Chapter 608 – The Tactic of Overwhelming With Numbers

“You’re courting death! You actually dare take my position!?” Du Xuan couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw Chen Xi’s figure appear on the combat ring, and then his face instantly became extremely gloomy as he flashed out onto the ring as well.

“Bastard! I didn’t come looking for you, but you came to give yourself up instead! It’s good like this as well. Now kneel before me!” As soon as Du Xuan ascended the ring, he shouted out explosively before attacking Chen Xi.


The Blackhole World within Du Xuan’s body circulated as dazzling True Essence gushed from his entire body, and his palm carried a dark glow that possessed a peerlessly vicious aura as it struck forward with an extremely violent imposing aura.

At this moment, Du Xuan possessed awe-inspiring martial strength while his vital energy conformed with the heavens and the earth. Not to mention the people on the rings, even the others outside were shocked in their hearts, and they felt a might that was difficult to resist.

The Nether Transformation Realm!

Everyone noticed with a single glance that Du Xuan was already completely different to how he was three months ago, and his strength was more than two times stronger. Every single move he made carried the might of the heavens and the earth, and it was the strength that belonged to the Nether Transformation Realm!


At practically the exact same moment, a myriad of divine rays of light gushed out from Chen Xi and transformed into countless dense talisman markings that caused his figure to seem dreamlike, and they erupted with a matchless True Essence fluctuation.

His figure was like a flashing dragon that moved through space itself before slapping down with his palm. A profound and obscure symbol appeared at the center of his palm, and it gushed with the aura of obliteration.


Their palms collided, causing blazing rays of light to surge out, and it seemed as if the sky had exploded. Fortunately, a top grand formation had already been set up on this arena, and it was capable of resisting the full forced strike of an Earthly Immortal Realm expert, otherwise, it would surely be destroyed beneath this strike.

“Hmph! You must pay for the humiliation I received three months ago!” Du Xuan shouted out explosively, and he seemed like a hawk that struck down from the sky as he pounced at Chen Xi once more.

Instantly, the both of them were already locked in intense combat, and they collided ceaselessly while exploding out with boundless rays of light.

No one present had imagined that such a battle that shook the heavens would erupt on the fifth ring as soon as Elder Yue Chi announced the Peak Trials had begun, and it was sudden and ferocious, to the point it gave everyone a strong visual impact.

One was one of the five great Elite Disciples, a genius expert of the Nethercrow Clan that had annihilated a Nether Transformation Realm cultivator early on when he was still in the Rebirth Realm. His strength was formidable, and he killed resolutely. Now, he’d even stepped into the Nether Transformation Stage, causing his strength to rise explosively by more than double, and such might was simply copious to the point of being impossible to resist and formidable to the extreme.

The other was a disciple of the West Radiance Peak that had just entered the sect not long ago and possessed a widespread reputation, and he’d even done numerous great things that had shocked the hearts of all. Now, he’d even ascended the fifth ring before Du Xuan, and his peerlessly overbearing attitude caused everyone to have a deep impression of him and be extremely shocked.

The other rings were utterly quiet instead. After An Wei, Leng Qiu, Xia Yi, and Pang Zhou occupied a ring each, there was actually no one that dared challenge them!

This caused the gazes of everyone present to descend onto the battle between Chen Xi and Du Xuan.

Hiss! Hiss!

Du Xuan’s figure suddenly became swift while strands of peerlessly fierce sword qi erupted abruptly from his entire body, and it was like a rainstorm that instantly merged into space and vanished.

Profound Qi Instakill Technique!

Unlike when he executed it three months ago, at the instant Du Xuan executed the technique this time, boundless Instakill Sword Qi flowed out like the tide, and they merged into space as soon as they appeared, causing the space in the surroundings of the entire ring to become chaotic as if it was a piece of cloth that had been sliced into countless tiny strips.

“He recognized his shame and used it to motivate himself. The heavy blow from the other month was a whetstone that steeled Xuan’er to become stronger and stronger…” The distant Yue Chi praised endlessly in his heart when he saw this scene.

