Chapter 613 – Seed Disciple

Including Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan, all the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that were participating in the Peak Trails had been defeated and eliminated! The person who’d done all of this was only Chen Xi!

This scene shocked everyone on the entire True Martial Peak. No matter if it was those inner court and outer court disciples or the other Elite Disciples, all of them were in animated discussion and in an uproar. It was like they’d witnessed the birth of an unprecedented miracle, and it brought deep shock to their hearts.

No one had imagined that a new disciple that had just entered the sect for less than three months would actually be capable of accomplishing this!

On the platform at the peak of True Martial Peak.

The disciples of the East Radiance Peak that were participating in the Peak Trials had already withdrawn themselves, and only the disciples of the South Radiance Peak and North Radiance Peak remained standing there. No one said a word as they looked at Chen Xi who was on one of the rings and the two empty rings.

The atmosphere was slightly strange.

Those empty rings originally belonged to Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou. But both of them had already been eliminated now, so they were without an owner now.

On the other hand, based on his outward appearance, Chen Xi seemed to already be on the verge of exhaustion after experiencing that battle that shook the heavens and the earth, and it seemed…that so long as another person challenged Chen Xi, that person would be able to defeat Chen Xi.

In other words, up until this point in the Peak Trials, along with Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou being eliminated and Chen Xi’s physical strength being consumed intensely, it imperceptibly seemed as if the chances for the other disciples before the platform had risen!

It was even to the extent that so long as they grabbed this opportunity firmly, they would be able to obtain a position and become a Seed Disciple!

Before this, it was absolutely something that all of them didn’t dare imagine. After all, in the previous Peak Trials, the positions of the five Seed Disciples were practically prepared for the five great Elite Disciples, and it was rare for anyone else to obtain a position.

However, it was different now. Two rings were empty, whereas there was a ferocious figure on another ring yet he seemed to be unable to endure another battle because of fatigue.

Instantly, it seemed as if there were three more positions that could be fought for!

This caused those disciples that hadn’t ascended the rings to issue a challenge to be unable to help but feel restless in their hearts, and even their breathing became much more rapid.

“This combat ring is mine!” Right amidst this slightly strange and oppressive atmosphere, a fiery red and beautiful figure suddenly soared into the sky like a ray of flames, and it instantly appeared on one of the rings.

She wore a fiery red dress and had beautiful hair that hung loosely on her shoulders. Her appearance was young, pure, and gorgeous, her skin was crystalline, white, and supple, and her figure was tall and graceful, causing her to be gorgeous and charming. She was precisely the female disciple of the North Radiance Peak, An Ke.

The ring she stood on just happened to be neighboring to her big sister, An Wei. Both sisters stood on their respective rings with peerlessly beautiful appearances and bearings that each carried its own advantage, and they formed a gorgeous scenery.

But the disciples before the platform didn’t have the mood to admire it, and their moods became slightly terrible instead.

An Ke’s strength could be considered to be first-rate as well. Even though it couldn’t compare to her big sister, she was a top existence amongst the Elite Disciples of the four peaks. Coupled with her big sister being the number one figure that reigned supreme above all Elite Disciple, would anyone have the thought of challenging her when they saw her appear on a ring now?

What if they were to offend An Wei because of this?

Even if they took the risk of offending An Wei and challenged An Ke, there were very few people that dared say they were surely capable of defeating An Ke.

So everyone instantly understood that this ring was bound to belong to An Ke without a doubt, and even if they challenged her, it would probably be impossible to turn the situation around.


Right when everyone was slightly stunned by An Ke’s appearance, another figure flashed out towards the other empty ring.

This was a disciple of the South Radiance Peak called Che Xun, and he was from the One-Legged Tiger Clan. He was a body refiner at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, and his strength was rather formidable.

But everyone heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw Chen Xun appear. This fellow’s strength was extraordinary indeed, yet he wasn’t like An Ke who still had a formidable big sister to rely on. Moreover, everyone felt their strengths weren’t inferior to Che Xun, so there were many people that had made preparations to challenge Che Xun.

On the other hand, there were some people that shot their gazes at Chen Xi, and their expressions were hesitant and indeterminate. They wanted to defeat Chen Xi and seize the ring, yet were worried of suffering Chen Xi’s counterattack and being eliminated instead.

Chen Xi stood calmly and quietly when facing these gazes, and he was confident and without the slightest nervousness.

“All of you aren’t a match for Junior Brother Chen Xi. Don’t forget that he’s also a body refiner just like us.” Right at this moment, the usually reticent Xia Yi on the other ring suddenly swept the South Radiance Peak disciples before the platform with his gaze before speaking.

Those South Radiance Peak disciples were over 20 in number, and all of them were body refiners. All of them were shocked in their hearts when they heard this, and then they suddenly recalled that according to rumor, Chen Xi had indeed utilized a body refinement cultivation technique when he defeated Du Xuan three months ago…

If this rumor was true, then even if the True Essence of Chen Xi who was on the ring had dried up and was impossible to recover in a short period of time, Chen Xi could still utilize Shaman Energy to do battle!

When they thought up to here, some South Radiance Peak disciples instantly discarded any thoughts of challenging Chen Xi, and they shot their gazes at the ring Che Xun was on instead.

But there was still a small group of South Radiance Peak disciples that weren’t convinced, and they remained indifferent towards Xia Yi’s words and still persisted on defeating Chen Xi with the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement they were most skilled in to seize the combat ring.

“If all of you want to challenge Junior Brother Chen Xi, then it’s best if you’re mentally prepared to fail.” Meanwhile, An Wei suddenly spoke with a light voice, and her voice was gentle, cold, melodious, and pleasing to the ear.

