Chapter 607 – Competing For Possession Of The Rings

The Peak Trials would begin once the sun has risen three poles high, and there was less than 15 minutes left.

Where’s Chen Xi?

Why hasn’t he made an appearance until now?

Along with the passage of time, the crowd couldn’t help but become slightly restless, and waves of discussion resounded out. Could it be that he’s afraid to join the battle? He doesn’t dare to compete with the other Elite Disciples?

On the platform of True Martial Peak, Yue Chi swept the surroundings with his gaze as a trace of an imperceptible cold expression couldn’t help but appear on the corners of his mouth, and then he turned to the side and said to Lie Peng, “Brother Lie, the time is already approaching. Why don’t we start the Peak Trials now?”

“Oh…” Lie Peng was stunned, and then he said with surprise, “We aren’t waiting for Chen Xi?”

“Perhaps this little fellow has been held up by something and won’t be participating in the Peak Trials this time,” said Yue Chi with a smile, yet was slightly displeased in his heart. He originally thought that once he put this suggestion forward, Lie Peng would surely agree, yet this old fellow had avoided it and mentioned Chen Xi’s name instead. Lie Peng simply didn’t give him any face!

But Yue Chi knew as well that Chen Xi was a great favorite in the hearts of all the elders, and under normal circumstances, they would absolutely not look for trouble with Chen Xi unless they had no other choice.

It was even to the extent that it wouldn’t do even if he himself stood forward!

It couldn’t be helped, the little fellow had ascended the top of the lotus platform, and not only had he seen Senior Dao Lotus, he’d even brought out 49 Dao Art inheritances. Merely this enormous merit was sufficient to make all the higher-ups give him special treatment.

Fortunately, only another 10 minutes remain. That kid will surely be unable to make it… Yue Chi silently calculated the time in his heart, and he unconsciously heaved a sigh of relief.

Yue Chi took a step forward and cleared his throat, and he’d already made the preparations to announce the beginning of the Peak Trials.

This slight action of his instantly drew the gazes of many people, and all of them understood that the Peak Trials were about to begin officially…


Right at this moment, an explosion resounded out by Yue Chi’s side, and the space rumbles as a fluctuation that seemed like a tidal wave swept out while dazzling bright lights radiated.

This fluctuation was powerful and majestic, and it revealed an imposing aura of ruling over the world. It seemed like a whirlwind that appeared instantly and swept through a million kilometers, and it seemed extremely horrifying in this silent atmosphere.

After that, this fluctuation restrained itself slightly to reveal the figure of a handsome and extraordinary young man in midair, and it caused everyone to be stunned and dumbstruck.

“It’s Chen Xi! This imposing aura… is so terrifying!”

“After three months, his strength seems to have become very, very much stronger.”

“He’s Senior Brother Chen Xi? He really is extraordinary, and he directly made a shocking entrance onto the platform with a speed that’s simply too shocking!”

An uproar instantly arose in the scene when they saw this tall figure that had practically sailed across the sky, and they started rumbling in animated discussion.

On the other hand, the eyes of Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan squinted as a wisp of shock flashed past their faces. Three months ago, Chen Xi’s edge was restrained, and he was like a sheathed sword, causing it to be extremely difficult to know his ability.

At this moment, Chen Xi seemed to have become a different person. He brought a strong oppressive feeling to all as soon as he appeared, and the countless auras in the sky above True Martial Peak had instantly been dispersed because of his arrival, as they were unable to endure the oppressive force of his aura.

The Nether Transformation Realm!

In practically an instant, the three of them had inferred that Chen Xi had actually already advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm.

On the platform at the peak of True Martial Peak, Yue Chi’s body couldn’t help but become slightly stiff. Chen Xi has actually appeared by my side. This is simply… Unbelievable!

What sort of cultivation did he have? Yet he actually didn’t notice any trace of Chen Xi beforehand, and this caused him to be unable to help but feel a trace of horror in his heart. The position Chen Xi appeared was too close to him, and it was well within reach. If Chen Xi were to have directly made a move against him earlier, then the consequences were unimaginable!

Yue Chi felt slight disbelief. Such speed is simply no different to true spatial teleportation, so how could this kid Chen Xi, have grasped such a power?

After all, spatial teleportation was an ability only possessed by Earthly Immortal Realm experts!

His gaze inadvertently looked into the sky, and he gasped once more in his heart. There was a vacuum space of around 30k long in the sky, and it was like a long line that lay across the sky and quickly vanished without a trace.

But Yue Chi knew that it was the marks left behind by a streak that was too swift, and it only emerged at this moment before vanishing without a trace…

At this moment, many people present here had noticed this scene, and they couldn’t help but be extremely shocked. This speed of flying seems to be completely on par with spatial teleportation, right?

“Why didn’t you take the normal path?!” Yue Chi turned around abruptly and had a slightly unsightly expression, and then he stared at Chen Xi for a long time before asking coldly and indifferently.

“If I took the normal path, then I’d probably be unable to arrive here on time, whereas Elder Yue Chi would probably deprive me of my qualifications to participate in the Peak Trials right away, right?” Chen Xi spoke indifferently.

What he said was correct. At this moment, True Martial Peak was already crowded since long ago, causing the paths to be filled with people. So if he didn’t fly, then he would be utterly incapable of arriving at the peak of True Martial Peak.

“Hmph!” Yue Chi grunted coldly, and then said abruptly, “I remember that you went to carry out assignments, right? Have you completed those assignments? You have to be aware that one isn’t allowed to return to the sect until the assignments that were taken have been completed.”

