Chapter 612 – Crushed Completely

The Myriad Netherwave Palm was a peak-grade Dao Art from the secret realm at the top of the lotus platform, and it was formed from Grand Dao profundities absorbed by the Chaotic Divine Lotus from the surging river of blood after it rooted itself in the Netherworld.

As it was said, there was a river in the Netherworld, it washed the hearts of man and eliminated their sins. The myriad of waves are like a tide that is impossible to resist by both ghost and god! Moreover, the Grand Dao contained within this Myriad Netherwave Palm was from the cycle of rebirth in the Netherworld and the six paths of hell!

If it was any other person, then perhaps the person would only be able to comprehend superficial knowledge of the Myriad Netherwave Palm and be unable to obtain its essence. After all, the paths of man and ghost were completely different, and it was very rare for a mortal cultivator to be able to comprehend and grasp profundities of the Netherworld.

But Chen Xi was different. The Grand Dao profundities of Paramita and Oblivion that he’d grasped were from the six paths of reincarnation. Using them to execute the Myriad Netherwave Palm allowed its might to be absolutely extraordinary.


As Chen Xi’s palm was slapped out, the phenomena of an expanse of a sea of flowers suddenly gushed out into appearance amidst the myriad of palm images. The flowers were red like blood and covered the entire heavens and the earth. When looked at from afar, it was like a carpet that was covered in fresh blood, and it lay across the sky and led towards the last path of sin in hell.

Paramita Dao Insight —  The path illuminated by fire!

The breathtaking crimson red flowers were the famous Red Spider Lilies of the Netherworld that were also called Paramita Flowers. They were like fire, like blood, and they represented calamity, separation, and death.

According to legend, after one perished, one’s soul would only be able to enter the Netherworld and return to the six paths of reincarnation under the guidance of the Paramita Flowers.

“Hmm? It’s actually the Paramita Dao Insight! Where did this fellow cultivate such a rare Grand Dao profundity from?!” In the distance, Lie Peng’s expression suddenly revealed shock as a cold light suffused his eyes, and he was surprised and bewildered.

Once one had attained a cultivation like his, one would possess knowledge of the Mortal Dimension, Immortal Dimension, and the Netherworld that far exceeded an ordinary person. So he naturally noticed with a single glance that Chen Xi had actually struck out with a Grand Dao profundity that belonged to the Netherworld in his palm strike!

On the other side, Yue Chi similarly revealed a shocked expression, and his beard and hair fluttered. The Paramita Dao Insight, one of the three Grand Daos that the Netherworld Emperor of the Primordial Era possessed. Where did this kid learn it from?


In the ring, the attacks of Chen Xi collided head on with the attacks of Pang Zhou and Leng Qiu. It was like a thunderclap that shook the world, causing hurricanes, seas of flames, and tempestuous waves of palm images to explode together. The area shattered apart like a scorching sun, causing great waves to surge violently and be unable to disperse for a long time.

After that, a scene that shocked the heart of all appeared within everyone’s field of vision.

Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou were heavily injured and coughing blood, and they were gasping heavily for breath while standing at the border of the ring. Their figures were on the verge of collapse, and they were actually only a step away from being blasted out of the ring.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered with the wind while his figure remained ramrod straight, and he seemed to be completely unharmed, while only his countenance was pale and practically translucent. Even though he wasn’t injured, his consumption of strength was enormous.

Up until this point in the battle, the situation had already entered into the final and hot phase. At this moment, perhaps merely a single move would decide on the final victor!

But based on the current circumstances, Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou had obviously suffered a loss because they seemed to have already suffered a heavy injury…

At this moment, the entire True Martial Peak was perfectly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard, and the atmosphere was silent and oppressive to the point of being terrifying.

Everyone held their breaths in concentration and forgot to breathe as they stared fixedly at the ring and the three figures that were like three young exalted figures because they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.

“Hahaha! Chen Xi, you really boasted shamelessly! I and Senior Brother Leng Qiu are still standing in the ring after this strike, and we haven’t lost!” Right amidst this silence, Pang Zhou suddenly roared with laughter towards the sky, and his voice was already completely hoarse. He recalled that Chen Xi had spoken about blasting them down the ring, yet now, they were still fine and well on the ring and hadn’t lost!