The target of her words was those female disciples of the North Radiance Peak. She was extremely clearly aware of Chen Xi’s strength, and she knew that relying on the Divine Ability, the Eye of Divine Truth, those junior sisters of her were bound to be unable to gain any advantage.

All those female disciples were stunned before glancing at each other, and they chose to listen to their Senior Sister An Wei in the end and completely discard all thoughts of challenging Chen Xi.

Comparatively speaking, the gains of their North Radiance Peak had already far exceeded expectations. An Wei and An Ke were both from their North Radiance Peak, and if both of them were able to become Seed Disciples, then they would feel honored from An Wei and An Ke’ accomplishments.


A South Radiance Peak Disciple was unable to restrain the yearning in his heart in the end. In the next moment, he’d already ascended Chen Xi’s ring, and said while cupping his fists, “I’m Xie Feng of the South Radiance Peak. Junior Brother Chen Xi, please give me your guidance.”

Xie Feng had a stalwart figure and firm appearance, and his body refinement cultivation was at the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm. At this moment, he stood upright on the ring with a composed appearance and bearing, and he seemed rather extraordinary.

“Senior Brother Xie Feng, please go ahead.” Chen Xi nodded. In the next moment, the vital blood in his entire body rumbles as Shaman Energy surged abruptly, and he emitted a desolate, mysterious, and extremely powerful and vast imposing aura.


Xie Feng’s eyes narrowed when he saw this. But he wasn’t afraid and took a step forward before striking out with his fist like the tail of a dragon, and it carried the spirit to destroy mountains and split seas as it crushed space itself and smashed directly at Chen Xi.

This punch was powerful, direct, simple, and heavy. His punch simply struck out like the swing of a dragon’s tail, and it enveloped the surroundings while emitting the enormous roars of dragons that shook the hearts of all in the sky.

When facing this strike, Chen Xi’s figure flashed out as he clenched his palm into a fist, and then it gushed with thunderstorm vortexes as it struck down like a bolt of lightning and collided directly with Xie Feng.


A muffled band resounded out before waves of air swept out, and it was like a tsunami and earthquake had erupted. Xie Feng’s figure staggered back over 10 steps uncontrollably, and he was shaken by the strike to the point his right arm was numb while his chest rose and fell rapidly.

On the other hand, Chen Xi stood on the spot without moving and with a composed expression, and his imposing aura seemed to be even more powerful. He was like a lofty mountain that was impossible to move, and he emanated an intense feeling of pressure.

With just a single strike, the difference between them was instantly visible!

There wasn’t a single idiot amongst all the disciples that were able to participate in the Peak Trials. Conversely, every single one of them was more formidable and possessed a more discerning gaze than the other, so they were naturally able to clearly determine that Xie Feng was absolutely not a match for Chen Xi.

Especially shocking to those disciples of the South Radiance Peak was that Chen Xi’s body refinement cultivation technique was actually pure and thick to the limit, and it was even more formidable than they who specialized in cultivating in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement!


His qi refinement cultivation is already so terrifying, yet even his body refinement cultivation is on par with it. How could this not be shocking?

All of them knew clearly that there were many people who cultivated both qi refinement and body refinement at the same time. But only very few or one in a million was capable of cultivating both to the point of being extraordinary like Chen Xi!

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, I’m not a match for you.” Xie Feng’s expression changed indeterminately before smiling bitterly in the end, and he cupped his fists while admitting defeat. The collision from before allowed him to clearly understand the distance between himself and Chen Xi, and it would be futile to continue fighting.

“It was a good fight.” Chen Xi cupped his fist from afar.

This instantly caused those disciples that intended to challenge Chen Xi to instantly discard these thoughts, and they moved their targets onto Che Xun.


Compared to the previous battles, the next few battles were obviously much more dull and uninteresting. Chen Xi, An Wei, An Ke, and Xia Yi stood on the rings without anyone challenging them, and it seemed to be extremely quiet.

On the other hand, there was no lack of challengers on Che Xun’s ring, causing the person in control of the ring to be replaced frequently. In the end, it was overbearingly occupied by a South Radiance Peak disciple called Yu Ze, and he won the final victory.

Up until this point, the Peak Trials had ended.

On the other hand, Chen Xi, An Wei, An Ke, Xia Yi, and Yu Ze had naturally and indisputably obtained the positions to become Seed Disciples.

Actually, comparatively speaking, An Ke and Yu Ze’s strengths was slightly inferior to Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan. Unfortunately, Leng Qiu and the others had lost in their challenge against Chen Xi, and it caused them to lose the chance to become a Seed Disciple in the end, causing it to be a pity.

Perhaps, this was the circle of cause and effect, and karma was a bitch. It was precisely because they wanted to do harm to Chen Xi that it would cause such an adverse consequence.

“An Wei, An Ke, Xia Yi, Yu Ze, and Chen Xi. All five of you come with me. Some elders of the Divine Radiance Peak want to see all of you who’ve just advanced to become Seed Disciples, and then they’ll arrange cultivation locations for all of you.” After the Peak Trials ended, Elder Lie Peng called Chen Xi and the others over and instructed before bringing them along to flash towards the Divine Radiance Peak.

What a bastard! But I can be considered to have gained something this time. At the very least, I know that this kid Chen Xi actually possesses the Grand Dao profundities of Paramita and Oblivion that come from the Netherworld… Elder Yue Chi’s expression seemed to be exceedingly gloomy as he watched them leave, and his eyes flickered with cold lights. He seemed to have thought of something, and it caused the corners of his mouth to actually be suffused with a faint and mysterious smile in the end.

Kid, this is only the beginning, but it hasn’t ended. If I reveal news of this to the Devil Sect, then coupled with the Heavenflow Dao Sect’s Bing Shitian… Haha…

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