Chapter 602 – Specter Soulpearl

Willow Legion City

It was a small city in a remote area of the Dark Reverie and neighboring the boundless sea, and it was rich in natural produce. There were numerous sects cultivating on the group of mountains that neighbored the sea.

But since the Darkwind Bandits appeared, practically all the sects around Willow Legion City had been plundered and annihilated, and the smell of blood suffused the entire area.

The Darkwind Bandits were an organization of around 30 over evil cultivators, and all of their members were evil cultivators that were wicked beyond redemption, villains that were bloodthirsty madmen. Since they annihilated all the powers in Willow Legion City, the Darkwind Bandits had been residing here while bringing calamity to the surroundings, and no matter if it were the cultivators in the city or the commoners, all of them were suffering unspeakably.

At this moment, evil qi soared through the air and charged into the sky from within a beautiful and grand hall in Willow Legion City, and numerous evil cultivators with savage appearances were patrolling in the surroundings.

This was once the home of the number one sect in Willow Legion City, yet it had become the lair of the Darkwind Bandits now instead.

“One should enjoy his life whenever he can. Beauties, song and dance, enjoy the happiness of being united as a family with this Young Master. Don’t dawdle or you’ll age and only be able to sigh with regret before a mirror. Hahaha…”

Within the luxurious hall, a Young Master with a graceful bearing was drinking wine and enjoying himself, and before him was a group of young women that were beautiful like flowers serving him carefully, whereas some Golden Core Realm evil cultivators were trying to curry favor with him from the side.

This Young Master was the leader of the Darkwind Bandits, Zhang Gai, and he was a corpse zombie that attained the Dao. He possessed an unreasonable and atrocious disposition, and he committed all sorts of crimes. He’d gathered a large group of evil cultivators and devils to specially plunder those sects that practiced righteousness.

Over 100 sects of various sizes in Willow Legion City had fallen at his hands, and the infuriating thing was the female disciples within all these sects were forcefully seized by him and forcefully taken as female servants for his pleasure.

It was even to the extent that he’d utilized evil techniques to refine numerous young children alive!

During these years, there were countless cultivators that wanted to go against him, but he’d relied on his own formidable cultivation at the Rebirth Realm and the extremely ruthless and evil technique he possessed to annihilate all these enemies that came to offend him, causing him to possess monstrous ferocious might that was capable of stopping children from crying.

If a Rebirth Realm cultivator at the same tempering were to look for Zhang Gai alone, then the cultivator would absolutely be annihilated and refined alive.

“Hehe, Young Master. We’ve been enjoying ourselves to our heart’s content in Willow Legion City all these years. Even though all us brothers are comfortable, we can’t help but itch and hope to go plunder another place.”

“Yeah, Young Master. I heard there’s a drop dead gorgeous beauty in the nearby Sincere Sage City, and she’s the daughter of the Jade Radiance Sect’s Master. Only such a woman is worthy of you, Young Master!”

“Right, we must capture that little girl and offer her to Young Master. Being able to accompany by Young Master’s side is fortune that she accumulated for many lifetimes.”

All the evil cultivators spoke one after the other. All of them glowed with excitement and rubbed their hands together when they spoke about plundering, and they truly wished for nothing more than to set out right now and plunder the Sincere Sage City’s Jade Radiance Sect.

On the other hand, all the beautiful female servants went pale with fear and were silent like cicada’s in the winter. All of them were young women that had been seized forcefully, and they’d suffered a great deal of torture and humiliation, causing them to deeply understand how brutal and bloody the methods of this group of evil cultivators before them was.

“Young Master, it’s best to be slightly careful. Many large sects have noticed the existence of Young Master lately, and they’ve sent out an order to pursue and kill.” Someone warned in a low voice.

“An order to pursue and kill? Hmph! This Young Master didn’t even offend the members of their sects. On what basis are they coming to interfere in my business? They’re truly poking their noses into the business of others.” Zhang Gai said with disdain as he held up the wine cup made of bones on the table and drank all the wine within in one go, and then he said with a ghastly tone, “Even if a disciple of a large sect really comes, this Young Master will torture and trample upon him to death. Let me see if those sects will still dare look for trouble with me after that!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Gao roared with laughter, and he seemed to be extremely arrogant.

However, right at this moment…


A cold light appeared abruptly while the pupils of all the evil cultivators within the hall suddenly dilated, and their expressions froze.

Because they saw to their shock that a sword light had appeared silently out of thin air, and it slashed off Zhang Gai’s head under the gazes of everyone present, causing blood to spray out like a fountain!

His extremely arrogant laughter was still reverberating in the hall yet Zhang Gai himself had already lost his head.

This sword light was truly too swift!

It was swift to the point of exceeding the imagination of everyone present, and it simply seemed as if it had teleported. It flashed out as soon as Zhang Gai had finished speaking and slashed his head off.

All the evil cultivators in the hall were almost unable to recover from their shock, and they thought they were hallucinating…

“Darkwind Bandits, a total of 37 members. The leader is Zhang Gai… I’m not mistaken, it’s all of you.” Right at this moment, a flat and indifferent voice resounded out unhurriedly within the hall.

After that, all the beautiful female servants that had been brought here forcefully saw the heads of all the evil cultivators suddenly separate from their bodies, and it seemed as if their heads had been lifted up by someone. A wisp of terror and disbelief still remained on their faces, and they didn’t even know how they’d died.


Thick and hot scarlet red blood sprayed out from their necks like numerous blood colored fountains, and it was horrifyingly tragic and beautiful when it erupted within this gorgeous and grand hall.

“The Darkwind Bandits have died!”

“All these villains have been annihilated!”

“The heavens aren’t blind!”

All the female servants instantly recovered from their shock, and they couldn’t help but let out sharp cries of excitement and happiness that resounded in the entire hall.

On this day, the Willow Legion City fell into an indescribably great uproar.

People ran about to spread the news all over the city, and they were seething with excitement. The Darkwind Bandits that had committed evil for many years had been killed, and it was like the darkness that enveloped their hearts had been torn apart, causing all of them to see the light once again.

A tall figure left trippingly outside Willow Legion City, and he faintly heard the happy clamors that sounded out from the city, causing a wisp of a slight smile to appear on the corners of his mouth.

Isn’t doing good for others a type of cultivation as well?


In the recent one month of time, similar incidents hadn’t just occurred in Willow Legion City, it had even occurred in various other places in the Dark Reverie, and it drew uproar after uproar.

But the Dark Reverie was truly too large, a boundlessly vast place that was strange and unusual. Moreover, incidents like these mostly occurred in extremely ordinary areas, so they didn’t draw the attention of great powers.

I still have one last assignment and I can return to the sect… Chen Xi stretched his body as he took a deep breath yet the dense exhaustion between his brows couldn’t be shaken off.

During these past few days, practically all his time had been used to carry out assignments. He entered teleportation formations, arrived at his destination, carried out the assignment, and left… It was a repeated cycle like this, and it was even to the extent he had to go through a few thousands of kilometers every single day to arrive at numerous cities that were poles apart. Even with his cultivation and physical strength, it was still too much to take.

Fortunately, there were teleportation formations to travel with. If it wasn’t for this, just the distance he had to travel would be sufficient for him to run about for more than a year.

Hidden Moat City, Ghost Wasteland, gather Specter Soulpearls… This assignment is quite simple. It wouldn’t be late for me to return to the sect to rest after completing it. Chen Xi looked through the last assignment before soaring up like a flowing ray of light, and he instantly vanished on the spot without a trace.

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