“Thank you for your concern, Elder Yue. I’ve already handed over all the assignments to the Performance Hall earlier. If it wasn’t for this, I wouldn’t dare take the liberty to come meet you here today.” Chen Xi had a composed and confident expression as he spoke with a slight smile.

“Oh?” The expression of Yue Chi’s face froze slightly, and he was slightly surprised and doubtful in his heart. He was originally intending to rely on this to deprive Chen Xi of his qualifications, yet never had he imagined that this little fellow would actually complete over 100 test assignments in a little over a month of time?

Chen Xi glanced at Yue Chi, and then he couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to this old fellow that was making it difficult for him at every corner and turned around before leaving the platform.

The disciples that were participating in the Peak Trials this time were already standing before the platform, and they numbered around a little over one hundred and practically all of their cultivations were around the perfection-stage of the Rebirth Realm.  After all, the final objective of the Peak Trials this time was to select five Seed Disciples, and if one’s cultivation wasn’t sufficiently strong, one wouldn’t have the qualifications to participate.

The majority of the disciples that were participating in the Peak Trials came from the East Radiance Peak, and they occupied half of the total amount. Shockingly, Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan were all standing amongst them.

Next were the disciples of the South Radiance Peak and North Radiance Peak, and the disciples of these two peaks almost occupied the other half. Both Xia Yi and An Wei were amongst them.

Only Chen Xi alone was a disciple from the West Radiance Peak, whereas Huo Molei and the others hadn’t participated. After all, they weren’t adept in combat, so even if they joined, they would only suffer the fate of being bashed.

So Chen Xi stood alone before the platform, causing him to seem rather special, and it wasn’t difficult to notice the strengths of these peaks from this because it could simply be discerned with a glance.

“Junior Brother Chen Xi, why do you seem to have changed slightly when compared to three months ago?” An Ke came over silently and raised her beautiful face before sizing Chen Xi up from head to toe with her pair of pitch black eyes, and she couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Chen Xi knew what she was talking about. Since he advanced into the Nether Transformation Realm and developed a Blackhole World within his body, his aura had transformed from a restrained state to an overbearing and powerful state, and he faintly possessed an imposing aura of ruling over the world.

After that, he spent another few days of time to organize all the Grand Dao profundities he’d grasped to form a situation where the Dao of Talismans led and the other Dao Insights assisted, causing his aura to become even more unrestrained, powerful, and oppressive.

If it was only this, then it wouldn’t be too exaggerated. But for the sake of rushing over, he’d executed the Starsky Wings with all his might, causing the vital energy in his body to be completely exposed, and it caused the scene from before.

Chen Xi smiled and said, “I broke through in my cultivation, and I’ll be like this for a very long period of time.”

“So that’s how it is.” An Ke nodded. Even though Chen Xi’s aura was inferior to when it was restrained, yet it was even more dangerous. If it was said that Chen Xi was unfathomable in the past, then he was an ocean now, and his imposing manner was tremendous and boundlessly vast, causing it to be even more terrifying than before.

“Who do all of you think will be able to seize the positions to become Seed Disciples?”

“It will surely be the five great Elite Disciples. Wasn’t it similarly like this in the previous Peak Trials? After all, the existence of the five great Elite Disciples had always been for the sake of preparing to become Seed Disciples.”

“That might not be the case, as there’s always an exception, and it has occurred in the past as well.”

“Indeed. There’s the presence of Chen Xi in the Peak Trials this time, and he’s a variable!”

“A variable? Didn’t all of you see those disciples of the East Radiance Peak? They’ll surely not allow Chen Xi to seize one of those positions.”

A wave of discussions sounded out from afar, and they were seriously analyzing the hot candidates in the Peak Trials this time. In the end, they thought unanimously that if nothing unexpected occurred, then the five positions to become Seed Disciples would surely fall into the hands of the five great Elite Disciples.

On the other hand, even though Chen Xi was a variable, he’d completely offended the East Radiance Peak, whereas the disciples of the East Radiance Peak were the most numerous amongst the disciples that were participating in the Peak Trials today. So there was extremely tiny hope for him to obtain one of the positions to become a Seed Disciple.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Right at this moment, a wave of the ringing of bells resounded in the heavens and the earth, and it announced the arrival of the beginning of the Peak Trials.

The entire True Martial Peak instantly went silent, perfectly silent.

The gazes of everyone descended onto the five combat rings on the peak of True Martial Peak in unison. Once the Peak Trials began, the disciples that were participating would compete for superiority on those five rings!

Yue Chi swept the surroundings with his gaze, and especially after he gave Chen Xi an extra glance, he instructed indifferently. “Begin!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Right when his voice resounded out in the air, numerous figures before the platform suddenly soared into the sky, and they flashed explosively like bolts of lightning towards the five combat rings.

In practically an instant, An Wei’s figure already stood upright on the first ring. Her dress and beautiful hair fluttered in the wind, causing her to seem like a celestial maiden that had come from the palace on the moon, gorgeous and ethereal.

After that, the second, third, and fourth rings were successively occupied by Leng Qiu, Xia Yi, and Pang Zhou.

This scene wasn’t unexpected to everyone. Because according to the experience they had from the previous Peak Trials, the five great Elite Disciples really were the first batch to ascend the rings, and then they would accept the challenges of the other disciples.

However, to their surprise, when Du Xuan was about to ascend the fifth ring, a figure had suddenly arrived before him to stood upright on the ring!

This figure was tall and extraordinary, and it was Chen Xi!

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