Chapter 610 – Surrounded By Divine Rings

Pu! Pu! Pu!

On the ring, Chen Xi took a step forward and emanated a seemingly material soundwave that stretched out, and not only did it blast all the attacks into dispersal, it even directly blasted away over 10 East Radiance Peak disciples.

They actually fell directly out of the ring!

These disciples coughed blood without end upon falling to the ground. The gazes they shot at Chen Xi already carried a wisp of terror, and they didn’t dare believe that they weren’t even capable of resisting a single attack of Chen Xi’s.

The might created by this step was truly too shocking. The battle had only just begun yet not only had Chen Xi not been besieged, he’d destroyed everything with a single stride, and it caused everyone present to be dumbstruck by the sight of it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Xi strode out in the sky, and every single step he took emitted an enormous bang that was like a Fiendgod striking a heavenly drum, and it shook everyone to the point their souls trembled and were on the verge of shattering.

Moreover, accompanying the descent of these footsteps was the imposing aura around his body rising explosively. When he took the fifth stride, ancient and obscure talisman markings suddenly appeared one after the other around his body, and they were branded in the heavens and the earth, resonated with his aura, and resonated with the heavens and the earth!

If one looked carefully, those numerous talisman markings revealed different shapes that represented different Grand Dao profundities, yet at this moment, they were all condensed out in the form of ‘talismans.’

For example, the Grand Dao of Fire that was coiled with the glow of flames had transformed into a raging and obscure talisman marking at this moment, and it emanated the various profundities that belonged to the Grand Dao of Fire.

For example, the Grand Dao of the Sword had directly transformed into a sword shaped talisman marking, and it emanated an all powerful and fierce aura.

Besides that, various Grand Dao profundities like Yin, Yang, lightning, wind, star, devour, obliteration, and so on and so forth were commanded by the ‘Dao of Talismans’ at this moment, and they were like numerous resplendent and scorching suns that were revolving around his body.

When looked at from afar, it seemed as if a ring of divinity was glowing in the surroundings of Chen Xi’s body.

This was the might that was formed from Chen Xi commanding the various Dao Insights he possessed with the Dao of Talismans after he advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm! Only this sort of ability of commanding Dao Insights was capable of bringing forth his entire strength.

Even though all of this was only a form at this moment, yet its terrifying imposing aura and monstrous phenomena still shocked everyone present to the point their pupils constricted, and they were astounded to the extreme.

“What a kid! He has actually arrived at the state of commanding his own Dao Insights! It’s actually done with the most obscure and complicated Dao of Talismans, as the Dao that leads. Such natural talent is simply extraordinary!” In the distance, the tall and mighty Elder Lie Peng’s eyes suddenly erupted with a strand of a dazzling bolt of lightning, and he praised endlessly in his heart.

Once one had attained a cultivation like his, one would understand extremely well that the ability to command one’s own Dao Insights decided the potential of a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator, and it similarly decided the strength the cultivator possessed.

For example, even though a figure like Chen Xi had just stepped into the Nether Transformation Realm, yet by relying on his ability to command his Dao Insights, and if it was assisted by extremely formidable Dao Arts, he would absolutely be capable of sweeping through all experts with the same cultivation! It was even to the extent that surmounting a realm to do battle wasn’t impossible!

Yue Chi’s expression darkened instead. He similarly understood how shocking the might Chen Xi revealed now was. However, the more it was like this, the more uncomfortable he felt in his heart.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

On the ring, Chen Xi’s steps were like thunderclaps that caused sonic booms to resound out like a tide, and they stretched into the surroundings, causing the surrounding space to be crushed apart inch by inch before transforming into a wave that swept out.

In just an instant, another 10 plus East Radiance Peak disciples were caught off guard and blasted out of the ring, and they coughed up blood repeatedly while their souls had suffered injuries, causing them to lay dejectedly on the ground with an extremely miserable appearance.

Even if it was Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou, their expressions went grim when they saw this scene. This sort of footsteps was too terrifying and were obviously an extremely formidable Dao Art that surged with power. It seemed as if every single step Chen Xi took was capable of smashing the sky, crushing space, and destroying everything in the world, causing everything to fall completely into chaos.

The two of them couldn’t restrain themselves any longer and attacked brazenly.

“Emperor Windsoul Technique!” Leng Qiu’s fist struck out, causing shapeless gales to rage before transforming into the phantom of an Emperor that wore a crown, and it soared through the sky and tore through space as it assaulted Chen Xi!

This punch was piercingly cold, devastating, and all pervasive. It roared like an icy cold gale of snow that shook the heavens and the earth to the point of being cast into shade, and even if it was the other people in the surroundings, they couldn’t help but feel cold and arouse a feeling of terror.

“Flaming Heavenblaze Slash!” On the other side, Pang Zhou’s figure flashed through the sky while he held his palm into the shape of a blade and slashed down. A wisp of a long ray of flames instantly appeared in space, and it sliced space apart and incinerated the airflow in the air as it surged with monstrous tongues of flames, causing its impetus to be extremely shocking.

Both of them executed the Dao Arts they were most adept in as they assaulted Chen Xi in unison, and merely the impetus of their attacks already caused the souls of most people to feel extremely horrified, and as if it had fallen into an icy pit.

At the same time, Chen Xi took two steps, the sixth and the seventh step. Rumbling suddenly exploded out in the heavens and the earth, and it seemed like the cries of battle emanated by a myriad of soldiers on the battlefield and the sound of slaughter that came from the depths of hell, causing everyone to be shaken by it to the point of almost being overwhelmed with terror.


Various attacks collided with each other and erupted with a dazzling and resplendent brilliance, and a destructive force that seemed capable of felling mountains and splitting the earth, stretched out and drowned the entire ring.

