he’s currently a disciple of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect in the end!”

When he spoke up to here, Wen Huating’s expression was already awe-inspiring and murderous to the extreme. “Besides that, this matter can’t be leaked outside of the sect. otherwise, no matter who it is, don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Everyone felt apprehensive and extremely awed in their hearts.

They knew clearly that if the matter of Chen Xi having grasped the Paramita and Oblivion Dao Insight were to be leaked out of the sect, then not to mention the gods of the three dimensions, merely the six lineages of the Devil Sect would be eager to act harmfully to Chen Xi.

But no matter how clear it was to them, they understood this matter was like how paper couldn’t wrap up fire, and it would occur in the end.

After all, there were truly too many disciples that had seen Chen Xi execute those two Grand Dao profundities during the Peak Trails. How could they guarantee that someone with ulterior motives wasn’t present amongst them?

“Everyone, don’t be worried. The three dimensions are about to undergo an upheaval. All the great figures in the world are busy enough with their own affairs, so how could they possibly place their attention towards a remote place like ours?” Wen Huating himself knew as well that some things were indeed impossible to avoid. But he similarly had his own plans. “No one can determine if Chen Xi’s possession of the supreme Dao Insights of the Netherworld is a fortune or calamity. We can only do what we can and leave the rest to fate!”

“I’m just worried that Senior Brother Yue Chi will…” Lei Chong suddenly spoke out.

“There’s no need to speak any further!” Wen Huating interrupted. “Senior Brother Yue Chi does indeed possess a wide range of friends, and he possesses friends both amongst those of the Immortal path and Devil path. But everyone must not forget that he’s the son of the previous Sect Master, and the bloodline of my Nine Radiance Sword Sect flows within his veins. If he really dares to disregard the benefit of the sect and act willfully, then I’ll be the first to not let him off!”

“I hope it will be like that.” When Lei Chong saw Wen Huating’s expression was firm, he couldn’t help but sigh and not speak any further.

“Sect Master, Junior Brother Lei Chong is speaking for your own good. After all, Senior Brother Yue Chi didn’t have the fate to become the Sect Master all those years ago and resentment has been accumulating for a long time in his heart as well.” Guan Sujin said slowly, “During these past few years, the forces of his East Radiance Peak has been expanding ceaselessly as well. He has drawn over many seniors of the sect to his side and the disciples of his peak are even distributed all through the inner court, outer court, Elite Disciples, and Seed Disciples. It has come to the point of being faintly on par with your forces, and you have to be on guard against him.”

“I know all of this.” Wen Huating was stunned, and then he sighed and muttered. “I just want to give him a chance to become aware of his errors and turn back onto the right path…”

Everyone went silent when they heard this.


Chen Xi only found out how vast the Nine Radiance Sword Sect was on the way to Divine Radiance Peak. Layer upon layer of lofty mountain ranges were like dragons coiled on the ground, and they were luxuriant, towering, and rose and fell without end.

Amidst them was numerous grand palaces that floated and drifted in the boundless sky while emanating divine lights. They were like immortal palaces and divine kingdoms that were built in the sky, and they carried an immortal atmosphere.

“These are five Immortal Stones. Each of you take one and quickly recover your strength. After we arrive at Divine Radiance Peak, there’ll probably be people that will provoke all of you new disciples, so you must properly make preparations beforehand.” On the way, Elder Lie Peng suddenly instructed them, and he flicked his sleeve as he spoke, causing five multicolored rays of light to flash out and descend into the hands of Chen Xi and the others.

Immortal Stones!

Chen Xi was shocked in his heart when he heard these words, and a wisp of burning yearning couldn’t help but gush out into his eyes as he looked at the crystalline and translucent duck egg sized rock that emanated strands of immortal radiance in his hand.

According to legend, Immortal Stones were only produced in the Immortal Dimension, and they were precious treasures that came from Immortal Veins!

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