Chapter 606 – Lacking A Single Person

The sky was clear and bright. Row after row of spirit cranes soared beneath the skies while emitting clear and resounding cries.

Today was the day the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Peak Trials began. All the Elite Disciples from the East Radiance Peak, West Radiance Peak, South Radiance Peak, and North Radiance Peak would compete for the five positions to become Seed Disciples.

Moreover, the Peak Trials this time would select the new members of the five great Elite Disciples.

Presently, the vast platform at the center of True Martial Peak was simply incomparably bustling. People swarmed and surged about like tides, and all of them were discussing the upcoming Peak Trials.

The inner court disciples from Heaven Radiance Peak, the outer court disciples from Earth Radiance Peak, and all the Elite Disciples had already rushed to True Martial Peak at the first glimmer of dawn, and it was for the sake of occupying a superb place to spectate the battles.

Amongst these people were countless young geniuses and numerous beautiful and graceful female disciples, and they moved about within the crowd to form a beautiful scenery.

Even then, there were still a large portion of disciples that didn’t have the qualifications to enter the platform on True Martial Peak. But, they didn’t leave and stood far away in the distance instead while waiting with raised heads because they wanted to witness the graceful bearing of the top Elite Disciples as well.

For example, the most reputed five great Elite Disciples, An Wei, Leng Qiu, Xia Yi, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan. As for the legendary figure from the West Radiance Peak, Chen Xi, they yearned to see him even more.

After all, the commotion Chen Xi caused some time ago was truly too great. On the first day of entering the sect, he’d bashed Du Xuan’s younger brother, ascended the top of the lotus platform to become the first person to ascend it in a few thousand years, and then he faced Elder Yue Chi directly, forced Du Xuan to kneel, contributed 49 Dao Art inheritances, and so on and so forth.

Every single thing he did was so shocking, and it caused everyone in the entire Nine Radiance Sword Sect to remember his name overnight.

“Look, quickly! He entered the sect on the same day as Chen Xi, and he’d called Ming Yan. Supposedly, he obtained a Dao Art within the lotus platform as well, and he possesses extremely shocking natural talent.

“Where? Let me see.” In a corner, some outer court and inner court disciples were pointing at Ming Yan while discussing with extreme excitement.

“Quickly look over there! The East Radiance Peak’s Leng Qiu, Pang Zou, and Du Xuan have actually arrived together!”

“Oh, I never imagined that Senior Leng Qiu is so handsome. If I’m able to become Dao Companions with him and cultivate mutually with him, I can die without regrets.”

In the distant horizon, Leng Qiu, Pang Zhou, and Du Xuan had arrived together. Their figures were elegant while their bearings had their own respective advantages, and they instantly caused a great stir as numerous pairs of eyes converged onto them.

Some female disciples were even infatuated and excitedly cried out their names with sharp voices, causing the nearby male disciples to feel both envious and jealous as they wondered in their hearts. When can I attain such a height like Senior Brother Leng Qiu and the others?

Along with the passage of time, the atmosphere became more and more explosive.

Numerous reputable Elite Disciples descended onto the platform on True Martial Peak, and it drew a wave of exclamations of admiration and envious gazes. Everyone anticipated the Peak Trials this time more and more.

But within the surging tide of people was a group that looked gloomy and depressed, and it was naturally Huo Molei and the others.

They practically hadn’t slept all night yesterday as they waited bitterly for Chen Xi’s return yet they still hadn’t seen a trace of him up until now. Along with the passage of time and the approaching of the Peak Trials, they couldn’t help but be anxious in their hearts.

“Don’t worry, Chen Xi will surely come.” The nearby Ling Bai sat lazily on Qing Yu’s shoulder as he held a sweet and juicy spirit peach that was bigger than himself with two hands, and he ate it with large bites and revealed a leisurely and carefree appearance.

Bai Kui sat on Qing Yu’s other shoulder and similar held a spirit peach that he was nibbling and eating. Obviously, he was more interested with the spirit peach than the Peak Trials.

As they looked at the two little fellow’s carefree appearances, Huo Molei and the others were speechless and were even more anxious in their hearts.


An uproar sounded out once more in the crowd. It turned out that the number one Elite Disciple in the School of Fiendgod Body Refinement from the South Radiance Peak, Xia Yu, had arrived. He still wore rough linen clothes, and his expression was still firm and sedate when being center of attention. He seemed like someone that wasn’t involved with what was happening, and he gave of the feeling of being firm like a rock.

Eh, this fellow is quite formidable. He has actually attained the Nether Transformation Realm in body refinement and created an External Avatar. Ling Bai tossed away the pit of the peach that he’d completely eaten clean, and he glanced at the distant Xia Yi before being surprised in his heart.

After qi refiners attained the Nether Transformation Realm, then so long as a Dao Insight they grasped had attained the Perfection Realm, they were able to exert multiplied combat strengths through Dao Arts.

On the other hand, when body refiners attained the Nether Transformation Realm, their bodies would already attain an unimaginable state, and they were capable of utilizing their Blood Essence and Soul Core to create an External Avatar that possessed an equal combat strength with the true body, causing it to be extremely terrifying when used in battle.

All in all, no matter if it was body refiners or qi refiners, once they attained the Nether Transformation Realm, then both their cultivation and the essence of their vitality would undergo a complete and qualitative transformation, and they would belong to the ranks of ‘great’ cultivators.

Suddenly, the clamorous voices suddenly quieted down, and it became perfectly silent while the gazes of everyone shot towards the same direction in unison.