An enormous defensive light barrier suddenly arose on the ring and enveloped everything within it, otherwise, the disciples outside the ring would surely be affected by it and receive a great deal of injuries.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In practically an instant, over 10 figures were blasted flying out of the ring like kites that had their strings severed, and they fell 3km away while completely bathed in blood and crying endlessly in pain, as they’d suffered from an extremely heavy injury.

All of them were disciples of the East Radiance Peak, and some attentive people noticed with a single glance that coupled with those disciples that were blasted out of the ring earlier, there was actually only Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou who remained amongst the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that had ascended the ring and challenged Chen Xi!

This discovery caused all of them to feel horrified and be stunned speechless.

Only Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou remained before all the East Radiance Peak disciples that participated in the Peak Trials this time would actually be completely defeated and eliminated! Moreover, all of this was caused by a single person!

Who could have imagined before this that such a scene would occur?

“Bastard!” In the distance, Yue Chi’s face couldn’t help but twitch fiercely as he looked at the disciples of the East Radiance Peak that had fallen to the ground and were crying endlessly with pain, and he couldn’t refrain from cursing. It was a mystery as to whether he was cursing Chen Xi for being too ruthless or cursing those disciples for being useless.

“Peak-grade Dao Art — Chaotic Nine-Step Annihilation!” At the side, Lie Peng didn’t notice the unusual expression Yue Chi revealed, and his gaze was staring fixedly at the ring as he muttered with a voice that faintly carried a trace of shock.

The smoke and dust dispersed, and the scene on the ring was revealed clearly in the eyes of everyone once again.

Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou stood side by side with serious expression while the vital energy in their bodies surged. They were accumulating strength, and the numerous collisions from before seemed to have not caused any injuries to the both of them.

Opposite of them, Chen Xi’s clothes fluttered with the wind, his eyes were like bolts of lightning, his back was straight like a spear that intended to penetrate the skies, and his imposing aura was similarly fierce to the extreme like a king that ruled over the world. Even though he didn’t move, yet he brought deep pressure to others.

“I never imagined that after not seeing you for three months of time, your strength has actually attained such an extent. Very good. The stronger my opponent is, the most satisfied I’ll feel.” Leng Qiu’s eyes were cold like blades as he locked on coldly to Chen Xi. People that understood him knew that Leng Qiu was the most terrifying at this moment because this indicated that he would go all out in the battle after this.

“Haha, Junior Brother Chen Xi, I won’t be holding back after this!” Pang Zhou smiled lightly, yet his voice was even more icy cold than ice, and it revealed a murderous air.


Chen Xi didn’t say anything further. The talisman markings around his body surged like divine rings that enveloped him within them, and in the next moment, he’d already taken the eighth step since the battle began.

As soon as this step was taken, monstrous killing intent gushed out, and it could be clearly seen that the Slaughter Dao Insight that had transformed into the ‘’ symbol erupted with boundless divine lights. It resonated with his killing intent and gave rise to a terrifying fluctuation that was sufficient to arouse despair in one’s heart, and it was like numerous swords of slaughter were striking down from above.

The ‘’ symbol consisted of one stroke to the left and one to the right, and it possessed the greatest intent of slaughter because it was the essence of slaughter, the source of reaping the lives of everything. At this moment, when it was commanded by Chen Xi via the Dao of Talismans, it finally erupted with a shocking might.

At this moment, the expressions of Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou suddenly went grim as they sensed an irresistible pressure that felt as if they were facing a myriad of mountains, and it pressed down upon them to the point they felt suffocated and deeply experienced a pressure that was fierce and overbearing to the limit.

“Emperor Windsplit, wind of the world!” Instantly, Leng Qiu had already made a reaction. His entire body seemed to have transformed into a spirit of the wind from ancient times that was the eye of the hurricane and controlled the quintessence of wind. With a raise of his hand, he’d already struck out numerous raging hurricanes that seemed like 3,000 howling devils with voices that shook the heavens and the earth, and it seemed to intend to sweep through the world.

This time, he’d executed two times his combat strength with the Perfection Realm Wind Dao Insight he possessed! In other words, this strike was like two Leng Qiu’s making a move at the same time.

“Extreme Yin Skysplit Palm!” On the other side, Pang Zhou had similarly been forced to the point of executing his trump card. His figure flashed as rare black colored flames that were cold and violent to the extreme gushed out from his white and slender palms before they swung down.


The three of them collided with each other, causing rays of light to shoot into the sky while the aura of slaughter swept out and hurricanes raged. Everything on the ring seemed as if it was about to be obliterated, and the terrifying scene of chaos and collapse was present everywhere.

The collisions this time truly shook the heavens and the earth. The Dao Arts with terrifying might and the endless streams of phenomena were silently narrating how formidable these three young experts were.

Such strength had already shocked most of the disciples present and caused them to feel powerless. They felt that no matter how hard they worked, it would be difficult for them to reach such an extent.

The expressions of An Wei and Xia Yi revealed shock as well, and they guessed in their hearts about how they should face the attacks of any one of these three people if they were one of the parties to the battle?

Even Lie Peng’s eyes couldn’t help but narrow slightly when he saw this scene, because he knew extremely clearly that if it was himself from all those years ago, his strength would absolutely not be as formidable as these young fellows.

In other words, amongst those of the same age, the strengths Chen Xi and the others revealed was sufficient to look down upon most Nether Transformation Realm cultivators!

Right at this moment, Chen Xi who was on the ring suddenly let out a muffled groan. He was pressured by an extremely enormous force, and he was resisting it ceaselessly, yet a strand of blood still flowed out of the corner of his mouth in the end.

“What! Someone as formidable as Chen Xi was actually injured by this strike?” Everyone outside the ring was shocked, and someone couldn’t refrain from crying out with shock.

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