Chapter 609 – Shocking The World With A Single Step

The entire True Martial Peak was in complete silence, and only Zhu Dong’s cold laughter reverberated in the air and was rather jarring.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange. An Wei, Leng Qiu, Xia Yi, and Pang Zhou each occupied a ring, yet not a single person dared to come forward and challenge them, whereas there were almost half of the participating disciples lined up before the ring Chen Xi was on. They were mostly comprised of East Radiance Peak disciples, and their intentions were as clear as daylight. They were entirely intending to overwhelm Chen Xi with numbers and completely put an end to any possibility of Chen Xi advancing.

After all, practically all the disciples who were capable of participating in the Peak Trials had cultivations around the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm, and their strengths were undoubtedly formidable. If so many people were to line up and challenge Chen Xi one by one, then even if his body was made of iron, he would probably be unable to endure it.

“Overbearing, truly too overbearing. The disciples of the East Radiance Peak want to take revenge for Du Xuan!”

“I heard long ago that the competition between he Elite Disciples of the four peaks was extremely intense, yet I only thought it was a rumor. Now it would seem like it’s even more brutal than the rumors.”

“Chen Xi is finished now. The West Radiance Peak was already weak and lacking in numbers, and he’ll probably be unable to endure their numbers by himself.”

Everyone present sighed endlessly in their hearts as they discerned with a single glance that Chen Xi was in a precarious position.


Right amidst this silent atmosphere, Chen Xi suddenly took a step forward atop the ring, and he seemed like an ancient Demon Ape that had stomped on the ground, causing the entire ring to tremble violently while countless talisman markings could be noticed to be stretching out from beneath his feet.

Instantly, Chen Xi’s imposing aura changed completely. His gaze was like bolts of lightning, his aura was like an abyss of hell. The stars, sun, and moon were reflected above him while the rumbling of the Dao sounded out all over his body, and he emanated the imposing aura of an overlord.

“All of you…” Chen Xi’s gaze swept past Zhu Dong before descending upon all the East Radiance Peak disciples before the ring, and his voice was flat and indifferent while filled with matchless arrogance. “Come at me together!”

Come at me together!

Come at me together!

His indifferent voice reverberated and rumbled throughout True Martial Peak, and it resounded out completely in the nine heavens. It was like the command issued by a king, and it shocked everyone present to the point of being unable to refrain from gasping while revealing expressions of disbelief from their eyes.

No one had imagined that Chen Xi would actually say this at a time like this. It was so overbearing and so domineering because he actually wanted to go against all the participating East Radiance Peak disciples by himself!

After their shock, those disciples of the East Radiance Peak sneered coldly and revealed expressions of disdain. What high sounding sentiments, aren’t you afraid your bluff will be exposed!?

Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou glanced at each other before shaking their heads, and they felt Chen Xi’s actions were extremely amusing.

“The little fellow is still too young and can’t take provocation.” Yue Chi shook his head as he spoke with a smile, and he had a joyful expression. He felt extremely complacent in his heart and wished for nothing more than for his disciples to fight Chen Xi together and fiercely trample upon Chen Xi.

“It really is slightly too rash,” said Lie Peng with a low voice.

He felt slightly displeased. If it wasn’t for the disciples of the East Radiance Peak pressuring Chen Xi, how could Chen Xi make such a rash display? And if it wasn’t for you, Yue Chi, instructing them to do so, how could those East Radiance Peak disciples dare to act like this?

But he was unable to speak about all this. After all, this was the Peak Trials and there were rules to follow. So long as it didn’t violate the rules, then it wouldn’t be good for him to interfere too much.

“Alright! Since Junior Brother Chen Xi has such great courage, how can we refuse?” Zhu Dong’s eyeballs revolved before he spoke with a chuckle. He knew clearly that even Du Xuan had been defeated by Chen Xi in a single move, and it was absolutely impossible for him to be a match for Chen Xi.

But if everyone were to ascend the ring together, then the outcome would be different.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the next moment, those disciples of the East Radiance Peak had flashed out and stepped onto the ring.

“Even though Junior Brother Chen Xi’s strength is extraordinary, you probably have no chance to obtain victory when facing all of us. Why don’t you stop and leave the ring yourself so as to avoid us bullying you with numbers?”

“Yeah, Junior Brother Chen Xi, just admit defeat obediently, there’s nothing to be ashamed about.”

“Hmph! Could it be that all of you haven’t perceived it clearly? Junior Brother Chen Xi spoke like this only because he wants to lose more honorably. After all, it was him going against so many of us, so it wouldn’t be shameful even if he lost.”

As soon as these disciples of the East Radiance Peak ascended the ring, they started mocking and ridiculing Chen Xi in unison, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi carried disdain, pity, and ridicule.

“These bastards are really devoid of any sense of shame. It’s already extremely dishonorable to bully another with numbers, yet they’re still complacently putting on airs on the ring. They’re truly acting contemptibly.” In the distance, Ling Bai gnashed his teeth with hatred when he saw this scene, and he wished for nothing more than to leap onto the ring and annihilate all these clowns.

Chen Xi’s expression remained unchanged instead and treated them with indifference before his gaze suddenly looked towards Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou at the side, and he said indifferently, “You two come at me together as well!”

The scene instantly exploded into an uproar when everyone heard this, and all of them looked at Chen Xi as if they were looking at a monster. They didn’t believe that Chen Xi actually dared to expand the situation of the battle at a time like this and spread the flames of battle onto Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou!

Who was Leng Qiu? He was one of the five great Elite Disciples and the number one disciple of the East Radiance Peak. He had a cold and arrogant nature, and he was more than a little bit more formidable than Du Xuan. He was absolutely a top figure amongst the Elite Disciples of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect.