There was a group of beautiful female cultivator with fluttering clothes whose bodies swayed as they drifted over atop a cloud. They hadn’t arrived, yet strands of faint fragrance that refreshed the heart had suffused the air and caused others to be intoxicated.

They were the female disciples of the North Radiance Peak. Every single one of them was graceful, charming, and gorgeous, yet the most striking was the young woman in the lead.

She possessed a classical and gorgeous appearance, eyes that shone like jade, and a peerlessly beautiful pair of red lips. Her skin was white, supple, and crystalline, while her beautiful hair flowed down like a waterfall, and she had an ample and jade white forehead. She was beautiful and ethereal to the point of seeming otherworldly, and she was like a celestial maiden that had fluttered down from the moon.

Her figure possessed a shocking allure. A pair of slender and long legs, a slim waist that a single arm could wrap around, a plump chest, and a snow white and long neck, and her curvy figure revealed an extremely attractive charm.

She was simply a peerless beauty that was drop dead gorgeous and unparalleled, causing all the men present to reveal expressions of infatuation when they saw her, and even some young women that bragged of their beauty felt inferior and were cast into a shadow before her.

She was naturally the number one female disciple of the North Radiance Peak, An Wei. The lead figure amongst the five great Elite Disciples, and the deserving number one Elite Disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect!

“Annoying. It’s only a woman, what’s there to get excited over?” As he looked at everyone present that were dumbstruck, Ling Bai couldn’t but mutter endlessly in a light voice. He was annoyed the most by women, and since he followed by Chen Xi’s side, he felt extreme dislike towards all the women that came in contact with Chen Xi.

Because his master had died at the hand of a woman of unparalleled beauty. This caused him to have an extremely detesting attitude towards these strange existences called women.

In next to no time, the figures of An Wei and all the female disciples from the North Radiance Peak had descended onto the platform on the peak of True Martial Peak, and not a trace of them could be found any longer.

However, the atmosphere at the scene had suddenly become unprecedentedly explosive from its silent state.

“That was Senior Sister An Wei!”

“Goddess! From today onward, Senior Sister An Wei is my goddess! I’m willing to give my life up for her…”

“I wonder which outstanding genius will be able to capture the heart of such a favored genius.”

All the male disciples praised without end.

“Hmph! No matter how great Senior Sister An Wei is, she’s still a woman. Look at all of you, you seem as if you’ve never seen a woman!” When they saw the attention of all these male disciples descending onto An Wei, it caused the female disciples that had obviously dressed themselves meticulously to be extremely displeased, and they couldn’t help but mutter sourly with a soft voice.

“Eh, why hasn’t Senior Brother Chen Xi arrived!?” Someone suddenly spoke out with surprise, and it instantly jolted everyone nearby awake, causing them to be extremely curious as well.

“Yeah. Presently, all the five great Elite Disciples have arrived, yet why hasn’t the West Radiance Peak’s Senior Brother Chen Xi arrived?”

“Could it be that he isn’t participating in the Peak Trials this time?”

“It can’t be! Based on the strength he displayed that day, he’ll surely not let the chance of advancing to become a Seed Disciple slip by.”

Everyone discussed animatedly and felt extremely bewildered. Most of them hoped that they would be able to see Chen Xi’s elegant demeanor in the Peak Trials today.

After all, they’d only heard of the rumors related to Chen Xi and what happened some time ago, and they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes. So the more it was like this, the more curious towards Chen Xi they would be.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Right at this moment, a wave of loud chimes of a bell sounded out abruptly, and it resounded in the nine heavens. Moreover, its clear sound suppressed all the clamorous noise here.

The atmosphere became solemn and heavy because of these chimes of the bell.

Five enormous platforms stood towering on the platform at the peak of True Martial Peak. At this moment, the Master of East Radiance Peak, Elder Yue Chi, was shockingly standing there.

Beside him was a tall old man with hair that was like silvery frost and in a fiery red Daoist robe. His gaze was like bolts of lightning, and he was peerlessly mighty and possessed a majestic imposing manner. He was precisely Elder Lie Peng who specialized in the matters of the enforcement of punishment in the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, and he was called as an Enforcement Elder as well.

The expressions of everyone went serious when they saw two figures of the higher-ups making an appearance, and they held their breaths in concentration and didn’t dare make any clamorous noise.

“The Peak Trials this time will be presided over by me and Elder Lie Peng, and it will begin once the sun has risen three poles high. At that time, all the Elite Disciples that’re competing for the position of Seed Disciple may ascend these five combat rings to accept challenges.

“The rules of the trials are still as before. The final five Elite Disciples that’re able to hold their positions on the combat ring while facing all challenges will be selected as Seed Disciples!” Yue Chi’s voice drifted through the heavens and the earth, and it entered clearly into the ears of everyone. “But I have to specially remind everyone that once the time for the Peak Trials to begin arrives, Elite Disciples that still haven’t arrived at True Martial Peak will have their qualifications to participate in the Peak Trials this time stripped away!”

The first half of what he said was understandable, but as soon as the second half of Yue Chi’s words were spoken, it instantly caused most of the people present to be unable to refrain from being stunned. Up until now, Chen Xi still hasn’t arrived, and if it’s according to these rules, then wouldn’t it mean that even if he arrives, he’ll be unable to participate in the Peak Trials? That would truly be too disappointing…

On the other hand, the hearts of Huo Molei and the others even constricted as they became even more anxious because there was less than 15 minutes before the Peak Trials began officially. Would Little Junior Brother… still be able to rush back in time?

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