Chapter 611 – Peerless Imposing Aura

Everyone was shocked that the joint attack of Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou had actually injured Chen Xi!

“That’s double combat strength! Senior Brother Leng Qiu has obviously already comprehended the Grand Dao of Wind to the Perfection Realm!”

“Senior Brother Pang Zhou is extremely extraordinary as well. The might of that slash fused the Grand Dao of Yin and Grand Dao of Fire, causing it to be peerlessly violent and similarly astounding.

“Yeah. I’m truly unable to imagine who amongst those that possessed a similar cultivation would be able to resist the joint attack of Senior Brother Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou.”

Perhaps this was the correct explanation. After all, as far as everyone was concerned, no matter how heaven-defying Chen Xi’s strength was, he was all alone in the end. Moreover, he’d only just cultivated and comprehended Dao Arts for less than three months of time, so he was already innately inferior to Pang Zhou and Leng Qiu.


On the ring, after they succeeded with their attacks, Pang Zhou and Leng Qiu didn’t hesitate in the slightest to launch a ferocious attack at Chen Xi.

Leng Qiu was the like the king hurricanes that was raging, piercingly cold, and carried along boundless wind vortexes. He was like a hurricane that stirred the ocean and swept through the world with invincible might.

Pang Zhou’s entire body was fiery red instead, and his aura was terrifying as he seemed to have transformed into a crimson red colored flame. His hands seemed as if they held divine flames that were capable of incinerating space and melting everything between them.

Their attacks this time were like a falcon swooping down from the sky and a hawk that struck from the sky. Both of them grasped the situation of the battle tightly and attacked fiercely in a fleeting moment, and they didn’t hold back in the slightest because they wanted to crush Chen Xi completely. The terrifying and fierce imposing aura they emitted caused the hearts and minds of everyone present to shake.


Blood flowed out of the corners of Chen Xi’s mouth, yet he didn’t retreat backwards. Conversely, his figure was like an unmoving mountain as he took the ninth step since the battle began!

Right at this instant, everyone seemed to have heard the roar of a dragon and the cry of a phoenix. It was like the chanting of the gods were resounding in the nine heavens, whereas boundless light erupted from beneath Chen Xi’s feet and sprayed down like a rain of light before transforming into boundless talisman markings that condensed into numerous lotus flower images that were crystalline like black jade, and they spread out into the surroundings.

Chaotic Nine-Step Annihilation — The ninth step, World Chaos!

The numerous lotus flowers that were like crystalline black jade were condensed from vast killing intent. At this moment, when all of them bloomed, they caused Chen Xi to seem like an Emperor that caused lotuses to bloom with every step he took, and he possessed a peerless imposing aura.


As soon as this step was taken, killing intent shot out while the black lotuses were like a hell that sealed off the surroundings, and it simply intended to cause the sky to fall into chaos and be shattered!

Just this strike had destroyed all attacks and blasted both Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou who’d assaulted him flying, and they were like kites that had their strings severed and almost descended outside the ring.

The sudden change in the situation caused everyone to be shocked to the extreme once again. Earlier, Chen Xi had suffered an injury and everyone thought that he would lose without a doubt. Never had they imagined that in only a single move, Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou who possessed imposing auras that shot into the sky like rainbows had similarly suffered injuries!

The sight of such a change in events dazzled their eyes, and some spectators were even unable to see through exactly who the situation was more beneficial to. But it was indisputable that Chen Xi’s strength was really terrifying and had repeatedly surpassed the expectations in the hearts of everyone, causing them to not dare confirm exactly how much of his strength hadn’t been exposed yet.

“Chaotic Nine-Step Annihilation, it was actually executed by him to such an extent…” In the distance, Lie Ping muttered in a light voice.

He hadn’t cultivated the Chaotic Nine-Step Annihilation, yet he’d seen it before in the past. It was a peak-grade Dao Art that possessed an extremely high ability of slaughter, and it was exceedingly difficult to cultivate. However, Chen Xi had cultivated it to such an extent within three months, and this caused Lie Peng to be slightly shocked.