When he thought back to all those years ago, it was absolutely impossible for him to execute the might of a Dao Art to such an extent when he possessed the same cultivation Du Xuan possessed, because Du Xuan had obviously attained mastery in it!

“Du Xuan has really become much stronger.” In the distance, An Wei, Leng Qiu, Xia Yi, and the others noticed the changes in Du Xuan’s strength as well, and they sighed with emotion in their hearts. They understood that not only had their strengths improved in these three months, the others had similarly improved as well.

Hiss! Hiss!

The Instakill Sword Qi pierced through space and emitted a droning sound like the sound of bees flapping their wings, and it was a display of speed being swift to the extreme. After that, they suddenly shot out explosively from all directions and every single angle towards Chen Xi.

If it was another, it would probably be difficult to move or avoid this killing move that was present everywhere, and the person would only be able to await being sliced alive into countless pieces.

But unfortunately, the target this time was the wrong person.

In the next moment, a violet colored lotus arose abruptly around Chen Xi, and its borders erupted with golden lights that formed a light barrier that enveloped him within it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Instakill Sword Qi struck down yet was unable to break through this light barrier, and they were completely crushed by the golden light that flowed atop the light barrier instead!

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi was like a child of the gods that was born from a violet lotus. He emanated golden light that caused all beings to be incapable of approaching him, and all attacked vanished like mist and smoke.

This was the Dao Art — Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier!

“How could this be possible! I’ve already attained the Nether Transformation Realm now and have grasped the might of the Blackhole World. Moreover, I’ve already attained mastery in my Profound Qi Instakill Technique. How can I be unable to even break through a light barrier?!” Du Xuan’s pupils constricted. He originally thought that by relying on his current cultivation, forcing Chen Xi to kneel in public would be achieved extremely easily. How could he have imagined that such a scene would occur?

All the spectators to the battle were extremely shocked in their hearts as well. The Instakill Sword Qi was extremely fierce, yet was actually incapable of breaking through the light barrier that surrounded Chen Xi, and it caused them to feel disbelief.

Only a small amount of people with extremely high discerning ability perceived that the light barrier Chen Xi executed was a Dao Art with exceedingly powerful defensive ability, and its quality ought to far exceed the Profound Qi Instakill Technique by more than a little bit!

In other words, it was very likely that the Dao Art Chen Xi executed was a high-grade or even peak-grade Dao Art!

When they realized this, the expressions of all those disciples that were participating in the Peak Trials became heavy, because an opponent like this seemed to not be inferior to one of the five great Elite Disciples, and it caused them to be pressured.

“Receive another strike of mine!” Du Xuan suddenly shouted out explosively with a vicious and resolute expression. The True Essence around his body surged violently as it linked up with the heavens and the earth, and then he executed the Profound Qi Instakill Technique with his entire strength, causing the imposing aura he emanated to instantly rise violently to the limit.

“Try receiving a strike of mine as well!” Chen Xi’s expression was calm and indifferent to the extreme when he saw this, and then he spoke out lightly while covered by the violet lotus before vanishing instantly on the spot.

In the next moment, he’d already arrived before Du Xuan, and an obscure and ancient symbol appeared on the center of his palm before he slapped it down. It directly shattered the Instakill Sword Qi that defended before Du Xuan’s body, and then it pressed onto Du Xuan’s chest.

This strike was too swift and too terrifying. Merely a single palm strike had broken through all Du Xuan’s defenses and blasted him flying out of the arena to descend onto the ground, and he coughed out blood repeatedly and endlessly while his countenance was already pale to the extreme.

Similarly, this scene had occurred too quickly. When everyone reacted to what had happened, Du Xuan had already fallen outside the ring, and was coughing blood endlessly on the floor.

“He actually defeated Senior Brother Du Xuan with a single blow!”

“Did all of you see the scene from before clearly? Senior Brother Chen Xi actually disregarded the Instakill Sword Qi and moved as if he teleported before blasting Senior Brother Du Xuan flying with a single strike. This is simply… unbelievable!”