On the other hand, Pang Zhou wasn’t any inferior. Amongst the five great Elite Disciples, his strength could even compare with the South Radiance Peak’s Xia Yi. After all, Xia Yi was from the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement that completely crushed qi refiners of the same cultivation. Thus, since Pang Zhou was capable of being on par with him, how could his strength possibly be weak?

If these two people were to really join the battle with Chen Xi, then Chen Xi would absolutely lose this time without a doubt!

Everyone was surprised and bewildered, and they felt as if Chen Xi was giving up to despair. He knew that he was unable to obtain victory so he dragged Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou in, because in this way, even if he lost, it wouldn’t be too shameful and would sound better when news spread.

“Chen Xi, you have to think about it clearly. Once you’ve lost, then you can only wait for the next Peak Trials to compete for a position to become a Seed Disciple.” Right at this moment, Lie Peng was unable to refrain from speaking as well, and his voice carried a trace of the intention to persuade Chen Xi.

“Don’t worry, Elder Lie, I’ve already thought about all consequences clearly.” Chen Xi spoke while cupping his hands as he was able to discern that Lie Peng was sincerely acting for his own good.

“Alas, nevermind. Decide as you please.” Lie Peng sighed and didn’t speak any further.

“Chen Xi, Elder Lie is sincerely acting for you own good. Why don’t you think about it again?” Yue Chi frowned as he spoke yet his voice intentionally revealed a trace of a sarcastic feeling that was thought-provoking.

Chen Xi directly disregarded these words and only left the sight of his back to Yue Chi, and his arrogant and disrespectful attitude angered Yue Chi to the point of stomping with rage. He felt extremely uncomfortable from his fury, and he wished for nothing more than to smack Chen Xi to death.

Leng Qiu frowned as he said coldly, “Are you sure?”

Pang Zhou chuckled. “You’ll probably regret it for your entire lifetime if I and Senior Brother Leng Qiu were to make a move. After all, this is a battle, and anything can happen during a battle, so injuries can’t be avoided. As a Senior Brother, I advise you not to be too arrogant, otherwise, you probably won’t even have the chance to admit defeat.”

His voice already bluntly revealed a wisp of deep intention to threaten Chen Xi.

Chen Xi’s expression was calm as if everything was incapable of shaking the decision he’s made, and he lightly spat out three words. “You don’t dare?”

Don’t dare?

The expressions of Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou instantly became icy cold. Even though they’d only spoke a few words to each other, yet it was like a proclamation of battle and provocation that was without words, and if they still continued to hesitate, they would really become cowards and pussies.

In the next moment, both of them moved out in unison, and they leaped onto Chen Xi’s ring from their respective rings.

When they saw that these two figures were actually provoked to the point of making a move, everyone present gasped and were covered in expressions of shock.

As for the empty rings left behind by their departure, no one dared touch them. Or perhaps, it could be said that no one had the mood to seize the rings now because the minds of everyone had been completely drawn over by Chen Xi.

These were only two outcomes that could occur from such a situation.

The first, Chen Xi was instantly crushed and directly eliminated from the Peak Trials.

The second, Chen Xi turned the tides by himself and completely crushed all the East Radiance Peak disciples that were participating in the Peak Trials.

But obviously, the possibility of the second outcome appearing was extremely tiny, whereas the appearance of the first outcome was normal instead, and this was what most people firmly believed.

After all, there was an entire forty or fifty disciples from the East Radiance Peak. Moreover, there were formidable figures that had become famous a long time ago like Pang Zhou and Leng Qiu amongst them. Even though Chen Xi’s strength was formidable, he was alone, whereas, it was difficult for two fists to go against four. So how could he possibly obtain victory?

On the ring, Chen Xi stood in confrontation with all the East Radiance Peak disciples from afar, and this vast ring was already filled with killing intent that caused the air to freeze and not dare approach this area.


The grand formation on the ring was activated, causing the enormous foundation stone and the grand enclosure to emanate an ancient and vast fluctuation that prevented the aftershock of the battle to charge out from the ring.

“Kill!” Zhu Dong shouted out explosively as another 10 plus disciples attacked with him. Instantly, various extremely brilliant martial techniques shot into the sky, and they seemed like numerous volcanoes that had suddenly erupted at this moment and possessed an impetus that was mighty and ferocious to the extreme.

“Kill!” On the other side, another 10 plus disciples attacked together once again. The sound of the Dao rumbled as divine lights soared into the sky, and it was like a tempestuous storm that pincer attacked Chen Xi from the side.



Numerous vicious shouts resounded out. Once these disciples of the East Radiance Peak decided to enter into battle, they actually moved out all at once, and they didn’t show the slightest mercy because their opponent was only a single person. Conversely, they cooperated tacitly with one another as they attacked Chen Xi from all angles, and they absolutely didn’t give their opponent the slightest opportunity to catch his breath.

Their imposing aura of sweeping through everything and monstrous ferocious might caused the expressions of all the spectators in the surroundings to go pale, and even their breathing became suffocated.


Right under these attacks that covered the heavens and the earth, Chen Xi’s figure moved vigorously like a dragon as he took a stride forward. This stride was simply like a war drum pounded by Fiendgods, like the furious shout of the god of thunder, and it shook the heavens and the earth and shook the eardrums of everyone present to the point of almost going deaf.

On the ring, a shapeless tide of sound stretched out towards the surroundings like the roar of a dragon or howl of a tiger, and it possessed a terrifying imposing aura of sweeping through the heavens and the earth with invincible might!

Under numerous shocked and focused gazes, all the attacks that covered the heavens and the earth as they arrived from all directions were actually torn apart, crushed, and completely dispersed! On the other hand, the thing that caused all this was merely a single step Chen Xi took!

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