Blood flowed out of the corners of both Pang Zhou’s and Leng Qiu’s mouths, yet vanished in the blink of an eye while a wisp of seriousness and shock gushed out onto their faces. After that, their eyes recovered its calm, and they soared into the sky to attack Chen Xi once again.


An intense wave of the rumbling of the Dao resounded out as an image that wore an emperor’s crown emerged from behind Leng Qiu, and it possessed a supreme dignity that was like who’d been reborn and looked down upon everything in the world.

On the other hand, Pang Zhou’s entire body seemed as if it was on fire, and the glow of flames that was dazzling and resplendent shot into the sky. His imposing aura had attained its peak, and it was arrogant and fierce.

Up until this moment, both of them understood that there was nothing to conceal, and only by going all out would they be able to crush the strong enemy before them completely.

At the same time, Chen Xi went all out as well. His figure flashed out while coiled with divine rings of light, and numerous ancient and fierce sword shaped talisman markings surged around him, causing his imposing aura to change abruptly.

Even the sky above him grew slightly dim, and he seemed to be accumulating his imposing aura with the intention of slashing out with a sword technique that shook the world, a sword technique that annihilated both past and future and buried the world!

If it was said that Chen Xi was mighty and overbearing earlier like a king that ruled the world, and blood flowed into rivers with a swing of his hand; then at this moment, he was like a monarch of the Sword Dao that was invincible and peerlessly fierce, and he’d vividly displayed the essence of the Grand Dao of the Sword.

“This is…” Everyone turned pale from astonishment. Never had they imagined that Chen Xi’s imposing aura would actually undergo such a tremendous change. Even though it was completely different from before, the fierce and murderous feeling it emanated still caused others to be horrified.

“Kill!” Leng Qiu’s and Pang Zhou’s pupils constricted when they sensed the changes in Chen Xi’s imposing aura, and they shouted out explosively without the slightest hesitation. They launched an attack of certain annihilation, causing hurricanes to sweep out while waves of flames soared into the sky, and it was terrifying to the extreme.

At the same time, Chen Xi’s hands flicked about repeatedly, causing numerous fierce sword qi that were 30m long to crisscross throughout the sky before crushing down with the intention of annihilating everything and burying everything in the world.


This was a great collision that shook the heavens. Hurricanes howled as seas of flames surged into the sky, and the peerless sword qi swept out in all directions, causing the ring to shake violently and seem as if it was about to be shattered.

Everyone in True Martial Peak was astounded. All these combat rings were constructed from special materials and had terrifying grand formations placed upon them by almighty figures in the sect, causing them to be capable of withstanding the full forced strike of an Earthly Immortal Realm cultivator.

Even then, there were still fine cracks that appeared on the foundation stone of the ring, and it was like a spreading spider web that was shocking to the extreme!

“In all the numerous Peak Trials of the previous years, a battle that’s horrifying like this is rare to the extreme!” Someone exclaimed with admiration, and he felt heartfelt shock.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi really is formidable.” The eyes of the South Radiance Peak’s Xia Yi that was usually silent like a rock couldn’t help but be suffused with a trace of burning battle intent when he witnessed this scene.

He couldn’t help but glance at An Wei who was on the other side, yet he noticed her beautiful hair waved with the wind while her dress fluttered, and her beautiful and classical face was extremely calm and didn’t reveal much shock. This caused Xia Yi to be unable to help but be stunned, and then he recovered his calm and looked towards the ring once more.

“Kill!” Chen Xi fought with Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou on the stage, and they crossed each other like bolts of lightning with extremely swift speeds. In merely an instant, over a thousand collisions that were extremely intense had occurred between them, and they fought to the point the heavens and the earth trembled, the sun and the moon were cast into a shadow, and the space in the surroundings shook. They caused everything to fall to the verge of chaos and collapse, and they were swift to the point everyone was incapable of following up to their speed.

“How terrifying! Such a battle is truly unprecedented, and matchlessly shocking!”

Amidst the low sounds of discussion from everyone present here, they felt that coming to watch the Peak Trials was worth it because being able to observe a collision of such a level was greatly beneficial to their future cultivation.

“I wonder who’ll win and who’ll lose at the end of this battle?”