“Amazing! Senior Brother Chen Xi really does deserve his reputation. Even though he has only been in the sect for three months, this level of strength is already sufficient to look down upon most Elite Disciples.”

The entire scene was in an uproar as numerous gazes converged onto Chen Xi, and all of them revealed expressions of admiration, because such strength caused them to feel extremely awed in their hearts.

Only Yue Chi’s expression was gloomy to the extreme, and his heart almost bled as he stared at Du Xuan who was heavily injured on the ground, because this outcome was something he was unable to accept.

Before this, he’d taken Du Xuan to be a candidate to obtain one of the positions to become a Seed Disciples long ago. Now, Du Xuan had been heavily injured by Chen Xi instead, and this was equivalent to directly losing any chance of becoming a Seed Disciple…

“Brother Yue, don’t be enraged. The technique Chen Xi executed was one of the Dao Art inheritances Chen Xi offered up, and it’s the peak-grade Dao Art, Violetlotus Goldshadow Barrier. Thus, losing to it is understandable,” said the nearby Enforcement Elder Lie Peng.

“I know. I just feel it’s slightly a pity. With Xuan’er’s natural talent, it’s sufficient for him to be selected as a Seed Disciple. Now, he has been defeated instead, and I as his master feel sad for him as well.” Yue Chi was shocked and recovered from his rageful feelings, and then his expression recovered to normal as he sighed endlessly with emotion. Even though he spoke like this, his gaze still intentionally glanced at all the East Radiance Disciples before the platform.

All of those disciples seemed as if they were awakened from a dream when Yue Chi’s gaze swept past them, and in the next moment, all of them looked at Chen Xi who was on the ring with a hostile expression.

Even Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou looked at each other with gazes that flickered without end.


An East Radiance Peak disciple had already stepped onto the ring, and he said coldly, “East Radiance Peak’s Zhu Dong. Junior Brother Chen Xi, please give me some pointers!”

Chen Xi puckered his lips and remained silent instead. His gaze swept all the other East Radiance Peak disciples standing in front of the platform before looking at Leng Qiu and Pang Zhou who were standing on the rings at the side, and then he said suddenly, “Next, will all of the disciples of your East Radiance Peak come to challenge me?”

Zhu Dong was stunned as he seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would ask such a question. But in next to no time, he recovered from his shock and sneered. “That will depend on how long Junior Brother Chen Xi can persist on the ring!”

Meanwhile, everyone present had reacted to the scene before them. They looked at those disciples of the East Radiance Peak before looking at Chen Xi who was all alone on the ring, and all of them seemed to have faintly guessed something.

“These bastards intend to tire Chen Xi out by taking turns to fight Chen Xi!” Ling Bai who lay lazily on Qing Yu’s shoulder spoke with disdain.

“They wouldn’t be so despicable, right?” Qing Yu was shocked. He swept those East Radiance Peak disciples with his gaze, and his heart couldn’t help but sink when he saw they consisted of 40 or 50 people. He instantly understood that if all these East Radiance Peak disciples were to line up and challenge Chen Xi, then they really might be able to succeed.

No one present was an idiot, and they instantly understood the motives of the East Radiance Peak disciples after they heard the conversation between Chen Xi and Zhu Dong, causing some of them to frown, some to shake their heads, and so on and so forth.

But no one said anything about it. Because this was the Peak Trials and according to the rules, every single disciple that participated in the trials could issue a challenge to the disciples that were on the five rings. So it wasn’t a violation of the rules if the disciples of the East Radiance Peak did this.

Even Elder Lie Peng who was in charge of enforcement merely frowned when he saw this scene, yet he sighed endlessly in his heart. He knew that the conflict between Chen Xi and the East Radiance Peak had already been intensified to an irreconcilable state, and if he interfered to side towards any side of it, he would surely cause trouble for himself.

So he chose to be neutral, and so long as they didn’t violate the rules, he could only choose to stand by and watch.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, do you dare accept my challenge? If you don’t, then leave the ring obediently!” When he saw Chen Xi go silent, the corners of Zhu Dong’s mouth couldn’t help but be suffused with a wisp of a cold smile, and he shouted with question.

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