Leng Qiu remained indifferent. His white clothes were tainted completely scarlet red with blood, and only his gaze similarly revealed an unyielding expression that was resolute and ruthless. The final victor was still unknown, so he hadn’t given up as well.

These two people deserved to be one of the five great Elite Disciples and possess brilliant reputations. Merely this persistence in battle was sufficient to display how firm their Dao Hearts were.

Similarly, since they were capable of attaining their current accomplishments, then it was surely not an unearned reputation.

“Oh, really?” On the other side, the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth was suffused with a trace of coldness as his backbone straightened abruptly.


The airflow in the surroundings suddenly transformed into a muddy and pale yellow sea, and it lay across the heavens and the earth while muddy waves surged on its boundless expanse.

At the same time, a matchless suppressive force gushed out from the sea, and it surged and roared as if countless gods were shouting. ‘Sink! Sink!’

It seemed as if it wanted to suppress the entire sky within this boundless sea.

Bang! Bang!

Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou were caught off guard and were instantly swept into the muddy sea before being blasted out of the ring. They simply didn’t have any room to struggle before directly falling to the ground and spitting blood endlessly.

This change in events occurred too swiftly. No one had imagined that Chen Xi actually still had residual strength at this moment, and only a command in his heart had drawn the energy of the heavens and the earth to completely blast Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou out of the ring.

“The Grand Dao of Oblivion. As expected, it’s another Grand Dao profundity of the Netherworld!” Lie Peng’s expression revealed shock once more as he’d recalled a great figure of the Primordial Era that looked down upon the world, and his heart and mind shook with terror.

“Paramita, Oblivion… Has he also grasped the Grand Dao that according to legend caused the gods to be extremely fearful as well… The Terminus Dao Insight?” Yue Chi’s eyes flickered repeatedly, and the gaze he shot at Chen Xi already carried a wisp of an unusual feeling. It seemed to be astonishment, greed, bewilderment, and disbelief, and it was complicated to the extreme.

But when he saw Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou who’d been struck down by Chen Xi, the distracting thoughts in his mind were instantly replaced by extreme rage.

He’d worked bitterly and prepared for such a long time, and even set up layer after layer of contingencies, yet was actually still incapable of pulling Chen Xi down. This outcome caused him to be depressed to the point he almost spat blood.

“They’ve lost. Senior Brothers Pang Zhou and Leng Qiu have actually lost…”

“Terrifying, truly too terrifying. Senior Brother Chen Xi has just entered the sect for less than three months, yet has actually swept through all the disciples of the East Radiance Peak by himself. Such strength is sufficient to take control of the four great peaks for Elite Disciples!”

“I even suspect that if Senior Sister An Wei were to ascend the ring, would she be a match for Senior Brother Chen Xi?”

After a short period of silence, the entire True Martial Peak instantly exploded into an uproar with waves of clamorous noise that shot into the sky and resounded in the nine heavens. Some people felt pity for Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou, some were rejoicing for Chen Xi, and the atmosphere was explosive and seething with excitement to the limit.

Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou struggled to stand up before the ring, and as their gazes looked at Chen Xi who stood alone on the ring, they revealed a strand of unwillingness.

But both of them knew clearly that it was already too late now. They’d already been blasted off the ring and had been completely eliminated. Even if they stood up once more, it was impossible for them to go challenge Chen Xi who was in the ring.

“I never imagined that such a figure would actually appear in my Nine Radiance Sword Sect…” Leng Qiu took a deep breath and shook his head before turning around to leave in an upright and lighthearted manner.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, even though we’ve lost, but next…” Pang Zhou’s gaze swept through the distant South Radiance Peak and North Radiance Peak disciples and said with a smile, “I hope you can persist until the end and seize a position to become a Seed Disciple.”

The meaning of his words were self-evident. ‘The Peak Trials can’t be considered to have ended at this point because besides the disciples of the East Radiance Peak, there’re also the disciples of the South Radiance Peak and the North Radiance Peak. Since you, Chen Xi, are on the verge of exhaustion now, don’t be blasted down the ring by a nobody.’

Chen Xi smiled indifferently, yet didn’t say anything.

He naturally understood the meaning within Pang Zhou’s words. But he wasn’t afraid because not only was he a qi refiner, he was also a body refiner!

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