“It ought to be Senior Brothers Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou who have a greater chance at victory. After all, they’re fighting against one, and if they fight until the end, Chen Xi would probably lose from exhausting all his energy.”

“That might not be the case, that might not be the case. Even if Senior Brother Chen Xi loses this battle, his reputation wouldn’t be harmed in the slightest. Conversely, it would attain an unprecedented height and be like the sun in the midday sky amongst the Elite Disciples. After all, he faced the disciples of the entire East Radiance Peak by himself this time, and how many people are capable of such a magnificent feat?”

Up until this point of the battle, everyone was unable to perceive who had the better chance of winning. But, without a doubt, the ferocious strength Chen Xi revealed today was bound to be branded in the hearts of everyone, and it wouldn’t disappear for a long time.

“Skycontrol Burial Sword… Another peak-grade Dao Art…” Chen Xi’s various displays that exceeded the expectations of everyone had shocked Lie Peng to the point his face was slightly numbed. Since the beginning of the battle, just the Dao Arts he’d seen included the Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier, the Chaotic Nine-Steps Annihilation, and the current Skycontrol Burial Sword.

Every single one of these were peak-grade Dao Arts that possessed might that shook the heavens and the earth. Even if it was someone with extremely high natural talent, it would be extremely difficult to comprehend and grasp one of these Dao Arts within a short few years.

However, Chen Xi had actually grasped three Dao Arts in a short three months of time!

How could this not shock Lie Peng?

These were only the Dao Arts he’d seen, and he was even unable to be certain if Chen Xi had grasped even more Dao Arts…


Chen Xi calmly and unhurriedly executed the fierce and ghastly Skycontrol Burial Sword, and he circulated the Blackhole World within his body to the limit.

Bang! Bang!

Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou spat out a mouthful of blood, and both of them suffered an injury from the fierce and invincible sword qi.

“Could it be that a victor is going to be decided?” Someone exclaimed with shock.

“Impossible. Senior Brothers Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou will absolutely not be eliminated just like this.”

“Indeed. Until the final moment arrives, no one can make a rash judgement, because once Senior Brothers Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou adapt to Chen Xi’s combat rhythm, then perhaps it would be time to turn the situation around.”

Most of the people present revealed expressions of disbelief when they saw the two of them getting injured, and they were unable to believe that Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou who were members of the five great Elite Disciples would actually suffer an injury under the circumstances of fighting an enemy two against one.

“Chen Xi, your Dao Art is really formidable. But if you only have this little ability, then you’re bound to lose today!” Leng Qiu wiped off the blood on the corners of his mouth as he spoke with an icy cold tone.

He was speaking the truth. Chen Xi’s sudden change of Dao Art and executing the Skycontrol Burial Sword had really caught him off guard. But now, he’d already completely adapted to all of this, and it was the moment of his counterattack next.


As soon as he finished speaking, hurricanes surged around Leng Qiu’s body before suddenly condensing into countless translucent blades of wind that carried the might of the heavens and the earth, and then he charged out abruptly. Vortexes rumbled between his palm and fingers while divine lights surged into the sky, and it emanated a terrifying energy that intended to annihilate everything.

This was a type of annihilation technique and a forbidden technique in the Emperor Windsoul Technique. Supposedly, if it was grasped perfectly, then it was sufficient to mince a real Fiendgod to death!

On the other side, Pang Zhou made a move as well. His entire body emanated the glow of fire that was like the scorching sun, and he seemed like a god that had been born from a sea of lava as he charged at Chen Xi like a blazing ray of light.

“Get the fuck down!” But, right at the instant they made a move, Chen Xi had already taken great steps to charge over with extreme speed, and the surroundings of his entire body surged with a myriad of enormous waves that seemed like an ocean was sweeping over. Layer upon layer of palm images overlapped onto each other, causing its might to rise explosively!

Its impetus was different when compared to the Sword Dao technique from before that possessed a peerlessly fierce impetus. It was a peerlessly mighty impetus like a boundless ocean or abyss, and nothing in the world was capable of resisting it!

“The Myriad Netherwave Palm!” Lie Peng was almost unable to refrain from crying out. Exactly how many peak-grade Dao Arts has this little fellow grasped?

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